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(en) US, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 20th Anarchist call for action - To all anarchists in the region

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:42:56 +0100 (CET)

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“My mind is my general, my heart my captain, my morals my code of conduct,
my body my weapon, and my comrades? They are all as I, and we are an army
united in the idea that the world shall be free.”
This is a call to action to all anarchists to come and join us for a
weekend of joyous resistance on March 19-21st 2004, in Pittsburgh, Pa.
In the last year, Pittsburgh has witnessed eight un-permitted
marches, ~170 non-deliberate arrests, a slew of violent repression
and harassment from the state, and had a combined total of 14,000
people in the streets. Through it all anarchists have sought to fan
the flames of discontent while making people cognizant of the fact
there is no one movement. There are strands and tendencies,
inextricably tied together by their varying commitment to build a
better world based on precepts of direct and participatory
democracy, equality, and justice for all life on this lonely planet. Our
opposition is systemic; it’s based around the war in Iraq only in
so far as we oppose that particular projection of US violence, not
singularly, but as a piece of the larger picture of statecraft,
militarism, and capitalism. And to date we have succeeded beyond
our dreams. The movement is growing, ideas are spreading and
taking root, and actions are increasing. The efforts of the corporate
state to crush local movements have failed. Although they continue
with attempts at infiltration, surveillance, and disruption, people
continue to resist falling prey to the national campaign of fear and

March 20th is a day that bears significance as the one-year
anniversary of Iraq war and we feel it is critical that the movement
mobilize itself for large-scale events that emphasize direct action. It
is an opportunity to take stock of what we’ve done and where
we’re going. While we don’t deny that we wish to fill your
heart with the desire to make Pittsburgh’s M20 special, in the
end it’s just that- a single day that will end and leave us again
with a long lifetime of struggle. There is no quick fix capable of
bringing about the society we seek and that is why we focus our
efforts on a variety of fronts from alternative institutions and mass
education efforts to more direct resistance. The arch of change is
long, but we believe it bends towards libertarian socialist ideals.
Pittsburgh is playing host to a regional convergence that we believe
is unique in the country. It is one not associated with A.N.S.W.E.R.,
that is respecting of a diversity of tactics, and that is seeking to
directly confront those institutions that are a part of the
military-industrial complex with the aim of winning tangible results
that will slow the war machine.

We wholeheartedly concur with other opinions that the time has
come to move beyond more symbolic un-permitted marches and
take the next logical step; actions that put direct pressure on the
local structures involved in militarism. In order for the US
Government to maintain its empire and carry out its economic and
geo-political agendas it depends on a vast network of power
structures and institutions, all playing seemingly small and
insignificant roles. These roles must be identified and opposed
because it is these that channel and process the energies of often
well meaning people into the gun in the hand of the state. It is these
pieces that are so closely tied to our communities and
neighborhoods, and that ultimately ignore the responsibility they
have for the consequences of their actions.

The focus of direct action on March 20th clearly must be Carnegie
Mellon University. There can be no doubt that CMU plays a major
role in the web of the military-industrial complex and any attempt to
stem the spread of militaristic tentacles will inevitably focus on
them. They are developing the next generation of software and
robotic technologies used by the military. CMU has consistently,
and we believe deliberately, misled the public by refusing to
articulate to what degree they are assisting US Military efforts.
When convenient, the university’s administration has reacted
with great indignation towards critics that claimed CMU was
intimately involved in war research. CMU said they weren’t
involved in any classified research- now they are. They said they
didn’t know how to build tanks- now they’re building just
that- an unmanned prototype tank dubbed GLADIATOR. When
CMU’s Software Engineering Institute was originally created
there was to be a board to ensure that the interests of the
Department of Defense would not jeopardize the academic freedom
of professors. This committee no longer exists. And the list goes on
and on.

The question that must be asked is at what point does the
University believe its ties to the US military machine compromises
its educational mission? Will CMU end up doing research needed
for the next napalm? Can it give any assurances about these
answers or are we destined to endure another bout of empty
promises, delayed reviews, and short-lived talk of oversight boards?
We believe the university has lost its right to ‘address’ the
concerns of the community and must immediately move to sever its
military ties. Money has and continues to corrupt the better
judgment of many at the University and the dark side of CMU’s
growth and prominence must be brought to light.

It is for these reasons and more that, tactically and strategically, we
support the call for direct action at Carnegie Mellon University. For
too long we have merely taken to the streets while local institutions
continued their military research on weapons of death. For too long
we have sought to draw attention to this or that war while we
ignored those locally involved in research and profiteering from a
policy of death. We will no longer sit idly by calling for a change in
national policy while the cancer of this system closes in around us.
How can we appeal to the country and its current administration to
reject the monetary profits of militarism when this region attempts
to revive its economy through its complicity with the
military-industrial complex?

CMU faces two choices; it can sever ties to the military-industrial
complex and focus on education or it can continue to slowly
increase its ties and dependence on the US Military for money while
facing an escalating campaign of protest.

We await President Cohen’s response…

Western Pennsylvania Anarchists We’re a loose collection of
anarchists active in a variety of groups in the western PA area

More information on the Pittsburgh convergence can be found at

A word on DOT during the convergence; we must put our trust in
each other that people will think carefully about when and where to
engage in actions that may be perceived as more confrontational.
This includes we anarchists who sometimes view diversity of tactics
as a one- way street that legitimizes more militant approaches but
not more symbolic actions. Some of the events for the weekend are
being planned for those who do not seek or cannot risk encounters
with the state and we should try to respect this. As has often been
said in Pittsburgh; our mutual respect and solidarity will hold us

Copied from infoshop.org

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