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(en) Greece, Presentation of the Federation of Anarchists of Western Greece - OADE (it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 8 Nov 2004 13:55:24 +0100 (CET)

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Dear comrades, In 18 May 2003 in the town of Agrinio, as a result of a preliminary discussion
in 20 April of the same year in the town of Nafpactos about the need of the
organisation of anarchists in Western Greece, we decided the foundation of the
Federation of Anarchists of Western Greece (OADE).
The Federation of Anarchists of Western Greece consists of groups and
individuals - which at the same time are also the founders of this organisation
- from the cities and towns of Patras, Agrinio, Nafpactos, Astakos, Distomo,
Arta and Ioannina and also villages in western and north-western Greece.
OADE considers that after the fall of the military regime (1967-1974) until
today the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement in Greece has been consumed
regarding its intervention in the wider society, in only two or three subjects
of a mainly emotional and romantic character (e.g. the state repression or
government owned terrorism and support with any political detainees). Most of
the activities most of the times were irregularly organised and they at the
same time determined the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement as a limited or
single issue movement which although criticised sharply and totally the
political scene, on the other side it was self-consumed.

The organisational forms which this movement selected were of small range
determination regarding the number of its members, and also its aims.

OADE believes that the anarchist movement in Greece should stop referring to
the solution of its internal long running differences and disputes, but it has
to overcome immediately this stage to address henceforth all the citizens.
Because, since we realise that we refer in all the society we should activate
for everything the society concerns. Thus the organisational frame that we
select by forming OADE is equivalent to this reference.

We believe consequently that the anarchist movement in Greece should be shaped
as an official political anti-parliamentary force claiming an important share
in the central political scene. As such a force it should therefore to be
informed, to create tactics, to publicise widely the anarchists opinions and
positions in all the country. Of course the instictive revolts created a
problem for capitalism but it remained only a problem since was absorbed soon
or late by the system. The deviation of system of values in which we live will
be supposed to go through from the at some way deviation of individual
conscience of citizens.

The aim of this organisational form is the access and the intervention in the
social and political life through the promotion of the anarchist ideas and the
essential participation in all the social questions and struggles that going on
in the local level and also in the Greek and international level.

Our priority is the understanding of these social questions and the waking up
of the society. It is the fight against capitalism by the society itself,
without political parties and saviours.

By the words access and intervention we do not mean the artificial entering in
authoritarian institutions and organisations but through our already social and
occupational attribute, the transmission of ideas of anarchism in the broaden
society by the detailed criticism against every sector of the constitutional
and political situation we live and suffer.

OADE therefore deals and will deal with the environmental issues, the drugs
problem, the Stock Exchange, the working class, the municipal or community
affairs, the economy, the globalized trade, the art and the laws of repression


The Constitution is very important for us. It is the outcome of the decisions
made during the 2nd Regional Conference of Anarchists (in the town of Agrinio
in 18 May 2003). Our need is to act socially and immediately and therefore we
chose to draft a Constitution of basic principles.

Knowing the weaknesses of the present Constitution we do not proceed in its
wide publication with which we would call the citizens who adopt it to be
organised in according the context which the Constitution sets.

Finally, we are in the pleasant position to announce that the almost one year
existence and activity of OADE has overlapped the weaknesses of the
Constitution as well as the objectives which we had placed for the initial
stage of our activity.
The supreme body of OADE is the General Assembly of its members. The spirit of
the General Assemblies should be possessed by comprehension-disposition in
between the members for the convergence of all opinions - self compliance for
detailed questions for instance - and the avoidance of maximisation of
differences where there is a possible bridging.

The basic element is the way of making decisions.

A majority verdict should take the half plus one votes of the members of OADE.
This correlation is used also for the registration to the organisation or
expulsion of a member or members from OADE. In case where there more than two
opinions regarding the differentiation or opposition between them, decisions
are made with a relative majority.

Member or members who participate in the General Assembly and are a minority in
three or more continuing General Assemblies are eligible to bring up
immediately in the next General Assembly a question about
tightness-consolidation of opinions (something that we must avoid, however) and
the General Assembly will decide for the essence or existence of such a
For the reminder or analysis of an activity is essential its registration, thus
a Book of Proceedings is necessary.

In case of not volunteer undertaking of a work the General Assembly maintains
the right of entrusting in a committee of members or in a member to its
concretisation and transaction. This entrusting should take seriously in mind
the local characteristics and attributes of each individual member that is the
personality, the social and occupational situation etc. This is just for the
more rapid transaction of any work or activity.

An essential condition of the operation of an anarchist organisation is the
exhaustion of relation-equivalence in the acceptance of the thought of the
members as well as the contribution in the finances of the organisation (there
are exceptions for obvious reasons, of course). Only by this way we can avoid
any formal and informal primacy, while at the same time it becomes a case of
all the members and anticipates their interest.

There are three annual General Assemblies each one with different content.

In the first General Assembly we bring on for discussion various topics and
select of them. The basic criteria of this choice of the subjects should be the
time of its transaction, the timeliness, the substantive of the chosen subject,
our ability, the number of members required and mainly the proposals of
self-organisation and the revolt of social-occupational categories we have to
make through these actions.

In the second General Assembly we propose and materialise on the already
selected subjects in the first General Assembly subjects.

In the third General Assembly there is an assessment of the work (with an
intense disposition of hard self-criticism in case where the decisions have not
completed on the basis of the criteria given above). Also at the same time this
General Assembly is the correction of all the parameters of our work.

The three General Assemblies do not constitute a solidified number of present
members but, on the contrary, if the timeliness imposes it can be more than
three General Assemblies.

The minority is able to materialise its opinion without using the title OADE
and only as individuals or a group, as a member or a group of OADE can do so.

The definition Western Greece does not set up any geographical criteria but
considers the disposition for anarchist activity by the organisation of
anarchists who reside in this area.

Any change of this Constitution is a subject of the General Assembly.

The aim and the focus of the work of OADE is the fermentation and the dialogue
about the central organisational planning of the anarchist activities in


OADE has introduced several local struggles for various local issues, such as
the publication of a really detailed leaflet and the participation in every
mobilisation of the locals of Astakos against the financial and environmental
exploitation by fishing companies there, the publication of an anti-electoral
leaflet for the general Greek election in March 2004 and others.

* Members of OADE are the editorial committee of the anarchist magazine
* Members of OADE participated in the publication of the book "Organisational
Platform of the Libertarian Communists" (by Makhno, Arsinof etc contented also
all the polemics between Makhno-Malatesta-Arsinof etc).
* The local group of OADE in Agrinio operates a libertarian radio station
called "Kokkinoskoufitsa" ("Little Red Riding Hood").
* The local group of OADE in Patras started the publicity of the bulletin
"Mavra Grammata" ("Black Letters").
* OADE also participated in the international day against the Israeli Wall and
in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle in 22 October 2004.
* Members of OADE in Ioannina participate also in a broader anti-authoritarian
scheme called "Anti-Authoritarian Movement".


For any information or contact with the OADE please feel free to send a letter
to the following address:

* Contact Section of OADE
P.O. BOX 1333 (Central Post Office), Patras 26001, Greece
email: a_omospondia@yahoo.gr

* "Contact" magazine
P.O. BOX 93, Agrinio 30100, Greece

There is also a web-site at http://homepages.pathfinder.gr/anarchywest

* Alternatively, if you want a contact with OADE or any other information about
it in English, there is the address P.O. BOX 2120, Lygon Street North, East
Brunswick, Victoria 3057, Australia
Emails: outetheos-A-yahoo.com.au anthropia-A-hotmail.com

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