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(en) UK, Freedom, Sunday March 28 - Tough on Blair, tough on the causes of Blair

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 12:50:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Rather than give the UN weapons inspectors time to complete their
task, Blair followed the Bush Junta into a war to occupy Iraq, liberate it
from its oil and secure a US military presence in the heart of the Middle
East. Faced with the costs of war and the continued opposition to his
decision, Blair decided to address his critics. He was his usual humble
self. In spite of his critics being proved totally correct by subsequent
events, Blair insists he was right.
Blair asserts "a large part of the public want to move on." How he
discovered this fact is left unspoken. Equally unspoken is that he also
knew a large part of the public did not want war. He ignored them. Just
as he is ignoring the public over GM crops, the privatisation of the
railways and a host of other issues. All of which is hardly an inspiring
record for a self-proclaimed "listening" government.

But, apparently, Blair wants us to forget about the lies and destruction.
He wants us to "move on." Just as the Bush Junta wanted us to forget
the cosy relations the Reagan Whitehouse had with Saddam in the
1980s. Just as, undoubtedly, Saddam would want us to forget his crimes
against humanity and "move on." As Blair reminds us, Saddam's Iraq
produced "300,000 remains in mass graves." He failed to note that these
deaths occurred when Saddam was being supported by the west and in
1991 when the US preferred him to a popular revolt. And, least we
forget, Saddam had over two decades to clock up that number. Blair
managed over 10,000 in less than a year. So if we cannot "move on" for
Saddam, we cannot "move on" for Blair.

Understandably, given all this, many people want Blair to go and go
now. Who can blame them? He is a shit. But is getting rid of him

Far from it. Blair did not and could not go to war by himself. He was the
head of the state and its war machine. Only the naive would think the
decision to invade was simply the product of his or Bush's insanity. The
fact is that a substantial portion of the ruling elite, particularly around
the oil corporations, wanted to invade Iraq. It fitted in with their
interests, their desire to secure and extent their powers and profits.
Interests of state and imperialist pressures caused the war, not

So personalising this war is wrong and results in drawing the wrong
conclusions. No matter how smug and obnoxious he may be, Blair, like
Bush, is simply a figurehead of a system which promotes war by its very
nature. Replacing Blair without changing the system or, at least,
building a social movement which can effectively resist war, will not
change much. It will simply mean demanding that some other politician
find a real job and stop destroying our lives in the interests of big

So is there an alternative? Of course, but we need to rely on our own
strength and build it ourselves. Marches are not enough. If they were,
the invasion and occupation of Iraq would not have happened. The only
genuine alternative is a anti-war movement which combines marches
with direct action. It must have real roots in the workplace and
community. It must fight the causes of war, not just the symptoms. It
must fit the system, not merely demonise its figureheads.

That means shifting power in society away from the top and into the
grassroots. It means reclaiming control over our own lives. Instead of
limiting ourselves to changing who misrules us every few years, we
need to realise that we have the power to change things for the better.
Real peace and justice do not come from above, from the politicians.
They come from below, by the action of the people. We need to build
organisations in our communities and workplaces by which we can
resist the powerful until such time as we can get rid of them once and
for all. It means using direct action and solidarity to make real change
possible. It means rejecting the dead end of electioneering in favour of
constructive activity where our power really lies -- in our streets and
workplaces.x 10 years. However, most criminal

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