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(en) UK, North East Class War - Guns & Roses May Edition.

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 07:50:59 +0200 (CEST)

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Warning ! We are here to Offend, Challenge & Discredit those that are
Betraying, Screwing & Putting the Boot into the Working Class! Expect More !
A blistering attack by Class War & Associates against the executive of wear
valley council, has struck a blow at its production of misleading information
on the privatisation of council homes in wear valley.
Backing down over making an immediate decision at a special housing services
committee on which transfer to recommend to a full council hearing, the
committee decided to hold off because of a "vociferous" attack by the opposition.
An unrepentant council is to continue its betrayal and deception of tenants,
as Council leader Olive Brown implemented a plan to "Sex Up" a further spin
of so called consultations in which any pretence (if They had Any) of stock
retention by the council was to be dropped as recommended by central
This is happening against a background of over 200 councils having refused
to be dictated to over housing transfer by central government. There will be
further resistance from a group of organised MP`s, leaseholder opposition
and a determined campaign from tenants nationwide through "Defend Council
All agree that what the government proposes is an assault on tenant's rights
and pockets. Basically a stitch up and what choice there is, is little more
than blackmail. A subtlety not to be passed if it can be imagined is, the
use of the council a "Dumb Henchmen" which we all must stand up to.

"Thick as Shit."

You guessed right when you clocked the pictures of Wear Valley's standing
councillors! They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery worth shouting
about and its official.
The audit commission a government watchdog has just inspected the council's
performance and has provided conclusive proof of ineptitude &

"Councillors find it difficult to Think and Work"
(Section 46)

Now you might think that someone in central government would be concerned,
you "funk" wrong.
What a better time to have idiots running things when they won't have the
foggiest idea what they are being duped into or even have the backbone to
stand up for residents.
But there again being horses from the same stable (Asses) we all have to
ponder if the politicians in charge are wise to the interests that really
run this country.

Insider Information.

In the privatisation of housing a new morsel of truth is emerging around the
issue of which option the council will choose. If a full transfer to a
housing association is chosen tenants will be given a vote.
However, if the option of an ALMO(Arms Length Management organisation) is
chosen you won't have the chance to vote. All the indications show,
councillors not being brave henchmen, are ready to pursue this to the end,
as they feel the tenants will fall for the line given out on this option.
Privatisation through the backdoor, this option will be presented to the
tenant at the front door through a questionnaire. Information collected and
statistically analysed, which we all know can be manipulated, will be
presented to the government as proof the tenants asked for this new private
This source of this information is direct from inside the council. Even here
the Manipulation and Abuse of power has sickened individuals. We should all
applaud this and encourage others to come forward, in the search for truth
on issues that have a very Decisive impact on all our lives.

CAP`S Hit Wilko`s in Gateshead & Newcastle

The campaign against prison slavery has hit Wilko`s again in its effort to
shame it, because of its use of prison labour in the making of some of its
In a statement CAPS said "While prison labour will be seen to be an
acceptable exploitation of those that have broken the law it however, does
not justify the conditions these men have to work in."
"We are just one step away from these conditions being applied on the
The two stores that were hit in Gateshead & Newcastle had several of its low
price advert cards altered to show how much prisoners were being paid.
"At £1.20 a day" a spokesman said "This represents third world wages and
guess who made millions in profit last year against the payment of staff on
the minimum wage also".
Campaigners with CAPS gave a clear indication that while this may be seen as
a nuisance action they will be continuing to picket these stores as well.
A national picket is planned for the 24th April 2004 and on a grander scale
an international gathering in Barcelona is to take place in April, where the
whole idea of the prison system will be debated about.
To read about what is going on locally, with details on contacts etc. go to:


Thousands of Nestlé's Aero chocolate bars were found to have a "rude
message" printed on their wrappers. The message was quoted as: "S**t bar"
[not our censorship, a direct quote]. (Ananova, 31/3/04)

Work Kills.

Darlington was branded the suicide capital of the Northeast by the Suicide
Prevention Task Force, which claims that most people that commit suicide are
This sorry indictment of work is not new as a report from ILO (United
Nations' International Labour Organisation,) estimates that approximately
two million workers lose their lives annually.
Which amounts to 5,000 workers dying each day due to occupational injuries
and illnesses. This is more than double the figure for deaths from warfare
(650,000 deaths per year).
According to the ILO's "Safe-Work" programme, work kills more people than
alcohol and drugs together. This put into the context of anti this and that
programme we have to seriously think about an anti-work programme.
On such a taboo subject where work is seen as good and unemployment bad,
could the rational be asked, we think so!


Sat 1 May--- Newcastle May Day March and Rally. Assemble 11.30, Times Sq /
Centre for Life March at 12noon through town to Exhibition Park for Rally at
1pm Speakers: Jim Cousins MP, Representatives from NUM, TUC, NUS Women's
Campaign, Palestine Sol Campaign and Iraqi Trade Union Federation.

Weds 12 May "Undercurrents News Network" is the latest round up of all the
essential issues and campaigns from Britain and around the world. 7:30pm at
the Side Cinema (near the Crown Posada pub on Dean Street), on Newcastle's
Quayside. Suggested donation £3.50. www.SideCinema.com
29/30 May Free Festival in Newcastle. Bar & Music. www.freefestival.org
Wed 14 July--- Bastille Day - traditional day of action against prisons.

24 & 25th April Dissent! A Network of Resistance Against the G8. Gathering
in Manchester. The G8 (Group of Eight most industrialised nations) Summit is
coming to Britain in the Summer of 2005. Local groups and working groups are
now forming to build a response to the G8, firmly rooted in local
networking, which it is hoped will exist well beyond the summer of 2005. The
'Dissent!' network is committed to taking a confrontational stance, calling
for direct action. Nobody owns the network and it has no leaders. It is open
to anyone who wants to work under the hallmarks laid down by Peoples' Global
Action. www.dissent.org.uk

Wed 28 April International Workers' Memorial Day - an annual day of
remembrance and action for workers killed and injured on the job.Sat 1
MayDay Picnic 3pm St.James Park (please note - this event is genuinely just
an anti-capitalist picnic and nothing else, but still assume it will have
cops crawling all over the place, so best not to put semtex in your
Sat 1 May Day activities at the 1in12 club in Bradford. www.1in12.com
Sun 2 May National day of action against the BNP. We want the fascists to
know that up and down the country local communities are organising against
them and they will not make an electoral breakthrough on June 10th!
Sat 8 May Cannabis festival, somewhere in London.
Sun 23 May Noam Chomsky at Dept. of Government, Manchester University. Prior
registration for free ticket is required - Chomskyatmanchester@hotmail.com
Sat 5 June Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common, Cambridge FREE.


Guns & Roses is the first North East's Rabble Rousing Rebel Rag to challenge
the system. Produced by a collective of local Anarchists and all-round
trouble makers it is our aim to build opposition to the constant barrage of
crap & grief given out to the working class. To stand with us simply get in
contact with us locally:

Tel: +44 07931 301 901
E-mail: northeast-classwar@ToughGuy.net
Web: http://northeastclasswar.org

To hear more rabble rousing from Class War go to www.enrager.net/web/ and
browse the forum. Other sites of interest include -
www.londonclasswar.org/intro_english.html and for more news & views -
www.urban75.com or http://indymedia.orguk/

* [Ed. Note: North East Class War are part of the UK anarchist federation
Class War ]

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