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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 12:43:55 +0100 (CET)

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WITH THE METROPOLITAN Police's reputation in
London over the years everybody has a story to tell about how
corrupt, racist and arrogant they really are. We could even go as
far as saying that the met are the real London gangsters. Times
have changed, we are sorry to say, for the worst. Why do they join
the police in the first place? Certainly not to help people. We
suspect it is because they couldn't make the Army, or
perhaps, they were bullied at school - or were the bullies. But one
thing is certain: they joined the Met with a grudge against people.
A bit harsh, you could say; but what we see day in and day out is
the Met blatantly taking the piss, and the working class areas and
people have never had it so bad.

Operation Trident, what a farce, all the Met seem to do is put
bigger and bigger posters up asking the public to grass on each
other and playing “the people are scared to say
anything card. The truth is quite the reverse: people
don't trust the Met. Gun crime will get worse and
worse until the community takes their own action and do
something. Until then the areas we live in will not get better. The
Met really don't give a shit if brother is killing brother
just as long it stays in the working class areas, and when the
sirens are gone we are left to clean up the mess.

We only glimpse at what the Met are up to. If they are not
boy-racing they're clogging up the best kebab shops, which is a
damn liberty. Recently it has hit the hearts of people in Hackney
after Irene Stanley fought the Met for over 5 years, with their lies
and cover ups after Met shot her husband, Harry Stanley, in the
head and hand after they thought he was carrying a shot gun. It
was subsequently revealed he was carrying a table leg. It was a
long and hard struggle for Irene to finally get justice and to get an
appeal that resulted in an unlawful killing verdict. The two officers
finally been suspended.
Ms Stanley told the BBC: "It has been a long hard struggle for
Harry's family and my family.
"We can't bring Harry back but we've got an unlawful killing
"We had the first inquest and it was one-sided for the
Metropolitan police, but now we've got a fair inquest with a new
coroner and we've got justice."
When the two officers who pulled the trigger got suspended we
saw the Met's little tricks again, Officers from the firearms unit
laid down their weapons in protest against the decision. We wish
they would lay down their weapons for good, the trigger happy
freaks. Their only concern is to cover their backs as the two
officers suspended could, and should, face manslaughter charges.
“Look, we can kill who we damn well like and we
should be able to get away with it is the message a lot
of people are reading. As we see time and time again shootings by
the Met Police, and one after another most cases are forgotten
about and left in the archives. The likes of Irene and the Harry
Stanley campaign is just an example to show the Met that they
cant get away with murder.
What is frightening are the lengths the Met will go to to justify
themselves. In the last issue of LC we reported the Met's action
when they took it upon themselves to dig up people's
back gardens to find any more clues to who hacked Blacklock to
death, even though they put away three innocent people for the
crime, nothing was found. Just the memories were dug up.

An independent body should investigate allegations of racism and
corruption in the Metropolitan Police, according to two MPs.
Week in, week out we see the Met's dodgy behaviour.
Corruption, lies, swindling, getting away with murder, so bleeding
obvious even two MPs are calling for action - and
that's saying something. Lib Dem Simon Hughes and
Labour Andrew Mackinlay have called for proper inquiries to be
set up under a high court judge.
Mr Hughes, MP for Southwark North & Bermondsey, added:
"You cannot have accountability unless the inspectors are not
police officers or former colleagues of the people they are

The time is ending for the Met to investigate themselves and we
will see a lot more cases coming to light, as this action will be
It seems the Met still have something up there sleeve, recruitment
for specials are being advertised, street wardens are being set up
on our estates, ASBOs are being thrown everywhere especially at
the kids. Has it come to the stage where the police
can't do the job anymore so they are getting local
have-a-go heroes to police our streets and to become pretend

Has the time come when people are starting to realise that we
don't actually need the likes of the Met enforcing Laws
they break on a daily basis? It's only when our
communities start realising that they will and can police
themselves will we see a change for the better in and around
where we live. When we say A.C.A.B. we are not joking.

CD album with DVD.
I just finished listening to the best oi/punk album I've heard in
years with tracks like "Kill Your Boss" and
"Bullets 4 the Rich" class-conscious punk
fans old and new will love this rebellious offering from
London's most promising punk line up. A little taste of
some of the lyrics from a track called "Our
History" "They tell me things I
can't see, about people like you and me, well
I'm descended from the peasantry, CLASS
STRUGGLE AND ANARCHY". And was that a Class
War skull I saw in the corner on the video?

For information contact BOTTLEJOB@HOTMAIL.COM or call
(44) 208 442 4143

In the last few issues of London Calling we have run some stories
on that smirking git Jamie Oliver's rip-off restaurant,
15, in Hoxton and we are pleased to report that that it that
hasn't turned a profit since it opened and has losses of
over £1.23 million. Surely with beans on toast at £8
there has to be some profit? But with food critics constantly
knocking the place and the rip-off food served there has started
having an effect, a spokesman on behalf of 15 stated that
"these loses are normal for a new restaurant".
£1.23 million? Come on, get a grip!
Instead of winging on aimlessly in each issue about Jamie we at
London Calling are going to e-mail his restaurant the recipes
below for people with jobs and tight budgets:
Rocket Pesto Beans On Toast with Goats Cheese & Cherry
Tomatoes (serves 1-2)
1. Go to Sainsbury's before work and spend a fortune on
overpriced wanky novelty ingredients such as rocket, fresh basil
and balsamic vinegar. Feel very "middle
class" and kid yourself that you're living the
good life.
2. Arrive home feeling tired, frustrated and alone after another day
of pointless wage slavery. Decide you really can't be
arsed with bloody rocket pesto.
3. Make beans on toast.
Red Wine & Chocolate Soup with Guilty Feelings
1. Gorge yourself with chocolate in a vain attempt to cheer
yourself up.
2. Open a bottle of wine.
3. Have guilty feelings.
Sorted, pukka food you can't be arsed to make.

Once again Hackney Council have been caught out not by
charging people high council tax but by making people pay twice.
We see on a weekly basis how the council officials threaten to
take away peoples homes, send the bailiffs around straight away
when they believe someone hasn't paid there Council
Tax . An insider has recently told London Calling that the council
want every penny they scrape together and "try it
on" by hassling people to re-pay and they will not listen
to people who claim they have paid. This happened to me
recently, and I know of two more cases where people are being
threatened on a weekly basis. What was sickening from the leak
was the story of two old people who actually paid twice, they got
the money back. But how many people out there fall for the con?
Reading the Hackney Gazette another case came to light,
bungling officials from hackney hounded a women for four years
for council tax arrears she didn't owe. By keeping all
the receipts and proof of payments the council still
didn't believe her and couldn't resolve the
problem until January 2004 by which time the arrears for 1998
had been carried forward each year and she had received countless
summonses, liability orders and threatening bailiffs letters. It is
surprising how the council cant seem to find the time to check the
files to see if she did pay but they are always quick on the ball to
send a court summons out left right and centre.
The Ombudsman found Hackney Council guilty of
misadministration (fuckwittery to you and me) and the women
received £1,800 in compensation and all costs. What can you
do if you find yourself being hounded by the council? You could
send a letter to your local MP Diane Abbot but that would be like
pissing in the wind. It appears she likes to pamper herself at
Brighton health spas, she recently stated, after missing this years
Labour Party conference, which also was in Brighton "I
thought I would pamper myself a bit, besides I had no duties at
the Conference and nothing to say". Unbelievable, we
advise people to always keep proof of payments made and to
phone the Citizens Advice Bureau to make an appointment, and
don't give in to their threats.
Hackney Council was also rapped around their knuckles by a local
government watchdog when they tried to make an old lady pay
But they got caught out because of the simple reason the lady was

GUY FAWKES' NIGHT has been once again. Unluckily it was
be a sad affair for people living in Hackney. Hackney
hasn't held a firework display for over three years, the
lack of money is always the excuse. Yet MP Diane
Abbot's constantly in Brighton treating herself to
Health Spas and Jules Pipe the Mayor, trying to persuade
everyone that spending £64 million on doing up the town
hall is a good idea. A local firework display brings the community
together, people meet each other and it's one of the
few times people can locally mix, the Council must think that
people have forgotten firework night and are getting away without
forking out.
Last year a fireworks display was held inside a fair that charged
£8 to get in, which had funding from Hackney Council, It
was held in Shoreditch of all places! I wonder what sort of parents
can afford the entry fee, for a family it would cost £25 entry,
without the cost of food and fairground rides. Maybe
that's why they put the display on in Shoreditch and
not Hackney Wick. I remember standing by the outside fence with
the poor families waiting to enjoy the display. No start time was
stated and the security just laughed when locals asked. A lot of
children were pissed off waiting and had to go home without
seeing anything, as it was late when the fireworks display actually
started. The Mayor and his wife arrived and were shown in near
us and a few of us booed him and shouted why didn't
he have to pay. Unbelievably the filth stood in front of everyone
"keeping an eye on
things". But we saw the display in the end. The above
just goes to show what the Council really think of the local
community and are prepared to make a profit out of anything,
This year I might just buy fireworks and chuck them through
Diane Abbot's fucking letterbox.



THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL Forum took place in London from 15
to 17 October. The ESF is supposed to be a massive forum where
progressive and revolutionary ideas and experiences can be
shared, and areas of mutual concern " such as the war
in Iraq " can be addressed in an open and
non-oppressive fashion. That's the theory!
In practice, though, it was very different. The Socialist Workers
Party had teamed up with "Red' Ken
Livingstone in a state-sponsored jamboree supposed to show off
London and to boost the SWP's credentials
" as well as giving Livingstone some much-needed
radical chic. Ken threw at least £400,000 of council-tax
payers' money down the drain on the ESF "
paying for the travel of 20,000 lefties, subsidising accommodation,
at the Millennium Dome if you please, printing fuck loads of
nonsense " and hiring Alexandra Palace.
Throughout the event, working class people including many
anarchists were excluded from the junket. It was something like
£30 for a ticket, and all the decisions relating to the ESF
were taken in closed meetings months ago. Trots and their
lickspittles do do one thing well! They can stitch up events and
conferences with great skill. And this time they had Ken
Livingstone and his police force on their side.
The Wombles organised an alternative, Beyond ESF, which was a
well-attended event in Tottenham. They did themselves proud by
organising, at short notice, a full programme of events and
discussions, and provided free accommodation for hundreds of
people from across Europe in squats. Sadly, their event was
marred by the constant presence of the filth. Forward Intelligence
Teams sat outside the venue the Wombles had hired, they dogged
the Wombles' footsteps " and generally
made their lives a misery.
To protest the ESF stitch-up, to highlight the way the SWP and
Livingstone had gerrymandered the entire social forum process,
and to bring the views of the anarchist alternative to the ESF we
stormed Alexandra Palace. Well, not so much stormed as pushed
our way in! But from the response of the SWP and their poxy
lickspittles you'd think we'd lynched St Paul
Foot or something!
We heard that Livingstone had cried off addressing a meeting,
curiously about racism and fascism, because the police had wind
of the plot to gatecrash the ESF and couldn't guarantee
his safety. When we got into the large hall at Ally Pally there was
a bit of confusion " but nothing violent. In retrospect,
we might as well have smacked a few SWPers, they acted like we
had anyway.
Weyman Bennett, an SWP bigwig claims that his mobile and
wallet were stolen, and that he was assaulted in the irruption of
anarchists. Lee Jasper claimed, in a letter to the Guardian, that
the uninvited guests were all white males " which we
plainly weren't " hellbent on smacking
black and Jewish people. Which is utter bollocks: the following
day the Guardian had the decency to publish a letter from a
number of people who'd observed the to-do which
righted the previous day's nonsense.
Still, the SWP refuse to retract their libellous attacks on anarchists
" and we feel strongly that they should not be treated
as comrades (though given the SWP's attitude to us
over the years, we doubt any CW reader or supporter has any
sympathy for them anyway).
To add injury to insult, at the ESF anti-war get-rid-of-Bush march
on the Sunday of the ESF, the SWP had the gall to hand
anarchists over to the police. When members of the Wombles
tried to make an announcement from the podium in Trafalgar
Square, the stewards apparently initially said it was fine, then
some SWP "arrested" them and passed them
to the filth. Such behaviour marks a new nadir in the
SWP's pisspoor record.

IN OCTOBER'S ISSUE of London Calling we reported
on the case of a bent copper and a corrupt education worker who
swindled £100,000 intended for poor children in Hackney.
They both received jail terms after a judge called them
"despicable and mean". In a taped
conversation between the two Nwadikwa-Jonathon was heard
saying, "We will make a lot of money and all the
children will get is orange squash and a biscuit and
that's all we need to pay,"
Nwadikwa, the corrupt copper received a dismal 18 months, and
Uche Woga got two years. Nwadikwa, we think, received a very
light sentence, what most people would get for minor offences.
Was this because he was a policeman, we wonder in dismay?
Whilst we are on the subject of corrupt filth, a Met officer was
arrested by ANTI-CORRUPTION cops (even I'm
getting confused here!). the 37 year old Hackney officer was
involved in the illegal interception of private phone calls for the
clients of a central London detective agency. He was bailed until
January 2005, watch this space.


A GANG OF professional criminals has stolen millions of pounds
of cars - simply by lifting them off the streets with a tow-away
truck. And these thieves are not interested in just any old cars.
They have been specifically targeting E-Class Mercedes Benz
worth up to £62,000 each. The gang operates in west
London and has stolen more than 40 Mercedes since August. It
strikes at night, using a low-lifter vehicle to move the car out of its
parking space - often outside the owner's home - without causing
a disturbance. Class War have always stated that if you are going
to nick a car always take the most expensive "Rob The
Rich Not Your Own," The usual statement from the
filth as always not having a clue and stating the bleeding obvious:
"We believe they have tools which enable them to break into the
cars with minimum disruption. The vehicles are then lifted on to a
low-lifter or into the back of a lorry and taken to a destination in
He added: "There is no glass left at the scene, suggesting there is
little damage to the car.
"The thefts always take place in the middle of the night in quiet,
well-lit, middle to upper class residential streets close to the main
arterial routes including the North Circular and M4 which provide
an easy getaway."
The "Gone In 60 Seconds" gang, whose trademark was ultra-fast
theft, had stolen 144 top-of-the range cars including Mercedes,
BMWs, Porsches and a Maserati.
Within days of being stolen, the cars would be shipped abroad
before being sold on. They later emerged in countries including
Pakistan, South Africa and Malaysia.
Meanwhile, in west London the Motor Vehicle Crime Squad has
been conducting extensive house to-house inquiries because they
haven't a clue and are scared because the gang are
thieving there bosses cars, they are trying to establish whether
there are any links between where the victims bought their cars,
or where they have them serviced.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We are appealing for
witnesses who have seen something suspicious or someone acting
suspiciously in and around Mercedes vehicles in their area to
contact us. Perhaps you have been woken up by the sound of a
tow truck late at night. If so, did you get a good look at the
occupants? Can you remember the registration or colour of the
"Have you seen anyone taking an interest in your or your
neighbour's E-Class Mercedes recently?"
Apart from traffic wardens, where I live it would be hard spotting
an E-Class Merc never mind having a neighbour who owns one.
We wish the gang "Gone in 60 Seconds" good
luck and let's hope you don't get silly and last more
than 60 seconds.

THE CAMPAIGN TO keep the old 73 bus is still active even
though the changes have been made. We at London Calling
would like to say "Sod off and find better things to
do". I mean who really gives a flying fuck about a
rackety old bus you cant stand up in, aren't there real matters out
there on our streets than winging on about something that has
happened anyway. Surprising enough, the 73 route goes through
Church St, Clissold Rd and Angel, notorious haunts of the middle
class home owners whose only concern is to get to work on time
and to get back to their wine bars.
Meanwhile up the road in Tottenham, Dalston Junction and
around the corner in Lower Clapton Rd there are gang wars and
people are being shot and killed every week, surely
that's more of a concern than having a bus that bends
or maybe the middle class don't really believe these
places exist.

27 November, ULU, Malet Street
Tubes: Euston, Euston Square, King's X, Warren
Street, Russell Square.
10am " 6pm
Get your copy of the new Class War!
See the merchandise box for this month's
4 December: London Class War meeting. Contact your local
member for details.
11 December: Class War Christmas Social. Contact the London
group for details.

This month's top items are two anti-fascist t-shirts.

Design 1: ANTIFASCIST (in Lonsdale style) in red and white,
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On the music front, we recommend our anti-royal compilation,
ANTI-ROYAL ANTHEMS, 21 cracking tunes, featuring the Sex
Pistols, the Smiths and Catatonia amongst others. Cheques/POs
payable to "London Class War" only.


Class War
Po Box 467
London E8 3QX

* of the Class War anarchist federation

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