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(en) US, Boston, Whoever they vote for, WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE and If not us, then who?

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 16:46:16 +0100 (CET)

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We are calling for a decentralized network of direct actions to confront the
Democratic National Convention in Boston this coming July. Many would ask why?
They are not even if power. Others would argue that we must organize with them
in order to oust the current party from its hold on the executive branch.
The Bl(A)ck Tea Society stands defiant before these arguments. We see no future
along the doctrines of state reformism or electoral politics.
The truth is that it does not matter what party holds possession of the executive
branch of government. The entire state is a tool of the ruling class used to exploit our
labor, imprison our comrades, and sell our future to the highest bidder. The Democratic
Party is but one spoke upon this wheel of oppression. It, like the rest of the structure, must go.

> posted on infoshop.org by Bl(A)ck Tea Society on Friday January 09 2004

Amidst the cries of "Peace is Patriotic" and "Anyone but
Bush" come the cries for a free society - one that is filled
with hope, dreams, and salvation, rather than hunger, want,
and despair. We will not be satisfied with less surplus value
extracted from our labor - we want to use our labor
collectively to do as we decide and we want to keep all of its
value in our possession. We will not be satisfied with
landlords stealing slightly less from us - we demand the right
to free housing. We will not be satisfied with a slightly lower
incarceration rate - we demand prison abolition.

The Democratic Party will not give us these dreams - neither
will anyone else. We must sow the seeds of revolution
ourselves. We will not ask for freedom, we will demand it.

We will resist the DNC with all of our might. We will make
the delegates realize we do not want them in our fair city.
We will refuse to recognize the State and we will continue to
fight against the crook that is nominated.

Whoever they vote for, WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE!!!

-Bl(A)ck Tea Society

Link: http://blackteasociety.org
Source: http://blackteasociety.org/calls/ungovernable.html

Website Online http://blackteasociety.org/ Anti-Authoritarian no-DNC Consulta Boston, Massachusetts

posted by Bl(A)ck Tea Society on Friday January 09 2004 @ 09:59AM PST

The Democratic National Convention is set to invade the city of Boston in
less than 200 days. Those of us in Boston have been working hard to make
sure that when the time arrives, we will be ready. After a few months of
meetings, we finally have a website up and available to the public. As it
gets closer and closer to the convergence, it will be a hub for anarchists
to get info on the days of action.


In case you haven't heard, there will also be a consulta here in Boston
in February. All anti-authoritarians are welcome and encouraged to come.

to join the nodnc-announcement list send an email to: dnc2004-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

the Bl(A)ck Tea Society at nodnc04@hush.com

If not us, then who? January 9, 2004

This is not about getting one person out of power. This is not
about replacing the president. This is not about replacing the
cabinet. This is not about replacing George W. Bush with
Howard Dean. It goes deeper than that. This is about
challenging the structure of the entire system. To some,
simply changing the name on the door is sufficient. Frankly,
that is not a solution. In fact, it is a threat. It leaves the vital
problems of our society unaddressed; both on the local stage
and on a larger scale. Issues of class, race, sexuality,
poverty, gender, and environment devastation passby
unnoticed from the tunnel vision of the political institutions.

Locally, in Boston, no solution is offered to prevent
government plans to construct a Level 4 Chemical Weapons
Lab in Roxbury. When the Democratic National Convention
comes to town in July, millions will be spent on the housing,
feeding, and transportation of convention officials. All of this
while the poor communities of our city still have no
accessible public transportation system. While the homeless
of our city freeze to death on the doorsteps of a corporate
office building. A building that no doubt has the heater
running all night. While the governor of Massachusetts
slashes the budgets of public services and cuts taxes on the
elite. While the state of Massachusetts spends more on
prisons than higher education. While the corporations
takeover areas such as Central Square and Kenmore, driving
out local interests and community needs. All of these
problems, and many more, lay untouched.

Already, plans to act against the coming Democratic
National Convention have drawn criticism from those who
would prefer to pretend that an election could possibly save
us. For some, it is easier to turn away than face reality. The
reality is that the system is bankrupt, and has been for years
now. Every moment spent on reform could be spent of
building alternatives.

When the DNC invades Boston next July, who will stand up
to them? Who will cry out in anger against not just this war
for territory and money, but against every war for territory
and money? Who will dare to say that we have enough of
leaders and government and prisons and police and tyranny?
Who will stop the beautiful acts of defiance against the
empire from being hijacked by a politican? From this far
away, it is already evident that liberals will not participate in
anything more than 'pressuring the democrats to adopt a
more progressive leaning.' All the bosses unions have
already given out their endorcements. In fact, before any
ballot has been cast, the media has already announced the
democratic presidential candidate. We need answers not
diversions. The responsibilty to say no to capitalism, no to
war, no to poverty, no to racism, no to a police state, no to
the elite will fall upon the anarchists.

Boston will be a unique stage to take action. The dynamics
will allow for the anarchist community of this nation to make
a clear statement of what we are. During the DNC there will
be no 'peace is patriotic' rallies; only those out in the streets
calling for radical change. This can be a chance to show a
true respect for diversity of tactics. This can be a chance to
show that anarchism and organization go hand in hand. We
can set up autonomous zones and provide for our
communities in ways that the state never could. We can
defend ourselves. We can create something sustainable.
We can create something new.

It didn't start in Seattle, and it won't end in Boston.

It's time to take the power back.

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