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(en) Cuba: GALSIC Bulletin No.0 - 1st Jan. 2004 (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:44:20 +0100 (CET)

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GALSIC: Support Groups for Libertarians and Independent Syndicalists in Cuba
The worsening of Castrist repression against all form of dissidence incited us to
send an open letter to the international libertarian community, at the beginning
of September 2003, proposing the creation of support groups for libertarians and
independent syndicalists in Cuba who are fighting for the people to recover their
freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom to meet so that they can decide
their future following more than 40 years of dictatorship. As can be imagined, the
replies were numerous and agreed on the urgency of this solidarity and on the need
to co-ordinate it to make it as effective as possible.

Given this agreement, and since most were willing to work as an open
network, not centralized, so that information and proposals can
circulate directly (on Internet or through other means of
communication), we decided to establish ourselves as the first GALSIC
group in France.

Our purpose, then, is to serve, provisionally, as a nexus for those who
have indicated their agreement to establish on an international level a
co-ordination that represents all of us and that can strengthen our

This Buletin is the mouthpiece of the GALSIC in France and it will
serve to provide an information base for those who do not have access
to internet.

We request all those who wish to collaborate in this task of solidarity
with the libertarians and independent syndicalists in Cuba to get in
touch with us:

G.A.L.S.I.C - Tribuna Latinoamericana
145, rue Amelot
75011 Paris (France)
E-mail: cesamepop@noos.fr



" (...) As Cuba is at present in one of the most painful moments in its
history, we Cuban anarchists are continuing our tradition of denouncing
and combatting whatever state political system exists, be it colonial,
capitalist, dictatorial or totalitarian. We have been fighting and
denouncing all these since long before the foundation of the
Libertarian Association of Cuba and later the agreements of the 1st
Congress of 1944; the 2nd Congress of 1948; the 3rd Congress of 1950;
the International Libertarian Conference of 1955; the Declaration of
Principles of 1960 and those of the exiles of 1965; the Declaration of
the Libertarian Movement of 1975; the editorials in the Bulletin of
Libertarian Information up to 1979, those of Guángara Libertaria until
1994 and the declarations and speeches in different international
forums in 1979, 1988, 1993 and 1995 (...) We oppose all States without
ideological distinction and we fight to abolish them (...) The Cuban
Libertarian Movement (MCL) fights for a libertarian socialist society
[MCL Declaration of Principles, 2003]

Against the FTAA:

"The Cuban Libertarian Movement opposes this attempt at imperialist
expansion (...) The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are
suffocating Humanity with their relentless demands, legitimized by
corrupt governments and lackeys that obey their plans and oppress and
exploit our class brothers and sisters the length and breadth of
America (...) The globalization of Capital, either by means of the FTAA
or the MERCOSUR (with its plans for capitalist integration with a
"human" face), is contrary to the aspirations and principles of the
exploited workers (...) Another world is possible. A true integration
is necessary, one based on human solidarity, mutual support,
self-management, recognition and respect for cultural diversity and not
one based on capitalist integration imposed through the Free Trade
Agreement of the Americas. No to the FTAA and the lackey governments in
our America!"
[Manifesto against the FTAA, Miami - 2003]



A chronology of the wave of repression of March 2003:

The wave of repression against independent journalists and human rights
activists began well before the month of March 2003. Repressive
measures (seizures, fines and arrests) directed against the
"cuentapropistas" (an independent economic tendency which seeks to
generate its own economy which could permit the survival of thousands
of artisans and unprotected elderly people and youths) began and became
widespread with the promulgation in February 1999 of Law No.88 for the
Protection of National Independence and the Economy of Cuba", known as
the Gag Law.

On 21st March 2003, there was a wave of arrests of independent
journalists and activists from various civil organizations, with 78
people being detained. On 3rd April, the trials began against the
imprisoned journalists and activists. On 7th and 8th April the kangaroo
court concluded its activity and sentences of between 18 and 28 years
loss of freedom were handed out. On 11th April, nine days after their
arrest, three youths were executed at dawn for having taken a motor
launch in the port of Havana.

The repression continues:

On Tuesday 17th December 2003 there followed the arrest of a young man,
Carlos López Gómez, who had been nominated president of a dissident
organization called "University Youths for a Free Cuba" a few days
previously. Omar Corrales, who has been acting president since then,
has declared: "We knew that this would happen, but the organization
continues, they won't intimidate us: for each youth that falls, two or
more will take their place."

Corruption and intrigues:

As was known, on 7th December 2003, the president and several directors
of the tourist group Cubanacam were placed under house arrest for
corruption, after an audit had revealed the disappearance of millions
of dollars.

Cubanacam was born in August 1987 as an international tourism
corporation. Later, it was transformed into a mixed company with
Spanish capital, and in 1996 it was re-organized as a holding in which
the Cuban government exercises full proprietory control and management.

The scandal was so serious that the Minister for Tourism, Ibrahim
Ferradaz, has had to take over the presidency of this business group,
which is the biggest tourist and commercial company in Cuba. Cubancam
has 9 representatives in different capital cities in Europe and
America, 23 mixed companies for the development of hotels and other
businesses, as well as 15 companies on the island that include around
fifty hotels and restaurants, 300 foreign currency shops and 3
internet-based commercial businesses.

The myth of the embargo:

After dining with Fidel Castro, a group of North American businessmen
declared on 17th December 2003 that American companies will "work hard"
to maintain trade with Cuba although the pressure on Bush to maintain
the embargo continues. This group of businessmen was part of a
contingent of more than 200 from our neighbouring country who arrived
on the island to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of direct sales to
Cuba that became possible thanks to a Congress amendment that excluded
foodstuffs from the embargo. During the closing of the event it was
made known that since 2001 these dealings have been worth $590 million.
The island hosts reiterated their interest by encouraging the
connections to continue. It was also revealed on 7th December 2003 that
the Cuban Government had announced that it had "no objection" to
American oil companies carrying out drilling to establish the existence
of oil deposits in Cuban territory, "on the basis of mutual benefit".


Addresses for contact and information:

MLC: movimientolibertariocubano@yahoo.com.mx
Solidaridad con Cuba: cubava2OO3@yahoo.com.mx
El Libertario (Venezuela): ellibertario@hotmail.com
GALSIC - France: cesamepop@noos.fr

Web pages with information on Cuba:

Cubanet: http://www.cubanet.org
El Libertario: http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario

Join the "Send a Book to Cuba" Campaign!

translation by nestor mcnab/ainfos

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