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(en) Britain, Class War* - A message to the Durham Miners Gala this year...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:38:16 +0200 (CEST)

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> Time to re-think working class politics
The Miners Gala has a rich history, built upon generations of
hard struggles, hard work, and changing political conditions. At
the birth of the modern Labour movement in the late 1890s there
were no political parties representing the working class, there
was only the Tory and Liberal Parties. Trade union organising
was only legalised 30 years prior to this.
Class War thinks that the situation is similar today, with no
working class movement worthy of the name, with legislation
preventing spreading effective working class struggle. AND
THIS WITH A LABOUR GOVERNMENT. The party we designed, has since
become something else, serving the interests of business rather
than working people. See the website;
www.red-star-research.org.uk for some of the evidence of links
between big business and New Labour.

It is approximately 120 years since American unions argued that
workers should work only 8 hours a day. In Britain many workers
still work far, far longer, than this. Stable well paid jobs of the
type most people want are few and far between. A hundred years
of technological progress, and recently the Labour government is
suggesting we have to work longer, until we are 70 when we will
be allowed to retire and get a pension, worth a half of what we
would get in France which has a 35 hour week. By tying
ourselves to electioneering we have watered down socialist
principles, and eventually produced the likes of Blair.

We must rely on our own strength rather than a vote every 5
years. Only direct action, including strikes, boycotts, work to
rules, occupations etc. and spreading struggles through solidarity
can win our struggles. We learn a collective strength of our own
power and abilities during this process, and create the world we
want through our action.


The Red flag became the rose, and the thorn caught us. Already
there are class struggles against the New Labour party, the Fire
Brigades Union and the Railway union have voted to disaffiliate
from the Labour party. Now, in the traditions of the ‘Big
Meeting’, talking openly and having fun, we want to take
part in the growing tendency to create something new. We
don’t pretend to have the answers, but we certainly know
some of the right questions and the first step ahead.

Last weekend the Socialist Campaign Group of MP’s held a
meeting to try to reclaim the Labour party, and set up the Labour
Representation committee (LRC) to encourage unions and the
growing numbers of disillusioned to remain within the Labour
party. Class War thinks that this needs to go further, and use new
protest methods we have seen in Britain recently that have been
inventive and spread struggles.

One of the LRC ‘new policies’ was an end to
privatisation and a return to state control, but Class War says
nationalisation isn’t enough either. We don’t need ANY
bosses telling us what to do during working hours. We can
manage our own work, making it more interesting, enjoyable,
and safer as well as more people and environmentally friendly.
We reject the false choice of Privatisation V. Nationalisation and
opt for C. socialisation and co-operative production in the
interests of the community. The abolition of wage labour is the
only way to end capitalism once and for all.

Don’t Miss the Bus

How many times have we seen strikes undermined by members
of other trade unions crossing the picket line? WE have one boss
and we need one big union, industrial organisation.

One big union must be ran from the bottom up, with the
workplace assembly as the fundamental decision making body.
Instead of centralising power to a few leaders, the workplace
meetings will federate by means of elected, mandated, recallable
delegates. We take real control of our own lives during processes
like this.
A step in this direction would be assemblies of all strikers,
regardless of union, and the election of strike committees that
carry out the decisions of the assemblies. Only that will empower
the rank and file, and allow them to control their own struggles
and organisations with the aim of workers control.

The North shall rise again

If we want to really change the world we must start by
re-thinking our tactics; brightening up our approach, going
beyond confines we set for ourselves, and others set for us,
putting life back into our movement. If we want working class
politics to be popular after all, we need popular working class

Send your ideas and contributions to;

North East Class War
07931 301 901

You can also ask for the political levy exemption form from us.
So you can opt out of subsidising Tony Blair if your union
already hasn’t.

For other useful stuff try:

www.antifa.org.uk - anti fascist news and action
www.awn.org.uk - workers network
www.iww.org - international workers of the world
* [ed. note: Class War is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist
direct action social struggle federation.]

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