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(en) Turkey, Anti-NATO - USEFUL TIPS FOR THE ACTION (tr)

From Libertarian Coordination <antiotoriter2004@excite.com>
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 14:55:28 +0200 (CEST)

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Before and during the NATO summit which will be
held on 28-29 of June in Istanbul, many groups will
organize different activities. As the summit comes
closer, the state seems to carry on its repression
that has been continuing for a long while.
Operations, cameras those of which have already
been located in many places of Istanbul and
which are said to be visible during the NATO
summit and indexing of the people residing and
working in the area where the summit will be held
are all important indicators of this. All these
and the statements that were made shows that the
state and agents coming from the worldwide - mainly
CIA - will not tolerate the actions that are going to
be held during the summit. Showing that democracy
rhetoric consists of lies, there is a huge probability
that they'll exhibit a harsh manner. In this sense
we should know about all the opportunites we have
and what to do in different situations to act

If you are arrested they should sent you to the court
within 24 hours. However in case of mass arrests
with the order of republic attorney general this
period may be extended up to 4 days. If the
investigation is not completed until time is over
(there is a big possibility that they will
do such a thing) with the demand of republic attorney
general and decision of the court this period may be
extended up to 7 days. The person who has been caught,
the lawyer of the person who has been caught, a close
relative or mate can apply for immediate release or
for not extending duration of the surveillance to the
closest judgeship of the peace where the person has
been caught. (CMUK 128)

During the interrogation, first of all, questions
concerning your identity should be answered correctly
(otherwise it may later cause bigger problems).
During the interrogation you have right to appoint
a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, concerning
your demand a lawyer has to be appointed for you by
the body of the lawyers. For this, you have to give
the procuration. In addition to these, when you are
caught you should be reminded about informing one of
your relatives that you are caught (CMUK 135) and
if you are a foreigner this will be reported to the
consulateship you are connected to. (Agreement of Wien)
It is your legal right not making any explanation
about the charges on you and you cannot be forced to
make explanations. (It will be better for you
not giving evidence till lawyer comes.)
Furthermore you have right to see your lawyer
in any phase of the investigation. (CMUK 136)

In the cases that if the one who has been caught will
be arrested or he/she has been caught with use of
force, his/her health condition should be determined.
If the place of the arrested person is changed,
duration of surveillance is extended, he/she is
released or before he/she is sent to the judicial
authorities, his/her health condition should also
be determined.

"Basic" materials that may be required during the

- Swimmer glasses (To protect eyes from the
effect of gas bomb)

- Thick Operation Mask, Wet Handkerchief and Lemon
Juice (It is as effective as a gas mask when gas bomb
is used)

- Cap with visor, cap or a dress having a cap
(to cover the face)

- Gloves (Preferably leather) (to be protected
from the strokes on the hand)

- Saddlebag with zipper, bag or pants having big
pockets (to put things in it)

- Kerchief, scarf etc. (to conceal the face)

- Cloths that are suitable for running (especially

- Rubber tourniquet (for situations like sprain)


If they use gas and if the gas they will use will
be like the one which was used in Thessaloniki -
probably it'll be so - operation mask, wet
handkerchief or lemon juice may not work. In
Thessaloniki we had felt the effect of the gas
in spite of the rubber gas masks covering half
of our heads. ABC had prepared a quite effective
white solution against the gas. Preparation of
it can be learned from the comrades in ABC.
Swimmer glasses had also leaked gas inside, it
will be better to find gas mask. Thick
construction gloves are required, they are
important for hurling hot gas bombs without
burning our hands. The gas mostly effects eyes,
face, shoulder area and hands. Never use water to
lessen the effect of the gas. It makes reverse
effect. Those who have contact lenses should
certainly take them off. There are masks that
can be put on over the eyeglasses.


email: antiotoriter2004@excite.com
web: http://www.geocities.com/antiotoriter2004

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