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(en) UK, *Dissent! Network Gathering - 1 in 12 Club, Bradford 3rd-4th July 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 09:56:58 +0200 (CEST)

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*Around 40 people were present.
* There was a consensus that the Dissent! Network will: ?Call for
convergences in Scotland with the objective of shutting down the
G8 in July 2005 whilst building alternatives to capitalism.? It was
pointed out that this consensus doesn?t at all define what we will
DO as a network. It is not necessarily clear that we will, for
example, organise a mass action at Gleneagles. There are
numerous ways in which we could try to shut down the G8. This
is all still open for discussion.
*There were a lot of comments made about how the VAAAG
village in Evian could be a possible model for the convergence(s)
in Scotland against the Summit.
*Local and Working Groups should start providing content for
the website. For more info contact: cattracker2004@yahoo.co.uk
*The Process Group will circulate the draft agenda for the next
Gathering on the email list for comments before the meeting in
Edinburgh. To make suggestions or comments email:
*A central Fundraising Group has been set up. They will open a
bank account and email address. People should start raising
money to pay into this account to be used for major costs
(possible renting of accommodation etc?). Local and Working
Groups should continue funding themselves. There will be a
discussion at the next Gathering about how the Fundraising
Group should be run. Proposals should be brought to the
*The next Gathering will take place from 17th-19th September in
Edinburgh. To confirm attendance email:
g8gathering@yahoo.co.uk as soon as possible.


The meeting started at around 11:20am. 25 people present - only
3 of which were women! The number of people attending the
gathering increased to around 40 over the weekend. The gender
balance remained poor with only around 6 women present.


There was a brief introduction to the Dissent! Network and how
it makes decisions followed by a discussion. There was
consensus that:

1) The Dissent! Network holds bi-monthly gatherings. The
Gatherings are the only Network decision making body - email
lists and web discussion forums are not where Network decisions
are made! Local groups are autonomous from one another and
are able to take any form of action they choose. Local Dissent!
Network groups should not speak for the whole network.
2) Local groups should also consider, however, that the actions
which they take will actually reflect on the network as a whole.

ACTION POINT: It was decided that a briefing pack with an
?Introduction to Dissent!? would be produced to be given to
people attending a Dissent! gathering for the first time. Nobody
took on producing this pack.

The website group are currently a small group of people
mandated by the last Dissent! gathering in Manchester to have
responsibility for the website. They are supposed to communicate
via email list, but this isn?t really working. The group are unsure
if they can change the website?s content without first getting
another mandate from the gathering. It was suggested that
changes are made as seen fit by the website group and any issues
with website content are brought to the gatherings.
The website group and anyone else with ?admin? access to the
website can make changes and additions to the website.

ACTIONPOINT One person from each local and working group
should get an administration password allowing them to add
items to the website. To get hold of a password, or for more info
contact cattracker2004@yahoo.co.uk. Also: The website group
have requested more content for the website to be added by local
groups and working groups (descriptions of how they work etc...)

It was noted that links to texts on G8 are all by NGOs, attac and
WDM etc- ACTIONPOINT we need to start providing
alternatives to these. Suggested Brighton gathering introduction
to G8 presentation to be put on website?

A new text introducing the Dissent! Network was agreed. Will be
posted on the website soon.

Met a few weeks ago. Decided to organise workshops on various
issues including: protest, war, poverty, global citizenship. The
group are producing worksheets, interactive games etc? suitable
for different age groups. All this should be put out on a CD ROM
at the end of September. There will be a roadshow in October
trying to go to places which aren?t traditional ?activist hotspots?
spreading information about the G8 and the above issues and
mobilising people for action. A Call Out has been written for local
groups to get in touch and organise events locally, this has been
distributed on the email list - there is an email list:
educatetheg8@lists.riseup.net and a phone number (07963
951267) for more information. The group will be putting on their
first workshops at the autonomous space at the ESF.

International Networking:
An International Call to take part in the process of organising
against the 2005 G8 Summit has been written. It is on the
website in English. It has been translated into German, Spanish,
Italian, Polish, Greek, Finish, Swedish and French and
distributed fairly extensively in German and Spanish speaking
countries. Translated Call Outs to be added to website soon.
There will be a presence at the Peoples? Global Action (PGA)
Conference in Belgrade in July and at the ?official? ESF and the
autonomous space(s) at the ESF in London in October. Posters
are being made by the International Networking group which will
be distributed internationally at the PGA Conference. 2,000
stickers advertising the Dissent! Network have been printed and
distributed internationally. More info: info-g82005@riseup.net
this email address is going to be changed to a Yahoo! account as
this will hopefully be more reliable and has a larger address book.
Watch out for the new address.

Process Group:
The Process Group was set up in Nottingham. The group has
responsibility for preparing the agenda and facilitation for
Gatherings. Problems with no effective Process Group for this
gathering. It was noted that it had been agreed that the Process
Group would change at each gathering with some old members
working with new members to ensure continuity but also a
complete rotation of members.
Minutes to be taken on laptop so they are available quickly. All
minutes to go on a space on the website and out on e-list as soon
as possible.
ACTION POINT: At the end of the Gathering three people took
on responsibility for forming a Process Group and liasing with
the organisers of the next gathering. They will produce a draft
agenda and circulate it on the email list for comments and
additions in advance of the gathering. Please forward any agenda
items to them: dissentprocess@yahoo.co.uk

Past Mobilisations Pamphlet:
A pamphlet is being produced with reflections on past summit
mobilisations, from the 1987 IMF/World Bank meeting in West
Berlin to the WTO Summit in Cancun. It should be available on
the website shortly and published in time for the ESF. Email:

Newsletter Group:
There are plans to produce a second newsletter with info on the
G8 solidarity actions plus more. ACTION POINT: Articles are
needed! To order copies of the Dissent! Newsletter, or to
contribute an article or idea, write to:
dissentnewsletter@yahoo.co.uk Or: Dissent Newsletter, Box 8,
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX

Social Centres Group:
There was a grant of £10,000 given to 7 different groups in
different locations to pay 1 years rent on a social centre to use as
a base for organising against the G8. The social centres will be
based in the following towns/cities: Oxford, Cardiff, Leeds,
Newcastle, Manchester plus two others.

Next Gathering:
Reshape! In Edinburgh are committed to hosting the next
Dissent! Gathering in September and will be in contact with the
Process Group. The Gathering will be held from 17th-19th
September 2004. ACTION POINT: There is no type of collective
accommodation so its important for them to know numbers.
Please contact them as soon as possible. Email:

It was noted that an invitation to the Bradford Gathering was
never issued. The text is still available and Nottingham group will
make it into a flyer to go on the website for the next gathering.
Others have agreed to help distribute this widely

Edinburgh to sort out the gathering logistics. A local introduction
to Dissent! flyer will be produced and they asked for help with
facilitation. Contact Reshape! if you wish to visit Scotland at any
other time.

Medical Support
This group confirmed that it still exists. Didn?t feel it was
necessary to meet during the gathering.

New Working Groups:
Legal Group
Formed at this gathering. New copies of the ?No Comment?
booklet have been made and were distributed.

Action Training
Newly formed group. Formed separately from the gathering,
want to become part of the Dissent! Network, this was
welcomed. The group will organise local training sessions before
and during the G8 mobilisation. They will try to ensure that
people new to direct action know what they?re doing. Planning
on organising training sessions at the autonomous social centres
being set up across the UK. They are also involved in organising
a ?Training for Trainers? event. Email contacts to follow.

Festival of Dissent! April 2005
A working group was formed.

will be put at the end of each email posted to the e-list explaining
which working groups exist and how to contact them.


Saturday afternoon was used to discuss peoples? ideas about
what to actually do when the G8 Summit takes place. The
meeting broke into two smaller circles. There was a ?go-round?
in each circle where each person said what (i) What they wanted
to achieve through the mobilisation and (ii) how they thought
that this could be achieved. The following two lists are notes
which were taken during each ?go-round?.

Group 1
*G8 meeting is symbolic, therefore the action is.
*An opportunity to meet and engage with people who are
dissenting against the g8, consolidate the network, nationally and
internationally, more then the disruption caused.
*Anti-g8 action should aid building a movement locally and
nationally, it shouldn?t impinge on local groups or detract energy.
*Barometer of where the movement is in this country, if
anti-capitalism is strong and is a real opposition to capitalism
then we will get a good turnout, difficult to predict the
outcome/shift that will take place.
*Attacking the ?red zone? is a none starter, blockading roads, or
disrupting/delaying conference would be more achievable. But
the most important is the foundations laid in the local area and as
someone from Scotland this could help build a stronger Scottish
*Creating a stronger direct action/anti-capitalist movement and
creating a creative and effective action against the g8. We
probably aren?t strong enough for a decentralised approach.
*An opportunity to do something visible and public drawing in
lots of people from all over the UK and other countries. VAAAG
in Evian was a positive example of self-organising in terms of
living and organising.
*G8 is a great opportunity to do some thing on a bigger scale,
there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied and will want to
oppose society as it is.
*The G8 want to imply they are democratically elected, we want
to remove that mask and that has been achieved at previous
summits and have shown that no one likes them. They have now
changed their tactics and want to dissolve the movement and
co-opt it. They want to use us and we must not allow this. We
have to stop asking and demanding things we have to make clear
that another world is both possible and already exists. If we
manage to meet and self organise as done at the VAAAG camp
we can show that another world exists. If we then take action it is
an addition and is secondary.
*Want to be part of a strong anti-capitalist movement. G8
important in that it captures so many people?s imagination. What
we do needs to feel relevant rather then get into the ?red zone?.
*A stronger movement in Scotland long term. I would like to
have a festival, so often people attack each other locally as those
responsible are further up the hierarchy and seem
unapproachable and we want to show people that they can dare
to be political and confront the hierarchy.
*I want to see as much disruption against anything involved with
the g8. Many possible tactics.
*Building of the greatest possible alliance against the g8
including local, faith and political group. Within this there should
be a strong anti-capitalist strand. The best example of this was
Seattle where many different groups took action together e.g.
unions. Get out of the ghetto and be inclusive, so social
democrats can?t co-opt in as part of the state.
*Important to attack the central venue, what local groups and
people want to happen.
*Promote the un-democraticness of G8 to people who wouldn?t
normally see this information
*Important that we show there is no business as usual. The state
should not set the agenda, it also shouldn?t be co-opted by
liberals. It is important that repression is thought about and
support is in place for prisoners and others suffering repression.

Group 2
(i) What to do we want to achieve?
*Build a movement
*Make G8 folks feel uncomfortable
*Impact in new unexpected ways
*Strong symbolic protest
*As much disruption as possible
*Bring country to a standstill
*Maximum education beforehand
*Stop G8 ever happening again
*Sense of victory
*Make our movement and model of organising stronger
*Use as focal point to bring out issues and connect them
*Getting people involved in things they?ve never done before
*Learn from experience
*Co-ordinated local response
*Attack state/capital

(ii) How to achieve this?
*Big action that can afterwards be translated to local level
*More disruptive actions in advance, e.g. in Edinburgh
*Large confrontations at Gleneagles, e.g. road blockades
*Marching on/laying siege to Gleneagles
*Local actions co-ordinated by theme/time in run-up and large
party at Gleneagles
*Lots of educational lead-in
*Empowering actions, creating safe space, good organisational
*Training people for safe, empowering actions
*Many different ways of getting involved/taking actions
*Day of action at G8
*Letting people know that the G8 is happening
*Creating safe/functional infrastructure for people to turn up and
do their own actions
*Self-organised camp at Stirling University
*Big rolling build up nationally - create momentum

Small Group Discussion
The two groups then re-formed and broke down into 6 small
groups to discuss these ideas (i.e.: what we want to achieve and
how) further. The following is the feedback from each of the
small groups.

Group 1
*Do we need to focus more on logistics (e.g. accommodation) or
tactics and training people to get them more excited?

Group 2
*Research points - e.g.: where is the delegates accommodation?
Perth or Stirling?
*Find friendly farmers with land for camping
*Local legal info - e.g. railway laws, new weapons of crowd
*At next meeting - bring list of resources e.g. marquees, catering
*Internationals coming into country - offer points of convergence
in *Glasgow/Edinburgh/London
*People in camps having info but organising themselves

Group 3
*Autonomous concert, village or camp
*Weekend before something in Glasgow or Edinburgh at ACE
(Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh) and GAP. Use May Day
2005 to have collective meeting/action in Glasgow
*Shut down g8
*Not too isolated
*Autonomous=self organised
*Focus on organising a camp rather then demo, and then people
in the camp organise what they want to do. What pulls people
together is being part of the camp and they then decide what
demo they take part in.
*Liked the VAAAG, several autonomous camps.

Group 4
*Similar to Poll tax riots, consistent localised protest leading up
to final day, raising profile of movement and getting more people
*Localised actions on the same day for people who don?t want to
go to Gleneagles which would raise profile

Group 5
*Accommodation and camps - not much hope of local authority
*VAAAG camp in Evian - self organising camp both in terms of
living and action.
*Camping near Gleneagles or in a city
*Counter summit/ festival - not isolated
*In Scotland
*Target services - e.g. security, catering, blocking roads,

Group 6
*Do something in Edinburgh or Stirling
*Make a broad statement now saying we are going to blockade
the G8
*Do march or actions in Edinburgh instead
*Build momentum by starting to do more publicity

General discussion
The small groups then fed back to the main group. A more
general discussion was then had. There was a consensus that the
Dissent! Network will:
Call for convergences in Scotland with the objective of shutting
down the G8 in July 2005 whilst building alternatives to

It was pointed out that this consensus doesn?t at all define what
we will DO as a network. It is not necessarily clear that we will,
for example, organise a mass action at Gleneagles. There are
numerous ways in which we could try to shut down the G8. This
is all still open for discussion.

There was then a more general discussion. The following points
were raised (there was not necessarily consensus on all/any of the
following points):

*Organising an autonomous village (similar to VAAAG in Evian)
allows us to define ourselves not just in terms of who our
enemies are but also how we organise ourselves, how we live
together and how we take action.
*The means we use should reflect the ends we hope to achieve.
*In 3 days time it is one year before the G8 Summit begins. We
could use this opportunity to issue a statement about how we
intend to resist the Summit.
*Pre-emptive actions could be taken before the Summit to try
and stop it being held at Gleneagles.
*We should issue a statement explaining how actions and
organising are decentralised.
*We should also explain that Dissent! is attempting to
concentrate upon building a strong, lasting anti-capitalist
*There was a general discussion about who these
proposals/statements would be aimed at, if they would be
translated and if they would be issued to the media.
*There was general consensus that Dissent! aims to strengthen
local groups and national and international anti-capitalist
*People felt it was important for people to take action locally.
*The Publicity Group will make a flyer incorporating these

there was a long discussion about issuing a statement I don?t
think this was actually taken on by anyone. I don?t think it was
decided what actually should go in the statement either.

The following points were discussed.

Workshop at EF! Gathering
Agreed to do a workshop at the gathering on the Dissent!
Network and the G8. 3-4 people took this on. A blurb will be
written and sent to the EF! gathering organisers for the

Consultation with local people around Gleneagles
It was asked how far we felt we should seek to make links with
people local to Gleneagles. Should we try to address their issues
and concerns about disruption. All felt that this would be a useful
exercise to allay concerns and dispel the stereotypes. It was
pointed out that we should impress on them that the vast
majority of the disruption will come from the G8 and the police
operations themselves. It was also noted that there will be others
taking part in demonstrations and this should be made clear to
locals: we are only one part of the mobilisations.

The Education/Roadshow group also have plans to travel to all
the local centres around the area informing people of what we?re
doing and about the G8.

Convergence Accommodation
It was pointed out that this was definitely needed. Others had
reservations that it would usurp a lot of time and energy that
could otherwise be put into other activities. Others still thought
that accommodation for international activists was absolutely
vital. Some thought that it was important to have an autonomous
space for self-organisation, providing food accommodation, maps
info, modelled on the VAAAG at Evian. One suggestion was that
we discuss resources with other groups e.g. NGOs, left etc.

Proposal 1 was that we go back to our groups to examine what
resources/facilities can be offered and also discuss whether local
groups can host internationals in the run up to G8. AGREED.

Proposal 2 was to set up a logistics working group to look at
accommodation. One person added that this should NOT be left
to a small number of people in this group to sort out. It should be
taken by all in the network. A modification was suggested which
was that there were working groups to take on specific tasks e.g.
food, structures (such as marquees etc?), water etc? WAS THIS

Suggested tasks for logistics groups were brainstormed:
1. Food
2. Transport
3. Accommodation/structures *
4. Meeting space *
5. Water
6. Entertainment
7. Information (logistical and action focussed)
8. Communications
9. Trainings* - already exists - agreed as a working group on Sat
10. Kids - crèche, welfare and entertainment
11. Negotiators
12. Medical*- already exists
13. Convergence Centre
14. Power
15. Local convergences - stop off points
16. Translation systems
17. Legal support * - already exists
18. Access - disability and special needs
19. Borders monitoring
20. Cleaning up / recycling
21. ?Berthas?- on site security
22. Fundraising - does this currently exist? Someone to find out
as some people might no longer be involved

* Priorities

It was suggested that as part of the international networking
process European groups be approached re: providing
infrastructure such as mobile kitchens, marquees etc?

ACTION POINT Consensus: We will all return to our groups or
local networks and present the above list of what we may need to
organise this camp and see what things can be taken on. To
report back at the next gathering in September.

Kitchens will be contacted in Brighton, Nottingham, Spain,
Greece, Germany and asked if any one group would be willing to
take on co-ordinating between different catering collectives.
There was a suggestion that a bike caravan might be able to
travel together with slow moving vehicles belonging to catering

People from Scotland will enquire about spaces and
accommodation and report back to the next gathering.

Second Session

Local feedback
It was noted that as a network this should be a priority in the
agenda for all gatherings. Not all groups were adequately
represented this late in the gathering. This session should happen
earlier at future gatherings.

New issue of newsletter to detail all G8 solidarity action and any
other local group/other news - please forward your contributions
ASAP (see contact info for Newsletter above).

Worthing-shut the G8
Squatted an old night club -opened up as a social space, parties,
outreached. Resultant increase in numbers.

Continuing work in 2nd social centre. Resisted eviction. 100
showed to support. Violent eviction expected. Went to Dublin for
May Day. 3 facing trial 2 can?t leave Dublin. Setting up network
to sell Zapatista coffee. Please contact if interested. Wanting to
skill share to set up T-shirt printing. Please contact if can help.

OCSET collective. Working towards finding a building to rent as
a social centre. Have a new space as a temp social centre will
continue with cafes and screenings

Found large building with 3 floors. Hopefully will get it and open
as a Dissent! info point. Clowning actions- holding trainings,
shut down army recruitment centre (accidentally). More to come
please see Leeds IMC

Are/have opened a new Social Centre in/hoping to be in City
centre (sorry, unclear from notes). Will be holding a street party
to outreach.

Week of activities around G8 2004 inc. forums, street theatre.
Research group set up. Peoples Golfing Association (PGA) set
up. Please see website.

Not many involved so have been working with Nottingham.

Building occupied for the week of the G8 2004 in solidarity with
the US protests. Workshops and events organised.

Using established social centre as info point on summit
mobilisations. Did three actions over g8 week. Oil action- shut oil
distribution centre please see IMC, action outside retail
corporations handed out G8 flyers. Involved in successful action
to shut down Sainsburys distribution centres. Networking in
Shannon, Ireland.

Working on long term projects. Received social centre funding.
Will use this as a base for anti-G8 activities. Are organising
anarchist film festival for Dec 11 -13th. Involved in Caterpillar
campaign newsletter available

Trying to get a group together but poor response at short notice.
More response from the police. Group discussing focusing on
police intimidation tactics and ways to deal with this.

Anti-g8 football tournament held in the streets.

Anti-g8 jam. Occupied parts of city centre giving free food, party

General call out for support/donations should go on website.
There was a discussion about the pros and cons of fundraising
locally or centrally. It had previously been decided that local
groups and working groups would fund themselves, but a
working group is necessary to make big applications for some of
the bigger costs e.g. possible building/land hire. It was unclear if
this group would also cover the costs of producing publicity. So
far agreement has been publicity resources to be put on web by
local groups for other groups to use if they want at own expense.

No real discussion on how we can make decisions about how to
distribute money. Agreed this should be on next agenda and
irrelevant until we have funds.

ACTION POINT Can people consider this issue and bring
proposals to next gathering. The previous funding working group
was disbanded and a new one has been set up and will open bank
account. Request for all to focus on how to get money - please
bring donations, contributions from local group funds or ideas on
how to get money to the next gathering. An e-mail contact or list
for this group will go out.

Feedback about ESF and Autonomous Spaces
A meeting about Autonomous Spaces at the ESF was organised
in London. 60 people showed with only 2 days notice. The
meeting was mostly attended by ?horizontals? who have left the
?official? process. The meeting was attended by a broad range of
groups from different political perspectives ? Unity was
established on the basis of a common (horizontal) organising
process. A Call Out to European autonomous groups to take part
in the Autonomous Spaces process was put out and a meeting
was held in Berlin ? people from around 75 groups were present!
Those involved include European creative forum - art squats etc.
communication network e.g. IMC and independent media. Hope
to have multiple spaces.

The meeting in Berlin issued a unified demand to the European
ESF Assembly meeting at the same time in Berlin that:
autonomous spaces be recognised by the ESF, that events in the
autonomous space are advertised in the ?official? ESF
programme (if requested by the groups organising the event) and
that the autonomous spaces receive financial and logistical
support. These demands were partly met. A meeting regarding
funding is to be held in London soon.

There was consensus that there would be Dissent! workshops at
the ESF autonomous space. There was a debate about whether or
not to hold a workshop or seminar at the ?official? ESF. It was
feared that some radical groups would be reluctant to work
together with Dissent! if we were involved in the ESF process,
others thought that it was a good point to contact people new to
the political scene.

ACTION POINT: The International Networking working group
has said that they would book a space at the main ESF - to
register as local group £50. They will possibly arrange a
seminar with other radical groups from Europe. The seminar will
also be used to plug the Dissent! workshops at the autonomous
space (autonomous space workshops therefore to be organised
after this seminar). International networking to further research
this. It was requested and agreed that those who organise the
seminar don?t speak for the whole Network but as a local or
working group.

International Networking group to lease with the Roadshow
group re: ESF.

As part of greater ESF process Wombles agreed to provide an
autonomous space. If anyone can help out please contact them. If
there are any groups that want to advertise for the autonomous
spaces in the main ESF publicity contact Wombles for more info.

SchNEWS are to have a conference and birthday party event
launching the ?SchNEWS at 10? book on the Saturday of the
ESF. We will need a Dissent! speaker at this.

Anarchist Bookfair
£110 for 2hrs workshop and a stall (this is a discounted rate -
we need to provide two people to help out with the Bookfair -
cleaning up etc?- for one hour each in return for this discount.)
Agreed this should be booked. Someone took this on. Local
groups should bring their publicity for the stall. Also discussion
on getting page or half page advertising in the brochure -
someone took on trying to negotiate a reduced rate for this advert.
Need money-can pay through donations tin on stall, sales - make

Labour party 26-30 Sept
Direct action good publicity. Any actions organised should be
done in the name of groups which are a part of the Dissent!
Network and not in the name of the entire Network.

Olympics August 04
Massive repression. Gathering agreed to sign a declaration in
solidarity with those opposing the Olympics in Greece to go out
on IMC and website.

Not many women at all. Need to think about providing childcare
- not sure if it is a matter of childcare as attendance of women
has been much better previously. Do need to think about
childcare at next gathering or for the invite to address this -
process group to discuss with Edinburgh.

Any Other Business
Question of how new groups affiliate with network. Suggestion-
No formal procedure- open to any local group that wants to resist
the G8 and work within the PGA Hallmarks. No vetting process.
Groups to be invited to attend gatherings.
* [Ed. Note: Disent! is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist
direct action initiative.]

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