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(en) UK, Class War Issue 85 II. (2/5) Riot Round Up, Do As I say, Not Do As I Do and more...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:27:38 +0100 (CET)

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Riot Round Up
It's a very rebellious world out there!
Wednesday 1st January, Manama, Bahrain - at least 130 cars were
set ablaze, seven hotels attacked and a McDonald's trashed as
2000 poor local rioters welcomed the New Year by going on a
merry rampage through an area frequented by wealthy Saudi Arabian tourists.
Wednesday 1st January, Strasbourg, France - residents of the
Neuhof district held their traditional riot, throwing fireworks at
police and torching cars.

Thursday 2nd January, West Bank, Palestine - a riot broke out at a
detention centre near Ramallah where over 1000 Palestinians are
held without charge, during which they set their shelters on fire
and an Israeli soldier was injured.

Friday 3rd January, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - a mob attempted to
storm the Grain Marketing Board depot in order to get food.

Friday 3rd January, HMP Shotts, Scotland - 80 inmates took
control of part of the jail in protest at their visitors being searched.

Friday 3rd January, Patna, India - thousands rioted, torching
government buildings and assualted police after cops killed three

Saturday 4th January, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - people rioted when
government supporters were given preference in a line for food aid
whilst many people are threatened with starvation.

Monday 6th January, Harare, Zimbabwe - youths injured four
police men whilst waiting in a food queue.

Wednesday 29th January, El Paso, Texas - pupils at Montwood
Highschool walked out in protest at the introduction of longer
lessons, and then threw paper and other objects at more than a 100
cops who turned up, hurling abuse at them and school officials.

Sunday 9th February, Omagh, Northern Ireland - what apparently
started as a drunken brawl turned into a two hour anti-police riot
involving 200 people who ripped up paving stones and knocked
down a wall for ammunition to hurl at coppers.

Tuesday 11th February, La Paz (and surrounding cities), Bolivia -
protests against a rise in taxes and fall in social spending turned
into massive riots and looting for two days, with the police going
on strike at one point and fighting with the army, and seven
government buildings and the largest jail being set on fire. The
presidential palace was stormed forcing the President to escape in
an ambulance and suspend the tax increase.

Friday 14th February, Seoul, South Korea - more than two
thousand farmers attacked cops with sticks whilst protesting a
WTO meeting.

Friday 14th February, Regina, Canada - prisoners in the Regina
Correctional Centre rioted against the conditions inside, smashing
toilets, sinks and walls, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Saturday 15th February, Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece - while
anti-war protesters in London were being praised for good
behaviour by the cops, Greeks showed us how it should be done:
windows were broken, a car set on fire and rocks and petrol bombs
were hurled at police in Athens while in Thessaloniki, protesters,
many wearing motorcycle helmets, clashed with police outside the
US consulate.

Saturday 22nd February, Nablus, West Bank - a group Palestinians
threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers who raided the town
to look for militants.

Tuesday 25th February, Buenos Aires, Argentina - squatters
clashed with police as they refused to abandon a building, taunting
cops and throwing rocks at them and a nearby police station.

Wednesday 26th February, Buenos Aires, Argentina - riot police
fired tear gas and rubber bullets at 200 demonstrators outside a
federal courthouse where four leftist political activists went on
trial. Masked demonstrators responded by throwing rocks and
sticks, and one television cameraman was hit in the face by a
rubber bullet.

Monday 4th March, Nimes, France - youths threw stones and
petrol bombs at police in the working class area of Valdegour after
cops shot a teenager dead during a car chase. Cars were set on
fire, shops looted and a local police station was rammed with a car.
Four cops were injured.

Tuesday 5th March, Baxter Detention Centre, Australia - asylum
seekers caused more than $10 000 worth of damage by smashing
doors and windows in protest at not being allowed to attend a
cultural event.

Friday 7th March, Brussels, Belgium - dockers started a wave of
strikes across Europe, then threw rocks, bottles and paint at police
outside the European Parliament.

Saturday 8th March, Chisinau, Moldova - prisoners hurled metal
objects and rocks at screws after several cells at the Cricova
prison were raided and belongings seized. Cops and screws then
opened fire, killing one prisoner.

Saturday 8th March, Pisa, Italy - anti-war protesters fought with
riot police after breaking through fences around US Camp Darby.

Do As I say, Not Do As I Do
London's congestion charge was introduced on February 17. It now
costs a fiver to drive into much of central London. Small potatoes
for the wealthy or the middle classes, but enough to price many
working class people off the road.
This is our objection to the congestion charge - and one needlessly
that is not shared by Ken or the middle class Greens in London
who love him so much - the way is now clear for the rich to drive
around central London, without any common rif-raff delaying them.
We are expected to squeeze onto buses and tubes on an
ever-collapsing public transport system.
Ken however is allright. His preferred method of transport is not
the tube he allows himself to be pictured taking so frequently, but
the cab. Taxis and minicabs are exempt from the charge.
Last year Livingstone spent over five thousand pounds on 226 taxi
journeys. That's pretty much one every working day. He even took
a cab back from the Labour party conference - in Blackpool.

Anti-Fascist Work in Yorkshire
Here we go again. Fascist scum, probably tired of sitting at home
alone jacking off to pictures of Belsen corpses and dreaming of
serving "the great one-eyed leader", are on our streets again up
north, riding around in packs like the dogs they are, peddling their
lies and hate to our class for votes, trying to turn us and our
justified anger at our lives against ourselves and our interests;
divide and rule in it's oldest form. But they have not gone
In the run up to the Mixenden by-election and in recognition of the
threat a win for the BNP there could pose in the May local
elections and in our communities, a well attended meeting of
committed anti-fascist activists took place in Huddersfield to
discuss what to do; Yorkshire Class War was there.
It was a lively meeting with anarchists, socialists, trade unionists
and concerned local people getting their heads together and out of
it came a commitment to work together, and with others, to take on
these degenerate inbreds by whatever means necessary. Hard
hitting propaganda was drawn up (copies available on request from
Yorkshire CW address) target areas identified and a rota of work
agreed; things were moving.
Out on the streets we got a mixed response but people were more
than willing to discuss the issues with us and I think we did make
an impact stood out on the estates talking to our class. One guy, a
taxi driver, even drove around the estate looking for us to give a
&40 donation after getting our leaflet through his door, thanks man
that really helped get some stuff done!
We met with the Bradford Trades Council and agreed to work
together, each week our numbers were growing until we could blitz
an estate in a couple of hours instead of the full day it was taking
when we began. Our spirits were high.
After nearly a month of our work the fascists came out in their
cars, driving by and trying to intimidate us by taking our photos for
their pathetic little webrag Redwatch but obviously out numbered
they drove off. Next tactic for them was to call their heroes the
pigs, who at first turned up in twos and insisted on escorting us,
for our own safety! But in later weeks, as tensions began to run
higher and our numbers swelled even further they came by the van
load, kitted out in riot gear, who were they protecting now?
As election night edged closer we intensified our efforts and pulled
in people from all over the area, a block of committed activists
were ever present to defend our work should physical
confrontation be needed and I do think us being there stopped any
physical attacks on their part. On Thursday 23 January, as the
results came in our hearts sunk, it felt like they'd stabbed us with a
knife; the bastards had got by 28 votes!
After their win we were down hearted but the fight will continue,
lasting networks have been formed and are spreading out, trades
councils are being reformed to bring the resources of the unions
into the fight against these racist scum, benefit gigs organised, our
propaganda is being spread far and wide and their win in Mixenden
has focused people~s attention on what needs to be done.
The win by the BNP in Halifax is a defeat for our class, a defeat
for our communities and a defeat for the dedicated work we had all
done, putting aside our differences to fight a common enemy. But it
was a defeat in only one battle, there will be many more to come.
The class war is the only war where every battle is lost until the
final battle!
The BNP are being helped in their propaganda by the right-wing
rags that pass for our media with their obsessive stories about
asylum seekers, they are being helped by the big political parties
who's only response is to ape the BNP's line. But we can get rid of
them if, on this issue at least, if we work together.
You may have already read in the national press that Adrian
Marsden, the BNP councillor, has had his come-uppance, getting a
well deserved kick-in from his new constituents. A warning for all
those thinking of standing as fascist candidates in our cities.
In May the BNP are expected to be standing over 100 candidates
around the country, that means they are probably standing near
you. Everyone needs to take this threat seriously and get involved
in kicking this trash off our streets, out of our communities.
Everyone needs to get out in the streets and build the resistance
against, not only these fascist bastards that seek to play us off
against one another but this loaded system that they and those like
them thrive on.
Mixenden was a clarion call, we need to hear it.

Distractor Flare in Yorkshire
Staying in Yorkshire, one of the thorns on the white rose is the
White Nationalist Party, a fascist grouping making a lot of noise in
one or two parts of the region. Interestingly two of the main
players in the WNP are Eddy Morrison and Tony White.
Morrison has been in and out of virtually every far-right grouping in
the past 30 years, playing an integral role in all their splits, whilst
White has had his marching orders from both the National Front
and British National Party. Morrison~s major contribution in the
BNP was ensuring Searchlight agent provocateur Tim Hepple
survived an internal investigation in the early 1990s, whilst White
has previously succeeded in convincing both the NF and BNP
leaderships that he is a spook.
Birds of a feather it seems, flock together.
More seriously it tells us a lot about either the British state, or
Special Branch in West Yorkshire (who pays Morrison and
White~s wages is something they know better than us) that they
can waste taxpayers money setting up pseudo-nazi organisations
to go round inciting racial hatred.
It is important anti-fascists keep an eye on the puppeteer as well
as the puppets.

Copper gets two months inside
The plods in West Yorkshire haven~t exactly got the best of
reputations, stories abound of beatings taking place inside
pig-shops, racist attitudes and fabricated statements. It should
have come as no surprise to anyone to hear that one of their
number had been accused of punching and kicking a young lad in
the street outside his own home, after all the new chief cuntstable
of West Yorkshire~s last job was heading the notorious RUC and
with a boss with a CV like that what do you expect.
PC Keith Empsall had actually been caught on film laying into
Christopher Wilson as he tried to move away from him. As the
video evidence of this was shown on our television screens no one
could be in any doubt as to this coppers guilt, not even the
middle-classes who usually bleat on about "how he must have
done something" could pretend this guy had deserved the beating
he got.
It was Rodney King all over again, only the badges and location
had changed.
Fair cop (excuse the pun) you~d think, but this thug in uniform of
24 years standing knew this was just normal behaviour for a tit
head on the beat, and aware he would be supported by the Police
Federation he decided to plead "not guilty", and so we had to fund
a farce of a trial.
In the weeks following the video the local media went into
overdrive, presenting Empsall as the perfect copper "he~d won
awards" they told us, "he had an exemplary record" they said and
"he was a good family man", none of this cut much ice though and
after his house was attacked by the community exacting it~s own
brand of justice our brave thug in blue had to be moved for his own
His employers were so disgusted by his actions that they came
down on him like ton of bricks by.... suspending him on full pay for
five months! Ah it~s a hard life being a copper aint it.
When the case did come to court it was hard to suppress a laugh
as Empsall explained why he~d seen fit to kick the shit out of
Chris, apparently he had feared he would be attacked by him, the
reason being? He hadn~t blinked! Well fuck me, if someone goes
around not blinking they deserve all they get don~t they, it is a
wonder he didn~t spray him with CS gas to cure him of his
All of this took place under the snout of another police officer, PC
Gunn, who was only feet away while his partner auditioned for the
next street fighter film but he saw nothing wrong with what was
going on and did nothing to stop the lad being assaulted as he
explained that he was "not aware a crime was being committed",
makes you wonder what kind of training these half-wits get
doesn~t it?
The trial at Leeds Crown Court dragged on for three days and
Empsall was finally found guilty, though it took the judge a further
month to decide what punishment to give him. After "wrestling"
with the decision he finally handed down two months in the
slammer. Let~s all hope he got an appropriate welcome inside from
some of his former "clients".
So let this be a warning to you; next time a pig comes up to you on
the streets for fuck's sake BLINK else you might just get a punch
in the face and you just know there won~t be anyone around to film
it when you do. ACAB.

The Only Good Fascist Is a Dead Fascist
13th November saw the tragic death of Birmingham National Front
member Jason Spence Spence was shot dead in the Great Barr
district of Birmingham, on his drunken way home from the pub.
Whether or not he had time for a last kebab is not recorded! The
loss of this knob provoked much whining and wailing on Fascist
websites, and more memorably provoked one anti-fascist to rhyme

There was a young man named Spence
Who hadn't kept up with events
He sold more than pot
And quickly got shot
Then bled to death on the fence

Even more amusingly the fascist rag Voice of St George whittered
about what a family man Spence was, and how he had been
married for 17 years. This is odd, as the same article told us he
was only 31. We know the fascists have some pretty strange
practices, but do they really marry at 14?

Class War Against Christian Wankers (CWACKERS)
A Hackney Wick church with over &8.5 million of savings is under
investigation by a charity watchdog for financial irregularities. The
Kingsway International Christian Centre is one of the biggest
churches in the country and members pay a 10th of their income to
join. The church~s six trustees distribute the money contributed by
its 12,000 members.
Class War was aware of this when the London group put anti
religious stickers up around the Wick area, after the news that a
women on a local estate was being evicted because of debt
problems - most of her income was going to the church by direct
debit! She was advised that the payments stop, she was shocked
and couldn~t do this, under the impression that she could buy her
way into a heaven that doesn~t exist.
Back in 19xx Class War members in Hackney criticised the church
for boasting, in an area of dire poverty, that the average Sunday
collection plate amounted to &10,000.
Seeing the trustees driving around in Mercedes and BMW is
taking the piss, it wouldn~t be so bad if the money was going back
into the community which it is not. Hackney Wick is one of the
poorest areas in London.
Worse, Hackney council are closing nursery's in the same area
because they have no money, the religious freaks see his gap and
move in for the profit involved. Is God such a cunt"..

Joe Strummer ~ Going Down Fighting
On December 20th 2002, Joe strummer died of a suspected heart
attack. Most people
remember Joe as the Clash's front man and singer of such class
war classics as White Riot, London Calling and loads more.
However, his real claim to fame was that his latter band, Joe
Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War, led the Class War 'Rock
Against the Rich' Tour in 1988!
The tour was organised on a Saturday afternoon drink up in the
Warwick Castle Pub in Notting Hill. Class War's Ian Bone talked
to Strummer about an idea he had of a rock tour touring the
country's most impoverished areas and basing each gig around a
local issue of class conflict.
In London, in the heat of the summer of '88, the burning issue was
the take over of working class areas by rich bastards, namely
yuppie scum. Remember, fellow troublemakers, that this was a summer
without an outdoor festival in London, so the idea that Ian
presented to Strummer was a massive free gig in London, to begin
a national tour...smack bang in the middle of the Isle of Dogs - the
area being promoted by Thatcher as the role model for inner city
Our plan was to hold a massive festival on the Island get 50,000
people there, close off the only 2 exits to the Isle of Dogs with
over turned BMW's, and start a riot and burn every fucking yuppie
flat to the ground. We had the head of the local tenants committee
on our side, and the event was ready to go....then this prick of a
bastard named Ted Johns, stabbed us in the back by withdrawing
his support, and the open air venue from us, and then as final insult
to us and his fellow Islanders, by accepting a position on the board
of the opposition, the London Docklands Development
Corporation....hopefully he now rots in a grave and will go down in
history as traitor to the working class.....
So we had stubbed our toe, but fuck it we booked out the Brixton
Academy and filled it like a sardine can, and we were off and
racing on was promising to be a tour of confrontation, riot, rebellion
and revelry. Each gig, was to be based around a burning local
issue. The plan was as follows...
Newcastle at St.James Park right when the idea was being
proposed of selling the ground to property developers ...
Edinburgh - on the biggest council estate in the city on the same
day as the Edinburgh festival...
Playing at the Durham Miners Gala...you get the general idea, this
was to be the biggest threat tour wise, since the Anarchy in the
UK tour...Strummer was totally up for it and considered the local
issue idea as brilliant since radical politics was so dominated by
issues and agendas which were middle class orientated and two
million miles away, in all ways, from the working class.
Like all good ideas, it got watered down in some ways, and the
confrontational nature of the tour was lost. The tour ran into
financial problems, and Strummer bailed us out with &1,000
pounds of his own hard earned, which showed his heart was in the
right place.
Joe had a total fucking ball on the tour, getting pissed, on the pull,
and generally acting like a class war lout...
One of his final gigs before he died was a benefit for striking fire
fighters at Acton Town Hall. Here he was re-united with Mick
Jones for the first time in 20 years. He will be much missed by all
who loved his music and by us for what he did for Class War.

Good News Corner
They may get bigger and better guns every year, and ever more
laws to protect them, but US cops appear to be as unpopular as
ever. 2002 saw violence against them rise to a four year high, with
a whopping 142 cops killed in 29 states.
A special mention goes to the Texas Wildlife Officer run over by
his own car, and the 38 officers who found that body armour did not
protect them from a righteous bullet. Here~s to 2003, 2004 and

In Class War issue 82 an article about the powers of prison
governors was mentioned.
Carrying on from this Class War has come across more info about
losing remission. The scheme started in October 2002 in four pilot
prisons because prison governors could not impose extra days in
prison for breaches of prison discipline.
It could mean good news for prisoner~s rights but knowing our
crumbling prison regime we do not hold much hope. The new
scheme which involves a District Judge who will hold hearings in
the prison to clear the massive back log of cases where prisoners
have been accused of breaking prison rules where additional days
of imprisonment can be added.
Prisoners have the right to be legally represented at these
hearings. The schemes will be extended over the dis-united
kingdom in 2003.Once the backlog is cleared there will be a rota of
district judges who will visit prisons to hear these cases.
This could be good news in that power has been taken the power
away from the Governor, however will judges be more of a bastard
and will prisoners receive a better and fairer hearing if a thing
exists in British prisons?
Following this change concerns were expressed about the
difficulties of maintaining prison discipline. This has actually led to
the disciplinary powers of governors being increased, for example
they can now confine an adult prisoner to a cell for 21 days rather
than 14 days, and a young offender for 10 days rather than 7. So
typically its also a case of one step forwards, two steps back.
It seems that the governors who have lost a power have actually
gained more power by punishing prisoners for longer periods.
Class War needs more info especially from prisoners who have
any experience of the above, write to the London Class War PO

It Could Not Happen To A Nicer Bloke
Buckets of tears were shed last December when Aaron Chapman
was found stabbed to death in his home in Sutton, Surrey. At the
time of his death, Chapman was suspended from his job as a
Prison officer on suspicion of selling drugs to prisoners in his care
at HMP High Down.
Bodybuilder Chapman had what is described as a "Substantial"
amount of cocaine and cannabis in his home. Ever wondered how
all those drugs get into prison?

Another strategy by the prison board is to introduce Virtual Court
Hearings to save some more dosh. When a criminal case goes to
trial there is always a preliminary hearing at which a defendant
pleads guilty or not guilty. The new scheme in Manchester where
the prosecution and defence barristers can submit info about the
case via a secure Intranet (Virtual TV). This means that the
hearing can take place virtually and the defendant does not have to
attend court in person, if successful this will be extended again in
The above may seem to be a way of bettering our cramped
Victorian overcrowded prisons, but it is really about saving money
to pay the screws more, or to recruit more pen-pushers.
Seeing last year~s riots in HMP Lincoln, and serious outbreaks of
violence in Scotland, unrest is brewing in the prisons. With the
threat of privatisation and extending slave labour in the work shops
this is probably the first changes of many in the on-going drive for
a profitable prison system.

Archers Arse Licked by Legal Low Lifes
Lord Archer the tosser is at it again, the screws are probably
licking his arse at the moment, surprising what a word like Lord
does in front of your name.
After been kicked out from the North Sea nick in Lincolnshire for
apparently having lunch with the head of prison security, the
screws are flouting all the rules for Archer, who is now in
Hollesley Bay nick nicknamed The Holiday Bay in Suffolk.
He then wrote a book on his jail memoirs, even though he~s only
been inside for 18 months, where he identified inmates which is
breaking prison rules, again. How the hell he got them out who
knows. After all this he was still given prison leave for Xmas and
again at the new year with no loss of remission. Again watch this
space to see how low the prison authorities will grovel for their
great Lord.
Talking about cheek, Archer has decided to demand an official
apology for, believe it or not ~unfair treatment in prison~ he has
submitted a 44 page complaint about his punishment after
attending a lunch at the home of a Tory MP, he had again broken
prison rules on visits out and was transferred to Lincolnshire.
This complaint according to the prison rules may affect his chance
of getting parole in the summer~he will probably get a full apology
& a lick up his backside from prison service chief Martin Narey.


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