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(en) One people! One planet! One struggle! - Text of an anti-fascist leaflet handed out in Glasgow by anarchists

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 22:01:41 +0100 (CET)

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Black or white, racism affects us all. It cannot be ignored. To do so
creates the climate of fear fascist groups like the BNP and NF need
to grow. We need to resist racism and fascism now, today. If not
you, then who? If not now, when?

Fascism, like racism, gives simple answers to real problems. No
work? Blame the black family in the next close, not the boss who
fired you. It's an easy thing to do. It requires no thought.

But a moments thought shows how wrong it is. Working class
people (black or white) have no say in the decisions that determine
whether a company will invest in an area. If the company can make
more profit elsewhere, then it will go elsewhere. If we get too
"selfish" and fight for better wages and conditions then again the
company will move. Unless we do what we are told, then business
will invest somewhere else (usually in places where state
repression has destroyed all forms of working class organisation).
Capitalism, not immigration causes unemployment. Same with the
other problems we face. We live in a society where our needs are
way behind making profits.

This explains why we see racism, like sexism, institutionalised. The
Tories don't prattle on about passing the "cricket test" (which most
Scots and Welsh would fail!) just because they are sad bastards.
The tabloids don't stir up racism by spending lies about immigration
(while "condemning" racism's more "extreme" element like the
BNP) just for the sake of it. Racism is needed by the system we
live under.
Class Anger

What easier way is there to divert people's anger than onto
scapegoats? Anger about bad housing, no housing, boring work, no
work, shit wages and conditions, no future. Instead of attacking the
real causes of these (and other) problems, people are encouraged
to direct their anger against people who face the same problems!

Racism, like fascism, tries to turn class hatred into race hatred.
Classes exist in all communities, black or white. Racism tries to get
us to think that if a landlord rips us off its because he's black not
because he's a landlord. The success of the BNP recently in Tower
Hamlets was due to them turning the (bad) housing issue into a
race issue. In reality, black people in the area had worse housing
than whites and less chance of getting a council house. But like
with the papers, reality is always something that gets in the way of

Part of the problem with anti-fascism is that it can ignore class
issues and just concentrate on the (real) problems caused by
fascist groups like the BNP or NF. But racist attacks occur where
such groups do not exist. Anti-fascists often ends up supporting the
system which creates the evil they are trying to fight. How often
have we heard anti-fascists ask the state to ban nazi groups? Once
the state bans the far right, the "far left" will be next.

The simple fact is that the state exists to protect the system that
causes all our problems to begin with. It is not our friend. Unless
we realise this and combine fighting fascism with fighting the class
war we'll get nowhere.
Back to the future?

Fascism was born to protect capitalism. In Italy fascism only grew
after workers had occupied their factories and ran them their
selves. The bosses, seeing their power and profits disappearing,
turned to the fascists as the answer to their fears. The fascists
acted and kicked our class back into its "rightful place" (aided by
the state). Resistance by anarchists and other sections of the
workers' movement failed as the socialist party and trade union
leaders sat on the fence and their members (too used to someone
telling them what to do) sat back and did nothing. Fascism was a
"preventive counter revolution" in the words of one anarchist at the
time. Its no coincidence that fascism grew in the 1970's after the
miner's brung down the Tory government's. Without the backing of
business, fascism is nothing.

At the present moment, the Tories are going a good enough job for
the ruling class. Fascism is not needed when you've got the
Criminal (In)Justice Act! In fact, the bonehead's associated with
the BNP are a bit of a liablity. The powers that be don't need them
at present, although this may change if the class struggle heats up.

But fascists cannot be ignored. They are a danger to us all. They
attack revolutionaries, blacks, gays, anyone that challenges their
"ideas" or makes them unsure of their assumptions. Its easier not
to think. As Orwell said, "ignorance is strength". Its no coincidence
that the tories are attacking education and imposing a "national"
cariculum which forces students to answer questions in the correct
way, to think in the correct way.
Fascists? No room here!

All that fascism means is that we worker harder, for less. That we
live in fear of our neighbours and relatives in case one of them
grasses us in for having the "wrong" ideas or taste in music. They'll
get rid of unemployment by getting us to build concentration camps
(and why is it those who claim that the camps did not exist are
those who wish they had?). If you think the Tories are bad, try

Fascism, like racism and sexism, must be fought and fought hard.
We have seen what happens when anti-fascists do not resist -
fascists kill them. The many examples of asian and black
communities which have organised their own self-defense is an
example of what is possible. We cannot rely on our enemies to fight
for us (particularly when state officials seem to have more in
common with the fascists!). Direct action and solidarity are our
only friends. We need to do it ourselves by organising ourselves
and fighting for ourselves.

We need to hammer home the message - racists are not welcome in
our communities and workplaces and must not be tolerated.
Class not Colour!

But we cannot turn this struggle into yet another "single issue".
Racism in our class is no accident. It's there to divert the class
struggle. We need to combat these ideas and encourage a new way
to look at the world, one that does not accept the logic of capital
and the state. One that realises that an injury to one is an injury to
all. The rise of the far right is caused by the failure of the far left. If
all socialists have to offer is middle class moralism and voting
labour (with or without illusions) then socialism will become even
more the plaything of the "concerned" middle class than it already
is. In such situations fascism could appear like the radical
alternative for the white working class. Let Tower Hamlets be a
warning to us all!

We need to combine anti-fascism with clear class analysis and
class politics. We need to encourage the spirit of revolt and heat up
the class struggle. We working class socialists must take back our
ideas from the "radical" middle class who have preverted them and
apply them where we live and work. Its our lives and communities
that are being destroyed by capitalism and the state. Its our fight,
no one else's.

Once we become aware of our own strength then fascism with its
"strong leaders" and false answers will no longer be able to con
parts of our class. Free people govern themselves, its slaves who
need leaders and governments.

The struggle against fascism and racism cannot be separated from
the struggle for a free society. Anarchists have been resisting
fascism from the day it first appeared. We will not rest until it and
the sick system that spawned it are no more!

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