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(en) Russia, Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow English Bulletin 2/2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 15:27:30 +0200 (CEST)

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1.. Preface
2.. Support Minsk anti-fascist 7!
3.. Izhevsk anti-fascists still need help!
4.. Moscow hospital bill fundraiser
5.. New Anarchist Black Cross contact in Ufa
6.. Dimitri Ryabinin is free
7.. Post address of Olga Nevskaya
1.. Preface
Welcome to second English bulletin of the Moscow Anarchist Black Cross
group. This time our bulletin deals mostly with issues of anti-fascist
defense, most important of
which is case of Minsk anti-fascist 7.

Fascism is as much alive in the streets of former Soviet Union as ever.
During last 3 months only we have seen a 9 year old Tadjik girl murdered in
Sankt-Petersburg, immigrant children set on fire in Kolomna, pogroms in
Volgograd and a Chinese street vendor murdered in Vladivostok. A student
from Guinea-Bissau was murdered in Voronezh, killers said "they were bored".
A gutter punk was thrown on rails in Minsk, another punk was murdered in a
concert of Grazhdanskaya Oborona in Yekaterinburg. Abdul Vosie from
Afganistan died 31st of March in Moscow, having spent 8 days in coma after a
fascist attack. Alem Assef from Ethiopia, assaulted in Moscow 18th of April
is not dead yet - without our support, he may be the next entry in the list
which is already too long although anything but complete. Anti-fascists in
Moscow heard about fascist plans to make a major pogrom in a marketplace
20th of April by a pure coincidence, due to leak of information fascist
plans never got realized.

Expect no help from the state. Belarussian state, which wants to lock up
Minsk anti-fascists, interrupted signal of Russian NTV channel 21st of March
during a program about radical anti-fascist youth organizing. They do not
even want their people to know that we exist! In this context, one does not
need to explain why those very few who challenge fascist menace in the
streets of former Soviet Union deserve any support we may give.

2.. Support Minsk anti-fascist 7!

During last month already 7 militants of Anti-Fascist Action of Minsk have
been accused

of "malicious hooliganism" with 4 different cases, this is a felony charge
which carries several years of prison. Beaten up local fascists claim that
they have been mugged, this way otherwise minor charges have become
felonies. One person has been on remand since around 10th of April, he just
"disappeared" and relatives and friends learned only days later about the
arrest after putting pressure on police which first claimed to know nothing
about his whereabouts. Local militants are pretty certain that this
operation to crack down anti-fascism has been organized by nazi contacts
among ranks of police. And it is little doubt on whose side sympathies of
the status quo are in general. When a foreign student in Gomel was recently
forced to kill a nazi who assaulted him, tabloids were crying about "tragic
death" of a "patriotic young fellow" from "a criminal hand of an alien",
whereas they keep are silent about fascist violence.

Court against 7 is expected to take place in May - it is very important to
send faxes and make phone calls during days in prior to court! This time
your appeals will not be read by the usual self-righteous, ignorant and
arrogant social democrat or right-wing liberal scum. Belarussia is maybe the
most authoritarian regime in Europe, lead by a mentally deranged individual
with an iron hand. These people know that payday is likely come in their
very own lifetime, so they are much more sensitive to any pressure from
abroad that you may ever imagine!

So keep already in mind that appeals must be send towards second half of
May - we will send fax numbers later on. Right now, money is needed for
lawyers. Only 130 euros is needed for a lawyer of one person, but yet
lawyers could be financed only to 4 of the seven with money remaining from
donation of German supporters. 400 euros are still needed!

If you want to help financially or with informational campaign, contact
both group Antyfa from Minsk, antyfa@mail.ru, and Anarchist Black Cross of

3.. Izhevsk anti-fascists still need help!

Oleg Serebrennikov was another one of the two anarchists brutally beaten
up by fascists 23rd of February in Izhevsk of Udmurtian Republic. His
crime - picketing against war in Chechnya in 60th anniversary of deportation
of Chechnyans and Ingushetians. Booted and beaten to head with a steel
weapon, he was happy to stay alive but is still suffering from serious
health consequences and has been hospitalized two times after the assault.
Further medical aid is only possible with money.

Since becoming active during Votkinsk campaign of 2001, Oleg has never
spared his efforts in anarchist movement, and it would be a disgrace for us
is he was disabled rest of his life just because we could not provide him
medical help when it was most necessary. Cheapest reasonable hospital place
and medicament costs 100 roubles a day, that means around 80 euros a month.
We have already been able to raise almost 200 euros for Oleg, but this has
been spent to what he already owns for medicament. His own family is very

4.. Moscow hospital bill fundraiser

18th of April Alem, Ethiopian worker of Moscow skateboard store
"Prodvizhenie" was assaulted in metro by fascists. He is still in coma and
in a serious condition. Getting transferred to another hospital might be a
matter of life and death to him, but it would cost his family about 3000
euros/month, something they just may not afford. Alem is not an anti-fascist
activist, but at times just walking around in the streets of Moscow being an
African person may be considered as radical anti-racist direct action.

If you are interested to support Alem with any amount of money, contact us
as soon as possible!

5.. New Anarchist Black Cross contact in Ufa

Now there is also a Black Cross contact in Ufa of Bashkirian Republic -
hardly a group, since only one

person in local Autonomous Action is more committed to Black Cross work.
They have a nice Black Cross webpage at


Bashkirian republic is a sort of a "police state inside police state", where
Putin has gained loyality of local elite by turning a blind eye to election
rigging and other such dirty politics.

6.. Dimitri Ryabinin is free

Dimitri Ryabinin was released in 30th of April, after doing 3 months from
his 6 months prison sentence for a fitted up assault charge. Dima was
seriously indebted during process, and he has been supported financially by
many people, such as Ufa contact of Anarchist Black Cross.

7.. Post address of Olga Nevskaya

Olga Nevskaya, co-defendant on NRA case was recently transferred to a colony
to do rest of her 6 year
sentence. She had to pass her 2 year old children to her husband, because in
colony they are only allowed to spend 2 hours every day with children. Olga
only speaks Russian, if you do not you may send photographs or postcards.

Olga Aleksandrovna Nevskaya
UU163/5, 7 Otryad
pos. Dzerzhinskiy, Mozhaysk
140090 Moskovskaya oblast

Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow P.O. Box 13 109028 Moscow
Russia abc-moscow@avtonom.org (we have currently problems
with this e-mail address, so please write temporarily to
spt2003@email.com as well) http://avtonom.org/a4k/

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