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From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Mon, 1 Mar 2004 22:44:24 +0100 (CET)

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With the pace gathering towards Irelands EU ‘Ascension
Day’, which our masters would have us celebrate over
the May Day weekend in Dublin. Already sensationalist
scare stories have appeared in the Irish media about
‘anarchists’ intent on bringing havoc and destruction
to Dublin for what should be the countries finest
moment. When the media refer to our country in this
context the do of course mean the wealthy and powerful
in our society and indeed this may well be a ‘proud’
moment for them.

Such commentary, such as appeared in the Ireland on
Sunday on the 8th of February may be used by the state
to crack down on protest, it is already an attempt to
take away from the very rational and sane objections
we have to the expansion and consolidation of the EU
in the name of big business.

Anarchists are opposed to the strengthening of an
increasingly centralised and restrictive bosses
Europe which has as its hallmark the scape-goating of
immigrants and refugees, clamping down on workers and
working conditions and the pursuit of the cutthroat
agenda of cutbacks, layoffs and privatisation's of the

In the battle for a world without borders and for real
freedom, liberty and social justice the cry to
‘Reclaim May Day’, from union bureaucrats, and from
Europe’s bosses and politicians, has never been so
appropriate. Over the May Day weekend in Dublin we
are expected to celebrate Europe – lets do just that.
Celebrate a Europe and a world without borders,
without inequality and poverty, a Europe based on
workers solidarity and mutual aid, an alternative
Europe to the bosses Europe, a Europe and a world that
is growing in the heart of the anti-capitalist and
anarchist movement across the planet. This May Day
weekend in Dublin celebrate, resist and revolt.


What follows is a report from a comrade on the Galway
protest at an EU summit meeting in the city on January

Several hundred people gathered to protest at the EU
meeting in Eyre Square, Galway, on the evening of
Friday, January 16th. The EU delegates were staying in
the Great Southern Hotel – at one side of the square,
and would be attending a Macnas performance in the
Radisson hotel around the corner. The meeting itself –
of employment/labour ministers - was in yet another
hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Under the banner ‘Make Work Pay’ this was concerned
with narrowing social welfare entitlements and cutting
back on pensions, that is, the usual drive for a
“flexible” (read disciplined) labour force, via
forcing people previously on welfare into jobs with
worsening conditions. See for instance the recent
restrictions on Rent Allowance.

One wag suggested ‘Make Workers Pay’ might be a more
appropriate title.
Slowly the crowd assembled and after a wee bit of
chanting the march set off and marched the grand total
of one side of Eyre Square where it as meet by a piss
poor Garda barricade, preventing it from reaching the
streets between the Radisson and the Great Southern.
At this juncture a small group of mostly anarchists
and libertarians walked around the barrier by going up
a small lane till they were, quite easily, behind
police lines and right beside the road buses and cars
for the EU big wigs were transiting.

So while the police hastily erected another barrier,
and we walked around to the entrance to the Radisson.
Hung about here for what seemed like ages – and then
went down the other road which lay between the Great
Southern and the Radisson, through the bus station –
again this was a small but very noticeable group –
again the police didn’t wake up until we were on top
of them, and then they put up another barrier.
Meanwhile chanting continued in Eyre Square - despite
it being, as you can see from the above, fairly easy
to effect an entry to the streets between the two
hotels. That is, to areas where our presence could
actually disrupt the EU shenanigans – even if only

The crowd at the entrance to Radisson got bigger in
dribs and drabs, while the police formation got bigger
fairly dramatically. They then cleared the road which
lead from the Great Southern to the Radisson, through
the bus station, by pushing us, fairly aggressively
past the road junction, so we only blocked one access
road. Unusually Special Branch were in the middle of
the action.

Apart from some fairly impressive fire juggling things
were seemingly dying down at this point, and I noticed
a whole group of riot cops lying in waiting around the
corner – then I got word that two guys had been
arrested. So after passing the details on to legal
support some of us wandered down to the copshop, – a
place I was to spend what seemed like two days
standing outside. Two youths had been arrested for
traffic obstruction – while walking through a car
park. Back at the blockade there was a bit more
excitement when the police forced a bus through or
tired to.

Then the word came through that Eoin Rice had been
arrested, so we made our way to Mill Street Garda
station in time to see him being moved in police
custody to hospital having been severely beaten by the


>From the pages of Working Class Resistance #4, bulletin
of Organise!. To distribute, contact Organise! at:



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