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(en) NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL WCR! #4 Organise! (Ireland)

From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2004 21:27:35 +0100 (CET)

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Over two thousand took to the streets in protest
against rising racist attacks in the north and
attended the anti-racist rally at Belfast City Hall on
Tuesday 27th of January. Members and supporters of
Organise! joined our fellow workers in condemning
racist attacks and in calling for action to confront
racists and fascists. The following is the text of a
leaflet produced by Organise! and handed out to
hundreds of those present at the rally.

“Racist attacks, and recent organising by British
fascist groups in working class loyalist areas, are
set against a campaign by ‘respectable’ politicians
and media to demonise and criminalise immigrants. The
term “illegal immigrant” has joined other racial
slurs, becoming a general term of abuse for foreigners
and people from ethnic communities in Northern
Ireland, Britain and the Irish Republic. As yet
another pregnant woman was targeted by racist thugs in
South Belfast Tony Blair spoke of the growing numbers
of women immigrants coming to the UK as “maternity
tourists” to exploit “our” strained and under-funded
NHS (so who’s responsible for the under-funding, eh

Anarchists believe in equality between all people
regardless of where there ancestors may be from, what
colour their skin is, or where they were born. We are
struggling for a world with no borders where people
are free to travel the world and settle where they
wish – this is not a freedom that should be extended
only to capital and wealthy elites who, supported by
nation states, continue to subject humanity to
exploitation, domination and coercive authority.

Today Fortress Europe, with border controls, armed
guards and concentration camps is alive and kicking.
This has brutal consequences for those seeking escape
from persecution – often fleeing western sponsored
oppressive regimes. Institutionalised racism is
occurring in our own backyard. All forms of public
transport from Belfast to Dublin are regularly
searched by immigration control and garda carrying out
racist government policy and questioning, harassing,
detaining and barring entry to ‘Ireland’ from the
north on the basis of skin colour. Refugees are
shamefully interned in our own local concentration
camp at Maghaberry.

Governments utilise racism deliberately to divert
working-class people’s anger away from the real causes
of their problems. Problems such as poverty, housing
shortages, and unemployment have all been blamed on
immigrants. Racism is used by capitalism as a tool in
dividing the working class and weakening class unity,
collective action and class struggle, because this
threatens their privilege and authority.

The real ‘spongers’ and ‘parasites’ are not immigrants
but the tiny boss class who live off other people’s
labour, sweat and toil. Immigrants bring a wealth of
experience, culture and make a contribution to society
and the economy, often suffering harsher conditions
and exploitation than ‘native’ working class people.
We must also remember that millions of working class
people have migrated from Ireland – north and south –
in search of a better life, fleeing inequality,
injustice and poverty, over the past couple of hundred

In confronting racism we must build class unity. We
reject cross class alliances simply because there can
be no common interests between workers and the bosses.
We need to expose and attack the institutions which
are legitimising racism in our society, we need to
stand up against racist bullies and fascists carrying
out attacks on people from ethnic minorities. Central
to this is the need to physically and ideologically
confront fascism and the building of opposition to the
system of wage slavery and exploitation which promotes
racist scape-goating and the criminalisation of

Our goal is social equality and freedom for all
people. Racism is motivated and perpetuated by greed,
promoted by those in power, and is festering in
ignorance and misplaced fear. We demand a world free
for travel for humanity, not the exploitation of
global capitalism, a world free from borders and
controls on our movements. We seek to abolish
governments, which create and maintain division on
behalf of a few wealthy and powerful people, in favour
of autonomous, self-governing, communities which
co-ordinate their efforts through de-centralised
federations. Doing away with capitalism, bosses and
politicians and returning the control of work to those
who produce the wealth of society, the working class.”


>From the pages of WCR #4 (Working Class Resistance). To
distribute WCR, contact Organise! at:



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