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(en) US, Boston, No DNC update

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 12:31:24 +0200 (CEST)

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4:20pm: March is now leaving the soft zone
4:13pm: What's corporate media up to? "No reports of injuries." -
Boston Globe. Sorry, no. "Two small explosions" -Channel 5.
Mm, not quite. Don't believe the hype!
4pm: Soft Zone no longer on lockdown
3:53pm: Police officials are stating that the cause for the current
police action was the possible presence of a Molotov cocktail.
Which later turned out to be an empty bottle. But they arrested
the person anyways. The police officer who instigated the violent
action by attacking the protester with his baton was ushered from
the area by other riot police, covering his badge number on the
way out.
3:51pm: Protesters with no affiliation cut parts of fence of the
"Free Speech Zone" with bolt cutters. Their cutters were
confiscated but no arrested made.
3:48pm: Confirmed: One female hospitalized by police
responding to protesters at the Fleet Center due to a baton blow
to the head
6:30pm: Radical Queers "Kiss-In" confronts DNC delegates and
crowd at Fanieul Hall

Boston: Why We Trashed The Gap

posted by Boston IMC on Thursday July 29 2004 @ 03:31PM

Why We Trashed The Gap

On July 29th at approx. 1:45 pm, about a dozen activists stormed
into the Gap on Mass Ave. in central cambridge. Inside, displays
were turned over, cloths strewn about and spray-painted, and a
general feeling of euphoria was created for a short time.

We chose this day and place in particular to draw the connection
between corperate globalization and the democrats. In fact, the
democarats have done even more than the republicans on this
issue, as they bring along a segment of the population that would
not go along with the republicans. We don't need to remind
people that NAFTA, the WTO and many other trade agreements
were passed by 'democratic' administrations. This action is our
clear vote "NO" to more corperate rule.

This was done for several reasons. Most obviously, the Gap is
one of the largest employers of sweatshop labor in the world.
They have pushed corperate globalization on all of us. Most
importantly, they have used this process to oppress and keep
down people of the global south. Also, as one of the largest retail
clothing companies, they are closely connected to unorganic
cotton: one of the most chemicalized crops on the planet,
poisoning our earth, air and water. The Fischer family, which
owns the Gap, also owns Mendocino Redwood Company
(MRC), which continues to cut the last of the old-growth

If that isn't enough, this particular Gap was (and is) at the
forefront of gentrifying Central Square; occupying an upscale
building that the community had fought to keep them out of (in
other words: Why Not Trash The Gap?). So, for the people, the
earth, the air and our communities, we say "Fuck the Gap".

Link: http://boston.indymedia.org


3 anarchists arrested at otherwise peaceful convention


The Dallas Morning News

BOSTON - (KRT) - With protest groups focusing on
Republicans next month in New York, the Democrats'
convention week wound down with just a minor closing-day
flare-up between activists and police.

A collection of groups - anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Kerry and
anti-establishment - mostly have chanted and marched
peacefully along streets where police at times far outnumbered

That overall calm was disrupted for a couple of hours Thursday,
when an anarchist demonstration of about 400 people stopped
near the FleetCenter and burned an effigy of Sen. John Kerry and
a flag. There was a scuffle, and three men were arrested, police

Police in riot gear moved in, creating a barrier between the
convention hall and a number of angry protesters who eventually
left without further incident.

Organizers deemed the response needlessly heavy-handed.

"Things have gone pretty well - besides the police intimidation,"
said Elly Guillette, 27, of the anarchist group Bl(A)ck Tea

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are expected in New York
when Republicans send President Bush off for re-election.

The lack of protest oomph was pointedly on display Thursday
morning when a half-dozen bandanna-masked youths sat in
Copley Square pounding 5-gallon, plastic buckets - an anarchist

When they moved across the street to the steps of the Boston
Public Library, an unarmed security guard shooed them away. A
policeman watched with mild amusement as the drummers -
quite lawfully - took the long route back to the park - via a

"We have trained two years for this, and they showed us
nothing," said the officer, who declined to give his name. "I'm
disappointed in the quality of anarchists we've got here."


Convention attracts youth on a mission

posted by Reverend Chuck0 on Thursday July 29 2004 @
12:41PM PDT

Posted on Thu, Jul. 29, 2004

Convention attracts youth on a mission


Knight Ridder Tribune News Service

BOSTON - Carissa Romero and Zack Hershman want to change
the world.

They just don't agree on how to do it.

Romero, 18, is a die-hard Democrat working within the system:
as a national convention delegate from the key swing state of

Hershman, 19, is an anarchist pounding the streets outside,
expressing dismay at America's plight and pity on those who
think the system can be fixed.

At a convention where youth is definitely served and always on
display, Romero and Hershman reflect political extremes
embraced by the MTV generation - and are equally passionate
about making their voices heard.

The teens diverged from similarly mainstream paths: Romero is a
college-bound high school valedictorian, the daughter of an Ohio
public relations executive and a marketer with Puerto Rican
roots. Hershman, a former high school debate champ now in
college, is the son of a New Jersey homemaker and a corporate
chief executive - "very affluent, white, upper-class" Democrats.

Resting in the shade during an anti-prison-abuse rally at the
Boston Common, Hershman, an avowed anti-capitalist, said,
"There is no way to escape completely from what I am. What I
hope to do is to use my privilege in a way that supports others."

For Romero, politics is a family affair. Her parents, Richard and
Joanette Romero, are past delegates, and she attended her first
political convention in Los Angeles four years ago. "Just being
around the convention," she said, "got me excited about it."

Romero isn't necessarily the quintessential Democratic delegate.
Her opposition to abortion - a reflection of her Roman Catholic
beliefs - puts her in a minority. On her first morning here, she
crossed the lobby of the Sheraton Boston, ignoring activists who
urged her to wear a round red-and-white decal from the Planned
Parenthood Action Fund declaring, "Stand Up for Choice."

"I'm pretty opinionated," she said. "I stick to what I think. When
people try to convince me, I understand their point of view, but it
doesn't make me change my mind."

The contrast between the teens is as obvious as their wardrobes
and travel expenses.

Hershman wears the same safety-pinned-to-knee-length,
garage-sale pants and T-shirt for days at a time. His minimalist
budget for the week - less than $50 - is a point of pride, a mark of
his ability to avoid fueling the nation's corporate tank.

He came to town on a $10 bus ticket and is crashing for free on
somebody's floor. Eats are free, served by groups such as Food
Not Bombs at the protest "convergence center" - a kind of USO
lounge for protesters in a storefront church.

Romero's convention floor attire is strictly business casual, as
she touches up her makeup, checks her cell phone voice
messages and chums with Ohio delegation teens.

She's spending about $1,500 of her parents' money during her
week here. Airfare was about $300. A room at the Sheraton
Boston runs about $220 a night. The culinary highlights of her
Boston trip: two meals at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

Ohio delegation breakfasts feature the likes of actor Richard
Dreyfuss and former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland. Moreover, at the
invitation of Democratic officials, she sat on stage during former
Vice President Al Gore's opening-night address.

When the talk turns to politics, the differences only become

Hershman's Boston experience has been a week of nonstop
discussions, a rolling philosophical rumble. Anarchists don't
embrace disorder, Hershman explained. Rather, they endorse a
flexible, community-centered, consensus-driven "direct

Romero talks seriously about her politics, too, saying, "I
definitely want to be involved. But, I'm not sure I want to make it
a career."

Inside the convention - amid the rhetoric, boisterousness and
dance-floor boogying - Romero is seeking information. "I want to
learn more about John Kerry," she said.

As she arrives each day at the FleetCenter, Romero takes note of
protesters like Hershman - whom she regards as a sideshow to
the carnival inside.

"At least they're getting involved," she said. "They don't bother
me. I think it's kind of interesting, really."

Hershman said he's not concerned if the Carissa Romeros of the
world dismiss his ideals as so much baying at the moon.

"There's a bit of sympathy for them," he said of the convention
delegates. "These are people who have, quite literally, been

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