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(en) Britain, SolFed*, DA #30 - Sustaining Lies

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:12:08 +0100 (CET)

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Sustaining lies is all part of modern government - and if you
don't believe me, just listen to Big Toe.
Sustainability - the word sounds like one of those that trip off
"Big Toe's" lips by the dozen. The sort of thing
you hear and think "what is this balloon talking about?'
Just like the word "stakeholders", which tries to make
out that somebody struggling to make ends meet has the same
stake in society as businessmen, and those professionals in the
poverty industry. A word designed to make the parasites look
clever and the rest of us look thick. The "higher
orders" use it a lot when they go on about economic growth,
whenever the rip-off merchants make even more dosh out of the
rest of us this year than they did last. This is supposed to be good
for us as they spend and invest the loot, so giving the "lower
orders" wonderful jobs. It's called "trickle
down" and the more they make, the better it is for all (as if).

The problem they have is how to keep it going, or sustain it. Too
much of it can mean they can sell anything and get more and
more workers to make more and more money for them. When
this happens everybody spends more and more and prices go up.
They might run out of cheap labour and have to import it so they
don't have to pay decent wages. Prices might go up so
much that people start buying their stuff somewhere else. Firms
might close and the owners might look to make more dosh in
another way, maybe in another country. Then unemployment
goes up, the trickle stops and "loansharks.com', move
in to bail everyone out (including governments), or misery and
smack move in together.

Too little growth means more unemployment, prices go down,
and shops with them. Poverty increases, and all the other things
we all know about. It can go on like this for years and years, like
the 1920's and "30's.

So, for the "Thieving Idle Bastards' in the higher
orders, sustainable growth is best. That's where
there's good economic growth, but not too much; price
rises, but not too much; unemployment, but not too much, and so
on. It becomes stable and "sustainable".

To help the system work (because after all capitalism can't
work on its own) the fat cats use government lackeys like
"Big Toe'. They give them some glory (and money)
and buy them into being "business friendly' (to use
another one of their "clever" words). Thoroughly
modern new labour will make sure there's low wages, shite
contracts and health and safety, no getting pissed, no standing
around in gangs of more than two, no smoking and all the other
things mentioned in the Clampdown issue (DA30). They'll
make countless new laws up, privatise this and that, make sure
kids know they're only here to work and buy, make them
pass tests in it every three minutes, and if they can't
they'll be "excluded', then the poverty industry
moves in and so on.

This goes on all over the western world and, as back up, they all
use the popular press and the telly. If it still goes wrong,
there's the police, the army (yes, they can use them on
people in other countries too), the lawyers and the judges,
there's even the god squad to tell us we're not nice for
having a tab and a shag after a session on ethanol and butane

There's another problem though, some miserable moaning
bastards (usually in fairisle jumpers and sandals) think all this
consuming more and more "nike", silver telly's,
silver cars, golden petrol (as on TV), dog burgers, plastic bags,
aeroplane rides, non "biodegradable' (another clever
word) plastic lighters at 250 for £1 and whales, think this is
unsustainable. They reckon that it's causing slavery, child
prostitution, drug "misuse" (poverty industry word)
and very bad poverty all over, even more in some parts of the
world. They also say it's going to mean the end of the world

Look at China now, there's been fantastic economic growth
in the past few years. Production's been shifted over there,
more jobs, more wealth, more "trickle down", more
cars and more fridges. The problem is, prices are going up, so are
house prices. When wages go up, as anywhere, the whole cycle
starts, and "international investors" will look around
for cheaper workers, in cheaper countries where there is a
"flexible labour market" (another one of those
sustainable terms "Big Toe' uses). This could be why
they've been looking for life on Mars.

Another reason why they've been looking at Mars could be
to weigh up the estate agents and see the prices of property. As
production has increased in China, as everywhere, so has all that
goes with it - the rivers are black, the air is putrid, clouds are
picking it up and dropping it on Japan as acid rain (non hippyfied)
and they've already got bad air through car fumes,
chemicals and their own industry. There's the hole in the
ozone layer, cows eating chickens, trees being chopped down, less
fish in the sea, oil on beaches (not just suntan oil) and loads of
other bad things that mean if nothing is done soon the whole
world is not sustainable (not even the palaces with bunkers and a
hundred year supply of gin).

A lot of people worry about this and say the governments of the
world should do something about it. They should have
agreements on this and that and ban the other. So they have, they
had one in Japan (Kyoto) where, presumably, they used special
acid repellent umbrellas'. They all agreed to do nothing
except pretend to do something. We've got recycle bins for
this and that, special fridges, things on top of chimneys and other
thoroughly modern ways of saving the world. But the top priority
is still economic sustainability, and that means even more money
for the scum at the top and basically ignoring any problems with
bad air.

For the businessmen (sic), the main problem with too much
growth in China is that petrol prices have been going up. While
the planet burns the scum gets on with business, and that means
making a cost benefit analysis of their every move. Lawyers do it
too, like the "Big Toe and Cherry Duo'. When you get
combinations of politicians and lawyers you get a real set of selfish
bastards. There are even professors who have been "bought
off", who say global warming is a load of hot air, the planet
recycles itself, and just think of the dosh compared to a few black
rivers, dead fish and dead riff-raff. The weakest always go to the
wall for the benefit of the rest, nothing's new. When you get
this kind of mentality mixed with religious maniacs, then
you've got a right mess of those who think the market will
provide (not god), and those who think god will provide
(they'll go to heaven, so sod it) - but, just in case, lets check
out those Martian estate agents on the internet...

The real point of so-called economic sustainability is to sustain
wage slavery through sustained lies and bullying. In the
Manchester Evening News a few weeks ago, Adolf Hitler said,
\u201cits easier to maintain a big lie than a small one\u201d (you
all thought he was dead for a start). The lie is that the state and all
its various parts; government, army, police, judges, education and
health, sustain economic growth for the benefit of us all. People
who invade other countries and other people's lives sustain
this lie by both force and brainwashing. They use any method they
can and when one doesn't work, they'll try another.
That's why government policies are always changing to
keep on top of any changes to economic growth and any
rumblings about the lie from the "lower orders' (Big
Toe has loads of modern words for these). If they think not
enough of us are voting they "let" us do it by post, or
even by electricity (electric elections?). If they realise we have
worked out the police are not there for our protection, but for
theirs, then they send a few cheaper versions into
"disaffected" areas. If they think we're not
working hard enough toward economic growth, they send people
out to these areas to train people into grafting for some
"Thieving Idle Bastard" and how its all great fun
sustaining wealth. Community groups that mop up the costs of
economic growth now have to be sustainable too. It all adds to the

The way to make a sustainable lie unsustainable is to question it,
then we can start to sustain the planet by realising we are just a
piece of dust on it and it came first.

Direct Action is published by Solidarity Federation, the British
section of the International Workers' Association, and is
produced labour-free by the Direct Action Collective, under direct
workers' control, without help from the state or rich

Address: Direct Action, PO Box 29, South West PDO,
Manchester, M15 5HW, England
Ansaphone: 07984 675 281
Email: da@direct-action.org.uk
* Solidarity Federation is of the anarcho-syndicalist spectrum

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