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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 584 1st March ­ 7th February 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 3 Mar 2004 08:28:38 +0100 (CET)

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THE PARTY'S OVER - The announcement by Howard and Costello that the primary purpose of
superannuation payments is to provide older Australians with a weekly
pension, marks the end of all the social political and community gains that
were legislated into existence in the 1970's by the much-maligned Whitlam
Labor government. The tragedy about the current batch of political hopefuls
from the Liberal National Party and the Labor Party is that they accept the
rolling back of these gains as both necessary and a fait accompli.
Latham's new Labor, like Blair's new Labor, is determined to continue on the
path that both Howard and Thatcher have defined for them. Reform that make peoples
lives better are currently considered to be both undesirable and unobtainable.


The rejection of the idea that access to health care,
education and social security benefits are no longer fundamental human
rights has been met by public and media indifference. It's important we
remember that these rights didn't just appear over night. They occurred as a
result of extra parliamentary struggles waged by our parents, grandparents
and great grandparents in the first 70 years of the 20th century, which were
paid for with their blood and which resulted in gains, which made Australia
the envy of the world. Strikes, occupations, protests, demonstrations and
direct action forced State and Federal parliamentarians to pass legislation
through parliament that made access to health care, education and social
security benefits a collective not an individual responsibility.

The militant traditions that forced the passage of legislation through
parliaments that benefited working people, the poor and the disadvantaged
has long ceased to be a factor in Australians everyday lives. The passage
of legislation, which virtually makes it a criminal offence to become
involved in workplace disputes coupled with the belief that the institutions
that have been created by governments to protect workers interests can
deliver the goods, has resulted in the loss of gains made in the past.

Reform and radical change does not come from electors casting a ballot every
3 to 4 years. It comes from people (whether they're in the paid workforce
or not) taking direct action to force the State to look after the interests
of the citizens of this country. Resurrecting those lost militant
traditions is the best way to ensure that the gains that were won in the
past are reinstated and expanded.

Howard's re-election strategy has nothing to do with policy and everything
to do with pork barrelling. Howard and his pedestrian parliamentary
colleagues know their policy cupboard is bare. They know the only way they
could win the next election is by buying votes. Costello's $8billion war
chest (some call it a surplus) will be strategically divided among special
interest groups that promise to direct their energies towards campaigns that
promote the re-election of the Liberal / National Party government.

Cardinal Pell was all smiles when Howard decided to pump another $360
million into the Catholic Church's 1610 schools. This increases the yearly
contribution the Australian taxpayer makes to Catholic education to $16.5
billion. No wonder Cardinal Pell, concerned about the amount of money the
Catholic Church will have to part with to compensate people who have been
sexually abused by the Church's priests and brothers, was keen to be
photographed with the Prime Minister.

The next group the Prime Minister and his cohorts are courting is the
private health insurance industry. Allowing them to hike their fees by up
to 9% (30% subsidised by the taxpayer) and hinting that the government may
raise the private health insurance rebate from 30 to 40%, has been enough of
an incentive for the private health insurance industry to use their generous
pay rise to bankroll pro-government election campaigns.

Worried that an increasing number of people are concerned about the $3
billion plus taxpayer's dollars that are injected into the private health
insurance industry each year, the Howard government is indulging in a little
bit of pork barrelling to save its electoral bacon. The Coalition's
electoral strategy will succeed if people don't point out that every dollar
that goes to bankroll the government's corporate welfare agenda could be
used to finance projects that benefit everyone. Maybe if enough people say
the same thing often enough, the Labor Party will discover a little bit of
electoral courage and develop and release policies that are geared to help
the whole community, not just sectional interests.

A year ago the Federal government with Labor Party support, passed
legislation through parliament that stripped Australians of rights they had
enjoyed since Federation. For the first time in Australian history, people
can be legally detained and interrogated because they may inadvertently have
access to information that may help government agencies with their

Yesterday the Australian Labor Party decided to pass the government's most
contentious security legislation ­ to give the Attorney General the power to
unilaterally ban organisations Australian security agencies believe may pose
a threat to the country.

Although the Labor Party claims there are seven checks and balances to the
Attorney General's new powers, the reality is that the Attorney General can
ban any organisation for any reason at any time. Members of a banned
organisation can be jailed for up to 25 years, the organisation can be
stripped of its assets and anyone who collects money for that organisation's
legal defence or produces material that defends the banned organisation can
also be jailed for up to 25 years.

The legislation is aimed at internal dissent as well as perceived external
threats. It is not limited to international terrorist groups that have been
proscribed by the United Nations Church groups, Trade Unions, community
groups, cultural groups as well as parliamentary and extra-parliamentary
political parties can be banned at the Attorney Generals whim. The normal
legal protections that individuals and organisations can exercise against
the State will be wiped away in the next few days. The Labor Party's
decision to support legislation to give the Attorney General powers that a
dictator would be proud of, destroys checks and balances that go back to the
Magna Carta. These protections evolved to protect the individual from
arbitrary arrest and imprisonment for expressing opinions that differ from
the legislative agenda of the government of the day. Removing these
protections poses more threats to the Australian people than any security
threat could ever pose.

Malcolm Turnbull's successful campaign to wrestle Wentworth, one of Sydney's
blue ribbon Liberal seats from the sitting Liberal member Peter King,
highlights that money, not ideology is the lubricant oiling the Liberal
Party machine. Turnbull's pre-selection victory is a slap in the face for
John Howard's 19th century social and cultural agenda. Costello's
procrastination and lack of political courage has consigned him to the
historical wastelands.

Turnbull is the Coalition's best hope of combining their current
neo-conservative economic agenda with a proactive social agenda. Howard's
conservative social policies and his inability to move beyond his 19th
century view of the world have become a major liability for many of the
major backers of the Liberal Party. They believe that incorporating a
social and cultural agenda that accepts multiculturalism, opposes racism,
increases immigration and restarts the re-conciliation debate is essential
if the neo-conservative economic gains that have been made are not

The greatest fear of the economic powerbrokers that have supported
neo-conservative economic policies that have promoted globalism and "free"
market economics is that if the Labor Party is elected at the next Federal
election Mark Latham may find it difficult to control the Labor Caucus'
desire to roll back economic policies that have benefited them.

Malcolm Turnbull's pre-selection gives the Liberal Party and their economic
backers the best opportunity to change the dust jacket on the Coalition's
policies without changing the core content of their "free" trade and
globalisation agenda.

The United States, the world's remaining superpower is concerned about its
rapidly diminishing energy sources. Iraq, a dictatorship that has been
aided and abetted by the US in the past, is sitting on the world's second
largest oil supplies. Australia and Britain, the US primary allies as well
as a number of European countries want to get in on the action.

The only problem is that these countries give lip service to ideas that
encompass concepts like freedom, democracy and the rule of law. It's a
little hard to reconcile these noble sentiments with a naked grab for Iraq's
oil supplies, so a scenario needs to be constructed that makes a military
invasion seem like a legitimate option. Nothing galvanises public support
for a pre-emptive strike more than an immediate direct military threat to
the invading nation.

When Howard, Blair and Bush, hands in their hearts, tears in their eyes,
pledged to their people that the evil dictatorship had weapons of mass
destruction at their disposal that could destroy the freedoms and liberties
their citizens enjoyed, they were able to generate enough support to launch
a unilateral military takeover of Iraq's oil supplies. A year after the
invasion, the Howard, Blair and the Bush administrations are facing a
credibility gap because it has become obvious to everyone that the weapons
of mass destruction scenario was manufactured by their governments to
justify their military invasion of Iraq.

If only they had stuck to the truth and told their citizens that they would
not be able to continue to enjoy their current standard of living if they
didn't invade Iraq and steal its oil supplies, I'm sure they would now be
enjoying reputations as great statesmen. It's amazing how a threat to a
capitalist's society standard of living focuses the collective mind on the
need for a Nation State to use its military might to invade and plunder
their neighbours resources. If only they had told the truth ­ we need
access to Iraq's oil supplies to keep the capitalist beast ticking, they
would now be national heroes.

A. Yes and no. Governments are not as some anarchists believe synonymous
with the State apparatus. The State consists of a series of institutions
that normally carry out the instructions of government. In parliamentary
democracies, governments change but the institutions that make up the State
apparatus do not. In dictatorships and one party States, government is
synonymous with the State. The greater the concentration of power, the
greater the relationship between the government of the day and the State.
Although all governments have the potential to metamorphose into the State,
many don't. Whether they do or don't is directly related to the pressure
that governments face. Elections act as important safety valves in
parliamentary democracies. If people are unhappy with a particular
government, they can vote in another government. Although changing
governments does not alter the relationship between State institutions and
individual citizens, the perception that change is possible relieves the
political pressure on the State apparatus.
The greater the concentration of power, the fewer checks and balances exist
to modify the behaviour of the government of the day. The more checks and
balances that are put in place to limit the ability of a government to
exercise absolute power, the greater freedom individuals are able to
exercise. Paradoxically the greater pressure governments experience the
fewer checks and balances remain in place. As pressure for radical social
change escalates, government becomes synonymous with the State. Checks and
balances can be swept away overnight by the declaration of a 'State of
Although all governments ultimately act in the same manner, the path they
take varies markedly. Anarchists need to use that variation that exists to
build a strong viable movement. If they are able to create a dual power
situation during this period, they will be able to successfully resist
attempts by governments to use the State apparatus to impose their will on
them through the declaration of a 'State of Emergency'.

The biggest obstacle facing anarchist activists is not governments or the
State. Many activists work under the mistaken impression that people see
the world in the same light as they do. Frustration at people's inability
to see what the activists thinks they can see is more likely to destroy an
activists spirit than any government or State hurdle.
Frustration is an issue that anarchists can ill afford to ignore. For each
anarchist that remains an anarchist, a hundred others have moved on to
something else. The major reason people move on or drop out is directly
related to the levels of frustration they feel. The single most important
reason for escalating levels of frustration is failure. As we all know,
nothing breeds success like success. Activists' frustration levels are
directly linked to the types of tasks they undertake. The larger the task,
the greater the chance of failure, the greater the frustration levels
experienced by those who have undertaken that task.
Activists need to remember that they are not going to change the world
overnight. They need to understand that not everybody shares the same
concerns they do and most important of all they need to understand that they
need to take on tasks that they have a chance of completing successfully.
If the projects you're embarked on have not succeeded, the problem doesn't
necessarily rest with the people the project was directed at. Failure
should be analysed, the lessons need to be learnt from that failure and new
projects should be structured to take account of the shortcoming of failed
projects. Blaming the people the message is directed at for failure leads
to increasing frustration levels among anarchists.
When activists begin to take out their frustration on the people they want
to change, it's time they took a much-needed break from their political

THE EUREKA SERIES - 2004 - No. 7
The murder of James Scobie on the 7th October 1854 near Bentley's hotel is
said to have been the spark that lit Eureka. James Scobie and Peter Martin
were walking towards their campsite when they decided to stop for a drink at
Bentley's hotel. Denied entrance, it's claimed Scobie smashed a glass
panel. Angered by this behaviour, it's claimed that Bentley, his partner
Farrell, the barman Duncan and Bentley's wife, caught up with the two and
taught them a lesson.
Scobie was brought to the hotel later that night by Dr. Carr and died in the
hotel as a consequence of the beating he received. Although it was claimed
that there was plenty of evidence that Farrell, Duncan and Bentley murdered
Scobie, the Coroner threw out the case. It wasn't till after the Eureka
rebellion was over that Farrell, Duncan and Bentley were tried for Scobie's
death and were found guilty of manslaughter.
An open and shut case in anybodies book except for some of Bentley's
descendants. They tell another story. They claim that Bentley's wife could
not have been involved, as she was 8 months pregnant. It's also claimed
that Bentley had a 'clubbed foot' and would have found it difficult to keep
up with Scobie and Martin. Bentley maintained his innocence till the day in
1879 when he committed suicide outside Victoria's Parliament House in Spring
Bentley's descendants claim that the body was not Scobie's, they claim that
a miner who was killed as a result of a claims dispute was dumped outside
Bentley's hotel. They also claim that Scobie fled to New Zealand and
returned to Melbourne 5 years later when the heat had died down. When
tackled about the existence of Scobie's grave at the Old Ballarat cemetery,
they claim that the body of a 2 year old child, not Scobie's lays in the
grave. Their account could hold a glimmer of truth in it. The only way to
test their hypothesis is to use ultrasound to see whether the body buried at
the Old Ballarat cemetery is the body of a child or an adult. If the body
of a child not Scobie's lays in the grave, the story about the fuse that lit
the Eureka rebellion will have to be rewritten.

- Elisee Reclus,
1st Published 15th December 1854,
1st English Translation August 1995,
Jura Books Pub., ISBN 0-908437-03-X,
'As old Adam was first moulded from clay, as the first Egyptians were born
from silt, so are we all children of the Earth'
begins Reclus' remarkable treatise on human beings and nature. Reclus, a
little known anarchist thinker and writer among anarchists let alone the
rest of the world, could 'be considered as the historical founder of what is
now called 'Social Ecology' (Social Geography being the term used in his
day)' Graham Purchase states in his July 1995 preface to Reclus' analysis of
the bonds that exist between the people of the earth and the earth itself.
This small 34page pamphlet outlines how capitalism, imperialism and the
authoritarian State have created the conditions that have allowed human
beings to destroy the very environment that gives them life and sustains
Reclus brings a libertarian analysis to a subject that even today is not
acknowledged as valid by many authoritarian States. Both Australia and the
US continue to resist global attempts to decrease greenhouse emissions
believing that short-term profits are more important than the fate of the
human race.
The pamphlet consists of two separate but interrelated articles. The first
'The Impact of Human Activity on Physical Geography' is a review by Reclus
of G. P. Marsh's treatise on this topic. In the second article 'Concerning
the Awareness of Nature in Modern Society' first published in May 1866,
Reclus outlines his thoughts on the relationship between human beings and
nature. He makes a strong case for the argument that humanity cannot live
in harmony with human nature unless people develop voluntary cooperative
relationships with each other.
'Man and Nature' is not easy to read, the translation a literal one, has
many of the affections of mid 19th century speech, affections that have long
ceased to have any meaning for 21st century readers.
'MAN and NATURE' is available from the publishers JURA MEDIA PUBLICATION,
write to them at 110 Crystal St, PETERSHAM 2049, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA for a
copy of the pamphlet.
Thanks to Michael from Ocean Grove in Victoria for sending me the pamphlet
to review.

Missionary oblates of Mary Immaculate? Missionary oblates of Mary
Immaculate. Yes!! Missionary oblates of Mary Immaculate, screamed the
discretely placed billboard on a piece of choice real estate, opposite the
Australian Football League's (A.F.L.) failed incursion into Melbourne's
south eastern suburbs. Mirvac, the new owners are filling the site with
self-replicating housing clones that make a square box look interesting.
Across the road on a faded billboard, the Missionary oblates of Mary
Immaculate go about their medieval business.
The immaculate conception, a task only performed by God in the middle of the
night is now practised by scientists playing God in well lit laboratories.
Oblates sounds like oblong, language is a wonderful thing, each shade, and
each variation of the human story, embossed in culturally appropriate noises
that bring us together and keep us apart. Terrorist, freedom fighter,
terrorist freedom fighter, interchangeable words that describe the same
person from two different perspective.
Words, malleable, compressed, twisted meaningless, meaningful. Oblates? A
missionary oblate, I wonder if it has anything to do with the missionary
position? I doubt it. This is one for the Australian Pocket Oxford
Dictionary. Oblates? Maybe I'll look up the White Pages Melbourne L-Z
2003/4 page 1610, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Missionary Aviation
Fellowship, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and Missionary Ventures
Inc, I knew there must be a way to make a quid from all this missionary
stuff. No Missionary oblates of Mary Immaculate. I could ask Her or is it
Him, the almighty being that sees all, knows all. Considering how many
questions the deity of indeterminate gender has to answer, I haven't got
time to wait around.
I'm afraid it's the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary 4th Edition page 736
between object d'art and obligation sits oblate ­ (ob-lagt) adj. Geom. (of a
spheroid) flattened at the poles. / Latin: related to offer)
That wasn't hard was it? Missionary offerings to Mary Immaculate, I wonder
if Mirvac will put in a bid for the green oasis across the road from AFL
Park. The Catholic Church in Melbourne has a few problems, church
attendances have fallen by around 13% in the last 5 years, the Anarchist
Media Institute could put in a bid - Missionary oblates to the Anarchist
Media Institute. Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Justin Madden, the Victorian Sports Minister has signalled (Sunday Age 29/2)
that 2006 Commonwealth Games spectators and participants will have free
access to public transport. What at first sight looks like a media gimmick
is in fact a very sensible suggestion. Instead of waiting till 2006 to
introduce free public transport, the Sports Minister should be encouraging
his Cabinet colleagues to consider introducing free public transport in
Victoria in the next few months.
Kennett's privatised public transport system is privatised in name only, the
private companies that run it are heavily subsidised by Victorian taxpayers.
Fares provide only a fraction of the running costs of the system.
Introducing free public transport will have a number of advantages that will
offset any increased costs to the community. Staff that are currently
employed to protect the revenue stream could be redeployed to protect
passengers and staff stations. Increasing patronage would result in a
decrease in the number of people who would use their cars, this would
improve traffic flow, decrease greenhouse emissions and decrease the amount
of wear and tear on public roads.
Expansion of the public transport system to areas that are not serviced by
the current limited infrastructure could be funded by introducing a levy
based on the rateable value of each rateable property in the State,
initially in the Melbourne metropolitan region, eventually to the rest of
the State. The current public transport fiasco is neither sustainable nor
efficient. New ways of approaching this perennial problem needs to be
examined. Applying the Sports Minister's suggestions for the public
transport system during the Commonwealth Games to the public transport
today, is one way of reinvigorating a public transport system that long
ceased to be relevant to the people of Victoria.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

- The Exxon Valdez Disaster.
1996. 91 minutes. Director Paul Seed.
On March 24 1989, the massive oil tanker Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million
gallons of oil into the waters along Alaska's pristine coastline - America's
biggest environmental tragedy. Oil exploitation in Alaska is by seven
Corporations, who claimed on paper they would clean up any ecology problems
immediately. An alert woman on the ship alarms the rest of the crew as
trouble looms; BUT the drunken Captain is slow to react. Prez. Bush (yes,
Gulf War 1. Snr. & also a Texas Oilman) leaves it to "the Market' that is,
Exxon to somehow sort it out. Negligence, panic and confusion between
rivals allows the controllable spill to bog down in bickering and
counter-blame by bureaucrats and Corporations.
Local fisheries are wiped out and officially 500,000 animals (seals,
beavers, large birds) die in the sludge. A burn off and dispersant chemicals
only cause more problems. An environmental officer speaks of his
frustration to the media and gets sacked for his efforts. After this
dramatised nightmare, the end credits assure us that he won his job back on
appeal; and Exxon spent $2.5 billion cleaning up the scene...Little justice
and a bit late. Alas, not a very uplifting tale of industrialisation of a
wilderness region gone disastrously wrong!
Available from better video stores and public libraries (I found it in
Moreland). Edwina Abbey.
Green Politics *** Entertainment ***

The current lobbying by the same Oil Corporations to explore the Barrier
Reef and other Oz coastline park regions may alarm you after watching this
film. Single hull ships are cheaper than double hulled (less likely to leak
if they run up on reefs). Despite the Exxon Valdez disaster, 25 years ago
and many since like last year's 3 month clean up off Spain; these
Corporations "self-regulate" that is get away with these crimes.
In 1998 Esso's Longford, Victoria gas plant explosion killed four and maimed
other workers. It cut the gas supply for a fortnight to Melbourne. Adding
insult to injury the disaster was initially blamed on these dead and injured
The Hazardous Chemicals bulk storage facilities at Coode Island, Melbourne
exploded in flames in 1991...this was initially blamed on "green terrorists
sabotage" then the workers...it remains next to the city centre as nowhere
else in Victoria wanted to have it or toxic waste dumps either.
1986, Union Carbide's Bhopal India chemical complex exploded killing 2,000
directly and many more since from poisoning. Then there is the uranium

The wonders of the seas can be seen on recent BBC documentary Blue Planet
and ABC's current Wild Australia series recent Ocean episode.

A more 'upbeat' but of course merchandised action flick is Blue Crush (2002)
about women surfers in Hawaii's warmer waters. Anne Marie, struggles to
overcome fear and enter the Pipemasters, the notoriously lethal and mostly
male surf competition.
DVD also features cast and director commentaries, underwater and in the wave
filming techniques, music video, fashions, skateboarding, wipe-outs etc.
See how many labelled products you can count placed! Any disposable income
group on the planet can be assured of being resold elsewhere as a commodity
these days.
Sexual Politics *** Entertainment ***

Polluted groundwater: Erin Brokovich - (2002).
Ocean Pollution: Minamata (1971. 155 min doco on Japanese seaport fish
polluted by Mercury)
Nuclear disasters: China Syndrome - nuclear plant meltdown - (1978)
Silkwood - nuclear industry martyr - (1983)
Satirical 'nature fights back' against polluters flix:
Frogs (1972)
Godzilla (Various ver of nuclear mutated Monster lizard)

"Flags are bits of coloured cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap
people's minds and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead." --
Arundhati Roy.

- LIBERTAIRIA Vol.6, No.1 Jan 2004, Il piacere dell'utopia, Editrice A,
Cas.Post.17120, 20170 Milano, ITALY, Tel:022896627, Fax:0228001271,
Email:arivista@tin.it www.anarca-bolo.ch/a-rivista
- ROJO Y NEGRO No.160 NOV 2003, CGT, C/-Compania9, 10 1zda, 31001
Pamploma/Iruna SPAIN, Tel:948224766, Fax:948212399,
- UMANITA NOVA Vol 84 No.4 8th FEB 2004, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50 Palermo
46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361

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The Victorian govt has abandoned women who are smuggled from overseas to
work in brothels, according to an advocacy group. Georgina Costello from
Project Respect said the Vic govt hadn't delivered new legislation outlawing
sexual servitude & wasn't providing funding for the agency. She said
although the agency had Federal funding & there were Fed laws against the
practice, fed laws were ineffective unless police could prove state borders
had been crossed. Project Respect says more than a 1000 trafficked women are
working in Aussie brothels - although no one had been charged with
trafficking women until late last year. (Source: Melbourne Times)
A secret report prepared by the Pentagon says global climate change could
cost millions of lives & is a far greater threat to terrorism. Britain's
'Observer' says 'the report was covered up by people in the Pentagon for 4
months'. The report seems to contradict the US govt military & environ'l
policies that have largely been supported by the Aussie govt. US & Aussie
govts are almost unique in refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol on climate
change. Pres Bush's scepticism on global warming has gone against the
opinion of most scientists in the field. The report says, unless climate
change is treated immediately as a top priority, "disruption & conflict will
be endemic features of life...warfare would define human life". The report
cited scenarios incl "catastrophic" shortages of potable water & energy
leading to widespread war by 2020 as countries "develop a nuclear threat to
defend & secure dwindling food, water & energy supplies". (Sydney Morning
More than 50,000 Aussie children have been prescribed antidepressants that
are banned overseas. The drugs Aropax, Cipramil, Efexor & Zoloft are banned
for kids in Britain. Britain's Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory
Agency found that the drugs didn't help kids & increased their risk of
suicide. Aust federal Health Dept hasn't warned patients & doctors of the
dangers & has made no moves to restrict access. Pharamaceutical companies
allegedly knew of the dangers of the drugs but suppressed the evidence for 7
years. The Alfred hospital's head of Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Dr
Paul Denborough said "I think antidepressants are over-prescribed among
teenagers, given the reasonably minimal evidence of their effectiveness". Dr
Denborough said there was often a shortage of counselors & it was easier for
some just to prescribe antidepressants. (Source: Herald Sun)
QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: "Around a dozen individuals have revealed they made
serious allegations against non-union parties only to be told their
testimonies wouldn't be needed". (From a review of a book on the Royal
Commission into the Building & Construction Industry that heard 110 witness
statements, 4 or 5 of which were overviews from peak bodies, the rest being
allegations against unions & none of which concerned any allegations against
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email list.

Has been awarded to the editorial staff of Australia's most read newspapers
­ Rupert Murdoch's Sydney Daily Telegraph and Melbourne's Herald Sun - for
the one dimensional, neo-conservative dribble they publish. This year
they've pulled out all stops to promote the re-election of Howard's
coalition dinosaurs.

Corner Swanston & Latrobe Streets, Melbourne.
P.O. BOX 5035, ALPHINGTON 3078, MELB, VIC. - Tel: (03) 9766 8555.
Email: info@defendandextendmedicare.org
Access to health care a right, not a charity or a luxury.

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out cheques and money orders to:- Libertarian Workers and send to PO Box 20,
Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia. Those who pledge will receive a 'I
Saved The Anarchist Media Institute' A3 poster which you can frame and put
up at work or home - A great talking point if nothing else. We've got the
ideas and energy but we need your financial assistance to keep going. Go
on, become one of the Magnificent Thirty that saved the Anarchist Media

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Politically manipulated and scorned? Sick of being a peripheral player
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TODAY, DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW - a "political party" that is putting the
boot into the Australian Parliamentary Process. Send a stamp self-addressed
envelope to
PO Box 20, Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia Telephone (03) 9828 2856
(24 hour answering service). We will send information about how to join
this unique 21st century Australian phenomena.
Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano
(National Convenor 205 Nicholson St Footscray 3012 Melbourne Aust.)
Current membership 191. We need 550 members to apply for registration as a
political party, so that members can stand at the Federal election in 2004
and show Australian's that Parliamentary Democracy is nothing more than two
minutes of illusory power.

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Week. If they don't broadcast it, ask them why not! If they're one of the
150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

Reclaim the past to understand the present and change the future

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