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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 601 28th June ­11th July 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 1 Jul 2004 22:19:06 +0200 (CEST)

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There is something both comic and tragic about the Iraqi interim government
being given back their sovereignty in a secret ceremony deep inside the
United State's Command Centre in Baghdad. A government that had even a
modicum of public support would have flouted its newfound freedom in public
displays that would bolster, not diminish its authority. The new
government's tough rhetoric about States Of Emergency, increased police
powers and a possible postponement of forthcoming elections, highlights its
lack of authority among the people it is trying to govern.

Although a significant number of Iraqis welcomed the US led invasion and the
removal of Saddam Hussein, very few welcome the corporate carpetbaggers that
have, as a consequence of the US presence in Iraq, been able to transfer
Iraq's wealth from the Iraqi State to a handful of American owned
trans-national corporations. The wholesale transfer of wealth out of the
hands of Iraqis is the single most visible manifestation of the Iraqi
interim government's inability to exercise sovereignty.

A government's ability to exercise power and control and its own wealth are
the two most important indicators of its ability to exercise sovereignty.
The interim Iraqi government has neither. It does not have the power to
stamp its authority on the Iraqi people because even with direct US military
assistance, it does not enjoy a monopoly on the use of force in Iraq. Its
inability to access the enormous wealth in its oil fields because Iraq's oil
supplies are now for all intentional purposes owned by a handful of American
owned trans-national corporations, strips it of any legitimacy it may have
enjoyed in the eyes of the people it rules.

It's beggar's belief that so many politicians from the Prime Minister, John
Howard down, as well as a significant proportion of expert media
commentators and academics cannot see what most Iraqi's are able to see
clearly ­ that although Iraqis now find themselves eating from a different
coloured plate, the amount and quality of the food they currently have
access to has not changed.

The 5-week winter parliamentary recess will give Federal political leaders
the opportunity to indulge in their favourite obsession, marginal electorate
hoping. An unusual feature of the Australian electoral process is that
elections are normally decided on how fewer than 100,000 voters cast their
ballots in 15 to 20 marginal electorates. Targeting marginal voters in
marginal electorates is a political art that astute politicians are keen to

A pre-modernist Prime Minister posing as a modernist and a post modernist
Opposition Leader posing as a modernist is painting this year's marginal
electoral canvas. Each leader will attempt to destroy the other's vision
for the aspirational voters they are counting by daubing their tag over
their opposites tag. Black becomes white and lies are pedalled as gospel
truths as both leaders frequent flyer points soar. The corporate owned
media will accelerate the process by handing over pots of paint to their
respective champions so that their backers can determine the tone and colour
of the emerging composition. Everybody else is a spectator in a work in
progress, they can never hope to influence.

Their role is limited to placing consecutive numbers in a limited number of
boxes on a sheet of paper. Even if they don't like the artwork they've been
asked to judge, they are forced by law to direct their vote to two artists
who spend more time defacing each other's tags then painting a picture that
people can warm to. No wonder more and more electors are turning their
backs on a process that denies them the right to hand over their pots of
paint to their respective champions.

Representative democracy is democracy in name only. People don't just want
to be passive spectators to the spectacle of two mediocre political artists,
painting an indifferent canvas to capture the attention of a 100,000
aspirational marginal votes. They want to grab those brushes and paint pots
from the hands of those sectors in society that currently enjoy a monopoly
on the type of picture that can be painted and paint a canvas that all
Australians can enjoy and identify with.

Legislation will be introduced in the next session of the Victorian State
parliament that will allow the State to seize assets of suspects who fail to
be convicted in a court of law. It's extraordinary to think that an
individual's or group's assets can be removed on a whim. In December, laws
were introduced that give police the power to freeze assets, while people
who have been charged for a variety of offences, some serious, others
relatively petty, await trial.

In what can only be described as an extraordinary move, family homes are
being seized in cases where people are awaiting trial on what can be
described as relatively minor charges. In the hysteria surrounding the
current spate of underworld killings, little debate has occurred about the
consequences of laws that can be used to strip away the assets of ordinary
people. The broadening of laws to seize assets of people involved in
criminal activity has implications for everyone. It's highly likely that
these laws will result in the stripping away of the assets of people who are
charged with relatively minor offences, while organised crime figures who
are able to channel their money through company structures and legitimate
business will still be able to conduct their businesses.

It's extraordinary that government can even contemplate the idea of
introducing laws that strip people of their assets, although they have not
been charged with or convicted of any crime. What is the point of having a
judicial system if the police are given the powers to do whatever they like?
What is frightening is that a precedent has been set that can be used to
strip minorities and political and community activists of their assets
because their presence and activities may be considered to be pre-judicial
to the interests of whoever is running the State of some point in the

The incestuous relationship between big business in Australia and the Howard
government has been highlighted by a little publicised decision the Federal
Treasurer made on Tuesday. News Limited, the Murdoch's flagship in
Australia, is like its paramount leader Rupert Murdoch, about to become a
United States citizen. It seems that the listing of his empire on the
Australian Stock Exchange is causing a little bit of grief for the Kim il
Sung of the south.

That bastion of free enterprise, the United States of America, is not
adverse to looking after its own. Irrespective of the pubescent love affair
that the gob-smacked schoolboy Johnny Howard has with all things American,
the rhetoric about free trade coming out of the land of the free and brave,
is just that, rhetoric. It seems that Rupert and the fruits of his loins
are precluded from raising money to expand their world wide publishing
empire from some of the world's biggest superannuation funds based in the

Hence the Murdoch clan have embarked on a plan to shift their assets to the
US. In order to do this they have to overcome two hurdles. They need to
obtain the Federal Treasurer's permission to do so, as the move has
important ramifications for the Australian stock market, because the Murdoch
empire accounts for over 9% of all stock listed at the Stock Exchange and
they have to win the votes of News Limited stockholders. It seems that
Peter Costello, sight unseen, has given the Murdoch family the green light
to move their company to the land of the brave and the free.

Considering that the Murdoch clan owns 70% of newspapers in Australia and
that the Federal government needs all the help it can get to win the next
Federal election, it makes good sense for Peter Costello to roll over and
have his tummy tickled by the Murdoch family. To do otherwise is electoral
suicide. Without the Murdoch's continued backing, Johnny Howard would find
it extremely difficult to even be competitive at the polls later on this

It's really exciting to experience first hand the extent the Howard
government will go to, to accommodate the needs of its mates in the business
community. It's good to know that when the Howard government balances the
needs of Australians with the needs of trans-national corporations, the
needs of the Murdoch's of the world will always win out.

Victorian Federal Liberal MP Petro Georgiou's principled stand on the Howard
government's new addition to its draconian anti-terrorist laws (Lib Slams
Anti-terror Law 27/6), is a voice of reason and principle in a parliament
that long ago ceased to pay any attention to the delicate balance between
freedom and security in Australian society. While less talented Liberal
MP's have held significant Cabinet portfolios, Georgiou has cooled his heels
on the backbench for principled stands he has taken in the past. He has
been a victim of a number of viscous whispering campaigns in his electorate
and has had to fend off a number of particularly nasty pre-selection

Georgiou is right when he claims that the new addition to the raft of
anti-terrorist laws that have been rushed through parliament over the past
few years, removes those very rights and liberties that have set this
country apart from our more authoritarian neighbours. To laws that allow
people to be detained and interrogated without charges being laid, because
they may have inadvertently come across information that may help this
country's security agencies with their investigations and to laws that
allows those questioned to be jailed for up to 5 years for not answering
questions, have been added laws that give the Attorney General the power to
ban any organisation for whatever spurious reason he sees fit.

Once an organisation is banned, it becomes a crime punishable up to 25 years
in prison for being a member or for raising funds for the banned group.
Georgiou is right to say that enough is enough. Under the proposed Bill
currently before Federal Parliament, anyone who associates more than once
with a banned organisation, even if they don't know it's banned, can be
jailed for up to 3 years. Under the proposed legislation anyone, teachers,
wives, children, friends, relatives, lawyers, social workers and even
journalists can find themselves cooling their heels in jail for up to 3
years if they communicate with anyone in a banned group.

It's both tragic and ridiculous to think that the very rights and freedoms
that the current legislation is supposed to protect are the very rights and
freedoms that the raft of anti-terrorist Bills that have been passed by both
the Howard government and Her Majesty's loyal opposition have removed.

A. Unwanted sexual advances can be due to a number of factors. Cultural,
social and even possibly genetic factors may play a role in the number of
sex related crimes that occur in any community. It's important to remember
that a person is much more likely to be attacked by someone they know than
by a stranger. Opportunity, community attitudes, the possibility of
exposure, probably sanctions faced by a perpetrator and the power exercised
by people in positions of authority all play a role in the level of sexual
attacks that occur in any community.
An anarchist society is much more likely to be able to tackle this serious
problem than most other societies. Sexual crimes rates are much higher in
communities where human beings are considered to be the property of other
human beings and where economic power is held in the hands of an elite. The
more dependent people are, the greater the likelihood that they will be
subjected to sexual abuse. It is no accident that children, women and
minorities, the most powerless members of the communities we live and work
in, suffer the highest rates of sexual attacks.
Anarchist communities should be able to tackle the problem of sexual abuse
more successfully than most other societies because everybody in an
anarchist community is able to share in the economic bounty of that
community. Also no one in an anarchist society is able to exercise power
without other people been aware of it. The climate of openness, discussion
and active participation in the affairs of the communities people live and
work in, makes it difficult for sexual predators to abuse other people in
the community without other people being aware of what's happening. That
doesn't mean that opportunities to sexually abuse other people wont exist.
They will. What it does mean is that exposure would happen much more
quickly than in a hierarchical society. The underlying philosophical
assumption that no one is somebody else's property and the strong
possibility that people who commit unwanted sexual advances will be quickly
identified in an anarchist society, will help to decrease the rate of sexual
based crimes that occur in an anarchist society.

GARBAGE!! Nothing changes unless people demand change and challenge
dominant thinking. Every journey starts with a first step, every mighty red
gum begins its life as a seed. The struggle for radical egalitarian change
starts with ideas. It doesn't matter whether the community initially
believes they're impractical, what's important is that they're placed in the
public arena, no ideas, no hope, no future, no change. Nothing changes
unless opinions and ideas, which challenge day to day reality, are raised.
To communicate ideas is a revolutionary act. Ironically, mass communication
has resulted in a decrease not an increase in the number of ideas that are
seriously considered by society. The formulation and dissemination of ideas
has become the pressure of those who own the means of communication.
Radicals have forgotten the power of ideas and tailor their campaigns and
activities to capture media attention, mistakenly believing that mass
exposure creates mass movements. Consensus is manufactured by the mass
media's universal sausage machine. Irrespective of what ideas are fed into
their sausage machine, the colour, consistency and texture of the final
product is the same.
Nothing changes unless you initiate change. Tearing yourself away from
television allows you to manufacture your own reality. You can use that
reality to challenge the filtered reality that fills every waking moment of
your life. Human interaction, one to one, face to face, still plays a
pivotal role in the development of the movement for radical egalitarian
change. Dreams remain dreams unless they're communicated to those around
you. The reality of those who control the means of production, distribution
and exchange is not our reality. We should not let them monopolise our
thoughts and ideas. We must not let them think that only their ideas are
legitimate, practical, useful and legal. We must not let them dominate
public discussion and set the political, moral and cultural agenda in the
communities we live and work in.
Keep your dreams to yourself die slowly, bored, exhausted, cynical and
alone. Communicate them to other people, interact, discuss, cut through the
manufactured consensus of everyday life and with other peoples help, set the
agenda and change the rules about what is desirable, practical and useful.
Open your mouth and take the first step in a journey that will possibly
change your life and that could change the future of the human race.

The British ruling classes viewed popular education as a direct threat to
their authority. Industrialisation and the rise of a skilled workforce,
that required education, needed to be controlled. Mechanics Institutes were
set up to provide skilled workmen with the education they required to carry
out their jobs. The curriculum that was offered by these institutes excised
social, religious and political topics from their curriculum.
In Melbourne, the gentry built the first institute so they could control the
type of information workers could have access to. A 2-story brick building
containing a hall, meeting rooms, library and offices, was built in 1842,
just 7 years after Melbourne had been established. The Melbourne Institute
underwent a facelift that made it look like a Greek temple in 1853. The
members of the Institute, the more respectable members of the city, took it
in turns to lecture the few skilled manual workers who came to lectures,
about the reasons why it was important to maintain the current social
A day after the Eureka rebellion was put down in a sea of blood, 1500
special constables had been sworn in to protect Melbourne from a possible
uprising. The authorities decided to hold a public meeting in the hall at
the Mechanics Institute at 188 Collins Street (currently The Athenaeum
Theatre) to denounce the diggers and support the Government. Around 3000
people turned up to attend the meeting. The organisers decided to hold the
meeting in Collins Street, as they could not fit so many people in the
Mechanics Institute. As official speakers tried to pass motions condemning
the activities of the diggers, the crowd became restless and drowned out the
official speakers. Unofficial speakers caught the crowd's imagination and
were cheered on as they denounced the Government. The meeting showed the
Government, that sentiment was not on their side, as they had lost the
confidence of the people. A few days later, a monster meeting was held in
Swanston Street Melbourne, outside St. Paul's Cathedral that denounced the
Government and demanded that the miners demands be met.
Considering the extraordinary pressure the colonial authorities were facing
in Victoria, it's no wonder within 12 months of the Eureka uprising, every
demand made by the miners was met by the Government of the day.

'THE REVOLT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED ­ A Campaign For Free Expression In
By Ciaron O'Reilly, Published 1984
This little 36page pamphlet should be mandatory reading for the Libertarian
movement. Ciaron O'Reilly, a radical Christian anarchist, gives an account
of the 1982-83 non violent struggle for free expression in Queensland's
Brisbane Mall in this little pamphlet. The campaign for free speech in
Queensland which began in 1967 involved thousands of Queenslanders in
confrontations with the State, the judiciary, city councils, big business,
the media and the major political parties.
The campaign conducted by a coalition of anarchists and radical Christians -
'the Committee of 50' attempted to destroy the permit system, a series of
laws and regulations that stymie free expression in Brisbane. The tactics
used by the 'Committee of 50' and 'People for Free Expression', revolved
around directly attacking the legitimacy of the permit system through direct
action and propaganda by the deed. During 1982-83, 12 dissidents were
imprisoned for the heinous crime of talking in the Brisbane Mall without a
permit. The almost daily confrontations between anarchists and radical
Christians and the State eventually led to the State abandoning the permit
The strength of O'Reilly's account, lies in his ability to recount the role
of all the players in this saga. The enemies of the 'Committee of 50' and
'People for Free Expression' included the ALP dominated Brisbane City
Council, the corrupt Bjeilke-Peterson Liberal/National Party State
government, the Murdoch media, the authoritarian Left and public
indifference to the campaign. The authoritarian Left crowned itself in glory
during the campaign by openly attacking the right to free expression of
those people with whom they disagreed with. O'Reilly's account ends with an
epilogue that examines the role of television in the protest movement. He
makes the very important point that many activists direct their activities
to the television camera, mistakenly believing that you can build a mass
movement by projecting ideas in a mass way. All in all, this little gem
makes a contribution to Libertarian thought that far outweighs its size.
A photocopy of 'The Revolt Will Not Be Televised' can be obtained by sending
a book of 10 50cent stamps to:
I'd like to thank the crew from the Melbourne local of the Kate Sharpley
Library for sending me this fascinating blast from the past to me.

'Members of the Fitzpatrick and Ervin families have met with Colin Bull (the
driver of the other vehicle) and his family. This meeting wants to express
to Colin and his family that not one member of Corinne's extended family or
Corinne herself hold him responsible in any way, shape or form. They also
expressed their regrets for him and his family, offering whatever support
they could.'
'Elizabeth Chambon (the French exchange student), mother and sister
supported by the French Consulate have met Corinne and some other family
members. Corinne was warmly offered to visit them in France and stay at
their family home'.
'Colin and his family also said that they hold no animosity and offered to
do anything that might help the healing process. They requested that they
attend the funeral and have been invited to sit with the main family group.'
These are few of the extraordinary words in a statement released on behalf
of the Ervin family, a family whose lives were changed forever in a split
second. A few days ago, a car driven in heavy rain outside Bendigo by one
of the Ervin children, a learner driver, left the road and ploughed into a
truck driven by Colin Bull. In one split second, Brooke, Jade, 15-year old
French exchange student Elizabeth Chambon, and Brooke and Jade's parents
Anne and Richard died. Their older sister, 20 year old Corinne, who was
living in Melbourne's was the only surviving member of the family.
Within a few hours, the Australian media were trying to extract every last
drop of blood from the story. Shell-shocked family members were exposed to
the harsh glare of publicity, as they were together in a hastily arranged
press conference the following morning. The schools the children attended
were badgered for information. Like a crowd of biblical locust, reporters
descended on the surviving members trying to out-scoop their rivals with
pictures and snippets of information. Before the bodies were cold,
questions were being publicly asked about the type of car driven by the
girl, why she was driving the car in the rain and whether laws should be
changed regarding L-plate drivers. Disparaging remarks began to appear
about those involved in the accident. The resultant media feeding frenzy
threatened to make a mockery of the families suffering.
The extended family rallied together despite the intense media scrutiny and
issued their own statement, bringing dignity to a process that threatened to
denigrate into high farce. Through their dignity, no nonsense approach,
they regained the initiative and brought a medium of sanity to what was fast
becoming a media circus. They ended the statement with the following heart
felt plea to the media:
'We trust both families and especially Corinne's privacy will be respected.'
Hopefully the media, a group that collectively has not covered itself with
glory, will leave the survivors alone and let them get on with rebuilding
their lives.

It's extraordinary the power a Prime Minister is able to exercise in
Australia. The Prime Minister alone has the power to set the date for the
next Federal election. Anytime between August 2004 and March 2005, Howard
can wander across to the Governor-General's mansion and press the button
that sets the electoral juggernaut in motion. Over the past 6 months, the
process of government has been held hostage to Howard's attempts to
manipulate the system so he can call the election when he believes his
government has the best chance of retaining office.
The manipulation of parliament by Howard, highlights how policy is
determined by electoral needs, not the needs of the people the government
theoretically represents. The Government's ham-fisted attempts to clear the
decks of legislation before the end of the current sitting of Federal
parliament, are designed to put Howard in a position where he can call an
election to exploit changes in the electoral climate during the winter
parliamentary recess. Howard has cleared the legislative decks because he's
counting on his Tampa sailing back into port. This time, it wont be a boat
load of refugees picked up in international waters, this time he is banking
on the very real possibility of a terrorist outrage tipping the balance in
his government's favour.
It's ironic that the very government, that through its policies has
increased the likelihood of a terrorist attack in Australia, is the very
same government that could benefit from such an outrage. Howard, like his
counterparts in the former Spanish government, would not be adverse to
electoral exploiting the line that his government is the only one that can
protect Australians if a terrorist outrage occurs before the next Federal
election is called. Irrespective of what we think about representative
democracy, it's extraordinary that so much parliamentary time and effort is
directed at creating the very best conditions for an incumbent government to
be re-elected.
Howard clearing the legislative decks performance is worthy of an Academy
award. His manipulation of parliamentary processes, makes Australia's most
divisive and manipulative Prime Minister Billy Hughes (the little digger),
look like a rank amateur.
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

ARIVISTA ANARCHIA No299, MAY 2004, Editrice A, C.P.17120, 20170 Milano,
ITALY, Tel:022896627, Fax:0228001271, Email:arivista@tin.it
TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.191 JUNE 2004, Periodico Anarquista, Apartado 7.056
de Madrid, 28080 SPAIN, Tel:917970424, Fax:915052183,
STRIKE BACK 2004, Organic gardening & seed saving campaign, Original Seed
& Info Centre, P.O. BOX 213, Ocean Grove, 3226, VICTORIA, AUISTRALIA
OPERAI CONTRO Vol.23 No.111 JUNE 04, Giornale per la Critica La Latta,
L'organizzazionale degli Operai Contro La Struttamento, Via Falck 44, 20099,
Sesto S.Giovanni (MI), ITALY,

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Review. Currently snail mail subscribers are cross subsidising internet
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Debt 30-06-2004 $1726.46

Aust troops in Iraq have been attacked in 2 seperate incidents. A base where
Aust troops were training Iraqis came under mortar attack over the weekend.
An Aust plane was also fired on, killing 1 of its US passengers. A Defence
spokesman said "this is a dangerous place & these are dangerous ops &
there's always a probability or a possibility of this type of incident" &
"this could've been a heavy machine gun on the back of a truck or something
of that nature that can be moved in or out of an area very quickly...so it
is quite difficult to secure the large areas involved in the flight paths
into an airport". Mr Howard said while "we hope & pray they won't get
worse", Aust troops will stay in the country despite the attacks. (Source:
The Age)
Aust newspapers have admitted they were wrong to use the term 'illegal
immigrants' to describe asylum seekers. The Press Council has upheld a
complaint laid against the Sydney Morning Herald for using the term, as well
as 'illegal entrants'. The terms are sometimes used by members of the govt,
but refugee advocates point out that seeking asylum isn't actually illegal.
The Press Council will issue a set of guidelines for Aust newspapers.
(Source: Melbourne Indymedia)
Detainees held in Afghanistan by US troops have been routinely tortured &
humiliated as part of the interrogation process in the same way as those in
Iraq, suggesting that this treatment was US govt policy rather than isolated
incidents. An investigation by the Guardian newspaper has found 5 detainees
have died in custody, 3 of them in suspicious circumstances. Ex detainees
have told stories of beatings, strippings, hoodings & sleep deprivation.
Syed Nabi Siddiqi, a ex police officer, said he'd been beaten & stripped.
"They took off my uniform. I showed them my identity card from the govt of
President Karsai. Then they asked me which of those animals they made the
noise of goats, sheep, dogs, cows have you had sexual activities with?" A
2nd detainee, Noor Aghah, said he'd been forced to drink bottle after bottle
of water during his interrogation. Another prisoner, Wazir Muhammad, was
held for nearly 2 years, firstly in Afghanistan & then in Guantanamo Bay.
"At the end of my time in Guantanamo, I had to sign a paper saying I'd been
captured in battle which was not true," he said. "I was stopped when I was
in my taxi with 4 passengers. But they told me I would have to spend the
rest of my life in Guantanamo if I didn't sign it, so I did." More than 2000
people have been held in US detention centres in Afghanistan since the 'end'
of the war. (Source: The Guardian [UK])
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "When I first saw the photo, taken at the Abu Ghraib
prison, of a hooded & robed figure strung with electrical wiring, I thought
of the Sacramento, California, city jail. When I heard that dogs had been
used to intimidate & bite at least 1 detainee at Abu Ghraib, I thought of
the training video shown at the Brazoria County Detention Center in Texas.
When I learned the male inmates at Abu Ghraib were forced to wear women's
underwear, I thought of the Maricopa County jails in Phoenix, Arizona & when
I saw the photos of the naked bodies restrained in grotesque & clearly
uncomfortable positions, I thought of the Utah prison system. Donald
Rumsfeld said of the abuse when he visited Abu Ghraib on May 13, 'It doesn't
represent American values. But the images from Iraq looked all too American
to me". (Anne-Marie Cusac points out that the treatment of Iraqi prisoners
has parallels in the US prison system. 2 of the guards at Abu Gharib prison
previously worked as prison guards in the US. 1 guard, Charles Graner,
previously worked at Greene County prison, where guards "beat inmates,
sodomized inmates with nightsticks & conducted 'nude searches in which every
body orifice is examined in full view of other guards & prisoners'. Source:
The Progressive magazine [US], July 04 issue)
ATNTF weekly anarchist news service visit us on the web -
www.apolitical.info email us (news@apolitical.info) to subscribe to our
email list.

Has been awarded to Latham's Labor Party and Meg Lees' Progressive Alliance
for bending over when the Howard government suggested they drop their
political pants.

Write to: Original Seed & Information Centre,
P.O. BOX 213, Ocean Grove, 3226, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
For your 2004 guide to establishing your own garden

We have received some RUSSIAN ANARCHIST LITERATURE ­ but can't read a word
of it. It's all Russian to us. If you can translate Russian into English,
call us on (03) 9828 2856 or write to us at

(Federal Electorate of Dunkley) Presents a Community Meeting
19th JULY 2004 ­ 7PM
Meeting Room, Community Hall,
Station St, SEAFORD, MELBOURNE (Melways Ref: 99D3)
Ask your questions ­ Guest Speakers include the Dunkley Candidates for the
upcoming Federal Election: Mr. Bruce BILLSON sitting Liberal candidate, Ms
Helen CONSTAS ­ ALP candidate, Greens and Democrats candidates as well as
Dr. Tim WOODRUFF President Doctors Reform Society, Dr. Joseph TOSCANO Joint
National Convenor Defend & Extend Medicare Australia
www.defendandextendmedicare.org or Ph: Julie Jones (03) 9766 8555

$12.00 Unwaged $15.00 waged
6PM Food & drinks in the foyer. Film starts at 7PM
Organise a group of your friends & work mates to see the 2004 winner of the
Palm D'Or and help 3CR ­ Melbourne's only radical community radio station.
'Squatters & Unwaged Workers Airwaves broadcasts every Friday on 3CR between
5.30PM and 6.30PM ­ (855 ON YOUR AM DIAL)

Increasing financial problems have forced us to review how The Anarchist
Media Institute's finances are raised. Currently subscriptions and
donations only account for about 40% of the income necessary to cover our
costs. To overcome this problem we've launched a:-
We are looking for THIRTY People, interested in our activities, to pledge to
'A Dollar A Day' for twelve months. You can donate monthly or yearly. Make
out cheques and money orders to:Libertarian Workers and send to PO Box 20,
Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia. Those who pledge will receive a 'I
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ideas and energy but we need your financial assistance to keep going. Go
on, become one of the Magnificent Thirty that saved the Anarchist Media

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Politically manipulated and scorned? Sick of being a peripheral player
every time a Federal election comes around, then join: VOTE INFORMAL
TODAY, DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW a "political party" that is putting the
boot into the Australian Parliamentary Process. Send a stamp self-addressed
envelope to
PO Box 20, Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia Telephone (03) 9828 2856
(24 hour answering service). We will send information about how to join
this unique 21st century Australian phenomena.
Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano
(National Convenor 205 Nicholson St Footscray 3012 Melbourne Aust.)
Current membership 191. We need 550 members to apply for registration as a
political party, so that members can stand at the Federal election in 2004
and show Australian's that Parliamentary Democracy is nothing more than two
minutes of illusory power.

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150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

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NOTE: ISSUE Nos. 601
ISSUE Nos. 602 12th ­ 18th JULY '04

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