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(en) US, IAS News :007 Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies - November 2004

From ias-news@anarchist-studies.org
Date Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:20:53 +0100 (CET)

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In this Issue:
1 Welcome
2 Support Radical Authors!
3 IAS Supporters in 2004
4 Winter 2005 Grant Applications Due
5 Grant Updates
6 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition 2004
7 RAT Audio Sneak Preview
8 Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (Fall 2004) Available Now


The first few days of November have brought cold rain to Montreal, and
the bad news of Bush's reelection. As the U.S. fighter jets circling
above Fallujah launch a vicious bombing campaign, and people across the
world brace themselves to confront another four years of U.S.
imperialism in hyperdrive, radical comrades in the United States are
e-mailing me sad messages saying they want to leave the country.

Over the past few months, spaces for advancing radical critiques of,
and debating radical alternatives to the present order seemed to get
lost in panicked preelection "realism," as even U.S. radicals raced to
endorse Kerry. Those spaces seem even more profoundly threatened now
that it is clear that it was Bush's ultraconservative social agenda
that won him a popular mandate for a second term in office.

Creating and developing forums in which radical, anti-authoritarian
critiques and visions of a just and free world is what the IAS tries to
do. At a time when those forums are threatened, our work seems at once
more pressing and more challenging than ever before.

In this e-newsletter, you'll find an appeal to help us do that work.
The IAS's 2004 fund-raising campaign is in full swing; we have a
considerable $24,000 fund-raising goal, and we are asking you to make a
donation to help us reach it, if you have not already done so.

This newsletter is also a reminder that the deadline for applications
for the winter 2005 round of IAS grants for radical writers is
approaching! Applications are due on January 15, 2005. You will find
more information about our granting program and a link to grant
application forms below.

Finally, this e-newsletter provides an opportunity to reflect back on
the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) 2004 conference that took
place on the last weekend in September. This year's RAT was a rich and
invigorating example of the sort of space for the development of
anti-authoritarian analysis of contemporary social struggles and
intellectual traditions that is worth fighting for.

In solidarity and struggle,

Andréa Schmidt
General Director

Support Radical Authors!

We are working hard to meet our 2004 fund-raising goal of $24,000, and
we need your help!

The IAS depends entirely on the generosity of our supporters around
the world. Their generosity enables us to continue creating contexts in
which radical, critical, and engaged theoretical work can take place--by
giving grants to radical writers, publishing and developing Perspectives
on Anarchist Theory, covering administrative costs, supporting new
projects like the Latin American Archives Project, and cosponsoring the
annual RAT conference.

Over the past eight years, the IAS has nurtured a granting program
through which we support radical authors. In our desire to support a
truly internationl network of movements, the IAS has funded over fifty
projects from authors around the world, including South Africa,
Nigeria, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the Czech Republic, the United
States, and Canada.

Without IAS assistance, many of the authors we have supported would
not be able to devote themselves to analyzing the ever-changing modes
of domination in our societies. They would not be able to do the
important work of imagining what a free and just society might look
like--and helping us to do the same. IAS grants help to ensure that
anti-authoritarian theorists and writers, often activists who are
working with minimal or no support from traditional academic
institutions, are able to do this work. In other words, we support
people who are involved with and committed to popular movements for
justice, who reflect critically on movement practice, and theorize
paths to liberation.

If you have not already made a donation to the IAS, please consider
doing so soon.

To demonstrate our appreciation for your support, we are once again
offering gift books to IAS donors, provided by the good people at Raven
Books in Amherst, Massachusetts, and every IAS donor is also entitled to
an annual subscription to Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

Donate Now!: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/donate

IAS Supporters in 2004

We acknowledge the groups and individuals who have generously
contributed to the IAS in 2004 thus far. Thank you!

* Harry & Dorly Abman * Ashanti Alston * Bert Altena * Alexis Bhagat *
Jack Bratich * Bound Together Books * Kevin Bruyneel * Paul Bundy *
James Michael Byrnes * Manuel Caro * Richard Clark * Jesse Cohn * Tom
Copeland * Maura Dillon * Chris Dodge * Richard Evanoff * Colin Everett
* George Uri Fischer * Frank Gerould * Paul Glavin * Luz Guerra *
Gregory Hall * Jerry Kaplan * Kristen Keyes * David Koven * Eric
Laursen * Brooke Lehman * Frank Lindenfeld * Joel Olson * Thomas Martin
* Gabe Metcalf * Cindy Milstein * Chuck Morse * Darini Nicholas *
Anonymous I * Pacific Street Film Projects * Payal Parekh * Anonymous
II * John Petrovato * Alan Ritter * Marc Rodrigues * Eugene Rodriguez *
Michael Seidman * Michael Steinberg * Rose Sterling * Peter Stone *
Spencer Sunshine * Brian Tokar * Kevin Van Meter * Alexander Zimmerman

IAS Supporters: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/supporters

Winter 2005 Grant Applications Due

In February, the IAS will award $4,250 to radical writers. Applications
for the winter 2005 round of IAS grants are due in our mailbox no later
than January 15, 2005.

Applications forms are available online ([html
(http://www.anarchist-studies.org/grants/application)] or [pdf

If you have questions about the IAS grant program or the application
process itself, please take a look at the Grant Application FAQ, or
e-mail us at info@anarchist-studies.org.

Grant Application FAQ: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/grants/faq

Grant Updates

Kolya Abramsky has completed the translation of Global Finance Capital
and the Permanent War: The Dollar, Wall Street, and the War against
Iraq by Ramon Fernandez Duran. In this book, the author shows how
financial institutions force global capitalism into a permanent state
of war to maintain its hegemonic control of international markets. The
English translation includes updates to the original text and a new
epilogue by the author. Abramsky hopes that the translation will be
published in spring 2004. He was awarded $1,000 by the IAS in July

Fernando López Trujillo completed his project, The FACA and the
Anarchist Movement in Argentina: 1930-1950. In this historical study of
the Federacion Anarquista Comunista Argentina (FACA), López examines the
rise of the FACA at a time when the anarchist movement in Argentina was
shrinking, and the FACA's decline and its relationship to the growing
Peronist movements of the day. He was awarded an IAS grant of $2,200 in
June 1999.

Publication information for both completed projects will be
forthcoming in future IAS e-newsletters.

IAS Supported Works: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/grants/projects

Renewing the Anarchist Tradition 2004

A successful fourth edition of the annual Renewing the Anarchist
Tradition conference unfolded on the last weekend of September. Two
hundred participants from across North America gathered at Goddard
College in Plainfield, Vermont, for a weekend packed with
presentations, panels, informal discussion, and cordial debate.

The conference brought together a range of anti-authoritarians and
anarchists across sectarian lines to discuss, argue about, and develop
contemporary anarchist praxis, and the result was dynamic and
invigorating. It was a hopeful sign in a North American political
context that urgently demands as much vision, creativity, and strength
from radical movements as we can muster.

With three to five presentations on different topics going on
duringany one of the nine presentation slots, it would have been
understandable if the conference had felt scattered. But recurring
presentation themes and savvy scheduling meant that conference
participants who so desired could focus their time on a specific
topic--be it autonomous marxism; poststructuralism and anarchism;
gender and anarchism; or self-determination, solidarity, and
anti-imperialist struggles, to name a few. Discussions seemed to
maintain continuity, developing and building from one workshop to the

RAT's scholarly tone was enriched by multimedia presentations that
ranged from a full-length puppet show (Que se vayan tod@s! A Cardboard
piece by Graciela Monteagudo) and installation art by Tara Jensen ("The
Gender Museum") and John Lawson ("WaroftheWorldz.com").

The IAS is proud to have sponsored this year's RAT conference, and
would like to acknowledge the tremendous labors of RAT organizers (and
IAS board members) Cindy Milstein and John Petrovato, as well as all
those who volunteered time and energy to make the conference run

RAT 2005 is scheduled for the weekend of September 23-25, and will
again take place at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, with the
IAS as its sponsor.

For a complete list of conference presentations, and to stay tuned for
news of RAT 2005, please check out the RAT Web site:

http://www.homemadejam.org/renew: http://www.homemadejam.org/renew

RAT Audio Sneak Preview

Thanks to a dedicated and skilled volunteer crew, most of RAT was
audio-recorded again this year. All the recordings will be available
online by mid-December. Stay tuned for more detailed downloading
information in a future newsletter.

For a taste of RAT 2004 audio-recordings to come, check out the
following panel:

Gender, Sex, and Power
With Kaz Balagoon, Eli Robinson, and Hilton Bertalan

This panel examines the relationship of sex, gender, and sexuality to
power, capital, and our movements/work. As anarchists/anti-capitalists
who struggle against the world as is, we must be critically aware of
the changing nature of sex, gender, and sexuality under advanced
capitalism. And as activists working toward a better society, we must
also advance a liberatory vision of sex, gender, and sexuality.

Length (h:m:s): 01:27:49
Language: English
Date Recorded: 2004-09-25

Recorded by Brook Thorndycraft and edited by Aaron Lakoff of CKUT 90.3

Gender, Sex, and Power Recording: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=10228

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (Fall 2004) Available Now

The fall 2004 issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is out. And
the biannual IAS newsletter has grown into a magazine, after merging
with another IAS publication, The New Formulation: An
Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books.

In this, the sixteenth issue of Perspectives, you'll find IAS updates
incorporated into a substantial publication that includes IAS grantee
Marina Sitrin's interview with John Holloway, author of Change the
World without Taking Power; an excerpt from Ramor Ryan's forthcoming
book Clandestines Voyage through the Global Rebel Underground; María
Ester Tello's first-person account of participation in Resistencia
Libertaria, the clandestine Argentinean anarchist groups; as well as a
host of book reviews and debates sparked in past issues of The New

If you are already a subscriber or an IAS donor, you should have
received this issue of Perspectives in the mail. If you haven't, please
let us know.

If you would like to subscribe to Perspectives, subscription rates for
one year (2 issues) are as follows:

* United States and Canada: US$10 per year.
* All other countries: US$15 per year.
* Institutions: US$20 per year.

Subscriptions are free for IAS donors. Bulk copies are available at a

Please make checks payable to the Institute for Anarchist Studies and
mail them, with a note telling us you'd like a subscription, to 73
Canterbury, DDO, Quebec, Canada H9B 2G5.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory
Volume 8, Number 2 -- Fall 2004
Table of Contents


What's Happening: Books & Events by Chuck Morse
"Walking We Ask Questions:" An Interview with John Holloway by Marina
Testimonio by María Esther Tello

The Resurrection of Vampiro by Ramor Ryan

Days of Crime and Nights of Horror by Ramor Ryan
>From Theater Groups to Bank Robberies: The Diverse Experience of
Uruguayan Anarchists by Astrid Wessels
Remembering Frantz Fanon by Kazembe Balagoon
"The World Is Made up of Stories, Not Atoms" by Uri Gordon
Reading Class: Something of the Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How of
Consciousness by Andrew Hedden The New Anti-Imperialism by Chuck Morse

Is There a Postanarchist Universality? A Reply to Michael Glavin by
Saul Newman
Anarcho-Pluralism: A Reply to Saul Newman by Michael Glavin
Joel Schalit Responds to Sureyyya Evren

Summer 2004 Grants Awarded
Grant Updates
The IAS's 2004 Fund-raising Campaign
Latin American Archives Project Update
Great Books for IAS Donors

That's all for this issue of IAS News. If you think any of this information would be of value to a friend or organization, please feel free to forward this newsletter.
Send suggestions and comments to: info@anarchist-studies.org
To switch to the html version of this newsletter, change the email address that you are currently subscribed with, or to unsubscribe: info@anarchist-studies.org
Copyleft 2004 Institute for Anarchist Studies

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