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(en) UK, North East Class War* - Wear Valley Council Busted Special.

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:49:32 +0200 (CEST)

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>>>Red Faces & Brown Noses<<<
Unequal in sniffing the rear end of central government on
policy, wear valleys councillors have decided instead of ring
fencing money from the sale of land to invest in housing, this is
approximately 10 million they are going to take a lesser amount,
2ml, with the remainder gong back to the treasury.
This represents an unprecedented attack and deliberate ploy to
starve investment in housing which borders not just on the illegal
but insane. Further to this news it is understood that knowing
legislation was changing where by the council could get back a
100% back on sales of land & housing it failed to report this in its
newsletters when presenting the facts about stock transfer.
Significantly this money represents the ideal of government to
raise the standards of housing to a decent level, which the council
in its wisdom has completely slated not just through denying this
to the tenants of wear valley but also through moving the goal
posts to a plus standard not achievable unless the council can
move the tenants choice towards either a housing association or
ALMO in moves to gratify central office on stock transfer.
A central plank that is governing wear valleys policies on about
everything the stock transfer of housing to either of two options
(another completely illegal ploy) is being used to manipulate, hide
information and corrupt.
The contempt now being shown to tenants as part of a larger
plan can be seen shaping itself around the denial of rights and any
recognition that such plans will bring about a poverty &
dependence unequalled in history through a system that will only
care about what you can afford.
Through its abandonment of the tenant to the market place,
such evils as denying investment in our homes are only possible.
Red faces and brown noses born of individual greed & power if
left unrecognised by yourself, you deny any unity and pride which
has protected and shaped a future in which we all had a stake as
have councillors.

Council Scum

Attacking the working class council tenants in wear valley,
councillors branded all tenants as ?Scum? if they dare report a
repair. On the back of bringing in Charges for repairs it has also
been decided they will also ignore police crime numbers, which in
effect instead of treating us as the victim of the crime of the
disturbed and poor quality council services they?ve decided we
are all criminals.
This decision backed up by the customer panel, made up by
residents whom are supposed to represent the tenant also failed to
report remarks made by the Director of housing Mr LaIng ( a
housing committee member) when he aggressively attacked
tenants who ?Let their windows be smashed? and was heard to
say ?tenants deserve everything they get?.
Now councillors will be quick to assure you that repairs that
happen though natural wear & tear will not be charged for. These
assurances from councillors are deceitful since in the same breath
they will become salesmen for the insurance industry. This is
their backup and appeal to responsible tenure that will cost us all
dearly, not just weekly but through increased premiums and
insurers unwilling to payout. Which raises the question of how
much commission councillors are on?
This policy change not just branding us all as scum will pit
working class staff against tenant, as the procedure for a repair to
be done is clouded in suspicion. This is further exaggerated by
the fact that the maintenance services are now a privatised
agency. All we need to throw in now is staff on a bonus scheme.
While this may sound unlikely there is now a £30
administration fee + VAT which is also going to be attached for
all repairs, is it any wonder that the latter is more possible than
the council taking up its responsibility, for what else is rent for
but to cover such costs as repairs & maintenance.
The excuse for all this is that malicious tenants such as those
that break their own windows or punch holes in doors are costing
the council too much. What a load of crap, the ruling party
(Labour) is on a privatisation trip and any one in the way will be
branded, stereotyped and suckered into making life easy for them
while serving their own interests.
What we are going to see come from this policy is estates fall
further into decline as tenants put off fixing the broken pane
today. If fixed the burden of debt will far outweigh the common
good that resulted in all sharing the burden from a paid up
maintenance service equal to none.
If ever there was a time to recognise the declared war on the
common good of tenants to jointly purchase services together,
making for affordable homes and debt free service, it is now. This
is achievable through our own declared war of taking our homes
How else is this achievable than to declare to your councillor
they have no vote and you will do everything in your power to
disrupt what is left of the services they provide through late
payment of rent & council tax (this does not imply non-payment).
Only until they recognise you are their master and not the fat cats
in business will this war break.

For All Your Corporate Real Estate Needs at knock-Down Prices Call:-

In a climate of rising Land & House prices (36% for the North
east) and the councils obsession with privatisation, it is very
suspicious that wear valley council in negotiation with
Persimmon Homes & Durham Aged Mineworkers Housing
Associations is contemplating selling St Andrews Road Estate of
While there is no definite proof here of corruption, taken in
light of the breaking news from the audit report on wear valley
council, that councillor?s ?cannot work or think strategically? it is
very conceivable that they are having the wool pulled over their
eyes and perversely in their haste to ingratiate themselves to a
treasury on a job well done they have forgotten that this land
belongs to the tenants.
However, the overall picture from evidence alluded to from
behaviour already seen on policy issues lends itself more to a
clique operating within the council, quite able and manipulating a
situation to there own advantage over the issue of price.
The advantages of grooming the associations as possible
contenders in the up and coming knock-down sale of the rest of
wear valleys housing is very obvious. A lesser thought of
advantage although extremely influential is that for the individual
in response to pressure to keep careers going and positioning to
take full advantage of take-overs.
Such behaviour wouldn?t go remised in the privatised sector of
housing from which the present housing director comes. A sector
that is already accused of predatory behaviour, country wide.
Where deals struck, smack of the old boys net-work dealing in
the biggest junket yet, the sale of council real estate at knock
down prices.
Our sources confirmed this trend as a major factor again in
governmental planning in that selling the silver off cheaply would
bring in its own rewards against a policy now of an ever
tightening grip in pursuit of privatisation at any cost.
We are now only waiting for confirmation of this trend as the
council has applied to the government for permission for this sale
to go ahead on the cheap.
If it does the fruits of this despicable act will make for a poorer
community as our resources, given over to the corporate world of
developers will be wasted on the aggrandisement of homes for the
rich, while the ghetto-entrenchment of the council tenant is made
more possible through a politics that is more akin to fascism than
democracy as our stake in it is lost.


Trumped at the release of information about wear valleys
?Questionnaire? on the issue of stock transfer by ?Guns& Roses?
the Northern Echo in its article? Tenants asked to decide on
landlord?(13/5/04) failed to mention as this information is
collected at the front door the tenant?s democratic rights of a vote
on the issue of ?Privatisation? will fly out the back door as
dictators ?R? us & Co will rule out a vote as one is not legislated
for under the choice of an ALMO(Arms Length Management
The first choice of two for a delinquent minority governing wear
valley council comes straight from the Horses mouth as the
Director of housing Mr Laing has already stated ?knowing the
strength of feeling against Privatisation it would be a waste of
money to spend it on a vote when we know the answer? it seems
what he has told tenants is coming to fruition with intentions of
this questionnaire being used to stifle resistance against
As this issue was explored in a article by ?Guns & Roses? in
April (Already on our Website) our ?insider information? has
already hinted at the abuse of due process, pushing the
boundaries of legality and the manipulation within the time scales
the council is under to get a favourable vote on the issue of stock
This source has not failed us again as it is now understood that
the clique within the council that is pushing for a favourable vote
from councillors to go ahead in its ?final phase? of transfer
although held back because of resistance is playing out its final
card which it is pinning all its hopes.
As this comes at a time where the council has been told to
re-consult tenants on the issues of privatisation by Mr D Siddal of
the Community Housing Task Force (Office of the Deputy Prime
Minster) it has come as no surprise the flaunting of legislators is
consistent with this clique behaviour to pursue its ends at any
The only flaw in this plan is hinged on the compliance of
councillors to follow the whip, a macabre tool to encourage unity
it hypocritically encourages dictators whom at all cost must be
defeated. So confront even if affronted by the behaviour of our
councillors, we must all shout for our right to decide our own
future and the decision of whom our landlords is.
With the questionnaire show your objections to being treated
like shit by dropping your pants and lifting your skirts, returning
with compliments to the few whose only objections to screwing
you will be the stink that this will cause in justice being done to
all Our Cause!

North East Class War

You got more Dirt then leave us a message!

Tel: 07931 301 901

E-mail: northeast-claswar@ToughGuy.net

Web-Site: http://northeastclasswar.org
* [Ed. Note: North East Class War are part of
the UK anarchist federation Class War]

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