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(en) Italy: FdCA 6th Congress - final document (it,fr,ca,pt)

From Federazion dei Comunisti Anarchici <internazionale@fdca.it>
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:14:11 +0200 (CEST)

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The 6th National Congress of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
was held in Cremona, Italy on 19th and 20th June 290904. There follows
the final motion which was passed unanimously by the Congress. We would
like to take this opportunity to thank the Organisation Socialiste
Libertaire (Switzerland) for personally bringing their greetings to the
Congress, and to the Organizacion Libertaria Cimarron (Uruguay) and the
Workers Solidarity Alliance of New York for their warm messages of
support sent by e-mail. The motion and other documents approved by the
Congress are already available in Italian on our website
(http://www.fdca.it) and will shortly be made available in other
In solidarity,
for FdCA International Relations Office


6th National Congress - Cremona 19-20 June 2004


1. The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (Federation of Anarchist
Communists - FdCA) is a specific organization of anarchist communist
militants in Italy. Its political action is based in and directed
towards the exploited classes in society and is characterized by:

* the class dimension - in other words, by acting inside the struggles,
the FdCA puts itself along with those who are struggling and with the
struggles themselves, within a materialistic analysis of the
relationships of exploitation and power;

* the practice of direct action - in other words, the FdCA believes
that class strength and the choice to struggle are rooted within the
grassroots organizations, within the collective class consciousness
expressed by those who struggle;

* the practice of self-organization - in other words, it is essential
that those who struggle must be autonomous. We must ensure that any
interests which are not part of the basic collective consciousness do
not influence the direction of the struggle or try to impose a class of
leaders on it;

2. The role of the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici as a
revolutionary anarchist communist political organization is therefore:

* to be a link between the class and the class consciousness;

* to influence its militant elements, in the continual search for the
unity and homogeneity which are necessary if we are to see an
alternative type of politics, to work out alternative strategies, to
live the change and to live in the change;

* to act as a link between the anarchist programme and those involved
in the class war, as one of the functions of anarchist communists is
that of historical memory of the historical class interests of the
proletariat, to work towards moving anarchism towards the heart of the
class struggles and the actors in these struggles, to "demonstrate"
that the anarchist project coincides with the struggles for equality
and freedom;

* to act as a link between revolutionary anarchist gradualism and
gradual conquests: a) in order to continue to win greater freedoms and
autonomy within society; b) with anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian

3. The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici therefore intends to develop
its political action for

* the right to a social alternative and to experimentation;

* the struggle to increase and conquer room for participation by all,
against social exclusion and against the the repression of the

* the labour struggle in favour of global social security (wages,
rights, services, etc.);

* demands regarding the quality of life, habitat, consumption,
international solidarity;

* the building of a leftist social fabric which can take strength from
the practices and proposals through means which are for us coherent
with the ends;

* the development of synergies within libertarian politics
(co-ordination groups, networks, alliances, multiple and pluralistic

4. In the short term, the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici intends

* to contribute to the development and extension of the class-struggle
movement of workers and to support all forms of self-organized struggle
where the autonomy of the workers expresses itself in demands which
cannot be compatible with "partnership" or with legislation which
damages labour rights and freedoms, for the development of a
conflictual form of syndicalism with libertarian practices;

* to contribute to the development and spread of radical movements
against war, liberalism, exploitation and the commercialization of
people and resources, the enslavement of women and men, sexual
discrimination and patriarchy, by bringing to the struggles
anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian practices and elements;

* to contribute (in ways and with the imput which characterizes
anarchist communists) to the composite movement against the
centre-right government, so that the defeat of the policies of the
centre-right can be brought about by the people on the streets and in
the workplace, not at the polls; it is equally essential that these
policies be fought and defeated if and when, as is probable, a new
centre-left government should continue them;

* to contribute to the development of the international class-struggle
anarchist movement, supporting the ILS-SIL network and strengthening
relationships with anarchist communist political organizations on the
basis of political projects and the spread of anarchist communist
theory and practices;

* to contribute to the development of a class-struggle libertarian
front in Italy which can spread the anarchist social project.

Unanimously approved by the 6th Congress

Cremona, 20th June 2004


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