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(en) xUSSR: Avtonom #21 English summary

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 18:47:35 +0100 (CET)

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Dear friends, here comes another international mail out, pay attention
to our brand new glossy Moscow style outlook already put down as popsy by
haters! Unless you are already exchanging publications with us, you may
just imagine how it looks like when reading this in internet.
For those of you who do not yet know, Avtonom is currently
irregularly published journal of Autonomous Action, which developed
from a network to a libertarian communist federation January 2002,
after two years of existence. Currently Autonomous Action has local
groups in 23 cities of Russia and Armenia, and supporters in Belarus,
Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan and Ukraine.

This is the first issue of Avtonom put out by brand new editorial
collective in Moscow. Last spring Krasnodar anarchist movement ran
to some trouble. Local chekists used a stupid street fight in order to
put pressure on local movement. It happened that press-secretary of
Rosneft corporation in Kuban, drunken mr. Dolgov provoked a fight
with Krasnodar anarchists and broke his finger. 20th of May 2003
cops raided home of D. Ryabin, then de facto editor-in-chief of
Avtonom, confiscating his hard disk and plenty of anarchist press.
During summer and autumn, anarchists in Krasnodar were summoned
to interrogations, and police threated to set up a criminal case with
charge of "a call to overturn constitutional order" against former
editors of Avtonom, to put new anti-terrorist legislation hastily set up
after Nord-Ost hostage crisis to practice.

21st of January D. Ryabin and his co-defendant faced charges
because of the street fight. Initiator of the fight, mr. Dolgov was
playing in role of the victim, but was content with the settlement
which included payment of a sizeabe financial compensation to him. In
usual practice this means end of the case - this time not, and Ryabin
was sentenced to 6 months in "colony", which is a new form of a
low-security level prison. This would be exceptionally hard sentence
even without any settlement, and Dmitri himself was completely
certain that he would receive a probational sentence, and asked
everyone not to waste efforts for support campaign in prior to court.
His co-defendant got a probational sentence, since judge considered
him young and not as initiator of the conflict. However judge
Goncharov of the regional court of Oktyabrkiy area was only voicing
the sentence given by not juridicial but executive powers - a known
FSB agent was present in the court, ensuring that longst!
anding member of anarchist movement would be neutralized for a

D. Ryabin has been participating to anarchist movement since 1989,
last 4 years in Autonomous Action in which he is one of the
co-founders. He edited first 20 numbers of the journal Avtonom,
editorial collective of which had to be moved to Moscow in summer
2003 because of the repression in Krasnodar. Dmitri Ryabin worked
as a journalist in Kuban area regional paper of the official trade union
federation, "Delo Truda" (cause of work), although it must be said
that this was for purely financial considerations and Ryabin has no
any illusions whatsoever about chances to reform official yellow
business-unions. He would be disappointed is his defenders defined
him as a "trade union functioneer".

Currently Dmitri is in isolator of Krasnodar, waiting to be sent to
colonny. His current post address is unknown to us, we will distribute
it right when it is known. In Russian prisons family members and
friends have to provide prisoners everything from clothes to food, so
we are in a need of donations. Local supporters have not yet decided
whether to appeal the sentence - it is unlikely that appeal would be
looked during 6 months of Dmitry's imprisonement, but all the time
necessary when waiting the appeal Dmitry would be kept in harsh
conditions of the overcrowded isolator. But whether appeal will be
made or not, we must organise a political campaign, if local chekists
think that fitting up Dima was an easy piece of cake, they will go
forward with the anti-terrorist case against Avtonom which would
mean serious consequences to Russian anarchist movement in
general. We will let you know immediately when a defence strategy is
ready, when we know to where it is best to send p!

Krasnodar collective managed to finish 20th number of Avtonom, but
printing and distribution suffered from big delays. Krasnodar scene
has taken a serious blow due to repression, and publication of the
journal had to be moved to Moscow. Making of first Moscow number
21 was a long and painful process, but let us hope that now we will be
able to move back to regular publication schedule.

It is very difficult to get foreign radical press and texts in Russia, so
we are interested to expand our mailing list - if you know people who
would be interested to read our materials, please contact them for us!
Currently German correspondence is done by Nizhni Novgorod
section, English by
Krasnodar, Italian by our members in Kazakhstan and Scandinavian
languages and French in Moscow - please send press with respective
languages to cities dealing with respective correspondence. In another
hand, mailing out is so expensive that we would like to post our papers
only to people who understand what is written in them...

Relevant addresses are (do not write names of the group to
please!) the following: (Note that we have some changes here.)

Autonomous Action of Moscow and new redaction of Avtonom
P. O. Box 13
109028 Moscow Russia
adm@avtonom.org (note new e-mail address!)

Autonomous Action of Krasnodar
P.O. Box 3472,
350001 Krasnodar Russia
(no functional e-mail address due to repression!)

Anarchist group of Nizhni Novgorod
P. O. Box 25
603104 Nizhni Novgorod Russia

Alma Ata
P. O. Box 149
480 000 Alma Ata Kazakhstan

Our federal site is

Revolutionary greetings with Moscow midwinter breeze!

Autonomous action of Moscow

Avtonom #21 English summary. All articles in Russian language.

Page 2: "There won't be any terminal over here - down with power of
capital!" Polina Eliseyevna writes about most important anarchist
campaign of year 2003, protests against methanol terminal in Azov,
not lacking self-critical tones.
Page 4: Short news and commentaries - "Yukos case - chekists vs.
capitalists" by Listev, account on anarchist anti-election graffiti
campaign in Yaroslavl and over-reaction of local police and media
against it, "Race of sponsors" by Boris Kagarlitsky on elections.
Page 5: "95% of worlds drugs are for healthy rich people", based on
materials of Rural Advancement Foundation International, and article
against introducing electronic passports by Nikita Raskatov
of anarchist.ru site.
Page 6: "An unhappy anniversary", Pavel Sentyabrski commemorates
anti-authoritarian first-aid brigade which was active in Moscow during
bloody October days of 1993. English translation of this article has
been distributed in internet few months ago.
Page 7: More short news - OMON attacks unpolitical punk concert in
Moscow 15th of August, anarchist actions against 300th anniversary
of Saint-Petersburg, squat in Saint-Petersburg, pot-smoking civil
disobedience in Moscow, short reports from anarchist actions of
September-October 2003.
Page 8: "For a world without fascists", anarchists attack black
hundred For Holy Russia party in Moscow suburb of Zhukovsky.
English translation of this account has been distributed in internet few
months ago. "I saw a revolution with my own eyes", ultra-optimistic
hyperbola by comrade
U on Azov actions balance somewhat pessimistic commentary from
page 2.
Page 10: Necrology of comrade Ost from Belorechensk, 1983-2003,
written by Pirs. RIP our friend. "What is ABC", an introduction to
politics of recently founded Moscow Anarchist Black Cross group.
Page 11: "On NRA sentence", what Anarchist Black Cross of
Moscow has to say on harsh sentences Moscow city court gave to
members of New Revolutionary Alternative armed group. This article
will be translated to English in few days.
Page 12: More materials from Anarchist Black Cross - repression
against anarchists of Polish city of Bialystok, attack against
Anastasia Drozdova in Moscow. Interview with Class War
Page 16: "I will scratch on marmor", an interview with Moscow-based
graffiti posse ZACHEM? ("WHY?"). This may also appear in English
some day.
Page 17: Strike of funfair workers in Rostov-na-Donu, fire in "Alye
parusa" costs lives of 60 illegal migrant workers in Moscow, protests
of syndicalist air traffic controllers of corporation
"Siberia". Article on basics of self-organisation by Mihail Magid.
Page 18: An interview of anti-fascist football hooligans from Roazhon
Celtic Kop from Breton city Rennes, translated from Barricata #5.
Page 19: "Spirit of AFA", selected chapters translated from "Bash the
fash - anti-fascist recollections 1984-1993" by K. Bullstreet, published
by London-based Kate Sharpley Library. Most of the book will
be soon published in a Russian anti-fascist anthology.
Page 21: Our regular anarcho-feminist chapter "Mother of order"
includes this time articles "Homosexuality - depravity or variant of
norm" by Ivan Nopasaran, and "Free love - power of transformation"
by Kabanos.
Page 25: Announcements on new interesting anarchist or related
books, including Russian translations of "Joy of revolution" by Ken
Knabb, "Steal this book" by Abbey Hoffman, "Intellectuals and
power" by Michael Foucault, 2 books of Chomsky and "Night between
21st and 25th" by Volodya Platonentko, on events of October 1993 in
Page 26: Hardcore reviews
Page 27: "From apoliticality to anarchism", interview with anarchist
hardcore band Evil Generation from Moscow suburb of Troitsk.
"Ultra-culture - for what?", rant against questionable publication
house of Kormiltsev, famous singer of Nautilus Pompilus.
Page 28: "Ten norms on art and anarchist realism" by Ivan Nopasaran.
Page 30: "Slam poetry - destruction of the traditional literal space", an
interview with Ilyas Falkaeva.
Page 32: Last page quote and our contact addresses.

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