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(en) UK, Class War Issue 85 - I. (1/5) The Glasgow Clearances, Support the Firemen!, Defy ID! and more...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 08:25:15 +0100 (CET)

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The Glasgow Clearances
" The Department of Health have naturally been anxious to ensure
that no major new incoming industry to Scotland should go into Glasgow"
" ....... the main planning objectives have been the containment and,
if possible, the reduction in size of the Glasgow conurbation" "At the
time of the Local Employment Act, the DHS had further conversations with
this Office with the object of seeking assurances that the effect of the
act would not be to renew pressure to bring industry to Glasgow."
All of the quotes above come from advice to Scottish Ministers in
1960 from the Board of Trade. Scottish historian Ian Levitt's
research suggests that the Scottish Office, based in Edinburgh,
had a long-standing policy of running down Glasgow. No other
Scottish city faced similar restrictions.

This was accompanied by the setting up of new towns, often far
from Glasgow, where some 400,000 Glaswegians settled following
slum clearance in Glasgow. Most were given no choice as to
where to live.

Glasgow it seems was a little too harsh for some in Edinburgh, and
memories of Red Clydeside in 1919 still strong. Hard to believe
today, but in the 1950s the Tories had a real base in Edinburgh, and
looked with real concern at what they saw as the red menance to
the west.

History books have long debated the gerrymandering of electoral
boundaries in Northern Ireland by Ulster Unionists, but
Conservatives in Scotland believed that by building new towns, a
prosperous Tory voting working class would emerge. It looks like
gerrymandering from where we are sitting.

Support the Firemen!

Amongst all the spin against the firefighters, some facts:
A firefighter is paid £21,000 per annum. They work 2x9 hour day shifts and
2x15 hour night duties followed by three and a half days leave. They get
no extra pay for working weekends or night shifts There is no free pension
scheme for firemen - insteadthey contribute 11% of their own salaries The
40% pay increase demanded by the Fire Brigades Union would take their pay t
o £8.50 per hour The government has described this 40% demand as unrealistic
In 2002, MPs voted themselves a pay increase of .......... 40%
For more information on the firefighters dispute visit www.fbu.org.uk
or just go down your local fire station and have a chat

Defy ID!

Class War is a supporter of the Defy ID campaign. The campaign
opposses increased surveillance in the UK, and in particular the
introduction of any identity card or "entitlement card" by the government.
Nobody knows how much information is held - and by whom - on each
individual in the UK. The introduction of an ID card gives yet more
power to the state and to its petty bureaucrats. This can be resisted
however. In 1987 Austrailians forced their government to withdraw from
the planned introduction of an ID card. Mass protest and opposition worked.
Freedoms granted by a card isued by a government are worthless. We already
deal with petty officialdom daily, with snarling police officers and cold
civil servants. An ID card gives more power to those who are not fit to
exercise it. Defy ID!
You can find out more about Defy ID! at www.defy-id.org.uk

Buy This Man A Pint!

One man who will never be short of people to buy him a drink is Paul Kelleher
from Isleworth, Middlesex. Paul acted promptly when the Guidhall Art Gallery put
a statue of hared ex-PM Margaret Thatcher on display. Whilst Thatcher's senility
thankfully keeps her off our TV screens, the commissioning of this statue by the
Houses of Parliament is an insult to working class people everywhere. An insult
Paul Kelleher took personally. Having knocked Thatcher's head off (sadly the
staue not the real thing!) with a metal museum stand , Paul was tried not once
but twice for his "crime". In December a jury failed to reach a verdict on a
charge of damaging property.

At this point, the Crown Prosecution Service could have dropped the charges,
after all Paul is hardly likely to repeat the offence, as the statue is now in
Parliament. Sadly a second trial in January saw Paul found guilty, and jailed
for an outrageous three months. By the time Class War is published Paul will
have been released. Buy him a drink if you see him!

Spot the Difference
Is Class War the only newspaper to recognise the similarity between the traditional
Royal Mail red postbox, and Cherie Blair QC?

Get a picture of a post box (caption Cherie Blair QC) and a picture of Cherie Blair
with her mouth looking really big (caption Last posting is 6.30pm)

Legalised Mugging

Many local authorities have now taken over parking control from the police.
This means that parking disputes are subsequently judged by independent
adjudicator's rather than the courts. As these adjudicator's publish
annual reports, you can get an indication into how your council is going
about its business.
In London, the majority of drivers who appeal against a parking ticket win
their appeal. This is despite a system that encourages people to pay up
(even if in the right) by offering a reduced penalty the sooner you pay.
Outside of London motorists are winning approximately 1 in 3 appeals. That
means that over 30% of tickets should never have been issued in the first
place. In Haringey an astonishing 95% of appeals are successful. In
Hounslow the figure is 93%.
The gangs are of traffic wardens that now stalk our streets are behaving
little better than muggers. The more tickets they issue the more they get
paid, and the more money council's have to waste on daft schemes and
prestigious offices. The people losing out are, as usual you and me.
If you get a parking ticket appeal all the way. What have you got to lose?

Leading By Example
News reaches Class War that Prince Harry may fail his A levels this year. According
to one of his mates "Harry is not stupid, but his teenage years have been tough".
Very tough. All those parties to go to, Hunts to attend and all that pot to smoke.
Usually the upper classes will find an alternative career for particularly stupid
offspring (look at the help Prince Edward has had over the years) but hopes that
Harry could be dumped on the Army have been dashed. A member of Eton's Army Cadet
Force, Prince Harry missed a recent exercise in Belize due to "a sore
foot". Not exactly a man for the trenches then!

If They Had Brains They Would Be Dangerous
It is that time again, when we take a look at the thickest of the
thick. Can your local cops match the bungling bobbies listed below?

Bristol ~ One of the areas police are most sensitive about is
community relations, mainly because they know that deep down
everybody hates them. What to make then of the Bristol cops who
threw a wobbly at a public meeting on crime, and ordered a
journalist and her photographer to leave? The next evening~s
Bristol Evening Post had its front page written for them, whilst the
police were portrayed in a front page article as a load of aggressive
bullies who cannot stand any public examination. To make press
reporting look accurate is a rare achievement indeed, well done to
Bristol~s bungling bobbies!

Gloucestershire ~ Our now regular entry from the west country!
It~s a good job Christmas comes but once a year for Stroud police.
Never mind drug traffickers and international terrorists, as it was
an escaped donkey that managed to give Stroud~s finest the slip,
prompting Sgt Mike Yhnell of Stroud Police to tell the Stroud
News and Journal "We didn't find the three wisemen or baby
Don~t worry Mike, we suspect that the turkey was somewhat
closer to home

Metropolitan Police Special Branch - Red faces all round (as
usual) for Britiain's political police. Always on the lookout for a
bargain, the computer system offered by Protocol Solutions, a
Hampshire firm, looked like excellent value. It was, as it was
pirated from Microsoft before being supplied to SB and no less
than 10 regional police forces. Perhaps somebody needs to go into
their offices and see what else is in there that should not be .........

Staying with the Met, shed a tear for ex PC William Milne. Mr
Milne of Hornchurch, was jailed for nine months for three offences
of attempting to obtain property by deception between 1993-96.
Milne's fiddle (presumeably one taught to him by his peers) was to
claim he had suffered injuries on duty whilst making arrests.
After receiving &4050 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation
Board for two claims, he got a bit greedy and appealed when a third
claim was rejected. The authorities then investigated previous
claims he had made, and found three that were "clearly fraudulent".
We hope you enjoyed your porridge William!

Bedfordshire - It seems the poor dears of Bedfordshire Police are
not being equipped for the task in hand. Nigel Crowe Chairman of
the Bedfordshire Police Federation has called for officers to be
issued with long johns to keep warm. As Bedfordshire cops seem
to spend so much time sitting on their arses' how can there
backsides possibly be cold?

Greater Manchester - Full marks to the unnamed officer at the
Oldham Athletic v Burton Albion FA cup tie, who spotted a
dangerous figure running onto the pitch when Burton scored.
How was our hero to know that the figure he had arrested, dressed
in suspicious looking socks, shorts, football boots and shirt, was
not a dangerous hooligan, but one of Burton's players?

National Crime Squad - Farewell to Detective Sergeant David
Redfern, jailed for supplying cocaine, and to his colleague
Detective Constable Heather Bossart, jailed for possession. Both
were caught on a hidden camera taking drugs at the house of
Redfern's girlfriend, Nicola Bladen in Derbyshire. A total of six
other defendants were also convicted.
More evidence may have emerged, but for the fact that police
installed the camera in the kitchen of Bladen's house, in a place
where her cat normally slept. Sadly for the police, hundreds of
hours of footage consisted merely of Miss Bladen's pussy.

In what is a very competitive field, our best bungling bobby this
issue is undoubtedly Traffic Constable Gary Bretherick of
Lancashire police. Chubby Bretherick combined his policing duties
with being a linesman in the semi-professional Unibond League,
but feared he had got a little too thick around the waist.
Come the FA's annual fitness test, Bretherick sent a slim friend to
take a series of sprint tests followed by a 2700 metre run in under
12 minutes. But Bright Bretherick unfortunately sent a mate who
was some 18 years younger, and considerably slimmer than he is.
His ruse was spotted and he was forced to resign by the FA.
Those looking to commiserate with Bretherick will sadly not be
able to find him bobbing along the streets of his Blackpool beat, as
Lancashire Constabulary have since sacked him!

Doing The Business

Anti War Demo Thursday 31 October 2002 - Halloween
Parliament Square 6pm people start to gather, usual suspects.
Speakers include the same people who seem to speak at all these
events Tony Benn, Tariq Ali (another posh old leftie type if people
have not heard of him) Being in Westminster brought back some
funny memories of May Day a couple of years ago - Churchill just
don't look the same without the Mohawk!
About a third of the crowd had masks on with it being Halloween
which was a laugh and some people had a banner saying only 58
bombing days till Xmas! Moved off to Downing Street about 6:45
pigged to fuck as usual and the anarcho's getting all their attention
do u think they fancy us or summut? Get to Downing Street at
about 7:00pm where there is a bit of push and shove one copper
with a video camera gets hit in face with traffic cone. Tragic! In the
pub for 7:15pm - all in all good night out.
PS It ain't my round next time u know who you's are!

Report on Anti-CBI Demo Sunday 24th of November, Manchester
The day saw Class War members out demonstrating against the
Bosses Union, the CBI, whose conference was being held in
Manchester. This was an excellent opportunity for all class
conscious people to vent their anger at these rich bastard
parasites coming together to talk about screwing us over for the
coming year. Unfortunately only Class War and the other
anarchists present seemed to grasp what this was all about; Class.
The lefty types were out selling their papers and the SWP seemed
to be suffering from an identity crisis having all their front
organisations out at once, which left some wondering what the
fuck this demo was about, Globalise Resistance was there so
maybe it was an anti-capitalist demo, but then we had their
anti-war coalition and even the ANL stalls there, anti-capitalist,
anti-war, anti-racism? Talk about a demo with no fucking theme or

At least Yorkshire Class War's banner was there proclaiming loud
that we were "working class and proud", making it clear what
issue had brought us out onto the streets. Growing bored after
being offered our tenth Socialist middle-class paper of the day we
set off round the side of the building to try find a way into the
conference or at least catch the bosses as they entered the
building, anger in our hearts, eggs in our hands. Unfortunately all
we got was a van load of filth to meet us, they tried in vain to
provoke us into doing something stupid (we were well out
numbered) by ripping peoples masks off and generally harassing
us, par for the course.

After it was clear that all the guys in Armani suits had gone inside
before we got there we made our way back to the front where a
chorus of anti-war slogans had started, we added our own "no war
but the class war" one which seemed to go down well but we
weren't there to chant.

Growing impatient we made our way to the front and tried to get
the crowd to DO something, some there were willing to join us and
a group of us rushed towards the side entrance, a couple of
students managed to get through the lines and even got into the
conference centre but the police were too strong in numbers and
most of us were soon repelled by them. The students appeared
sometime later explaining that they had SPOKEN to the Chairman
of BP and been given a plastic bag full of corporate crap by him,
which for some reason they seemed quite pleased about; punching
him in the face would have been our preferred option!
The demo ended with a leisurely walk around the building chanting
slogans to anyone who might walk by, no one did. And to ease the
boredom we had to contend ourselves with egging coppers until we
headed off to the pub, leaving the lefties to their paper selling.
Let's hope next year we can do much better, get the numbers out
and maybe securely fasten that plastic bag full of shit pamphlets
over Mr BP's head with a rope!

Glasgow Anti-War Demo 15 February

From the outset to us veterans in Glasgow CW, this was going to
be the biggest demonstration ever staged in Scotland. Forget the
cops fiddled estimation figures, this was huge. We had printed
over 20,000 leaflets (thanks Clydeside) and this was'nt nearly
enough. Our hands were sore giving so many out but there was an
audience to be covered, many never having been on a
demonstration before.
Crowds snaked all the way from the city centre to the SECC. The
event culminated in a two hour rally with speeches from the usual
moley crew of lefties. During the rally a five minute "Jericho
Rumpus" was generated, during which the protestors made as
much noise as possible.
The march had originally been timed to coincide with Blair's
keynote speech to the Scottish Labour Conference, but he
addressed delegates earlier in the morning and did a runner, the
same time as marchers were assembling three miles away on
Glasgow green.

1st March - Anti-war demo in Birmingham

which the West Midlands Anarchists went along to dressed in
black with a banner, black flags, some leaflets about us and the
following two placards: "Saddam = Blair = Bin Laden = Marx =
Hitler - Down with all rulers!" and "Bin Laden has a predeliction for
sexual relations with animals!"
The demo itself was a pointless one, of first listening to boring
speeches, followed by a march AWAY from the centre (we got
bored and went to the pub after ten minutes, waiting for them to
get back), then more boring speeches. We livened these up a little
by first trying to sell Class War to George Galloway ("How about
some real politics to read whilst having tea with dictators?") and
yelling at the speakers with our megaphone, especially when the
Labour MP came on, which some liberals got a bit uppity about.
Apparently it's ok with them to be ruling class scumbags, as long
as you're against the war.
Shortly after this some fundamentalist nutter came and ripped up
our Bin Laden placard, and we were soon surrounded by an unholy
alliance of Muslim fundamentalists, wet liberals and lefties siding
with them, and an official steward threatening to punch us in the
face and have people come round to break our legs, although these
threats were hastily withdrawn when we offered to settle things
there and then. Some gems from this was some liberal claiming
that we're only insulting bin laden "because he's Muslim" (so not
because he's a terrorist bastard then), and a lefty telling me that
"this wasn't a time for humour".
After a while they got bored and shut up. But as we were now
surrounded by wankers and couldn't lose the megaphone because it
wasn't ours, we decided we couldn't boo Galloway, so we retired to
the pub shortly after.

The Americans Have a Point!

How is George W Bush so sure that Iraq has weapons of mass
destruction which are a threat to the US?
We doubt very much he can prove Iraq is a threat to a country on
the other side of the world. The main person Saddam is a threat to
is his own citizens. But the USA can almost certainly prove that
Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. They sold them to him!
In December the Swiss journalist Andreas Zumach listed a total of
24 major US companies who had illegally aided Saddam's
biological, chemical and nuclear weapons programmes. Needless
to say no action is planned against any of these companies, which
includes household names such as Honeywell, Unisys,
Hewlett-Packard, Dupont and Bechtel.
German and British firms were also involved in this process, at a
time when Saddam was officially blacklisted by the US, UK and
German governments.
To expect morals from capitalists as a bit like expecting morals
from a tomcat, but is rare to see the hypocrisy of capitialism laid
out so fully.
For more on Zumach's research go to www.truthout.org

Genoa - The Mist Begins To Clear

The murder of Carlo Guilani by Italian police in Genoa in July 2001,
during the anti-G8 protests, will never be forgotten.
The position of the Italian authorities is beginning to crumble
however with regards to the later raid at the Diaz School, which
was being used as a Social Centre by demonstrators. Of the 93
people arrested at the school on 22 July 2001, 72 were injured.
More than a dozen had to be carried out on stretchers as they were
unable to stand. All were later released without charge.
A senior police officer, Pietro Troiani, has now admitted to an
inquiry that two petrol bombs found in the Diaz School were
planted by the police. This revelation, in January, was widely
reported in Italy, but received scant attention elsewhere.


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