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(en) US, Denver, [Infoshop News] Update on FBI raids in Denver

From Chuck0 <chuck@mutualaid.org>
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 06:04:22 +0200 (CEST)

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In case you don't know, the Anarchist Black Cross is an international
network of anarchists who do prisoner support and work towards prison abolition.
http://www.anarchistblackcross.org/ http://www.abcf.net/
"The Anarchist Red Cross was started in Tsarist Russia to organize aid
for political prisoners captured by the police, and to organize
self-defense against political raids by the Cossack Army. During the
Russian civil war, they changed the name to the Black Cross in order to
avoid confusion with the Red Cross who were organizing relief in the
country. After the Bolsheviks seized power the Anarchist movement moved
the ABC offices to Berlin and continued to aid prisoners of the new
regime, as well as victims of Italian fascism and others. The Black
Cross fell apart during the 1930s depression due to the incredible
demand for its services and a decline in financial aid. But in the late
1960s the organization resurfaced in Britain, where it first worked to
aid prisoners of the Spanish resistance, which had not in fact died
after the civil war and were fighting the dictator Franco's police. Now
it has expanded and works in several areas, with contacts and other
Black Cross groups in many countries around the world. The North
American section started in the early 1980s."

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Subject: [greatplainsanarchistnetwork] Denver raids
Reply-To: greatplainsanarchistnetwork@yahoogroups.com
To: <greatplainsanarchistnetwork@yahoogroups.com>


A friend of mine recieved this email from some kids involved with
the incident in Denver....I figured i should pass it on given our
current situation and all.

Hey an email ( a statement) about the FBI visiting the kids houses in

I was one of the people who the FBI visited at my home in Denver, Co. I
arrived at my home to find the FBI questioning my friends and roomates
in the frontyard. Upon arrival I was grabbed by the arm then pulled
from off the street onto the sidewalk where they searched my person with
out any cause. When I asked what this was about, an FBI agent stated
that he was looking for guns. They then had me stand still while they
finished harassing my friends and roomates and during this time they ran
my ID and took my pocket knife. They then asked me if, and where, I
worked, if I go to school, and if I owned the house I lived in or if I
rented it. Then another agent came over where I informed him to leave
if they didn't have a warrant at which point the agent lied and said
that my roomate had said it was ok for them to stay. Obviously, he
didn't. Then I tried to get them to leave, but they insisted that I
answer questions before they tell me w hy they were there. ; Figuring th
at they already have my ID, I answered their questions. They asked
about my relationship with the Anarchist Black Cross; if I knew anyone
in the group or if I had ever been in the group. He asked if they had a
meeting at our house. He asked if I was planning anything illegal for
the DNC, RNC, and/or election day. He asked if I knew anyone who was
going out to Boston or New York. Of course I told the truth and
answered NO to all his questions. By this point they had ran my friends
ID's and two of them had bench warrants for previous charges that were
not related to this inccident. The FBI and the two DPD(SWAT) officers
then called a local DPD squad car to take the two people with bench
warrants away. They were bailed out that night and released early the
following morning. Both of them seem to be doing alright. We were then
informed that the house down the street was also being harrassed but
that they were less a ggressive at the other h ome in finding out informati
on. I collected some of the agents name who were present. One agent
who refused to give his name is suspected of being neither with the FBI
nor the DPD, but another government agency. They left shortly after the
names were collected. After informing all my neighbors what had just
happened (they were obiously curious why 4-6 FBI agents and two DPD
officers armed to the teeth were in our hood) my roomates informed me
that they went into the house when they got there in order to follow
persons (who lived at my house) getting their ID's, because they said
that they might be getting weapons. My roomates also said that when
they came to the door they had a stack of papers and some of them had
pictures on them, but neither the info nor the pictures on the papers
were seen clear enough to tell what they were.

As I said both friends are out of Jail. Our statements and info that we
collected were given to the local ACLU and we've been in contact with
others around the country who have been experiencing the same thing.

I made a mistake in giving them my ID and answering their questions and
not being persistent in telling them that they were not welcome. My
roomates also made the same mistake as well as the mistake of not making
it loud and clear that at no point the FBI could not come into our home
with out a warrant. By no means was their very presense on our block
consentual, but we didn't make that clear enough. Please learn from our
mistakes, know your rights, refuse to give ID, and refuse entrance of
police and FBI to not only your home but of all your legal "property."

We are working with the ACLU who got an article in the Rocky Mountain
News today (7-24-04).

If this happens to you make sure you contact the ACLU, your local
Indymedia, as well as your friends and comrades who will support you.

To me this was a scare tactic. A show of force to intimidate us, and to
silence us. Although dealing with the feds can be scary and
intimidating don't let them get to you-don't let them scare you into not
going out to the DNC and RNC and fighting for freedom.

Plan your work. Work your plan.

In Love and Struggle

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