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(en) US, Tucson Don't Just Vote March Attacked by police with Pepperballs

From <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(Keith McHenry foodnotbombs-A-earthlink.net)
Date Tue, 9 Nov 2004 18:15:51 +0100 (CET)

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We have the right to march for peace and its time to ban Less Than Lethal Weapons
On Wednesday November 3, 2004 about 200 peaceful protesters marched down Speedway
to 4th Avenue when the Tucson Police suddenly attacked using mace and a PepperBall
gun. These guns shoot PepperBall projectiles, which contain Capsaicin II, an eye,
nose and throat irritant. Five peaceful protesters were shoot with this
weapon. As we saw in Boston so called Less Than Lethal Weapons can be
lethal. Protesters attending “Don’t Just Vote marches in several other
cities were also attacked by the police November 3rd. This police
violence will not stop the movement.
The next day around 50 people protested outside police headquarters and
today there is another protest planned outside police headquarters
starting at 5:00 pm with a march to the City Council meeting at 6:00PM

The Tucson police attacked the protesters as the march was about to
enter the business district on 4th Avenue. They rushed into the march
punching and grabbing people. (Photos of police attack
http://arizona.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/22767.php ) Tucson Police
Officr P.Tosca rushed up to protesters shoting them from about three
feet. One woman was hit twice in the back, one hit in the chest another
in the arm. Five protesters in all reported being hit by pepper balls.
One protester was sprayed in the eyes with mace and police would not
wash his eyes out during his time under arrest.

At no time were the protesters violent. The officer in charge was the
Tucson Police officer who parked police vans between protesters and the
public during Raytheon’s Earhday Celebration in an effort to hid
protesters message. Pima county sheriff deputies also blocked
protesters from view during Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to
Tucson. Tucson Police allowed marines to assault peaceful protesters
at the federal Building the day the war started and diverted traffic so
no one would see that thousands of people in Tucson oppose the war. A
week later when a veteran attended a ClearChannel pro war rally with a
peace sign he was attacked by the crowed and arrested.

This pattern of police violence and the effort by the police to decrease
the visibility of protesters is contrary to the spirit and letter of the
First Amendment. We can see that the systematic use of police
repression against opponents of the United States government has played
an important role in hiding the voices of millions of Americans which
predicted that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq
was not responsible for 9/11 and that the war would cost thousands of
lives. It is possible if more people felt safe from police violence and
that our protests were allowed to have the visibility they deserve that
America would not be in a military quagmire that now looks as though it
will take many thousands of more lives than Vietnam.

Police departments have been deploying modified paintball guns like the
ones provided by Pepperball, Inc.The manufacturers claim that the guns
“help police officers balance the American people's First Amendment
right of free assembly against the demands of politicians.” The "less
than lethal" designation of these weapons was highlighted recently by
the shooting death of Victoria Snelgrove, a baseball fan, by Pepperball
equipped police near Fenway Park in Boston.

An eyewitness account at the scene indicates that the shooting was a
result of rowdy baseball fans wounding the pride of local police. Boston
police commissioner Kathleen O'Toole made a statement of guilt on behalf
of the Boston Police:

"The Boston police department accepts full responsibility for the death
of Victoria Snelgrove"

There was no word, however, on whether this statement of guilt would
result in criminal penalties. Conventional wisdom would seem to dictate
that police armed with weapons that they believe to be non-lethal would
be rendered immune to prosecution from any lethal results.
The Tucson Police Department website states “The Intelligence Unit is
responsible for gathering, evaluating, maintaining, and disseminating
information related to criminal activity involving traditional and
non-traditional organized crime groups. Areas of responsibility include
hate groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs, domestic terrorists, and public
disorder groups.”

The website goes on to say “The detectives assigned to the intelligence
unit work closely with state and federal authorities to prosecute
organized criminal enterprises operating within our community. Organized
crime is rarely contained within one jurisdiction. We have developed a
network of intelligence sharing capabilities in order to have a
concerted effort to prosecute both traditional and non-traditional
organized crime.”
It is clear that the police plan these attacks on peaceful protesters in
advance. Protesters are arrested at demonstrations even if there is a
permit. The goal of the police is to silence opposition to the
government and corporate policies. That the police are using Less Than
Lethal Weapons to silence protest is being used across the United States
as a way of terrorizing people into staying home while giving the
impression that they are being kind because of course they could be
shooting live ammunition into crowds of peaceful protesters.

Keith McHenry
Ed. Note: "The protest was organized by anarchists and those shot
and arrested are anarchists"

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