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(en) UK, Class war 86 - Fashion Victims, Doing the Decent Thing, Nazi Nutter Knifeman, Bonkers Bonsai BNPer!, Liberal Hero Promoted (Again!), and more.....

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 10:34:18 +0100 (CET)

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Fashion Victims
Few things surprise us about the Metropolitan Police. But even we
were surprised at the news that the Met are considering bring out
their own brand of ?Scotland Yard? clothing.
If so how long till someone brings out a FCUK Scotland Yard range?
Doing the Decent Thing
Farewell to Sky News correspondent James Forlong, who
committed suicide last year. Forlong had worked for Sky for ten
years before he was sussed for filing false reports from the Iraq war.
Oddly Forlong was required to resign from Sky, although this was
probably not because he had faked footage of an alleged missile
strike, but more likely because it was the BBC that exposed him.
Whilst applauding the fact that Forlong has galloped his last, if
every bent journalist committed suicide there would not be many
Also if Forlong can do the decent thing for telling lies during the
war, surely Blair could top himself for lying before, during and
after the war!

Nazi Nutter Knifeman
Fascists come in all shapes and sizes, but we have heard of few as
disturbed as Hackney man Conrad Stanford. Last year Stanford
murdered his girlfriend, Paula White, in the street, then dragged
her body back to his flat, to stab her in front of his shire to Hitler.
His flat was painted all in black, and covered in nazi insignia.
Quite what Hitler would think of this disciple is another matter ?
Stanford, unbelievably is black. Tragedy turned to farce when it
was revealed at his trial that he was officially in the care of
Hackney Social Services at the time he murdered Miss White. The
court was told his social worker did not like visiting him because
of his ?bizarre views?.
As Conrad Stanford heads off to Broadmoor with his collection of
swastikas and toothbrush moustaches, is it too much to hope that
a few of Hackney?s social workers could be packed off with him?

Bonkers Bonsai BNPer!
Actors have a saying, never work with children or animals. Very
true! A newer version of that advice might be, never work with a
BNPer. The BNP?s latest luvvie is one John Rhys-Davis, who
ardently defends ?traditional white male culture? on the BNP?s
website. "I do not want to see a society where, should I ever have
any, my granddaughters have their fingernails pulled out because
they are wearing nail varnish,? he booms.

Talking in the wake of the release of the film ?Return of the
King?, where he plays Gimli and Treebeard, Rhys-Davis also said
"I think that Tolkien says that some generations will be
challenged. And if they do not rise to meet that challenge, they
will lose their civilization?. There is a demographic catastrophe
happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about?. By 2020,
fifty percent of the children in Holland under the age of 18 will be
of Muslim descent.? He?s bark-ing!

But he knows what he?s up to! Rhys-Davis didn?t slip into this
controversy as happens occasionally to ?c? list celebs. Bizarrely,
he explicitly told the journalists that he knows that speaking out in
this way is not in his personal interest: "I'm burying my career so
substantially in these interviews that it's painful. But I think that
there are some questions that demand honest answers." One
which leaps to mind is ?what were you doing playing a walking,
talking tree?? The answer, we suggest, is that Rhys-Davis?
fantasy life is having an unfortunate effect on his waking one.

We wonder what the future generations will make of the witless
witterings of a grown man whose claim to fame is playing a dwarf
and a walking tree in a film where stumpy men with bearded feet
play a not inconsiderable role!

Liberal Hero Promoted (Again!)
There really is no stopping policeman Brian Paddick. Hero of the
chattering classes following his decision to de-criminalise soft
drugs in Lambeth, Paddick has now been promoted to Deputy
Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. He is now
widely touted as a future Chief Constable. Every time Paddick is
attacked in the right-wing media, the more he is loved by the
Guardian reading classes. Paddick?s sexuality (he is openly gay)
and the fact he is despised by many fellow officers in the Met,
only add to his appeal.
But is their a cloud on the horizon?
As the man in charge of territorial policing, it is hardly to see how
Paddick can be left out of the decision making process when it
comes to policing demonstrations in London, and other public
order problems. This means the next time thousands of
demonstrators are illegally blocked in by the police for several
hours, some of the mud may will stick to the Teflon Cop. Indeed
who better to pacify liberal outrage than ?Commander Crackpot??
Paddick himself however, is not opposed to demonstrations.
When the Lesbian and Gay Police Association joined the 2003
Gay pride march in London (in full uniform) Paddick was at their
Demonstrators who have their protests ruined by Paddick and his
fellow officers may wish to discuss the matter personally at the
2004 event, which is scheduled for 26 June in London.

Thick As a Brick
Congratulations to Loyalist dipstick Scott Falconer from Slamanan
in Stirlingshire. His cunning plan to discredit Republicans was to
spray IRA slogans over a Protestant church in Falkirk, expecting
his opponents to get the blame.
Unfortunately writing slogans in support of ?Shin Fane?
somewhat undermined his cunning plan. He admitted property
damage and breaching the peace and was sentenced to 240 hours
community service and 18 months probation.
With enemies like Falconer, do Sinn Fein need friends?

What?s In A Name?
It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the latest
developments on the ?left? in Britain. The moth-balled Socialist
Alliance (SA) is now likely to be be replaced by the Respect Unity
Coalition. Signed up so far are Saddam Hussain?s favourite guest
George Galloway, the Socialist Workers Party, George Monbiot
and a small number of leftie celebrities. The aim is apparently to
form an effective challenge to new Labour ? something that was
also the aim of the SA.
Perhaps realising that the initials RUC inspire little confidence, the
group is apparently to be known as ?Respect? . An image of
middle aged bearded school teachers giving high fives to
embarrassed black teenagers comes to mind.
Rumours that the youth section of ?Respect? is to be called
?Wicked? are yet to be confirmed.

Paying for Politics
A little bit of a problem is emerging for all of the major political
parties. No one likes them. Fewer people are voting for them. Far
fewer people are joining their organisations, and even fewer still
are giving them donations.
With unions ever more reluctant to finance new Labour, Blair is
ever more dependent on donations from his wealthy mates. The
Tories are getting squeezed because if they have no prospect of
beating Labour, why should any wealthy backers throw their
money away when they could give it to Blair and await his
favours? Much the same could be said of the Lib Dems and the
nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales.
Politicians do not take such financial realities as a reason to
change their ways. Instead they get devious. Leader of the
Commons Peter Hain is instead chairing a cabinet committee on
political funding. This means that parties may well get their funds
direct from the tax payer (i.e. you and me) So our hard earned
dosh goes to fund more spin, more bigotry and more plush offices.
Should the BNP pass the criteria for funding, black and Asian
people could see their taxes going on funding a fascist party that
actually wants to deport them.
Why should anyone pay for all this bollocks?
Class War is funded by no one but our own members, supporters
and occasional merchandise sales. We are not registered as a
political party because we refuse to seek the permission of civil
servants to argue the case for class war. And that case gets
stronger by the day.

Whose Side Are They On?
Part of the rise of the British National Party has been its ability to
present itself as the party of the white working class. This is
particularly the case in areas that have seen high levels of racial
tension and violence such as Oldham.
Whilst local ?community leaders? and politicians were seen to be
speaking up for Asian youth when arrested by the police, the BNP
positioned themselves to be the party of white youth in working
class areas of the town.
On one visit to Oldham from his farm in Wales, BNP leader Nick
Griffin was even signing autographs for local youngsters. Some of
the BNP?s radical credentials however, are now beginning to
fade. The BNP?s eagerness to announce how many members it
has in the police force will have surprised some working class
supporters , who will hold very similar views on the police to
working class people everywhere. Even clearer were the views of
BNP leader Nick Griffin in Identity magazine last year. His
message was ? the British National Party is not an ACAB party?.
Griffin goes to great lengths to explain how the average police
officer should be treated as a potential voter whilst the bad eggs in
the police force are to be found solely in specialist units of the
highest ranks. Clearly he does not leave his farm that often ? he
does not see the endless parade of cops driving through inner-city
areas showing off their fancy new toys and sneering at the public
who pay their wages. The only thing the police ? of all ranks ?
serve is the rich.
All of this nonsense from Griffin is entirely consistent with the
BNP?s fascism. Its sister parties in France and Austria for
example have huge numbers of police officers in their ranks. By
sucking up to sections of the state, he hopes to gain support and
protection for the BNP, whilst ignoring the views of those critical
of the police. Even amongst his own supporters!

Life on File
Missed amongst the fuss over ID cards, is the introduction of a
?longitudinal database of citizens? by the Department for Work
and Pensions. In English this means a computer record of every
person in Britain, and in particular their work, pension and benefit
The days of ?amending slightly? your CV to cover the odd gap
when applying for a job would be long gone.
Such databases will, in new Labour speak improve our freedoms,
not reduce them. Does anybody actually believe this?

Who?s A Pretty Boy Then?
Anybody interested in anti-fascism ought to get themselves down
to Peter Oram?s garden centre in Reigate, Surrey. There you can
listen to Charlie, a blue macaw parrot who is famed for his
anti-nazi tirades. Visitors to Heathfield Nurseries are told that
Charlie was once owned by Winston Churchill, although this has
been denied by the Churchill family.
Perhaps its Charlie?s swearing they do not like!

Hard Times?
One organisation Class War will not be affiliating to is the
Association of Former MPs. Formed in January 2004, its aim is to
fight for a better deal for ex-MPs . The main mover behind the
group is the ex-Labour MP for Bassetlaw Joe Ashton (who is
probably best known for being arrested in a massage parlour in
Northampton a few years ago)
Ashton claims that many failed politicians have turned to drink,
suffered ill health and that some have ?even had to take their
children out of school?. The heart bleeds.
Ashton also seems unaware of the extremely generous severance
pay politicians get when they leave office (perhaps all that time in
massage parlours has addled his memory) An MP who leaves
Parliament gets a payment of half their salary, plus a pension from
the age of 63. As MPs currently get &56, 358 per annum, that is a
lump sum of &28,000.
In anyone?s language that is a pretty generous payout. Perhaps
Joe Ashton has not spent his share that wisely?

David Blaine
As you all know American magician Blaine survived 40 days
suspended in a glass box above the Thames without food. Not
wanting to be outdone Class War has asked Sir Paul Daniels to go
one step further and do exactly the same stunt but under the
Thames. If he survives well now that?s magic! If not even fucking

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