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(en) US, Colorado, Fight the Devil Like a Devil: call for a summer by Ashira Affinity Group*

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 11:22:40 +0100 (CET)

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As fascists by any other name meet inside ivory towers, within the stronghold of
capitalism’s flagship—New York City, the chaotic rabble of democracy—hundreds of
thousands of people from all walks of life will manifest a daring collective “no!”
We are but one part of this “no.” The fed-up-with-it-all-and-we-aint-takin-any-more-
bullshit-part. We have not faith in voting for a benevolent presidente. We have no
hope for reform. We are not opposed to using the system to gain ends; we are simply
not mystified by it. We-you, are anarchists and anti-authoritarians. We are
revolutionists and insurrectionists, walking, dreaming. We are neoliberalism’s
maximum defiance. We are everywhere and we will be in New York.

This is a call conceived in desperation and joy, for anarchists and
anti-authoritarians, revolutionaries unsure of what to call them
selves, and youth of all generations of the global north to converge
on New York August 29th through September 4th for a strategic
and cohesive offensive against neoliberalism and the totalitarian

This is a call to the alienated, to the disenfranchised, to the
frustrated, to all people affected by the last three and a half years of
tyranny, to all people oppressed and removed from agency over
our own lives. This is a call to summon upon our great
emotions—the tragedy and hope that is our blood and manifest
it physically. For all the murdered Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians;
for the disappeared campesinos; for the imprisoned and enslaved;
for the deported; for all oppressed people. In New York City, we
will make the international conspiracy against neoliberalism visible
and at the doorstep, outside the homes of everyone. In a
culmination of West coast, Southwest, Cascadian, Midwestern,
Southern, Appalachian, East coast and Northeastern resistance,
we will liberate our rage!

The powers that be have fought hard and long to create the
bourgeoning totalitarianism and neoliberal “free-markets”
and will continue to react with the utmost prejudice to dissent.
Furthermore the super efficient propaganda machine of the
corporate media will not portray our causes or social diversity in a
positive light. If there is to be any thing truthful said about our
movement, it is up to us to say it. In NYC we must be strategic
about how we use publicity and how we use the media. They have
the upper hand on the latter, but we have a tool older than
civilization it’s self—direct, immediate relations. If it is true
that over 70% of the US population is unsatisfied with bush and
our current social context, then we must empower this voice, and
make the resistance public. Going door-to-door and real
community organizing may never be as important as it is now.

We must expect in NYC, a city of vibrant police corruption and
brutality, as well as afterwards a systematic project of violet state
repression. Similar to what has happened in Europe and the Miami
model, we should expect an abstraction of heavily armed riot
police to distract us from real targets and evict us from effective
public spaces we occupy. Consequently this means we should
expect and prepare tactically for very violent conditions in certain
parts of the city. Know where these will be, and plan accordingly.
We should also be prepared mentally for pre-emptive strikes and
psychological attacks. Think about all the possibilities, and how
we can have agency in them.

If the anti-capitalist movement in the US is ever to cultivate a
revolutionary situation, we must become more strategic in our
aims. The street-fighting of Miami, while liberatory, will not
inspire and grab the imaginations of alienated and oppressed
peoples. Actions in the past have been successful and victorious
because of that very reason. If an Action does not inspire more
action, generate discussion, and actually affect a target, it is

In our actions we must be strategic, ruthless, efficient, as well as
chaotic. Like a string of tornados and quakes, we will manifest
brutal attacks against key targets—physically deconstructing the
aesthetic of our oppression. We will erect barricades of fire and
reclaim space as carnival. Our rage as well as joy will be present
on every street corner. It is our project of liberation that will claim
the imaginations of people everywhere, and it is the topic of
neoliberalism and the coming totalitarianism that will claim the
point if discussion, in coffee houses, at dinner tables, in schools,
at parties; in all social spaces, when we are through.

This is not a call for a black bloc. It may end up being summed as
one, but it may not. We must be flexible and dynamic. Our
movement is movement of movements for a reason. There are
many other opportunities and possibilities merely waiting to be

This call, we hope, will be one of many, but it is merely our vision,
and it is a vision flexible to our changing movement and social
context. However in order to facilitate this dialogue, we call upon
the anti-capitalist movement of the global north to organize
consultas, conferences, and encentros to further cultivate and
make public the international conspiracy against neoliberalism and
mobilize in our cities, towns, neighborhoods, and communities to
manifest in New York.

The struggle against neoliberalism and the coming totalitarianism
is indeed the fight for our lives. The gods and devils of progress
will stop at nothing in their crusade to dominate the world and will
not fret to put each and every last one of us in death camps. They
will do this to the last drop of clean water, to the final days of our
species and to their last breath. Make haste, and fight foul

For the day the final stake has been driven through the heart of
leviathan, -Ashira AG is

* [Ed. Note:
Ashira Affinity" group is affiliated with Mile High Resistance, a
network of anarchists and radicals based in Denver.]

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