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(en) US, California, NCAA Interviews Autonomous Valley Collective

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 12:33:24 +0100 (CET)

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Autonomous Valley Collective is a collective based out of the Northern
LA California Collective,
they have just formed and can be reached at:
NCAA - Why do you feel the need to take on a project like Autonomous
Valley Collective?
What things do you hope to accomplish through working with the collective?
AVC - A few of us had talked about getting organized here in the
Antelope Valley (north of
LA), for months and months, and maybe doing a FNB chapter ('cause that's
what anarchists are
supposed to do, Food Not Bombs, right)? But then that never panned out.
Ha! An easy way of
saying we got lazy and no one took any initiative. So I talked with
friends and we decided, really
the only way to get anything organized would be through a collective.
This way we could build all
projects in our valley out of this, an establishing point. With AVC I
personally hope to start projects
like the Anti Capitalist Map of the Antelope Valley, which would attempt to
map out all corporate locations with information about each
company (like the Clear Channel offices in West Lancaster [Clear
Channel owns like 6 local stations here] or the semi BRAND
NEW Super Wal-Mart in East Palmdale). This map could be used
for many creative purposes. We hope to start a local chapter of
Food Not Bombs and a chapter of Mutual Aid (free clothes
collective); we certainly have enough cold and hungry people here.
The majority of us involved in AVC are youths so we hope to do
anti-ROTC actions on the local campuses. Also, I enjoy working
with like minded people to learn more about the world and myself.

NCAA - What forms of outreach did you do partake in to get
people out to your first meeting?

AVC - I contacted all the people I knew who might be interested
and told them about it, and told them to tell everyone they know.
We made flyers and hung them up around the city, posted the info
and linked our site on infoshop.org and la.indymedia.org. I think
that's it

NCAA - Could you describe for people the kind of area that
Antelope Valley is, its makeup and environment, etc.? Any special
concentrations of wealth and power?

AVC - Meth labs, cheap housing, child abuse, Republicans, the list goes on…
Meth labs, as this is one of the largest export areas of tweak in
America. Cheap housing is the main reason everyone lives here -
Southern CA is for the poor man. Child abuse capitol 'cause after
the tweak hits your head you can't help but beat the shit out of
your kids, and then the Right Wing cowboys who founded this
valley…great vacation destination for everything anarchist.

NCAA - What sorts of issues do you hope to tackle through this
collective, what issues do you think are ones that greatly affect
people living in your area?

ROTC is real big out here, and many poor high school students
see it as the only option [4% of my high school graduating class
will ever attend a university]. Homelessness is a huge problem [at
the moment I can't find figures on it, but you don't have to look
very hard when you are out 'n about] we would definitely like to
confront this. The police (where to begin with that one?).
Corporate expansion here is out of control, it seems like a new
McDonalds or Wal-Mart goes up every week (one of the fastest
growing communities). There is a huge prison in far West
Lancaster (one of the largest in CA), maybe we could do some
books through bars or something, we have many ideas

NCAA - Are there already some progressive/peace activists in
your area? Do they seem sympathetic to your beliefs, or more like
controlling reformists?

AVC - Ha, I don't know. I mean, they exist but we haven't talked
with any of them yet. The most I've ever heard about is AV
Patriots For Peace doing a few small rallies last year which some
of us attended. Like going to an ANSWER march with the march
cut out. Oh, and the local Libertarian party has a TV show on I
watched for the first time last week - the whole episode was
dedicated to legalizing hemp. It was pretty cool - it seem
Libertarians are always more exciting than the Greens or Far Left
Democrats. I think they sponsor a gun show out here too

NCAA - Anarchism and anti-authoritarianism is a wide ranging
(anti) political body of thought, where do you find yourself feeling
sympathetic and why? (Anarcho-communist, -syndicalist,
-primitivist, -situationist, -punk, undecided)?

AVC - OK well, I've read lots of different things but I still don't
really know which one I fall under. I know I'm not primitivist, and
I really don't want to be anarcho-punk, (though that is kind of
where my journey into anarchism began), I guess I'm
undecided-the easy way out (maybe anarcho-youth -open minded

NCAA - Do you have any special events that would would like to

AVC - Nada, just check the site :

Note: This interview will appear in issue #4 of NCAA

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