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(en) US, New York RAT #1

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 10:09:38 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

Hi! If you haven't seen it yet the first issue of the NY RAT, a brand new
anarchist tabloid, is out! You can find it at bluestockings, st. marks
books, and other random cafes and book stores in manhattan and brooklyn.
You can also print out a pdf of the RAT from our website:
We have started our next issue and would love your help.
We need: info about your nyc area group or project (we would like to start
featuring groups from Long Island, N.J., and upstate too), artwork, articles,
help with distribution and a space to do a fundraiser to keep the RAT going.
The deadline for submissions is December 1st.

Email us at newyorkrat@riseup.net.

We would also love feedback about the first issue as well as suggestions
about how we can make the RAT better.
Welcome to the first issue of the "The New York Rattical Anarchist Tabloid"! The idea to start
the New York RAT grew out of the huge amounts of people and energy in New York
surrounding the RNC protests. While it was an amazing feat to pull off such a large, creative,
and successful protest, the strengthening and building of various local communities of resistance
should not be overlooked as victories in themselves! The Republican National Convention
provided a significant backdrop for a cross-country radical convergence, giving us a chance
to act in collaborative resistance against a vile, hateful system. We want to make sure that the
rampant enthusiasm that fueled our adventures in the streets of New York at the end of August
didn't leave with the out-of-towners. The passion that so many people brought here with them
is still lingering in the air. Our challenge lies in channeling all that leftover energy into mean-
ingful projects and actions, and to continue working together in our struggle to make
our home a liberated territory.

"The RAT" will serve as an informational resource for our local anarchist communities, outlining
New York City based groups and collectives that are actively working on projects that others can
plug into. Although traditionally fragmented, the NYC Anarchist scene is vibrant and strong, with new
collectives and projects sprouting up all the time. "The RAT" will provide a forum for local groups to
muster people for specific tasks, spread the word about new projects, and request mutual aid. It will also
be a quick, easy reference guide for new folks in town, for local people interested in getting involved, and
for those of us who are listserve-a-phobic and usually have no idea about what is going on.

We hope that the RAT is a welcome addition to the anarchist community in NYC and that it proves to be
useful and enjoyable. The RAT is your paper; help us make it worthwhile! We will publish the RAT as
often and as long as the NYC anarchist community needs and wants it. Your feedback will help us gauge
the value in our project, as well as keep us updated on local events, new groups, and great ideas.
All submissions, ideas, comments & love letters should be emailed to: ***NewYorkRat@riseup.net***

Really Free Market
On August 21th, 2004, hundreds of people descended
upon the Courtyard of St. Mark's Church to create a
small but vibrant temporary autonomous zone, freeing
themselves and others from something which seems al-
most impossible to avoid in NYC: buying and selling.
For an entire afternoon people traded goods, did
workshops, ate free vegan food, had conversations
and generally created a community of strangers
in the calm week before the storm of the RNC.
I had a blast. And, luckily,
it seemed like everyone else did too. We arrived
early at the church, with a station wagon full of stuff:
clothes, food, banners, etc. We started setting up in the
Courtyard, which also doubles as a several centuries old
cemetery. While we practiced anarchy on the graves of
Tompkins (yes, that one), a New York governor and at
least one vice-president, the Really Really Free Market
took shape.
There were at least three versions of the Really Really
Free Market previous to ours in NYC. The first was in
Miami during the tumultuous FTAA protests, another
was in San Fransisco, and one was in Raleigh, North
Carolina, in solidarity with the small but proud anti-G8
protests in Georgia. Some historical predecessors in-
clude the fiery Diggers who had entire free stores. More
current examples include Craig's List, the Freecycle
movement and, of course, our fierce love of dumpster-
ing. The idea is simple: create a venue for people to get
together without capitalism, to share skills, ideas, con-
versation, good food and, yes, stuff.

So what did we do? We had a treeclimbing skill share.
We had Tamales for the Revolution. We had vegan "You
Can" cookies and free anarchist hair cuts ("Mohawks &
Buzzcuts...No Promises"). Someone even got a stick-and-poke
tattoo of a carrot. We stenciled Really Really Free Market
medallions out of dumpstered wood and stolen spray paint.

We had tons of clothes. We had free books. Sascha Scatter gave
away his amazing zines and invited folks to chat. There
was DIY Sign-Making with very cool looking mylar
stencils of Bush and Rumsfield. An Australian perform-
ance artist set up giant black barrels and looked cool,
and weird. There was soul music from some musicians
with a keyboard and big voices. There was DIY bike re-
pair. There was free literature and stickers. A sushi chef
taught people how to make vegan sushi rolls. Anti-Cap-
italist Kitchen came and served good food. Everyone
had a great time! Anarchy works!!

RNC "A" List
Biking with critical mass out of Union Square through
hrongs of cheering people
The scene at St. Marks Church
Golf course massacre ($6000 worth of damage)
The best banner ever ==========>[BANER PHOTO]
Being bored at the UFPJ march when all of a sudden a plume of smoke rises above the crowd
Going to Chaos on Broadway to fake-puke on any Republicans that walked by
My friend telling a gross old Republican (who had ac-
ually tried to choke him to death) "I can fit your whole cock in my mouth!"
Seeing a line of trash fires stretching up Park Avenue on the night of A31
Making 1000 Tamales for the Revolution and handing
hem out to excited people

RNC "Shit" List
Undercover scooter cops
Motor oil-induced skin rash from pier 57
Liberals who thank the cops for letting them march
Getting arrested twice in one weekend
Getting your bike stolen by the cops
Protest warriors not getting their asses kicked
Undercover cops that think they blend

Police Crime Blotter

September 4, 2004
Two brothers shot by NYPD
Richard Figueroa, a 25-year-old
schizophrenic male was shot at
least 4 times in the abdomen
after stabbing the closed window
of an ambulance with a knife.
His brother, Joel, was also shot in
the leg for no apparent reason.

September 24, 2004
Detective Fired for Corruption
Luis Nieves-Diaz, a narcot-
ics detective who was about to
retire with a lucrative disability
pension was fired after the Police
Department concluded that he
had helped another detective
steal $250,000 in drug money in

September 25th, 2004
Police kill man after car chase
David Guzman, 33, was shot and
killed by plainclothes police in
a driveway in Queens follow-
ing a car chase. A sergeant fired
8 times at Guzman, who was
unarmed, striking him several

September 27th, 2004
Cops kill man with antique gun
Police opened fire on a street in
Chelsea Monday afternoon, kill-
ing a man. Apparently the man
was carrying was an inoperable
antique-style gun.

October 1st, 2004
Loud Wives Lose Lives
Civil rights lawyers released a
photograph of an undercover
scooter cop wearing a helmet
with sticker that read "Loud
Wives Lose Lives" during an
anti-RNC demonstration.

October 13th, 2004
Homeless man beaten by cops
Two transit cops are facing
criminal charges after beat-
ing of a homeless man outside
Penn Station. One of them al-
legedly hit the man in the head
several times with his baton.

It has been three years since the attacks on the World Trade Center and it finally feels like most New
Yorkers have given up on blind patriotism and returned to their traditional skepticism, and even ha-
tred, of the NYPD. Understandably.
The lighting-fast co-optation of 9/11 and the subsequent wars as the basis for one of the biggest NYPD
marketing schemes ever has not survived in the face of reality. The
arrogant ads that popped up all over the city: "Support your troops
at home and abroad," picturing a soldier and a riot cop side-by-
side, were a valiant attempt to convince us that the NYPD were the
last line of defense protecting the "Homeland" from strategically
fabricated threats. Depicting the NYPD as terrorist-fighters (or
protestor-fighters?) manipulates the good-evil dynamic to imply
that the NYPD themselves cannot be terrorists. The image of the
good-natured, selfless fighter for freedom is a little hard for them
to maintain, considering the daily harassment that New Yorkers
experience from the NYPD.
Racial profiling and undercovers roving the streets lead to an every-
day hostile environment for much of the city's population. Young
people, particularly in predominantly minority neighborhoods, are
routinely subjected to stop-and-frisks by plainclothes cops, often suffering beatings and humiliation in
the process. While race is a key factor in police brutality, it is not the sole problem. Homeless peo-
ple, the GLBT community and the mentally ill are also frequent targets of unprovoked police abuse.
The NYPD's use of excessive force, beatings and fatal shootings are symptoms of a larger police cul-
ture, media and government that condone brutal acts as a valid means of social control. Although
many New Yorkers would claim otherwise, they also implicitly condone such behavior, evidenced
by the lack of effective public dialog condemning police brutality.

The RAT is intent on facilitating this dialog through the
publication of a seasonal police blotter outlining recent
incidences of police abuse, as well as a guide to (legally)
fighting back against the fucked-up system that currently
exists in New York City. The rest is up to you!

Five Things You Can Do If You are a Victim of Police Abuse:
1. File an anonomous com-
plaint with the CCRB if you
were harrassed or witnessed
police misconduct.
2. Contact:
nyclu.org, 212-344-3005
National Lawyers Guild
nlg.org, 212-679-5100
PLC (see black pages)
3. Sue the cops that damaged
your property in small claims
court! Even if you lose, you
will force the fuckers to take a
day off (without pay) to sit in
court. Defendants have even
won money from cops, and the
money comes from the cops'
pockets instead of the taxpay-
ers' (as in a civil suit).
4. File a complaint at the local
precinct and ask for Internal
Affairs Bureau Complaint
Form or call (212) 741-8401.
These are cops, so be warned.
5. Contact the RAT and/or
local newspapers. Publicize
police abuse in your neigh-
borhood with fliers at your
laundromats, grocery stores
and subway stations.

"Because getting home safe shouldn't be a luxury" RIGHTRIDES
Rightrides is a non-profit transportation alternative that provides
free, safe, late night rides home for women and trans folk.
RightRides started in August of 2004 in direct response to an
increase in violent crimes against women in Williamsburg and
Greenpoint. The idea for RightRides started to develop
after the abduction, robbery and rape of a woman who was
walking home from an area venue. We soon heard about
many other attacks on women that happened within the next
month. We own a car and felt that if we could give ladies a
safe ride home late at night, perhaps assaults like these could
be prevented. Rather than continue to be really upset about
these crimes, we decided to take action.
We currently average 2 calls per hour and a response time of
less than 10 minutes. Our current pick-up and drop-off
areas are in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and the LES on
Saturday nights from12-4:30 AM.

We would love to expand to other nights and areas but we need more
volunteer drivers with cars!
We also have Bike Patrols, as most people who want to help have
access to a bike and not a car. The Bike Patrols are a group of about
4 people (half ladies) that ride
around during operational hours wearing RightRides safety
vests, handing out the dispatch number, and keeping track of
suspicious activity. Should they see a lady walking alone, they
would ask if she would like a car called for her, or if she would
like to be accompanied home
We are working to increase community awareness of violence
against women through workshops, seminars, panels and safe-
ty trainings. We are looking for self defense teachers that offer
free or sliding scale classes, speakers for safety panels, volun-
teer drivers and bikers, and people to help us organize this!
This service is 100% volunteer-run and donation supported.
To get involved, check out the website: www.rightrides.org

The Icarus Project
The Icarus Project was created by a group of people diag-
nosed as Bipolar or Manic-Depressive who see our condi-
tion as a dangerous gift to be cultivated and taken care of
rather than as a disease or disorder needing to be "cured."
With this double-edged blessing we have the ability to fly
to places of great vision and creativity, but like the mythi-
cal boy Icarus, we also have the potential to fly dangerously
close to the sun--into realms of delusion and psychosis--
and crash in a blaze of fire and confusion. At our heights
we may find ourselves capable of creating music, art, words
and inventions, which touch people's souls and shape the
course of history. At our depths we may end up alienated
and alone, incarcerated in psychiatric institutions, or dead
by our own hands.
Despite these risks, we recognize the intertwined threads of
madness and creativity as tools of inspiration and hope in
this repressed and damaged society. We understand that we
are members of a group that has been misunderstood and
persecuted throughout history, but has also been responsi-
ble for some its most brilliant creations. And we are proud.
While many of us use mood-stabilizing drugs like Lithium to
regulate and dampen the extremes of our manias and the hope-
less depths of our depressions, others among us have learned
how to control the mercurial nature of our moods through diet,
exercise, and spiritual focus. Often we find that we can handle
ourselves better when we channel our tremendous energy into
creation: some of us paint murals and write books, some of us
convert diesel cars to run on vegetable oil and make gardens that
are nourished with the waste water from our showers. In our
own ways we're all struggling to create full and independent lives
for ourselves where the ultimate goal is not just to survive, but
to thrive. Despite the effort necessary just to stay balanced and
grounded, we intend to make the world we live on better, more
beautiful, and way more interesting.

Navigating the Space
Between Brilliance and Madness:
A Collection of Radical Visions
from Bipolar Worlds
An Art Show and Community Gathering
Opening Night: December 16th, 2004
AbcNoRio 156 Rivington Street
The Icarus Project Website is a place for people struggling with
Bipolar Disorder or Manic-Depression to connect and build
an alternative support network outside the mainstream culture.
We are learning from each others' mistakes and victories,
stories and art, and create a new culture and language that
resonates with our actual experiences of this "disorder" rather than
trying to fit our lives into the reductionist framework offered by
the current mental health establishment.
The Icarus project currently meets in Manhattan on Sunday evenings;
check the website for time and location. www.theIcarusProject.net

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is a radi-
cal brass band and entourage that originally
formed for the RNC demonstrations. Our
repertoire is drawn from street band tradi-
tions around the world, as well as other pop
and folk traditions.
It's post-RNC, and we're still in operation!
We are looking for trumpeters, tromobon-
ists, and tubists especially, but please get in
contact if you play any wind instrument or
want to dance or twirl a flag!
The band requests respect and acknowledg-
ment of race, gender, sexual preference,
disability, as well as musical ability. We want
all voices to be heard within the group! We
encourage people of color, trans and queer
folks, and women to join us!
We practice on Monday nights in DUMBO
For more info: maria@riseup.net
Freedom of access to information and
freedom of the press are the foundation of
democracy. Yet we live in a society where
citizens are less and less informed due to the
consolidation and corporatization of media.
This is where Radical Reference comes in.

Radical Reference
Radical Reference is a collective of library
workers who believe that it is library work-
ers' core code of ethics to help to inform
citizens. We support activist communities,
progressive organizations, and independ-
ent journalists by providing professional
research support and access to information.
We are dedicated to information activism to
further the democratic process.
Radical Reference was initially formed to as-
sist demonstrators at the RNC protests. We
continue our mission to meet the informa-
tion needs of activist communities in order
to bring about social and political change.
Our services consist of a blog, e-mail, chat,
phone, street reference at various conver-
gences, and fact-checking workshops for
independent journalists.

Vegan pie crust:
2cups flour & 1tsp salt sifted together
2/3cups & 2tbsp chilled shortening* divided in half
Work 1st half into the flour with yr fingertips
Cut rest in with 2 knives, until pea-sized pebbles
Sprinkle 5tbsp water in while lifting with a fork
Gather into ball, cut in half (extra water if needed)
Roll out 1st half to size of pan, fold in half
Lift into greased pie pan and unfold
Roll out 2nd half, cut shapes for venting
Place on top of filled pie, press edges with a fork
*use non-hydrogenated shortening to prevent cancer

Apple pie filling:
Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Thinly slice 5 apples, mix in 1/2cup sugar (or sugar substi-
tute), 1/8tsp salt, 1tsp cornstarch, ¼tsp cinnamon
Layer into pie shell, sprinkle with 1tsp vanilla and dot with
1½tbsp shortening
Cover pie with well-ventilated upper crust
Bake at 450 for 10 minutes, then at 350
for 35-45
minutes, until golden brown
Serve warm with vegan ice

Community Centers
& Squats
Casa Del Sol
hosts shows and parties
672-674 E 136th St, Bronx
800 825 1713
Umbrella Haus
has a small stage and performance
space; hosts parties, performances,
meetings, and puppet building
21-23 Ave C & Houston
6th Street Community Center
638 East 6th St 212 529 9720
Health Care & Services
Dispossessed Network
An anarchist collective helping "ur-
ban nomads" (train-hoppers, crusty
kids, teenage runaways, travelers...)
get access to social services in NY
The Icarus Project
a place for people struggling with
"Bipolar Disorder" to connect and
build an alternative support network
Medical Activists of New York
referrals to activist-friendly
healthcare 1-888-744-7856
NYC AIDS Housing Network
collective of people living withHIV/
AIDS, working on social justice is-
sues, free space for meetings, showers
80A 4th Ave, Brooklyn, 718 802 9540
Streetwork L.E.S.
Offers food, showers, counseling,
needle exchange, medical & legal
services for homeless youth 13-24
33 Essex St (btwn Hester & Grand)
646 602 6404

Community Action
Anarchist People Of Color
engaging in dialogue to continue
working in our communities
(for people of color ONLY,
to foster an environment of trust)
Critical Resistance
An organization that seeks to build an
international movement to end the
Prison Industrial Complex
More Gardens!
a direct action group rescuing
land from developers and yuppies
strengthening community among
women, fighting for mother's and
children's rights
Mutual Support Network
puts out the free events calendar
1 888 365 0000 x 1942
New York City Books Thru Bars
sends books to prisoners; open meet-
ings every Sunday 5-8 (ABC No Rio)
btb@abcnorio.org, 212 254 3697 x 323
New York Youth Bloc
A coalition of high schoolers fighting
for peace, justice & empowerment.
Radical Cheerleaders
a collectively-run squad open to any-
one interested-no tryouts involved
Radical Reference
librarians who support activists by
providing research support, access to
information, and fact-checking work-
shops for independent journalists
free transportation for ladies and trans
folk to get HOME safely in North
Brooklyn, LES, & East Village areas
Saturday nights from 12-4:30 AM
www.rightrides.org, 718 964 7781
Shift-Control Collective
brings tech to the activists & activ-
ism to the techies; computer security
Surveillance Camera Players
conducts free walking tours of heavily
surveilled neighborhoods
Art & Music

Bikes &Soccer
ABC No Rio
A community space with a computer
lab, darkroom, silkscreening lab, art
gallery & punk/hardcore matinees
156 Rivington abc@abcnorio.org
Anarchist Soccer
Sundays, Tompkins Square Park, 4pm
Critical Mass
last Friday of every month,
Union Square 7pm
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
A radical brass band & entourage.
Time's Up!
direct-action environmental group
using events & education to promote
a more sustainable, less toxic city.

Toyshop Collective
artists transforming the physical and
social structure of the environment
by making use of ad spaces in sub-
ways, on phone booths & bus shelters

World War 3 Arts in Action
artists using their work to protest
corporate globalization, economic
colonialism & the prison industry

Community Gardens
Edith Garden
free computer classes, work-
shops, and food to share with
the community, needs volunteers
836 Elton Ave, Bronx
LES Park
compost, greenhouse, grey water sys-
tem, sports area & solar energy area
1st Street & Avenue A
Nuevo Cabo Rojo
the 4th Cabo Rojo that has been created
since the 1st one was destroyed
162nd & Cortland, Bronx
Other cool gardens
E 6th St & Ave B, E 9th St & Ave C
Food Not Bombs
serves vegan food in Tompkins Square
Park, Fri & Sun @ 3:30pm, volunteer at
ABC No Rio after 1pm, Fri or Sun
fnb@abcnorio.org, 212 254 3697
People's Law Collective
an anarchist collective with knowledge
of the legal system, provides advice and
legal support

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