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(en) More on International solidarity campaign in support of Slovak workers ? act NOW!

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 12:10:46 +0100 (CET)

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International solidarity campaign in support of Slovak workers – act NOW!
As some of you already know, workers in Neusiedler SCP
in Slovakia are in now 2 months struggle against the
management. In September they formed a Petition
committee whose members were sacked afterwards. After
a public meeting another 14 workers were sacked. Here
is a brief info and all the news till 19th November.
Please read carefully and take action in this struggle
which is precedent in Slovak history!!!

We also would like to thank all of you who have
supported Neusiedler workers struggle to this day!!!
Your support is of great help and the union members
are informed about that.

For past reports in English see
http://www.ainfos.ca/04/nov/ainfos00076.html and
and in German
http://www.fau.org/artikel/art_041110-191553 and
http://www.fau.org/artikel/art_041117-154146. There
may be wrong dates - the Monday protest meeting was on
8th November.

Important notice! As by 16th November Slovak branch of
Neusiedler changes its name to Mondi Business Paper
SCP Inc. The Mondi group is based in South Africa –
Mondi Paper, USA - Anglo American plc, UK – Mondi
Europe and previously aslo Austria –Neusiedler AG. To
make it clearer, we will use only „SCP“ further in the


On Tuesday 9th workers sent a letter with their
demands to the management of the company. The same day
the spokesperson told to massmedia that it would be
against law not to accept new union. The new
collective agreement process was stopped and the
original union should find agreement with Papier union
(new union of the sacked workers) which should be
dealt with the management then.


First, the original union responded that the demands
of Papier union are not concrete enough. In case the
unions do not agree together, the right to negotiate
with the management is on the side of the union with
more members. This is not clear now. Anyway, what is
even more important and truly shocking is this. The
spokesperson of SCP Matej Hlôška said to massmedia on
9th November that Neusiedler cannot take the liberty
of not accepting the Papier union otherwise it would
break the law. Might this been a reason for partial
happiness? No way! On Friday 12th November sacked
members of Papier union learnt that the response to
workers letter is spread in the mill. However, in
reality this heading paper letter addressed to the
chairman Papier union was sent via snail mail on 15th
November! That means that the management broke the
privacy of correspondence! They say that the letter
was public but it des not fulfill the form of a public
Text of the letter and the way it was spread indicate
that the aim fo spreading it in the mill is psychical
pressure on workers to make them view Papier union as
the useless one. And what´s even more appaling is that
the CEO of the company Otto Pichler writes in the
letter that: „The Neusiedler SCP Inc. is not in a
position to accept Papier union as an official
representative of our employees seeing that Papier
union has not proved yet that it really represents
them and has not proved yet who represents Papier
You could think the union made some mistake. No at
all! To put it clear. CEO of SCP asks the Papier union
to give him the name list of the members of union. The
union refuses that (is not obligated to do that by
law) because when they gave the management the
minute-book from the constitutive meeting of the
union, the signataries were sacked! At that time, the
management even bought photos (from a press agency!)
from the first protest meeting and then sacked another
14 workers present on the meeting. And again on the
8th November meeting a person from SCP building took
pictures of the protesters. Only fool would make the
same mistake again.
CEO of SCP further asks the names of representatives
of Papier union. But he has them alredy (they´re in
the minute-book!


So far, none fo the workers demands is fulfilled. It
seems that the NSCP (now Mondi Business Paper SCP,
a.s) is not going to give up soon. According to the
fact that the struggle of these workers is in Slovakia
in many aspects unique and makes precedent for the
future, it´s successful end is crucial for a possible
rise of independent union movement in Slovakia.
Moreover, SCP plans further lay-offs to become more
competitive and it is clear that the original union
will be of no help. Your solidarity is inevitable!

WHAT TO DO – Find few minutes to help the struggle!

1) Make a protest in front of any Mondi group branches
in your country. It´s not hard to find contacts on
internet. It takes not more than 10 minutes. You can
http://www.mondibp.com (look at LOCATIONS and SERVICES
2) Make a protest in front of Slovak, Austrian, UK and
South African embassies in your country. This should
not take more than 5 minutes.
3) Send protest letters, emails and faxes to the
Slovak management of Mondi Business Paper AND to all
the branches of Mondi group you find!!! Each day!
Below is a model letter. Just change the singular or
plural (or write your own version).
4) Send copies of the protest emails to all the
branches of Neusiedleru and Mondi Paper around the
globe in a CC or BC field.
5) Send information about the struggle to your
friends, colleagues, relevant internet forums, maling
lists and websites.
6) Call to the management of SCP and express your
7) Write support letters to the sacked workers and
members of Papier union who have to face the situation
for 2 months now.
8) Support publishing of the union newspaper at leats
with a small amount. The newspaper is the main contact
medium with people inside the mill.
9) Do a benefit activity: concert, collection etc.

Addresses of SCP in Slovakia:
CEO of Slovak company:
otto.pichler@neusiedler.com, tel:+421 44 436 3506
Chairman of the board of directors:
miloslav.curilla@neusiedler.com, tel: +421 44 4325724,
fax: +421 44 432 7701
hovorca@neusiedler.com, mobil: +421 902 323 242, tel:
+421 44 436 3470, fax: +421 44 436 3472;
Snail mail add:
Mondi Business Paper SCP, a.s., Bystrická cesta 13,
034 17 Ružomberok, Slovakia; tel: +421 44 4361111,
fax: +421 44 4327701, e-mail: mondibpscp@mondibp.com,
web: www.mondibpscp.com

Papier union email: noveodbory@post.sk
Union account number: 10006-13219052/4900

Model letter (change singular/plural):

“Dear Sirs,

I/We write you on behalf of ........ to show my/our
indignation from course of events happening in SCP
Ružomberok. I/We strongly protest against your actions
in the matter of dispute with unjustly failed off
employees of the then Neusiedler SCP Inc. Latest
developments have convinced me/us that your practices
are at most unfair, anti-constitutional and even

I am/We are fully on the side of the sacked employees
of Mondi Business Paper SCP Inc. and their demands.
I/We think that you still haven´t realized that your
practices harms the name of your-company in principle
and that they do and will not stay without further
reaction. The later you act, the stronger will the
reactions of citizens, unions, customers and whole
civil society.

After the first manifestations of discontent of the
public you did not only make requested steps and
stopped the illegal and nasty practices but you even
escalated them. Therefore, my/our response is not only
the greater support of SCP workers demands and members
of Papier union but also a beginning of a boycott of
all the products of Mondi and Neusiedler corporations.
And I/we believe that this boycott will spread also
among other citizens abroad.

I/we will not stop carefully observe your actions,
inform the public abroad and appeal on people to make
concrete steps and concrete actions directed at all
your offices and branches and this way help workers
whose rights you roughly encroach!

[your name and state here]

We would be glad to receive all your protest emails or
be informed about any of your protest letters or faxes
or actions at our email: pa_intersec@yahoo.com

On behalf of Priama akcia – Slovak section of
International Workers Association (IWA/AIT),
Michal Tulík,
International secretary

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