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(en) UK, "My son was just a bit of meat to them, just a number." - mother of soldier killed in Iraq

From Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance <resistanceab@yahoo.co.uk>
Date Thu, 1 Jul 2004 22:28:03 +0200 (CEST)

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A few days ago another soldier was killed and two wounded in a roadside bomb
attack in the city of Basra in Iraq. His mother said in the Daily Telegraph:
"My son was just a bit of meat to them, just a number."
"This is not our war, my son has died in their war over oil
and they haven't even taken the trouble of picking up the
phone to say they're sorry for our loss."
He is not the first, according to BBC he is the 60th K.I.A. British soldier, and
surely he will not be the last. And this happened just at the time of the hand over
of power to the new puppet Iraqi government… its days are numbered as the ruffians
are very famous among the people who have as a last resort the armed resistance.

Someone reading this document might think that we are happy
for the death of that boy who became a cannon fodder at the
age of 19… NO we are not! The loss of human life causes
always misery and sadness to the common people. But we
cannot say that we are going to defend him or any other
soldier. They bring sadness and misery to the people of
Iraq and Afghanistan. They go there armed and they kill! So
the killers and the torturers take what they deserve from
the Iraqis who bravely resist… but again who are we to
judge if this 19 year old boy was a killer or not? What we
say for sure is that he was used in the most ruthless way!

The sad thing is why these young boys and girls chose to
fight in a war which is not theirs… In some cases the
salary, in some others the misery of every day life in
Britain led them to seek out “a more exciting life”, and
some of them brainwashed more than the average by the
mainstream media believe that they will become more British
or be patriots by enlisting in the army.

Last year the military machine was mass recruiting people
in colleges, universities, in job centres etc. In one of
our actions to challenge the recruitment in Aberdeen we
came across soldiers as young as 18 years old… they might
be bleeding in a forgotten street of Basra right now… these
boys were brainwashed to such an extent that they really
believed that they were defending us and the rest of the
people living in this country!?!?! If we needed to defend
ourselves we should have done so, as we did so against the
police in the past… and if ever the circumstances get as
bad as in Iraq, as the Iraqis are defending right now!

If Britain was bombed, invaded and occupied what would all
these 19 year old boys have done? Would they taken up arms
in defence of their home? They would! Not in defence of
Blair and the rest of the parasites in the parliament! But
in defence of their families, their neighbours, their
towns? In defence of the streets that they were raised?

But enough with “if”s… Let’s take a look at some of the
facts in Iraq:

·Because the Iraqis take no bullshit about puppet
governments and UK and USA so-called “freedom”, the
ministry of defence is forced to send unprepared and badly
trained troops to Iraq

·Already two or three countries have declared that they
will withdraw their troops.

·Except from the usual troops, the oil and construction
multinational companies have hired more than 15.000
mercenaries (!) because of lack of troops in the area.
These thugs are called civilian contractors by the media.
They make a living out of killing and torturing, and they
are usually ex-special forces or even Foreign Legion…

At this point we have to take a look at what the ministry
of defence is saying about the incident:

“It is with very deep regret that the Ministry of Defence
has to confirm that Fusilier Gordon Campbell Gentle was
killed in an improvised explosive device attack on British
military vehicles in Basrah on 28 June 2004. Aged nineteen,
he served with the 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers,
and was single.
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Cartwright, the Commanding Officer
of the 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers, said:

"His name says it all. As a new member of the battalion, he
settled in with ease, happy in the team environment and
always willing to help others. His enthusiasm for his job
immediately caught the eye of his peers and superiors

Our thoughts are with his family at this very difficult
time; the media are very strongly asked to respect their

Yeah of course the thoughts of the war criminals who call
themselves the “Ministry of Defence”, which only once in
their history they defended and all the other times they
butchered, are with the families at this very difficult
time… because they know that if someone has one reason more
than anyone else to bring them down, this someone is the
families and the friends of the ones sacrificed on the
altar of oil and power. And they say the time is difficult
because they feel their careers are in danger and the
profits of their bosses are unstable since the beginning of
the Iraqi armed Resistance.

They speak of difficult times not because they care about
the ones who are send to die for the welfare of the UK
bosses, but because their careers are in danger and the
profits of their bosses are not going so well because of
the Iraqi Resistance…

The Iraqi Resistance which the USA and UK bosses crippled
when they introduced the sanctions after the 1991 war in
Iraq… except if someone is naive enough to believe that
Saddam and his dogs were affected by the sanctions and they
couldn’t buy their aspirin from the local pharmacy.

The ministry of slaughter is indirectly ordering the media
not to approach the families of the killed soldiers… They
think that they can hide their war crimes and they are
arrogant enough to believe that they will get away with
them! At this point we would like to take our hats off to
the Daily Telegraph for printing the words of the family (
), against their usual tactic (and the tactic of other
papers as well) of printing the words of another disgusting
mouthpiece of the government.

These ruthless bastards in the ministry of slaughter
believe that the british people are stupid! They think that
because they manage to brainwash a few thousand to fight
and die for Blair and his ilk, and because the people in
britain haven’t realised their capability of resisting
their plans, they have the impression that we are nothing
more than sheep, and that we will continue to march from A
to B as they continue to kill people. Most people are not
stupid at all! Maybe terrorised and weak but not stupid!
Their time will come sooner or later and they will pay for
their war crimes…


Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance
resistanceab (at) yahoo.co.uk

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Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance


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