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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 597 31st May ­ 6th June 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 2 Jun 2004 10:38:42 +0200 (CEST)

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John Howard has a plan, the man who during his term in office has refined
the fine political art of pitting Australian against Australian, has come up
with a new re-election strategy ­ he has a dream for the nation that will
soon be rolled out in a series of 10-year plans. The only problem for the
Prime Minister is that the country has stopped listening. The man, who over
the past 9 years has sold the country's soul for the obligatory 30 pieces of
silver, now tells us he had a plan for the country. It's taken 9 years of
wedge politics, for John Howard to realise that a leader's contributions are
not measured by the number of dreams his government has destroyed but by the
dreams that are taken up by the community during his tenure as Prime


Although many Australian's lives have been improved materially during the
Howard government's term in office, the nation has lost those very qualities
that have defined us as people. Not that John Howard is solely responsible
for the sorry state Australia finds itself in. He is continuing a trend
that was set in motion by the Fraser government, accelerated by the Hawke
and Keating Labor governments and brought to fruition by the Howard

Howard's 10-year strategy is too little to late, no one is listening. No
one is interested in pursuing policies that pit neighbour against neighbour,
that take little or no account of individual differences and needs and
promote policies that give life to the myth that the Kerry Packers of the
world and the disability support pensioners down the road are competing on
the same level playing field. The tragedy isn't that Australians haven't
experienced a more level playing field. The tragedy is that on every
available indicator the gains that were made in the 1970's, as a consequence
of decades of struggle have been wiped away.

The rejection of the government's budget highlights that Australians are no
longer willing to pay the personal price that these changes have demanded.
Irrespective of illusory tax cuts and increasing disposable incomes many,
Australians have realised that there is no point in sacrificing their
personal and home life to access services that were freely available to the
community in the 1970's.

The neo-conservative economic agenda pursued in the late 20th century by
both the Howard government and previous Labor governments had failed in the
19th century. There was no earthly reason to believe that this discredited
ideology would have fared any better 100 years later. Australians are no
longer interested in selling their souls for the dubious privilege of living
in debt till the day they die. They have learnt through bitter experience
that John Howard's 10-year plans are the stuff that nightmares are made of,
that's why they stopped listing to him a long time ago.

It's interesting to note that the Federal government is using millions of
taxpayer's dollars to sell their Medicare Plus package while they're crowing
about minor rises in bulk billing rates and a small increase in the number
of General Practitioners who have entered the workforce. If the Medicare
Plus package has been as effective as claimed, you'd think that there would
be no need to waste taxpayer's money on advertising the joys of Abbott's
Medicare Plus package.

The reality is dramatically different to what is being portrayed in
advertising land. The introduction of a differential rebate for the same
service provided by the same doctor to different groups of people has
destroyed the universal nature of Medicare. The tiny increase in the number
of patients who are currently bulk billed has been accompanied by a 6%
increase in the out of pocket expenses of non bulk billed patients. The
coalition's Medicare Plus package has succeeded in turning Medicare into a
tier system and removed the pricing restraints that high bulk billing rates
imposed on out of pocket expenses for non bulk billed patients.

If the government's own internal polling had shown that its Medicare changes
had been accepted by a sceptical public, it wouldn't be spending so much
time, money and effort to sell its Medicare Plus package to a public that is
not convinced about the government's claims that the package was designed to
save Medicare. Health care costs, both medical and pharmaceutical have been
increasing over the past few months.

No amount of pre-election political advertising, packaged as a dubious
government information campaign is going to override people's personal
experiences at their local doctor's surgery and their local pharmacy.
Abbott's much vaunted Medicare Plus package is a potential disaster. The
government knows it, that's why they are pumping millions of taxpayer's
dollars into an advertising campaign that is trying to override the reality
that adequate access to both the public and private health care delivery
system is becoming a major problem for more and more Australians

The only conclusions that can be drawn from the dramatic change in political
fortunes that the latest Australian opinion poll has flogged is that the
survey's methodology is up the creek or the electorate has been bought off
with the Howard government's $52 billion sweetener. Although anarchists
like to think that the whole bloody bunch are as bad as each other,
perceptible differences in policy can have a dramatic effect on individuals
and communities as a whole.

It's disappointing to think that a liar is able to garner so much support,
especially from the over 55's age group. Considering that the government's
policies for the over 55's can be summed up in Costello's mantra ­ 'work
till you drop' you'd think that the over 55's would be looking for different
political solutions to their current dilemmas. Fear, especially the fear of
finding that there is no one to help look after you in your old age, is a
driving factor in the thinking of many older people. Atomised, blended
nuclear families don't have a good track record of looking after their

Looking at every available indicator, the Howard government has made old age
a much more dangerous proposition to contemplate. Instead of pushing up the
old age pension so people can live the last decades of their lives in
relative peace, security, and comfort, the Howard government has privatised
old age. It's each person for themself. The biggest losers are all those
self-funded retirees who will vote for the coalition government, believing
that the only way they can enjoy their retirement is through a plethora of
investments. What should be a secure period in peoples' lives, has now
become a very insecure part of their lives. Their whole existence is
concerned with making enough money so they can be comfortable in their old

Unfortunately for all those elderly Australians who prop up the Howard
government, every time they vote for John Howard and his merry band their
lives turn out to be more difficult. The sooner old aged pensioners and
self-funded retirees realise they face the same problems as the rest of the
community and organise to overcome these problems, the sooner the elderly
will stop been touted as second-class citizens.

Responding to Howard's decision not to hold a referendum at the next
election to reign in the Senate powers, Mark Latham has stated that people
should initiate constitutional change. The Opposition leader has by his
statement, stumbled on a constitutional conundrum. The Australian people
are not able to initiate constitutional change. Parliament holds a monopoly
on what questions can be put to the Australian people in a referendum.
Parliament alone has the power to alter the Australian Constitution because
no specific constitutional question can be put to the Australian people in a
referendum, unless a majority in both Houses of parliament approves that
question. The Australian people only have the power to lobby their
parliamentarians to put constitutional change on the parliamentary agenda.

It's no accident that since Federation, only 8 out of 44 proposals to amend
the Constitution have been approved by the electorate in referendums.
Traditionally Australians reluctance to amend the Constitution has been put
down to the initiate conservatism of the Australian electorate. Reviewing
the 44 questions put to the Australian people in referendums since
Federation, it's possible to draw the conclusion that the electorate opposed
most attempts to amend the Constitution because proposed constitutional
change would have increased the power of the Federal government at the
expense of the people.

Latham has raised the pressing dilemma of constitutional change in this
country. 104 years after Federation, the constitutional gridlock that has
occurred as a result of the current arrangements to alter the Constitution
need to be tackled by making the issue of constitutional change a major
political issue at the looming Federal election. There is a simple way of
giving the Australian people the power to formulate constitutional questions
that can be put directly to the people in a referendum. If the Latham Labor
Party is interested in constitutional reform, they could make the question
of citizens initiated referendums a right that Swiss citizens have enjoyed
for centuries, a key feature of their policy agenda for the next Federal
election. If they are serious about giving power back to the people, all
they have to do is promise that they would put the question of citizens
initiated referendums to the Australian people in a referendum if they were
elected into office at the next election.

It seems that the Taliban are on the rise again, courtesy of Afghanistan's
opium harvest. The war on Drugs (remember the war on drugs) and the war on
Terror have been found to be incompatible. Nearly 10% of Afghanistan's
population are currently involved in the cultivation of opium poppies. The
extraordinary profits that can be made from illegal drug production, the
worlds second most profitable industry (the first is the military industrial
complex), are been channelled to help arm the Taliban.

It's extraordinary to think that the Taliban, an army of foreign occupation
in Afghanistan that was routed by the US backed Northern Alliance, now poses
a potential military threat to the UN administration of Afghanistan,
courtesy of opium production. The rise in opium production and the
re-emergence of the Taliban as a serious threat highlights the failure of
the UN presence in Afghanistan. It seems the Bush administration had no
intention of confronting Osama bin Laden and the Pakistan backed Taliban in
Afghanistan. If they did, they would not have embarked on their military
adventure in Iraq, a country where they have succeeded in creating the
conditions that promote the growth of Muslim fundamentalism.

It seems they have little interest in helping the people of Afghanistan
savour the delights of representative democracy, let alone help them
recreate necessary infrastructure and provide security against the Taliban
threat. Unfortunately the long-suffering people of Afghanistan don't
inhabit a country that is awash with black gold. If they did, it's possible
they would have received the money that's flowing into Iraq. It's ironic
that a country whose people have been crying out for liberation from the
clutches of Muslim fundamentalists are ignored, while a secular government
that kept a lid on the spread of fundamentalism was overthrown by the US led
coalition of the "willing". It's tragic to think that the only real legacy
of the invasion of Afghanistan is the re-emergence of the opium trade and
the Taliban.

The following question was sent in by James, a reader of the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review.
Q. What place, role and existence would (or should) religions have in an
anarchist society. If any at all?
A. Anarchism is the struggle to create a society that is able to function
without rulers. A belief in God, the supernatural, the afterlife or the
belief that the human race lives on the eyeball of a gigantic black cat
floating in space, are not mutually exclusive with the principles that form
the foundation stones of an anarchist society.
Even the Catholic church, a rigidly hierarchical church, that is led by a
man who claims to be infallible as he is God's representative on Earth, has
been and continues to be rocked by struggles between authoritarian and non
authoritarian elements within that church. Islam, the fastest growing
religion in the world is just as much a political as a religious movement.
Islam's strength lies in its teachings that everybody is equal before God, a
strong practical tradition of the rich being obliged to help the poor and
most importantly of all, its decentralised structure. Each mosque and the
religious leaders in that mosque are autonomous and are able to interpret
the Koran in their own particular way.
Anarchist opposition to religion is not based on belief, people can believe
what ever they want. Their opposition is based to the teachings within
different religious traditions that reinforce inequality and the fact that
many religious traditions have a series of intermediaries between the
worshipper and their God. Anarchists are against the priestly classes that
wield power within these religious organisations, not the belief system
In an anarchist community, those people that decide to pursue or create new
religious traditions would be able to exercise this right. Any property
that is held by religious organisations would become collective property.
While it is being used, they would use it, once it is no longer used other
groups in the community would use it. Hierarchal tendencies and teachings
that promote inequality and intolerance would be opposed. In time, the
dominant anarchist culture would break down the authoritarian tendencies
within different religious groups and the need for people with religious
beliefs to have intermediaries between them and their God.
The biggest mistake any anarchist community could make is to drive religion
underground, once it is underground it would act as a magnet for every
element within that society that is opposed to the dominant anarchist
culture. The purpose of the anarchist struggle is to create a community
without rulers, we have no wish to impose our belief system on other people
but will resist any attempt by other people to impose their belief system on
I encourage other readers to send in questions to the 'Anarchist Question
and Answers' section. Even if I have looked at your question in the past,
revisiting the topic as I have done with religion gives me the opportunity
to expand the debate about that particular issue ­ Joseph TOSCANO
Email your questions to: Anarchistage@yahoo.com
Send them to: P.O. BOX 20, PARKVILLE 3052,
MELB, AUSTRALIA. Or Fax them to (03) 9482 4371

The media plays a dominant role in terms of what type of political, social
and cultural agenda is played out in the community. Radicals need to look
beyond just reacting, we need to be exploring ways of getting the corporate
owned media and the government gelded ABC to address questions we are
interested in. This can be much more difficult than you may first think.
Although the media may appear to be all powerful, the direction it moves in
are determined by who owns the medium, by think tanks and a bevy of spin
doctors who represent a variety of interests.
Editorial policy is guided more by owns what medium than any particular
issue. Editorial teams see themselves as gatekeepers who determine what is
and isn't news. News and analysis is ignored if it doesn't fit the current
ideological agenda. It's a mistake to target your material directly at
media outlets, if you do, you put yourself at their mercy. No media bite,
no issue.
There are different ways of courting the media apart from the ubiquitous
media release. You may send them a witty informative media release,
somebody may send them flowers or a book or even a holiday offer. You can
soon find yourself in a market place where ideas aren't considered to be a
viable commodity. One of the best ways to get your message across is to use
talkback radio. If you can stand the drivel that's pumped out of commercial
radio and most of the ABC, talkback gives you an opportunity to raise issues
you wouldn't normally be able to raise. Courting newspaper reporters and TV
'stars' is a waste of time because they don't make the editorial decisions
about what is and isn't news. By all means send them a press release, hold
a media conference, but don't waste too much of your time with them.
Two weeks ago the Anarchist Age Weekly Review released a letter regarding
allegations made against the Prime Minister John Howard, Alan Jones and
Professor Flint that was addressed to the Federal Police Commissioner Mr.
Mike Keelty. The letter was put in the public domain to alert our readers
about this particular campaign. The media releases and conference that were
organised when the letter was released didn't draw any responses. The
media's unwillingness to take up this issue doesn't mean that this
particular issue is dead in the water. While the Anarchist Media Institute
is waiting for an answer from the Federal Police, it's important readers who
want to pursue this issue, contact media outlets so the issue is given the
prominence it deserves. If other people don't take up the issue, it's
possible that the issue will disappear from public view..
Grab the yellow pages, look up newspapers, radio stations and television
stations and get to it. Whether it's this issue, the Eureka uprising
celebrations, Medicare or any other issue, ideas need to be articulated in
the community before people begin to think about them. ­ The media is one
way you can place issues in the public domain.

For the past 2 years the Anarchist Media Institute has raised the issue of
Eureka through a series of articles that have been written in the Anarchist
Age Weekly Review. The Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion
campaign that has evolved as a result of these articles, has been pursued as
a living, breathing and dynamic campaign that has used unearthed buried
history to understand the present and change the future.
The 148th and 149th Eureka celebrations that have been organised by the
Anarchist Media Institute have already influenced mainstream celebrations.
People can no longer dismiss the Eureka rebellion as a revolt against gold
licences. Without our participation the radical nature of the rebellion
would have been forgotten. The purpose of the Eureka series in the
Anarchist Age Weekly Review written in 2002, 2003 and 2004 is to encourage
people to participate in celebrations that recognise the radical elements of
the Eureka rebellion. ­ Direct democracy, direct action and solidarity,
concepts that are as important today as they were in 1854.
We encourage you to join us at the Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka
Rebellion celebrations that we will be holding at Ballarat on FRIDAY 3RD
DECEMBER 2004, to mark the 150TH ANNIVERSARY of the EUREKA REBELLION. Join
us at 4.00am at the Eureka monument, at the site where the Eureka rebellion
took place at the corner of Stawell and Eureka Street Ballarat. Watch the
dawn break with us and participate in a discussion about what Eureka means
to you and why you've come to Ballarat for the 150th anniversary
Share a communal breakfast with us between 7.00am to 9.00am in Eureka Park
(please bring your own food and drinks), then join us in a march (bring your
own banners and flags) that will bring you into direct contact with some of
the most important Eureka sites in Ballarat. We will march from the site of
the Eureka battle at Eureka to the old Ballarat cemetery to pay our respects
to the miners and soldiers (workers on either end of a bayonet) who died at
the Eureka stockade site 150 years ago. We will continue to march from the
old Ballarat cemetery through the city to Bakery Hill to reaffirm the Eureka
oath ­ 'We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other to fight
for our rights and liberties'. Then back to Eureka Park for a leisurely
lunch and celebratory afternoon (once again you'll need to bring your own
food and drinks).
For those readers who may not be able to participate in this 7 kilometre
odyssey, vehicles will be organised during breakfast to allow people who
can't walk the distances be involved to participate in the march. Reclaim
the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, join us on Friday 3rd December
2004, remember the past and use the lessons of the past to change the

Remembrance & Resistance from Haymarket to Now
Edited by Anna Key, Kate Sharpley Library 2004,
ISBN 1-873605-53-6
Great pamphlet, depressing reading. Reading 'May Day and Anarchism' you
can't help asking yourself how relevant May Day is to anybody. In an era
when virtually nobody identifies as a worker and even the unemployed share
the capitalist dream, you have to wonder why bother. In Victoria,
Australia, May Day is still celebrated on the 1st Sunday after the 1st May,
although a few 100 hardy souls celebrated the day on the 1st May this year.
Getting back to this well researched 34page pamphlet, the Kate Sharpley
Library people have managed once again to come up with a thought provoking
publication. As I ploughed through the material, a feeling of flatness
tended to strangle what's left of my soul. When you compare the 1886 trial
speech of Adolph Fischer, one of the Haymarket martyrs who was hanged
because he was an anarchist and the trial speech of Louis Lingg, the
Haymarket martyr who cheated the hangman's noose by killing himself with a
stick of dynamite, with the article a 'May Day over May Day' (2000) issued
by the Bash Street kids, the power, passion and single mindedness of Chicago
1886 seems to have been replaced by an acceptance that May Day has almost
ceased to mean anything to anybody.
Anna Key's introduction 'Looking forwards, looking backwards' struggles to
place May Day in a current context. Her thoughts about May Day are
encapsulated in her introductions final sentence ­
'Looking at how May Day has been marked will not solve tactical questions in
the here and now. But we hope that looking at how and why it has been
marked will also inspire you to look forwards'.
The strength of 'May Day and Anarchism' lies in the diversity of opinions
that have been collected and put together in one publication. Contributions
as diverse as '1886 ­ First of May', '1973 ­ A Day of Protest and Social
Awareness', 'Anarchist Groups of Chile' and 'A Cry in the Dark May Day in
Unredeemed Spain 1947 The National Committee of the C.N.T.' have been
placed together in a single publication. I believe the most relevant and
inspiring article in 'May Day and Anarchism' was written in 1928 by Nestor
Makhno, the Ukrainian anarchist revolutionary, who battled both the 'Whites'
and the 'Reds' during the Russian revolution. Makhno in the shortest
article in the pamphlet pins down both the spirit and importance of May Day.
'The 1st of May is the symbol of a new era in the life and struggle of the
toilers, an era that each year offers the toilers fresh, increasingly tough
and decisive battles against the bourgeoise for the freedom and independence
wrested from them, for their social ideal'.
May Day isn't a celebration that marks the past, it isn't a worker's
holiday, it's much much more, it's a day when we start to use the lessons we
have learnt from the past to make that new world in our hearts a reality.
'May Day and Anarchism' is available from the publishers. I strongly
recommend you get hold of a copy.

The older I get, the more I begin to realise that the stranger in our midst
isn't the other ­ it's ourself. It's easy to see black or white, young or
old, beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, hunched or straight, blue eyed or brown
eyed, male or female, the list goes on and on and on. We can make limitless
observations about the other, but what do we know about ourselves? You can
be hated and loved, cherished and despised within the same tight circle of
friends. How much do we know about ourselves? Not much, lots and lots or
don't we even think about it we exist therefore we are. How much do we
really know about what other people think about us? Not much? Maybe a
little? Who knows?
I wonder how much those troops who were photographed with dehumanised Iraqi
prisoners knew about themselves before they came to Iraq. Did they know
they were capable of what they were doing? Do any of us know what we'd be
capable of doing if we found ourselves in the same situation. Morals,
ethics, philosophies are nothing until they're tested. When push comes to
shove, Peter denies Jesus. An inability or unwillingness to understand the
real stranger in our midst, ourselves transforms individuals into blank
canvasses. Authoritarian communities value blank canvasses, they can be
transformed into contemporary works of art ­ torturer today ­ mother
tomorrow, saint next week.
It's easy to say I wouldn't do what they did. I'm sure the Nazis who blew
out the brains of men, women and children never expected to be doing that
type of work. Few people seem to have the capacity to understand
themselves. Too few people have he capacity to resist dominant thought.
People live life, negotiate problems, they don't think about what they're
capable of, they leave that to their peers, their boss, their teachers,
their parents and even the government to decide. Understanding the other in
our midst ­ ourselves, gives us the opportunity to paint our very own
self-portrait, a much more satisfactory state of affairs than letting
somebody else paint it for us.

'Australia's first convicted terrorist' screams the headlines. Jack Roche,
former alcoholic and Muslim fundamentalist decided to pull the plug on the
trial that was going on in Perth. He'd had enough, midway through his
evidence he pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to blow up the
Israeli Embassy in Australia. Not that Jack Roche is your ordinary
terrorist, this Walter Mitty character had tried to warn A.S.I.O. about what
was going on. Incredibly nobody was interested, it seemed that our spooks
were far too busy spying on peaceful protestors to have any spare time to
look at serious terrorists threats in this country.
The Jack Roche fiasco is a fitting testimony to security organisations that
have spent decades monitoring the activities of legitimate legal political
activity in this country. When Jack Roche realised what was going on, he
attempted to make a clean breast of it. His interviews with the Federal
Police were candid and honest. He knew that he would eventually end up in
court and in prison because this country's bumbling security agencies were
looking for scapegoats for the Bali bombings.
Jack Roche shouldn't have been in court facing conspiracy charges, the
people who should be facing conspiracy charges are A.S.I.O.'s directors and
the politicians who have bankrolled A.S.I.O. and given them the powers to
remove what few political rights citizens are able to exercise in Australia.
The Jack Roches of the world, men whose consciences have prevented them from
becoming the tools of men who have no respect for human life, men who have
attempted to warn us about the atrocities that could happen in this country,
should be praised for warming us. The bumbling fools and their backers in
parliament who have removed rights that people have won over hundreds of
years of struggle are those who should be facing conspiracy charges.
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

ROJO Y NEGRO No.166 MAY 2004, CGT, C/-Compania9, 10 1zda, 31001
Pamploma/Iruna SPAIN, Tel:948224766, Fax:948212399,
SEME ANARCHICS Vol.25 No.2 April '04, Periodico di Pensiero Anarchico, La
Cooperativa, Tipolithografica, via S.Piero 131A-54033, CARRARA, ITALY.
UMANITA NOVA Vol 84 No.16 EL 9TH MAY 2004, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361
CLASS WAR No.85, SPRING 2004, P.O. Box 6, Crigglestone, WAKEFIELD WF4 3WX,
ENGLAND, classwaruk@hotmail Tel:07931301901, www.classwar.org
WORKERS NEWS Vol.36 MAR'04, P.O.Box 10.652 Manmahan Labour Building,
PutaliSadak,Gefont Plaza, Kathmandu,
NEPAL,Tel:+9771248072,Fax:+9771248073,info@gefont.org www.gefont.org

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OUR DEBT STANDS AT $1524.15. Producing a weekly publication is an expensive
undertaking. As you can see, our debt is beginning to climb. In order to
keep the debt at a reasonable level and to publish weekly, we require
readers especially internet readers to subscribe to the Anarchist Age Weekly
Review. Currently snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet
readers. If you've got a little bit of extra cash, think about joining the
'Dollar A Day' club. When you write to us pop in some 50cent stamps (every
little bit helps). Subscription rates for the Anarchist Age Weekly Review
are $1 per issue, $10 = 10 issues, $50 = 50 issues. We rely on our
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resubscribe. Make out money orders and cheques to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS & send
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Debt 02-06-2004 $1524.15

A refugee who's been the sole inmate at a Manus Is. detention centre for 10
months has won the right to come to Aust. The Immigration Dept has kept
Aladdin Sisalem as the only detainee at the detention centre, costing approx
$23,000 a day. An Immigration Dept spokesman confirmed the centre, that cost
$4.3 million to run over a 6-month period, would remain open once it becomes
empty. (Source: The Age)
The Pentagon has investigated 37 deaths involving detainees held by US
forces in Iraq & Afghanistan since Dec 02. Among the prisoner deaths, 9 are
still being investigated as possible homicides, 8 by the military & at least
1 by the Justice Dept b/c it apparently involved only CIA personnel. In a
10th case, a soldier was punished & dismissed from the Army for using
excessive force after shooting to death a man in Iraq who was throwing rocks
at him in Sept 03. The 9 prisoner homicides apparently still under
investigation are: Abdul Jaleel, 46, who died Jan 9, 04, at Forward
Operating Base Rifles near Al Asad, Iraq. He died of "blunt force injuries &
asphyxia." Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a ex commander of Saddam Hussein's
air defenses, who died Nov 26 03, during interrogation at Qaim, Iraq. His
death may have involved a CIA officer who's an interrogator. Doctors
attributed his death to "asphyxia due to smothering & chest compression."
Manadel Al-Jamadi, who was being held at Abu Ghraib, the Iraqi prison in the
widely-reported abuse of prisoners took place. He died Nov 4 03, death of
"blunt force injuries complicated by compromised respiration," doctors said.
2 CIA personnel, an officer & a contract translator, were present when he
died, & the agency and Justice Dept are conducting inquiries. Abdul Wali, a
prisoner at Asadabad, Afghanistan, who died June 21 03. The CIA's inspector
general is conducting an inquiry into this death; it's unclear whether the
Army still is. Dilar Dababa, who was being held near Baghdad died June 13
03, of what doctors determined was a head injury. An Afghan listed only as
Dilawar, 22, held at Bagram, who died Dec 10 02, doctors attributed his
death to "blunt force injuries to lower extremities complicating coronary
artery disease." Mullah Habibullah, about 28, an Afghan held at Bagram, who
died Dec 3 02 doctors attributed his death to "pulmonary embolism due to
blunt force injuries to the legs." 2 additional deaths of unidentified
prisoners, at least one of which occurred in Iraq. Military death
certificates released Friday by the Pentagon also attribute 2 more deaths to
"medical homicide," which means the person died in connection with the
actions or influence of another person. It doesn't necessarily mean a crime
occurred. It was unclear whether these deaths are being criminally
investigated. They are: Fahin Ali Gumaa, 44, who died in Baghdad on April 28
04, several days after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Abdul Wahid, who
died Nov. 6 03, in Helmand province, Afghanistan. His death is attributed to
multiple blunt force injuries that were complicated by a muscle condition.
The military also released the death certificate of prisoner Nagem Sadoon
Hatab, a 52-year-old ex Baath Party official, who was killed on June 6 03,
when a Marine grabbed him by the neck, snapping a bone & mortally injuring
him. Investigators believed the death was accidental, but 2 of the Marine's
superiors face charges in connection with Hatab's treatment. The 37 deaths
under Army investigation are from 33 incidents, 2 of which involved more
than 1 death. That is 8 more cases than the Pentagon had publicly reported 2
weeks ago. Of the 33 cases, 30 involve detainees who died inside U.S.-run
detention facilities. Of the others, 1 involved a soldier who shot & killed
an Afghani who'd lunged toward a weapon, the senior military officer said.
Another was an Iraqi who drowned after he was forced off a bridge by a U.S.
soldier. In the 3rd case, a U.S. soldier shot & killed an Iraqi when he
lunged at another U.S. soldier, the official said. It's unclear whether any
of these 3 cases have been resolved. (Source: The Independent [UK], CNN
QUOTES OF THE WEEK: "to provide for the common defense by requiring that all
young persons [age 18--26] in the US, including women, perform a period of
military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the
national defense & homeland security & for other purposes." The Universal
National Service Act, currently before a committee of the US Congress.
"Politically motivated gay bashing". Labor Party backbencher Tanya
Plibersek, on the govt's plan to change the Marriage Act to guarantee
against same-sex unions. The Labor Party is however supporting the change.
"It's time to fight dirty". Title of an article in the Sydney Morning
Herald, in which Michael Ignatieff of Harvard Uni argues the US should
legalise some forms of 'coercive interrogation' such as sleep deprivation or
keeping prisoners in hoods to disorient them, as well as indefinite
detention of suspects, assassinations & 'pre-emptive war'.
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