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(en) Aotearoa-New Zealand, Imminent Rebellion #1 - Society of Slaves Free To All

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 20:21:05 +0100 (CET)

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The media has done a good job. Try telling
anyone they're not free, try going as far as
telling them we're all effectively slaves, and
they will probably think you are an idiot or
worse. The media has got far too many of us
believing that we're in full control of our own
lives and that work is a necessary reality of
life despite the obviousness of the truth. And
in an ironic twist, leaders around the world
constantly tell their people they are free and it
seems many really swallow it.
It is my hope that this article will make it
clear that we aren't free by any sense of the
word, indeed that we are slaves and most of us
are exploited, to show exactly why and how
this is so. I will, however, leave the possible
methods to achieve our liberation for another
The day to day reality for the vast majority
of us is simply about surviving. Apart from the
very rich, we have virtually no choice but to go
to work (or school - the primer for work) each
day, to work our asses off, get ordered around
by bosses and come home to ready ourselves
for the next day. Occasionally, a few make it
big or get jobs they really enjoy and these are
held up as examples to us all that if we only
work hard enough we can get there too but for
most people life is reduced to simply surviving.
Welcome to capitalism - the dominant
economic system imposed on us all. Paraded
around by those at the top as being a system
based on freedom and choice and, so they say,
since it bet communism we might as well just
be happy with it. But capitalism only
guarantees freedom and choice to those at the
very top and for most it is the exact opposite -
for most it guarantees exploitation and
Capitalism is not very complicated despite
what some may have you believe. Essentially
it is a system based on private property.
Capitalism is much more than just the market
- it is a system where a few who own the most
essential things to our survival (like land,
resources, factories, information and now even
life) put before us a choice: work for them or
The vast majority simply does not have the
money to buy land to grow food on, or
plantations to build homes let alone to have
access to everything else necessary for their
survival but a small amount of people do. This
situation gives that elite considerable power
over everyone else - if we wish to live (ie. use
the resources they own) we must agree to the
terms of that elite. That elite, also known as
capitalists (but parasites will do just fine!),
force those without to work for them. The
capitalists take virtually everything the workers
produce for them and give back only a small
amount - and in a "free market" (which is so
espoused by the corporate media today) that
amount is usually only enough for those
workers to stay alive and return the next day
to work for them again.
In past times, people have been forced into
slavery and exploitation through shackles and
whips but today it is through the threat of
The force required to maintain this slavery
is provided by the state. The state and
capitalism are not separate - they are
essentially the same thing. The state promotes
the illusion that it is quite separate from
capitalism. Indeed, it promotes the illusion that
it is actually there to provide security and
guarantee people's rights. But the state and
capitalism developed together, with the state
enforcing capitalists' ownership of private
property from the start. The state has always
provided capitalists with the force to allow
them to exploit the vast majority of people with
its police, its armies and its so-called "justice
Nation states go to great lengths to secure
the interests of the capitalists - from repression
at home with often bloody consequences to
sending droves of its young people into other
areas of the world to fight and die.All the while
it strives to maintain an image of serving the
people, instead of ruling them - the farce that
is representative democracy has probably been
the most successful of these with its aim being
to get people to think they have a real say all
the while policies remain essentially unchanged
or worsen.

This exploitation has, of course, not gone
unnoticed. From the start is has been resisted.
Just a few major instances of resistance include
the Paris Commune of 1871, the Russian
Revolution of 1917, the Spanish Civil War of
1936, the French revolt of 1968 and the
countless forces of resistance around the world
today trying to stem the tide of globalisation
and neo-liberal policies. New Zealand too has
had its share of resistance like the 1951
Waterfront Lockout. But the state and its forces
have so far beaten us back each time - the
parasites are not willingly going to give up their
positions of power.
The aim of these rebellions has always been
a free society where there is no exploitation or
oppression. The root of the problem is authority
and the centralisation of power which allows
this exploitation in the first place - and that
does not just include capitalism and the state,
but patriarchy, racism, homophobia and every
other vestige of control. Those rebelling sought
and still seek an egalitarian society where free
people live as equals and come together
voluntarily to meet each others desires - in a

word, anarchy.
Anarchy quite literally means "no rulers"
and has nothing to do with its negative
connotations cooked up by the media. In place
of rulers there would be direct control of our
own lives. Horizontal, non-authoritarian
decision making processes would replace the
whims of the parasites. Having being pushed
almost into oblivion in modern capitalism,
communities would reappear and people within
those communities would cater for their own
needs, not those of elites. Private property
would be replaced with communally owned
property used for the needs of all. Police, only
being necessary in oppressive and exploitative
societies, would cease to exist and other more
rehabilitative measures could be employed by
communities to deal with anti-social behaviour.
Most importantly, people would not be forced
to just survive from day today but would be
free to make of their own lives as their desires
led them.
As anarchists we continue the struggle for
our liberation, for that day when this system
will be overthrown. We know that any lasting
change that could bring about anarchy would
have to be based on popular struggle - a small
vanguard leading the rest of society into
freedom would be self-defeating and would do
nothing but perpetuate authority and the
centralisation of power. If we are to be
successful our means and ends must be in line
with each other - those who use authoritarian
means (such as those who seek to create a
"workers state") will be left with nothing but
oppression and exploitation. Change must
therefore come from the grassroots level. We
seek to make people aware of what's going on
and what they can do about it and hope that
they will resist alongside us. Let us take our
lives back from them!
At this stage of history, either...the general
population will take control of its own destiny
and will concern itself with community interests
guided by values of solidarity and sympathy
and concern for others or alternately there will
be no destiny for anyone to control. - Noam
- Torrance Hodgson

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