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(en) Canada, SATURDAY: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (May 15, 2004 -- up to date information!)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 14:43:14 +0200 (CEST)

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[Final Announcement: The 5th Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is less than a
week away!!! You will find LOTS of updated info about the Anarchist
Bookfair below, including workshop descriptions, solidarity room
schedule and the full list of confirmed distributors, publications,
groups and collectives attending the bookfair. See you next weekend!!!]
Montreal's 5th Annual ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR SATURDAY, May 15, 2004 10am
to 6pm 2515, rue Delisle (near metro Lionel-Groulx) MONTREAL, QUEBEC
[Followed by a day of fifteen WORKSHOPS ON ANARCHISM -- SUNDAY, May 16
from 10:30am to 5pm, also at 2515 rue Delisle. See separate e-mail.]

* Childcare on site -- Bring your kids!
* Whisper translation available for workshops
* Main floor wheelchair accessible


MAIN BOOKFAIR ROOM (auditorium):

With over 75 booksellers, distributors, independent presses and political
groups from all over Montreal, Quebec and North America (San Franciso,
Winnipeg, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Buffalo, Washington, New York,
Vermont, Maine, Halifax), including guests from France. This is the heart
of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. Confirmed distributors listed below.
The main bookfair room is wheelchair accessible.

WORKSHOP ROOMS (Rooms #302 and #305):

Six workshops for anyone interested or curious about anarchism. The
confirmed workshop topics on May 15 are:
* The History of Anarchism in Quebec (fr)
* Land and Freedom: The Eco-Anarchist Perspective (fr)
* Introduction to the History of Anarchists in
Revolutions (fr)
* An Introduction to Anarchism and Its Aspirations
* Demanding the Impossible: The Theory and Practice of
Anarchism (en)
* Anarchism and Deschooling: Getting Society out of
School (en)
* plus bonus workshop: Sonic Resistance (bil) --

All Saturday workshop descriptions included below (and don't forget, 15
more workshops about anarchism on the day after the bookfair -- see
separate e-mail).

FILM ROOM (Room #202):

All day showing of anarchist and independent films (final program to be
posted in the coming days).


A series of presentations highlighting local and international struggles
for social justice. Solidarity room topics include
* The Gujurat Genocide: Justice and Action
* Alcan't in India: Working Through Solidarity
* Creating Links of Solidarity with Indigenous
Communities in Resistance
* Opposing Racial Profiling: Black Youth in Action
* The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality
* Direct Solidarity in Palestine and Iraq.
Full descriptions below. The Solidarity Room is wheelchair accessible.

* an interactive Banner Project
* Street Theatre performances
* Live radio broadcast by CKUT Radio
... and more!!!


The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is the largest anarchist in cultural
gathering in Quebec, Canada and northeastern North America, and an
important exchange of anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas. The Bookfair
is for anarchist and non-anarchists alike, in English, French and Spanish,
with participants from all over North America and beyond.

Anarchist Bookfair events include workshops, readings, films,
presentations, walking tours and much more. Once again, the Anarchist
Bookfair will be followed -- on Sunday, May 16 -- by a full day dedicated
to anarchist-themed workshops and presentations. As in the past, a
"Festival of Anarchy" will take place during the weeks preceeding the
Bookfair, with diverse events organized by anarchists and
anti-authoritarian groups.

e-mail: anarchistbookfair@taktic.org
telephone: 514-859-9090
web: http://anarchistbookfair.taktic.org
post: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair
2033, boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Nous parlons francais.
Se habla espanol.

[Workshop descriptions, Solidarity Room schedule and the confirmed list of
Distributors, Publications, Groups and Collectives at the bookfair are
included below.]


11am-1pm -- Room #305 -- in English
An Introduction to Anarchism and Its Aspirations
presented by Cindy Milstein

Anarchism, in advocating a free and diverse society, is perhaps the only
tradition that has consistently rooted out domination in its many forms,
while also attempting to theorize and practice utopian alternatives. It
has also been a crucial catalyst for what has become a global movement
today, potentially offering an anti-authoritarian alternative to the
hegemony of representative democracy and Western capitalism. This talk
will survey anarchism's aspirations from its European beginnings during
the Industrial Revolution to its reemergence as a contemporary phenomenon
in order to illuminate its relevancy (or not) for a globalizing world.

Cindy Milstein is an Institute for Anarchist Studies board member, an
Institute for Social Ecology faculty member, co-organizer of the Renewing
the Anarchist Tradition conference, and a member of the Free Society
Collective in Vermont. Besides writing for alternative periodicals, her
work will appear in three forthcoming anthologies on the global
anti-capitalist movement.

11am-1pm -- Room #302 -- in French
The History of Anarchism in Quebec
presented by Mathieu Houle-Courcelles

The history of anarchism in Quebec is rich in events and personalities.
This workshop will provide an overview of 100 years of the practice of
anarchism. From the exiles of the Paris Commune, to the automatistes, to
the anarchists of Montreal?s Yiddishland, this workshop will look at how
anarchist ideas have developed, despite obstacles and repression.

Mathieu Houle-Courcelles is a member of the La Nuit anarchist collective
(NEFAC-Quebec City). He is involved in the housing rights movement as well
as the collective of the La Page Noire infoshop in Quebec City.

1pm-3pm -- Room #305 -- in English
Anarchism and Deschooling: Getting Society out of School
presented by Matt Hern

Is institutionalizing children for six hours a day, five days a week, ten
months a year for twelve years the best way for them to flourish? If not,
then what are we doing? This workshop looks at the historical,
philosophical and pedagogical roots for compulsory state schooling, and
begins to imagine a way out of the schooling mess we find ourselves in.
Drawing on various alternative and anarchist threads and examples, the
workshop will describe a schooled culture and examines how the logic of
schooling has inculcated itself into our lives. Children can learn without
being taught, schools can be democratized, there is too much money being
spent on schools, the state should not determine what we need to know,
there is no canon of necessary knowledge, there are alternatives to

Matt Hern lives and works in East Vancouver where he runs the Purple
Thistle Centre and Crank magazine. He holds a PhD in Urban Studies and his
new book is called Field Day: Getting Society Out of School. He is on
faculty at the Institute for Social Ecology and lectures widely.

1-3pm -- Room #302 -- in French
Introduction to the History of Anarchists in
Presented by Benoit Paulus

>From the Paris Commune to the Spanish Civil War, from the Mexican to the
Russian Revolution, anarchists have influenced, the process of modern
revolutions by their actions and ideas. Often forgotten and even hidden by
"official history", anarchists have always been at the forefront of the
struggle against the exploitation of the capitalist state and against
self-described revolutionary parties. But who were these anarchists? What
were their methods of organization? What lessons did they draw from their
experiences and defeats. What lessons can we draw? This workshop will
attempt some initial responses to these questions.

Benoit Paulus is a member of the Anarchist Bookfair collective and of La
Commune (NEFAC-Montreal).

3-5pm -- Room #305 -- in English
Demanding the Impossible?
The Theory, Practice and Relevance of Anarchism
presented by Jaggi Singh

This workshop serves as an introduction to the thought, history and
practice of anarchism. It is intended for bookfair participants who are
new to, or curious about, anarchist ideas. In a presentation and
discussion format, the workshop will outline the basic principles of
anarchism, from its historical origins, to anarchist inspirations and
antecedents from diverse cultures and movements. There will be a
historical overview of anarchism, from the Paris Commune to
turn-of-the-century American anarchism to the Spanish Civil War, with some
emphasis on the ideas and writings of Peter Kropotkin, Errico Malatesta
and Emma Goldman. The relevance of anarchist ideas and practice to
contemporary movements for self-determination and social justice will be

Jaggi Singh is a member of the Anarchist Bookfair Collective, the
Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and the No One Is Illegal campaign in
Montreal. He is a writer and independent journalist.

3-5pm -- Room #302 -- in French
Land and Freedom: The Eco-Anarchist Perspective
presented by members of Liberterre

This workshop addresses, by way of tangible examples, the nature of
ecological struggles within the context of the basic incomptatibility
between the demands of the capitalist system and the biosphere.
We aim to show the extent to which the logic of domination of
certain groups over others reproduces itself in the organization and the
work of various environmental groups and collectives. This often manifests
itself without activists taking notice, all while we still demand other
ways of functioning and articulating our actions.
Taking into account that our efforts must be sustainable in the
long-term, we acknowledge the urgency of immediate action in light of
accelerating and irreversible ecological degradation. A short documentary
will be shown to illustrate our position.

Liberterre -- a Montreal-area green anarchist collective -- is born from
the revolt against the control of nature by the material interest of
humans and against the ideology of production that justfies that
servitude. If domination leads to ecocide then survival will only result
from the libertation of everyone and thing. We are the living rage of a
dying planet!

3-5pm -- outdoors (weather permitting) -- Bilingual
Resistance Sonique/Sonic Resistance
presented by members of Resistance Sonique

Our voices demark an important place in our acts of solidarity and
struggle. Resistance Sonique, integrating into the landscape of protest,
will demonstrate a small scale sound system that can be adapted for taking
back our streets, popular education and events where portable power is an
asset. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to construct a
bicycle mounted sound system, where they'll learn the theory of operation
and future possibilities (i.e. video projection). The workshop will
include discussions around the role of collectively shared resources and
their management.


All presentations in room 119.

11am-12pm: The Gujurat Genocide -- Justice and Action

On 27 February 2002 a massacre of Muslims in the western Indian state of
Gujarat began and continued for 12 days. At the end of that time period
more than 2,000 people were killed in terrible ways, many remain missing,
hundreds were injured and thousands lost homes and all sources of income.
Women and girls were especially targetted in the most brutal and inhuman
ways. Numerous fact-finding teams from India and abroad have since then
documented what occurred and the consensus is that what happened was
genocide because of the pre-planned nature of the event and the active and
complicit involvement of the state and state actors. The danger of a
recurrence is very real and a 'genocidal alert' that has been declared.

Come learn more about what happened, and why and what is being done to
prevent further recurrences and bring the perpetrators to justice. Help
break the silence on Gujarat. Be complicit in preventing further

Presented by Dolores Chew. Dolores is a member of the South Asian Womens'
Community Center and a local professor, researcher and activist.

12pm-1pm: Alcan't in India: Working Through Solidarity

Alcan't in India is a Montreal-based solidarity project working with the
indigenous and low-caste peoples' of Kashipur in their 12-year struggle
around an Alcan-backed mining and refining project on their traditional
lands. Alcan is one of the world's largest aluminum corporations, and is
based in Montreal.

This presentation will introduce participants to the issue of Alcan's
operations in the Kashipur region of eastern India as well as to details
of the peoples' various responses to the proposed mining project.
Participants will bring together their various experiences, thoughts and
ideas about solidarity work in order to brainstorm about how the Alcan't
campaign should proceed given the challenges presented in recent meetings
with Alcan executives.

This presentation is open to anyone anyone. Especially encouraged to
attend are aboriginal peoples and desis, as well as anyone who has
experience doing solidarity work with people of these backgrounds.

1pm-2pm: Creating Links of Solidarity with Indigenous Communities in

This presentation will focus on the resistance of the Anishnaabe community
of Grassy Narrows (northern Ontario) against the clear-cutting of their
traditional land use area by the Montreal corporation
Abitibi-Consolidated. On December 3rd, 2002, the youth of the community
erected a road blockade to stop the clear-cutting, and the blockade still
stands to this day.

The discussion will be facilitated by indigenous solidarity activists from
Friends of Grassy Narrows (Winnipeg) and the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity
Movement (IPSM -- Montreal).

2pm-3pm: Opposing Racial Profiling: Black Youth in Action

This presentation will address the issue of racial profiling in Montreal,
Quebec and Canada, with members of the advocacy group Black Youth in
Action. In particular, this presentation will outline the campaign for
answers concerning the case of Rohan Wilson, a young black man who died in
February this year at the hands of the Montreal police.

Black Youth in Action is a youth advocacy and action group advocating for
black youth in Montreal and raising awareness about the issue of racial

3pm-4pm: The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality

Since 1995, the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality has been active in
defending basic rights while opposing and exposing police brutality. They
helped initiate the annual International Day Against Police Brutality, and
have been very active in legal support for demonstrators in Montreal. This
presentation will outline the work of COBP, while also analyzing the
nature of the police in Montreal.

4pm-5pm: Direct Solidarity in Palestine and Iraq

This presentation will hear from activists recently involved in direct
solidarity organizing with anti-occupation struggles in the Middle East,
specifically in Palestine and Iraq. This presentation will interest those
who would like to support the direct solidarity efforts of the
International Solidarity Movement and the Iraq Solidarity Project, or who
would like to learn more about the nature of direct support work in the
Middle East.

The Iraq Solidarity Project is a Montreal-based grassroots initiative to
provide direct non-violent support to Iraqis struggling against the
occupation; strengthen the mobilization against economic and military
domination and anti-war work in Quebec and Canada; and build links of
solidarity between struggles against the occupation of Iraq and struggles
against oppression in Canada and Quebec.

The International Solidarity Movement is a Palestinian-led movement of
Palestinians and internationals working to raise awareness about the
Palestinian struggle for liberation and an end to Israeli occupation.


AK Press (San Francisco)

Argentina Autonomista Project

Autonomedia (New York City)

Brian Mackenzie Center (Washington, DC)

BuffalA Collective/Access Community Infoshop (Buffalo)

Crank Magazine/Field Day (Vancouver)

Dark Night Press (Maine)

Les ?ditions du Monde Libertaire (France)

La F?d?ration Anarchiste (France)

F?d?ration des communistes libertaires du Nord-est/Northeastern Federation
of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

Industrial Workers of the World (Ottawa/ Outaouais)

Institute for Anarchist Studies (New York City)

Institute for Social Ecology (Vermont)

Kick it Over (Toronto)

La Librairie Publico (Paris)

Manufacturing Dissent (Halifax)

Mondragon Bookstore (Winnipeg)

La Page Noire (Qu?bec)

Marginal Distribution (Peterborough)

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (Toronto)

Organization for Autonomous Telecommunications (Toronto)

Palestine Solidarity Table (Vermont)

Peoples Lense Collective (Toronto)

Radio Libertaire (France)

Raven Books (Vermont)

Red and Black Notes (Toronto)

La Rixe (Qu?bec)

Sumoud/ISM (Toronto)

Seven-Year Squat Legal Defence (Ottawa)

Uprising Books (Toronto)

Womyn4Justice (Kingston)

>From Montreal:

Abraham Guillen Press

? Babord!

Accion de Solidaridad Campesina

Alcan?t in India Campaign

Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Anarchist People of Colour (APOC) Crew

Anti-Capitalist Ass Pirates

Anti-Racist Action/Action Anti-Raciste (ARA)

Association Syndicale ?tudiante (AS?)

La Biblioth?que Anarchiste DIRA Anarchist Library

Bloquez l?Empire/Block the Empire

Bloodsisters/La Zone Rouge

Le Centre des m?dias alternatifs du Qu?bec (CMAQ)

CKUT Community News Collective


Collectif Cyprine

La Commune (NEFAC-Montr?al)

Le Couac

Le Collectif oppos? ? la brutalit? polici?re (COBP)

Le Comit? Am?rique Latine/ZL?A de la CLAC

Le Comit? M?xique-Montr?al

Comit? Quartier Sud-Ouest

La Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes (CLAC)

CLAC Logement

Diffusion Maikan/Black and Red Distribution/Les ?ditions de l?encyclop?die
des nuisance

Les ?ditions ?cosoci?t?

Les ?ditions Lux

Fernwood Books

Groupe Communiste Libertaire

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM)

Infringement Festival

International Soliarity Movement (ISM)

Journal Anarkhia


Libertad (C?gep Vieux-Montr?al)


Librairie Abya Yala Bookstore

Librairie Alternative Bookshop

Les Lucioles

La Mauvaise Herbe

Les Pages Noires

Livres aux prisonniers et prisonni?res/Books to Prisoners

Notes Internationalistes

Pain, Panais et Libert?

Political Prisoner/POW Calendar Project

Projet Solidarit? Iraq/Iraq Solidarity Project

Les Panth?res Roses

Personne n?est ill?gal et alli?s/No One Is Illegal and allies

Projet Accompagnement Solidarit? Colombie (PASC)/Collectif de Colombiens
R?fugies au Canada (Colreca)

QPIRG McGill/Concordia Libraries


Rebelles sans Fronti?res

Red Lion Press

La Sociale/Centre de diffusion Libertaire

Les Sorci?res

Students Taking Action in Chiapas (STAC)

Le Trouble

Circle K Media Collective

Collectif de bande dessin?e ?cologiste ? Havre Exquis ?

Conundrum Press

Cumulus Press

Distriboto DIY

Do It Yourself ? Dawson College

?ditions Docteur Sax

Fanzine de Mauricie

Fish Piss Magazine

Great Worm Express Distribution

Le Petit Marakkesh

Pou?t Cafee Zine

The Red Pill

Revolted Zine

Revue Conjontures

Shelly Sharp Books

Street Eaters Zine

and more!!!

e-mail: anarchistbookfair@taktic.org
telephone: 514-859-9090
web: http://anarchistbookfair.taktic.org
post: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair
2033, boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Nous parlons francais.
Se habla espanol.

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