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(en) The Social Peace Is Over by Comité des sans-emploi & CLAC-Logement

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 6 Feb 2004 08:23:29 +0100 (CET)

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The stars above are forecasting anything but the best of
times. Regardless of where we turn our gaze, whether Quebec,
Ottawa, Washington or London, governments are not shy of
showing their true colours: wiping out social security, allowing
the free the market to take its place, and whenever possible,
forcing people into submission while destroying the planet.
How much more can we take? In solidarity, we choose to fight back.
For the past twenty years, as trade between Canada and the
United States has been liberalized, and as various negotiations
between governments (FTAA, WTO) have pushed further
along the same course, Western countries have all
implemented the same economic and social policies. In Canada,
the federal government hit hard in the 90s, slashing social
assistance, affordable housing and transfer payments to the
provinces. In 1996 the PQ followed suit with a hypocritical
attempt to guarantee a zero deficit budget.

That was just the beginning. In recent months, we have
watched Jean Charest and his team act like pyromaniacs,
burning up the social benefits acquired through social
movements' struggles during the 60s and 70s. Indeed, the range
of new and important policies that the government has adopted
will considerably alter things here in Quebec. The main targets
of the new policies are unionized workers and the health care
sector. Subcontracting will be made easier for employers as
collective agreements and the protection they offered are
gutted. In the health care sector, union accreditation
regulations will also be weakened. So imagine what awaits the
poorest among us... What is most ridiculous in this entire saga
is that the Charest government maintains that it has to take
these measures against the lobbies, that is to say the unions, in
order to defend the middle class - although the middle class is
by and large unionized. In this way, the government is attacking
the unions, hoping to break the one movement that currently
has the ability to make it back down.

In whose interest?

The spokespeople of the bourgeoisie call out that wealth must
first be created before it can be distributed."Increasing the
minimum wage only inhibits economic growth." Such reasoning
is torture to our ears. Their wealth doesn't fall from the sky: it
is stolen from workers, from oppressed and displaced people
throughout the entire world. In the history of this planet we
have never known the high levels of production and affluence
we see today, but neither have we seen so many people
discarded, left to live in need. The United Nations has no
choice but to admit the fact that a quarter of the world's
population does not have direct access to clean water and more
than 800 million are seriously under-nourished.

One in four children in Canada lives beneath the poverty line.
For another part of the population, the majority in fact, the
prevalence of economic poverty is not so evident. But what is
the value of an indebted life, spent racing around and devoting
time to un-gratifying wage-slaving job just to serve exploiters
of many sorts?

We've had enough of this capitalist system and of those who
profit from it. We could will ourselves blind, ignore the facts,
and label "alarmist" those whose sense of indignation compels
them to take action. But we can also reject a system that aims
to enrich only an infinitesimal part of the world's people. We
have made our choice!

We may not be sure of all the solutions, but we know that we
can do better, much better! We are clear on one thing: the
misery has lasted long enough. Anyone who has suffered this
misery directly, who is aware of what is really going on, who
has travelled even a little or who seeks to be informed can
arrive at only one conclusion: the women and men on the left
are realistic. Those who are deluded are those who think that it
is possible for things to go on as they are for a long time to
come, who believe that economic growth and the exploitation of
natural resources can continue indefinitely.

A defining year for social struggles

Jean Charest's offensive, the federal elections, U.S. elections,
the intensification of FTAA negotiations all constitute a fully
loaded agenda for the official political scene. We must put a
wrench in their wheels, jam their machine. But what is our role?
We must intervene, but on our own ground. We have to look
outwards, beyond ourselves. Above and beyond governments,
it has always been popular pressure that has caused change,
here and elsewhere, in the past and today. Our real power is in
our numbers as we take to the streets. This is no less true as
we prepare to confront the Charest government. We must turn
up the heat, and let it be known that we categorically reject the
hell they seek to impose.

Union and community networks are organizing to respond. We
are delighted, and hope for large-scale and combative
participation in the actions they put forward. But above all else,
we encourage everyone to take action in their communities,
unions, daycare centers, schools and everywhere and
anywhere that it is possible to inform each other and to
organize together. We can criticize the union leadership for
taking the role in social struggles that they do. We can
maintain, with justification, that their professional
protectionism and solicitation of the PQ have led to a great deal
of devastation over the past twenty years. But since when
have we waited for their executives to give the word before
mobilizing and acting? Besides, even there, many unions, both
CSN and FTQ, have strike mandates under their belts. Let's not
forget the incredible day of mobilizations of December 11th. If
we follow that example, we stand to win some points. But it
has to continue! We must fight back, blow for blow, against
every single new and anti-social attack they aim in our

We have many reasons to fight-against attacks on unions, yes,
but also against the repossessions of our apartments,
increasing service charges, the war of terror being waged
against (im)migrants, the repression of activists... and the list
goes on.

In this newspaper, you will find a number of different articles
intended to shed some light on the reactionary measures taken
by the Charest government, as well as other issues we felt
were important. We aren't trying to hide the fact that we are
seeking to build relations of solidarity between struggles, and
to do so from an anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal perspective.

We invite you to mark next April 14th in your agenda. We want
to organize, with every group and individual who believe it to be
necessary, a significant action that will make it perfectly clear
to the Charest government that one year in power is one year
too many. The social peace is over!

The members of the Comité des sans-emploi
Montréal-centre and CLAC-logement. he social peace is

The members of the Comité des sans-emploi
Montréal-centre and CLAC-logement.
Copied from North East Federation of Anarcho-Communists - NEFAC

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