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(en) Greece, Athens, Invitation from the ANTIAUTHORITARIAN MOVEMENT

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 5 Jun 2004 08:26:25 +0200 (CEST)

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Dear comrades, As you may all know during summertime 2004 are realized in
Athens the Olympic games in the shade of globalized capitalism.
Olympic games represent the "big idea of" capitalistic sovereignty
of multinational companies and protected from forces of NATO.
The struggle for championship is baptized sports, the
commercialization and the rejuvenation of ancient aesthetics
(kits) is called culture, the competition is named noble rivalry, the
individualism-solidarity, the repression-peace, medieval labor
conditions are named sacrifice, the cliental relationships
volunteerism, etc These alienated significances, separated from
their real importance, are henceforth the new values and ideals of
the modern Olympic games, in the service of the big idealism of
the globalized capitalism.

The Olympic games represent the globalized capitalistic
reformation, that influences also labor relations and labor in
general. In the Olympic worksites safety measures are
non-existent, with result the multiplication of labor accidents:
every 50 days in the worksites took place about 55 accidents in
average 6 from which are lethal. In the altar of Olympic worksites
they have been sacrificed finding tragic death in their work up to
now 70 workers. The majority of these they were the new slaves
of modern Greece: The economic immigrants. Insecurity and the
arrangement of fear that to them is imposed have ensured the
smaller cost in publicity and reactions for the Greek state. The
seven hours working days for construction workers became also
12 hours and 19 hours, meanwhile the week of five working days,
became seven full working days, without naturally overtime
wages, non insured weekends and non insured overtimes.
Non-existent locker room, toilets, ambulances, scaffoldings,
specialized operators of machinery, labor in holidays or in raining
days are a few examples of this new occupational reality. In
addition is undertaken also the complete "released off" the
schedule of operation for retail shops, the nightly transports of
products of supermarkets, the suppression of Sunday holiday.

These legislations will come to stay permanently and after the
end of Olympic Games, with the extension of prohibition of
demonstrations-strike, the follow-up of big demographic groups
with infra red constant and motionless cameras, the violation
individual, social and labor rights, the increase of labor schedule,
the extension of partial employment and the generalized social
control. At the same moment the political and economic power
with communication tricks and approaches prepare a new round
of hard economic reductions and taxes in order to cover the
Olympic games deficit of expenses.

The character of repressive meters, that has been decided and is
materialized progressively by the government and the state, with
the consent of government owned trade-union organizations like
the National Workers' Union of Greece, aim in the social and
labor peace and hostage of workers, unemployed and socially
excluded people, that are opposed in the Olympic Games.

The program of SAIC of (consortium that it has undertaken the
safety conduct of the games) includes: 2000 cameras, closure of
harbors, collaboration with armed forces, Greek secret services
and 72 institutions, red areas, access in the center of Athens with
card, lists of suspects, prohibition of demonstrations and strikes,
verifications, evacuation of student hearths, and preventive
arrests. Officially the ministry of public "order and safety" makes
reason for 70.000 individuals in the bodies of safety, while 58.000
it has undertaken to be educated by P. Ryan, director of SAIC.
Each athletic mission will bring also its agents. An international
meeting of agents, with intensive policing of each collective
activity as future suspect of causing agitations (and it harms the
interests of companies) will take place. CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6
and NATO forces, will attend for the safety conduct of Olympic
games and all forms that this repressive action involves. All the
Athens city territory and the remainder Olympic cities will be
watched and supervised by an operational center.

It is a situation of catholic monitoring and repression unusual the
Greek reality. All these meters are not extraordinary; neither will
be disappeared with the end of the games. With the Olympic
games is inaugurated a new season for the repressive
mechanisms. These measures come in order to remain and
applied whenever it is judged advisable. As like as the public
infrastructure "becomes for us and will remain in us", therefore
and the repression and the generalized policing "become for us
and it will remain for us". It is worth to be mentioned that the
total expenses for the Olympic games will exceed the 6,5 billions
Euro while the cost for inconceivable dimensions mesh of "Safety
and Order" exceeds 1,9 billions Euro.

The ecological destruction that takes place is beyond tragedy for
Attica: The Olympic village is built in the cliffs of mount
Parnitha, in a place of unique physical beauty. The Olympic
rowing facilities are manufactured in Shinias site, which is of
great ecological importance. In the Messogia plain are
manufactured the Olympic Cavalry Center and the new
Hippodrome, etc. The mount Imitos is destroyed in order to
manufacture the facilities for the distribution of high voltage
electricity. Kifissos river is filled with rubble in order to become
motorway as a part of the Olympic ring. The coast of Saronicos
became only playgrounds, fields and marinas. The whole Attica is
transforming to a dead nature.

The Olympic games of the globalized capitalism are supported in
the hordes of US, British forces and NATO, for the repression the
social and class fights-resistance that oppose them. Concerning
the so-called Olympic martial truce it is hypocritical after the new
imperialistic crusades of US, British and Israeli troops that
increased every day.

Dear comrades

Antiauthoritarian Movement is a mass organized collective with
Pan-Hellenic scope and action that publishes consequently the
Pan-Hellenic monthly newspaper "BABYLONIA" and
contributes with daily action in the growth of anticapitalistic and
state abolishing class struggles in Greece.

Antiauthoritarian Movement played a leading part in the
successful anticapitalism and against EU demonstrations of
Salonica at the duration of Summit of EU, in June 2003 and
organized a whole weeklong anticapitalistic, antiauthoritarian and
anarchist festival, that contributed in the growth of
antiauthoritarian class resistance and action concerning all the
questions of Summit.

Nowadays and because of the forthcoming conduct of the
Olympic games we participate in the antiolympic, anticapitalistic
and antiwar demonstrations and we are organising a weekly
antiolympic, anticapitalistic & antiwar festival that will be carried
out in Athens on 24-27 of June.

Our aim is to publicize our antiolympic & anticapitalistic
opinions, to spread our opposition for the imperialistic war in
Iraq, the Israeli government terrorism against Palestinians, and
the savagery of the Olympic culture.

For all the aforementioned reasons the organized
opposition-resistance against the 2004 Olympic games is an
event, that concerns not only our own collective but all the
international Anticapitalistic - Antiauthoritarian - Radical -
Anarchist movement in all the nuances and versions. In front of
this challenge we call you also to contribute with your own
organized forces and action for a joint perceptible presence with
our own globalized anticapitalistic moto: RESISTANCE,
With simple words our own Culture.




We salute you.


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