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(en) UK, Class War Issue 85 - III. (3/5) Campain against slavery, The big Demo against the war

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:35:18 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
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Slavery has NOT been abolished in Britain, behind high walls and locked doors
it still flourishes. Working class people are being forced to toil in poor
conditions, beyond the reach of health and safety inspectors, denied even the
most basic employment and trade-union rights, and severely punished if they
refuse to work.
In British prisons, there have been savage cuts in education budgets over the
past half decade, any pretence at rehabilitating prisoners and empowering them
with trade skills has been abandoned. They are now seen as a readily
exploitable labour force, a Third World colony in Britain's own backyard,
cheap, non-unionised, available, and literally compelled to work.
If prisoners refuse to work, or are not considered to be working hard enough,
they are punished--placed in solitary confinement, brutalised, denied visits,
having days added to their sentences. Private companies are making enormous
profits from prison labour, &52.9 Million in 1999, and that figure is growing
rapidly. They use it because it is CHEAP--prisoners may be paid less than &5

for a week's work - and for prisoners there are no `sickies', no holidays, no
union meetings, no transport problems, and if there's no work they can simply
be locked back in their cells. Prisoners are treated as the bosses would like to
treat all of us.
The issue of prison slavery is an issue for ALL working-class people, not least
because it undermines workers' pay and conditions generally. Not because
prisoners are somehow `stealing' jobs, they have absolutely no choice in the
matter, but because companies can drive down the wages of their own
employees by using prison labour, and it brings with it the threat of short-time
and redundancies. The employees of Dysons, the vacuum-cleaner
manufacturer, for example, were thrown out of work when Dysons decided to
use cheap non-unionised labour in Malaysia, but how many Dysons' workers
knew that for some time the company had been using cheap, non-unionised
labour at Full Sutton prison? Not surprisingly the latter-day slave-masters are
desperate to keep their involvement secret, from their own employees, and from
the wider public.
The Campaign Against Prison Slavery exists to challenge and
end to forced prison labour, and to expose the companies that
21st Century it is high-time that slavery in all its forms was ended
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Individual Subscription--&2 per year (further donations welcome)
Press Subscription--&20 per year
Affiliation (Trade unions and organisations) - &50 per year

Campaign against Prison Slavery
The Cardigan Centre, 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ.

Narey and Collusion
2003 saw the release of a book by Irish journalist Chris Anderson, "The Billy
Boy - The Life and Death of LVF leader Billy Wright" which amongst other
things, casts prison service chief Martin Narey in a very bad light.
Class War has no brief for Loyalist paramilitaries, and like many others take the
view that Billy Wright was a murderous sectarian thug. When certain loyalists
began to recognise at least some of the limitations of the Loyalist position in
Northern Ireland, Wright remained a dinosaur. His split from the Ulster
Volunteer Force, whom he denounced as socialists, seems to have been
motivated as much by his desire to carry on saying "No" and to have a freer
hand to kill Catholics in mid-Ulster, than by any detailed political opposition to
the peace process.
However, Anderson presents a substantial case of collusion, by either the Prison
Service, Security Services or both, in Wright's murder by INLA inside the Maze
Prison in 1997. And Martin Narey's name crops up frequently in the narrative,
especially as the author of an report into an earlier escape from the Maze. The
government falsely claims this also served as a public inquiry into Wright's
The British Irish Human Rights Watch has called for a full public inquiry into
Wright's murder. When or if such an inquiry is held perhaps it should also have
a look at the role played by Martin Narey in delaying the truth coming out in this
matter. And ask whether such a person, who would play a part in the cover up of
the murder of an inmate, should be heading the Prison Service?


"It was an incredibly foolish thing to do. But you are clearly a soldier who is
going somewhere. We don't want to interfere with that by jailing you"
Magistrate John Magnall to Household Vavalry trooper Adam Everett, quoted in
the Daily Mirror 17 December 2002. Based in Knightsbridge barracks, Trooper
Everett had shot a cyclist passing the barracks, using an air gun to wound him in
the arm. He was given 100 hours community service and told to pay &500

compensation. Clearly if you want to go around shooting people and get away
with it, the army is the place to be!
"By using our brand name, this group is getting instant validation for its racial
hatred and anti-semitism. This dishonours our history"
Former Chief of Staff of the Black Panthers, David Hilliard, on a sorry shower
based in Texas calling itself The New Black Panther Party.
"What am I doing? A lot more than you may realise....."
Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins unconvincingly addresses his constituents in
his monthly Luton on Sunday column.
"As many as 30 British policemen have been identified as users of internet child
pornography sites in the American investigation which led to the arrest of the
liaison officer assigned to the family of Jessica Chapman ...... the number of
officers arrested, however, remains in single fingers" - The Daily Telegraph of
14 September 2002.
"It is believed there could be more than 100 serving officers on the FBI list - if
their colleagues ever get round to questioning them" - The News of the World 1
December 2002.
Nice to know the forces of law and order are working night and day to protect
the weakest in our society!
"We must not give into the bastards. These people aren't socialists, they're
protectionists, they're fascists - the kind of people who supported Mussolini."
Scottish Deputy Justice Minister and Labour Party MSP Richard Simpson, at a
dinner in Glasgow on 21 November. He was talking, not about the British
National Party or the National Front, but about striking firemen. His subsequent
resignation hardly makes up for the crassness of his original views.
" The changes, in the form of tactical service reductions, will improve reliability
and come into effect with the May 2003 timetable. The reductions are spread
across the Virgin CrossCountry, First Great Western, South Central and Central
Trains networks"
Strategic Rail Authority Press release, 16 January 2003, announcing a reduction
in train services.
" Top directors of the company that has taken over the national rail network
could be paid more than &1 million a year. The bonuses are being discussed as
the rail industry is struggling to cope with a massive escalation in costs "
The Financial Times, 30 January 2003 discussing pay at Network Rail, the
replacement for Railtrack.
Are we missing something, or would it not make more sense to get rid of some of
the directors "earning" a million pounds per year, and keep the train services
they propose to axe?

Centre Pages?, The big Demo against the war

February 15 saw the biggest ever demonstration in Britain, as over 1 million
people demonstrated against the planned war in Iraq. Taking its cue from the old
Eye Spy booklets we all had when we were kids, here is Class War's guide to
the sort of people you can expect to find on some of the major demonstrations.
Class War's Eye Spy for Demonstrations
We suggest you take pen and paper, as well as your Class War Eye Spy guide, to
any major demonstration. Whilst London is obviously the best place to play Eye
Spy (mainly because it contains more mad people than other British city) many
other towns and cities offer excellent spotting opportunities.
For ease of spotting we have divided targets into four differing groups - the left,
religious figures, media and the police.

The Left

The Maoists
Easily the maddest marchers on the left, and that is a very competitive field! The
Maoists can be spotted with Chinese flags on bamboo canes, T-Shirts bearing the
face of their hero and a usually crass slogan - "Mao More Than Ever" is typical.
Maoist slogans can lose something in the translation, as "Down With the
Imperialist Running Dogs of Western Capitalism and the Dog Dung Blair" is a
bit difficult to fit on the average placard.
Staying with dogs, the Maoist Shining Path organisation in Peru used to attach
bombs to stray dogs and shoo them into police stations. Under no circumstances
should you ever pat a Maoist's dog.
10 points

The Sparts
The Spartacist League runs the Maoists a close second in the lunatic stakes. Just
as London occasionally receives waves of earnest young men from Utah as
Mormon missionaries, the UK in times of class conflict is targeted by political
missionaries from the USA. Can the immigration authorities not protect us from
this unwanted menace?
Despite seeming to have unlimited funding and a fine range of leftist verbiage,
the Sparts have not recruited a single English person in 30 years.
Take maximum marks if anyone you see selling Workers Hammer has an
English accent.
3 points if American
10 points if English

Socialist Worker Sellers
SWP paper sellers are ten a penny, so no real excitement here. Occasionally the
less on-message SWPer can get confused as to what they are supposed to be
doing for whom, where, and when. They may turn up selling Globalise
Resistance goods at an Anti-Nazi League event, or Socialist Worker at an anti-
capitalist event.
Only score high marks if you can catch them pushing all their front groups
1 Point
5 Points - If selling Socialist Worker plus the publications of 2 or more SWP
front groups at the same time.

Any WRP Splinter Group
The story of the rise and fall of the Workers Revolutionary Party is a tragedy that
encompasses murder, bullying, sexual assault, the raising and wasting of
phenomenal funding from dodgy regimes. This was followed by the eventual
creation of five or six different splinter groups, each of no more than five or six
Known as the Thespian Tendency due to the many actors they recruited
(including Miss Jones from Rising Damp) all that was needed to put the WRP
into flight was a cry of "MacBeth". Actors would scatter to the four winds
leaving piles of unsold copies of Newsline in their wake.
To ensure their continued funding from Saddam Hussain, the WRP passed
photos of Iraq Communists demonstrating in London to the Iraqi Embassy. One
of the activists concerned was consequently executed after his return to Iraq. If
you see a Newsline photographer, be sure to punch the bastard in the face.
3 Points
5 points if obviously actors

A Morning Star Seller
The only daily paper on the left, the Morning Star was not expected to survive
after the collapse of the USSR. A huge indirect subsidy kept the paper afloat for
years, where tens of thousands of copies were despatched daily to Moscow. We
can confidently predict that few Muscovite newsagents had sold out by
Having somehow survived the collapse of state communism, the Morning Star
staggers on, as do its largely geriatric paper sellers. Look out for the unlikely
sight of any young bloods selling the paper, and spare a thought for any real old
age pensioners supplementing the little the state gives them by selling "the daily
paper of the left".
Aged under 30 5 points
Aged over 80 5 points
Any other age 3 points

A New Communist Party Paper Seller
A significant split from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1977, the NCP
has been dying slowly ever since. Too slowly. Attempts to resuscitate the
organisation with younger blood have failed, so it instead relies on injections of
cash from some of the world's worst regimes. If you want to read the benefits of
Kim-Il-Sung thought or how reports of famine in North Korea is all lies, this is
the place to do it.
However it is not just foreign states the NCP like - their involvement with the
extremely dubious "anti-fascist" magazine Searchlight shows they are quite
willing to cuddle up to sections of the British state. On big demos NCP sellers
can sometimes be performing the political cartwheel of selling New Worker,
Searchlight and Sinn Fein's weekly An Phoblacht, strange bedfellows indeed.
1 Point
7 Points if selling the New Worker, Searchlight and An Phoblact at the same

Turkish/Kurdish Communists
It is a sobering thought, but there are actually more Turkish Communists in
London than English one's. The distinctly unpleasant nature of politics in
Turkey means these comrades are undoubtedly safer here than at home, or even
in countries like Germany, where many Turkish exiles are on the far right.
The Turks main contribution to the left in Britain has been a series of dreadful
Stalinist publications, which by edict of their Central Committee can only be
translated from Turkish by the member with the most broken English possible.
(Although it should be added a booklet on "Turkey Yesterday and Today"
published by the Anarchist Karambol Publications in 1994 was even more
The Turks are also far from sound on the issue of child labour, employing large
numbers of under 16 year olds to distribute leaflets to English lefties too
politically correct to say "fuck off you little Stalinist and get a paper round like I
did at your age"
The Kurdish and Turkish love of things Stalinist extends to facial hair with Uncle
Joe Stalin type moustaches compulsory for Central Committee members. The
Turks and the Kurds do get stuck in on May Day however, so we are not going to
slag them too much. They also seem to have little fear of the English police, after
experiencing the fascist might of the Turkish state, a weedy teenage cop straight
out of Hendon is clearly small potatoes.
May Day also brings an excellent opportunity to inspect their banners, with one
Turkish group claiming a maximum score of five Communist icons on their
banner - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

A Fundamentalist Cyclist
There is only one person the fanatical cyclist hates more than the car owner, and
that is the pedestrian. Pedestrians do several things that annoy cyclists, but worst
of all they commit the cardinal sin of wanting to walk on the pavement, when
everybody knows the pavement is designed for bikes.
Having cyclists on anti-fascist events as spotters is an extremely good idea.
Having them on or around marches is extremely bad news - their habit of

cycling along the pavement to catch up with friends on the march pisses off the
general public, whilst their complaints about "car-wankers" at traffic lights is
similarly bad PR.
2 Points
10 Points if you can find a cyclist who has got off their bike and is pushing it

Green Anarchist
Green Anarchist earned comparatively good sales of their newspaper in the
1990s, before Hampshire Police attempted to shut them down. After 3 members
were jailed for incitement in 1998 they won their appeal, and Green Anarchist
emerged unrepentant.
The Green Anarchist split in 2000 showed that Anarchist groups can replicate the
worst Trotskyist tendencies, with two different papers, each produced by a
superbly bearded editor, coming out. Each calling itself Green Anarchist. Each
having a membership of single figures.
Come on guys, untangle your beards, see sense, and make up.
10 Points if fully bearded,
5 Points if not.

Anarchist Intellectuals
Sadly a lot more common than you think. Having largely left Class War alone
since its 1997 split, these characters tend to attach themselves to the
environmentalist movement, and in particular groups like Earth First! or Reclaim
the Streets. Constantly organising conferences is another characteristic.
Look out for publications with pretentious German language names that don't
translate into English (Aufhebn) or glossy well produced magazines that nobody
reads, with titles like "Reflections on ......" Although we are constantly told
these publications are " influential" there seems to be more people distributing
them than there is actually reading them!
1 Point

Labour Party Members
Any Labour Party member who turns up for any demonstration should be told to
piss off and come back only when they have rammed their membership card up
Tony Blair's arse.
No points

General Sights of Interest
Whilst less easy to characterise, score 1 point for spotting any of these
Female raver stood on top of a bus stop
Male raver hoping to get off with female raver on top of bus stop
That mad old bloke who goes on every political demonstration, covered in
Drunken punk staggering behind march with a can of Skol
Super/Kestrel/Tennants Super/White Lightning/Special Brew in hand
Maximum Potential Score on the Left = 105

Religious Figures
Thankfully most political marches do not attract Priests, Vicars, Mullahs or
Rabbi's. If you fear there is a possibility of their attendance - try to hold any
march you are organising on the one day of the week they are busy.
Unfortunately, their need to influence their perceived flock is sometimes over
powering, and they will take the streets. If this happens they should be roundly
Religious ministers seem to particularly enjoy peace marches, which is strange as
religion has caused more wars than any other issue, except of course for that of
The Eye Spy player should be scoring Holy Rollers in the following manner:

Islamic Mentalist
Characterised by bushy beard and nervous side eyed glances towards any women
marchers, the Mentalist normally resorts to shouting "Allah Akhbar" and not a
lot else.
He will occasionally attract the attention of nervous police officers, who are a
scared of arresting Islamic Mentalists due to the difficulty they cause back at the
station. By insisting on cells that face towards Mecca and access to prayer mats
every hour on the hour, the Islamic Mentalist is a formidable foe to any Custody
1 Point

The Nation of Islam
The NoI are often mistakenly identified as a political organisation. They are in
practice a religious cult, and behave as such. The NoI will occasionally attend
events that are particularly relevant to the black community in London, but do
not seem to exist outside of the capital.
The campness of the NoI (all those big butch lads, those muscles, the tight,
beautifully manicured uniforms) is unconvincingly masked by their outward
hatred of gays. Great fun can be had by getting gay couples to kiss in front of
them, or better still a mixed race gay couple.
3 Points
7 Points if spotted outside of London

A TubThumping Protestant Minister
Rarely spotted outside of its natural habitat of Northern Ireland this male
(females of this species are unknown) is characterised by its loud call of "No
Surrender". Although this call is repeated with sickening regularity, it is
thankfully only heard in a very narrow timespan, referred to as a "Marching
Unfortunately the Protestant Minister can become extremely aggressive if the
route of his march is blocked. Should the minister be invited to speak from the
platform, you are strongly advised to turn the PA system down as low as
5 Points
7 Points if spotted in England
10 Points if spotted in the Republic of Ireland!

The Vicar
Jolly good show, up the revolution vicars were the backbone of CND for years.
Frequently spotted on anti-apartheid demonstrations, they could occasionally be
found sitting down in the street waiting for the police to arrest them.
This desire to take the moral high ground, whilst simultaneously surrendering to
the enemy, dominated anti-nuclear politics in Britain for a generation. Rarely
spotted on demonstrations since the 1980s, the Vicar would be an extremely
annoying person to be in a cell with.
South African Vicars used to provide particularly embarrassing scenes where
white Vicars would attempt to dance alongside black marchers, although
thankfully the downfall of apartheid has returned these pastors to their church
3 Points

Orthodox Church Ministers
With fine black robes, flowing beards and crooks that can make excellent
weapons, representatives of the Orthodox Church add a bit of a variety to the
dullest march. Sightings are rare however, and you may have to look for a
demonstration in support of Greek Cypriots or Serbs in Kosovo to spy one.
10 Points

Maximum potential score on religious figures = 46


Fat Cops
All that sitting about, the fear of going outside into a wider world where
everybody hates you, the subsidised canteen, all those nervous cafe owners who

will give you free food, those US cop shows and those mouth watering donuts
You can see why some of the Metropolitan Police's finest officers can end up,
well, a little bit porkie.
7 points
10 points if you can spot the Royal Parks Police officer in Hyde Park who
looks like Geoff Capes without the muscles

Unconvincing Undercover Cops
Whether or not it's the shifty smile and false camaraderie, or the crap moustache
and the rugby shirt, sometimes you can just spot the bastards.
7 points
Police Photographer Disguised as a Press Photographer
Very common on May Day, this gentlemen will attempt to merge in with other
photographers, or even the crowd itself. Even when it is pointed out to him that
he has been spotted with Police Intelligence teams in the past he will attempt to
bluster, claiming to be working "with an agency".
One sure way to spot this slimeball is observing the ratio of pictures of the crowd
he takes compared to pictures of the police. Most newspapers or demonstrators
like to get at least some shots of the police lines, a picture that is useless to the
under cover cop.
5 points
Searchlight Photographer
Searchlight magazine has been the leading investigator into the far right in
Britain for some 30 years. For most, if not all of that Searchlight has worked
hand in hand with the security services, and has spied on and smeared left wing,
anti-fascist and anarchist activists.
Given they are supposed to be an anti-fascist intelligence magazine,
Searchlight's photographers spend an inordinate amount of time attending left-
wing and Irish republican events, photographing all and sundry. Mostly these
pictures do not appear in any publication. Can you guess where they end up?
3 Points
Maximum score on cops = 32

After politicians, the profession regarded as "most untrustworthy" by Britons
are journalists. Anybody who has ever read some of the coverage of major
demonstrations in London, or the coverage in the weeks proceeding events like
MayDay, will understand why these vermin are so roundly despised. Journo-
watchers should be able to spy the following characters on any major
demonstration, and possibly even on some of the smaller one's......
The Friendly Journalist
He likes you. Oh, how he likes you. He wants to get your side of the story,
because all those other journalists are not as nice as he is. In fact he was a bit of a
radical himself when he was at university. When he starts telling you that another
newspaper is really going to dish the dirt and he is your best chance of setting the
record straight, you know he is getting really desperate ...
3 Points

The Trainee Journalist
Just as chummy as the friendly journalist, the trainee journo is characterised by
his/her eagerness. The most minor movement of the crowd or shift in police
formations could be the beginning of the big story that could get them a
permanent job on one of the nationals, if only they are on the spot when
something big happens!
Do not waste your time speaking to the trainee journalist unless they have
indicated that they have access to an expense account. As they are liable to let
their new found importance go to their heads, and often do not understand
expense account procedures, it may be worth your while to get them in the bar
and standing their round!
5 Points

The Big Name Journalist
One of the saddest sights at May Day 2000 was the BBC's Nicholas Witchell,
wandering forlornly amongst the demonstrators. The BBC's Royal
Correspondent had to slum it with the masses for a whole weekend, and he hated
it. Whilst it is comparatively easy to recognise the big-name journalist, he lives in
fear of the unkindest cut of all - not being recognised. Make sure your eyes meet

his for just a second or two, that brief moment of recognition is all he needs to
feel self-important for the whole day.
Finally we all know there is one BBC journalist who is always sent to scenes of
death and destruction. If Kate Adie arrives, assume she has got inside
information that the cops plan to shoot everyone. Get the hell out of there!
5 Points

The Spook Friendly Journalist
Most, if not all newspapers have a journalist whose role it is to liaise with the
security services on behalf of that paper. At The Observer for example Martin
Bright fulfils this role.
There may also be a relationship between the editor and MI5 or MI6, whilst
crime correspondents have traditionally enjoyed close contact with their local
police force. These contacts are often brought into play come major
demonstrations, where the journalists tend to know little about those taking part,
and the police/security services wish to influence the public against them. The
end result is a succession of smears and inaccuracies, perhaps the most famous in
recent years being Mr Bright's claim in The Observer that Anarchists intended
to attend MayDay armed with samurai swords.
As these buggers rarely leave the office, score high marks if you can spot one
10 Points

Media Studies Student
This timewaster not only expects you to be nice to them, but also wants you to
help them do their homework! For the Media Student there can only be two
words, and one of them is off!
No points

Maximum potential score on media = 23
Eye Spy Scores
206 Maximum Score. You've been cheating!
150+ Well done, you have clearly been on a massive
demonstration that has attracted an excellent range
of interesting characters!
100.150 Not bad, the day has not been wasted
75.100 Clearly one or two interesting sights, but have you
missed some people you should have spotted?
50.75 Be honest, you spent most of the day in the pub
didn't you?
Under 50 Waste of time, whoever organised this march needs
to up their game

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