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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 580 2nd February ­ 8th February 2004

From Phil McCrory <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 4 Feb 2004 17:12:40 +0100 (CET)

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Listening, watching and reading the media reports about the "bird flu",
people could be forgiven for thinking that, like the pestilence of old, bird
flu has appeared as a consequence of "God's will". The bubonic plague that
swept across Europe in the 14th century was as much "God's will" as is the
current bird flu epidemic. The appearance of new viruses, Sudden Acute
Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
didn't just happen independent of human existence.
The type of virus, bacteria and parasites we are exposed to are intimately
linked to the way we live, how we approach the productive process and the
climatic changes that have become a feature of post industrial society.
Approaching new disease processes in isolation and solely regulating them to
a scientific model is asking for trouble. The solution to the periodic
re-emergence of bird flu has everything to do with examining and studying
the current disease cycle and very little to do with looking for a "cure"
for the condition.


The chances that the human race will be facing a pandemic of unimaginable
proportions grows as an ever increasing number of societies use intensive
industrial techniques to grow and slaughter animals. Intensive husbandry
practices provide an important breeding ground for the evolution of viruses,
bacteria, fungus and parasites that can be transmitted to the human
population, both by direct contact and by the consumption of contaminated
and diseased products. As a species we find ourselves on a biological
roller coaster ride of our own making that will inevitably end in mass

The war on "terror" is a diversion that a community, faced with biological
disaster can ill afford to pursue. Viruses and bacteria don't respect
national boundaries. They don't discriminate in terms of race, age, or
sexual orientation. They are able to utilise the evolutionary process to
rapidly adapt to economic, social and cultural factors that gives them the
edge they need to spread around the world. Isolation is no longer a barrier
to their spread. The best way that this potential scourge can be meet is
through community, government and scientific efforts to identify the
economic, social and cultural conditions that promote their expansion once
the conditions that promote the spread of these post modern human engineered
pestilences have been identified, radical, economic, social and cultural
changes will have to be made to prevent a disaster of potentially pandemic

How could they have got it so wrong? Where are those weapons of mass
destruction? If you're one of those people (I think there's still one or
two about) who believes the Howard government's protestations that they were
led astray by Australia's security agencies, you have to ask yourself, what
were they doing when they received all that classified information about WMD
from Blair's and Bush's security agencies.

Well, a plausible scenario goes something like this; they were far too busy
being used by the Federal government to snoop on and destabilise community
and political opposition to the Howard government's divisive policies.
Security agencies in Australia aren't here to protect the Australian people
from external aggression, they are here to protect the government of the day
from political attack. A classic example of the role they play in
Australian society can be gleaned from the recent attack on Defend and
Extend Medicare by Australia's security agencies.

Acting on instructions from Abbott's office and possibly Abbott himself,
thousands of hours of this county's securities agencies time has been wasted
on keeping tabs, writing dossiers, briefing the corporate owned media and
publicly denigrating Defend and Extend Medicare, a grassroots organization
that wants to retain access to universal health care in Australia. A
community organization using peaceful and legal means to resist the Howard
government's health care agenda, finds itself the centre of security
attention, public enemy number one.

No wonder Australia's security agencies don't seem to have the time to
provide an opinion about the intelligence material surrounding Iraq, that
was passed onto them by both the Bush and Blair government. They're far too
busy destabilising political opponents of the Howard government to have
anytime left over to have an opinion on anything else.

The introduction of a differential Medicare rebate by regulation by the
Howard government on Sunday the 1st of February marks the end of Medicare as
a universal health care delivery system. Despite Abbott's assurances that
paying general practitioners an extra $5 per consultation if they bulk bill
children under 16 and concession card holders, will halt the dramatic fall
in bulk billing rates, nothing could be further from the truth.

Those general practitioners who have stopped bulk billing, normally charge
between $35 to $50 for a standard surgery consultation. It's difficult to
believe that they will now accept the $30 offered by the Government as full
payment for a standard consultation if they decide to bulk bill children
under 16 and concession card holders. Those general practitioner's, who
against all the odds, have continued to bulk bill all their patient, will
now find that economic pressures will force them to stop bulk billing
everyone except concession card holders and children under sixteen.

What Abbott, the Federal Health Minister has conveniently forgotten to tell
Australians is that the Medicare rebate for a standard general practitioner
consultation will remain at around $25. In order to remain economically
viable doctor's who normally bulk bill all their patients will be forced to
stop bulk billing non concession card holders, this will result in a further
fall in bulk billing rates.

The MedicarePlus package has turned a relatively simple universal health
care delivery system into a two-tier system. Those Australians who have the
necessary disposable income will be able to buy the best health care money
can buy. The rest will have to rely on an illusory safety net, which won't
even provide access to much needed basic health services.

Abbott's MedicarePlus package is a scheme that Machievelli would have been
proud of. It's cunning, it's elaborate, it's unscrupulous, it has succeeded
in destroying the most important innovations since the introduction of
pensions, a universal health scheme that gave everybody irrespective of how
much they earned, how sick they were and where they lived, equal access to
primary medical services Medicare. Access to the health care delivery
system is no longer a right everyone enjoys, it is now a privilege that is
extended to the poor by the State and has become a luxury that the rest of
the community will find difficult to afford.

Peter Costello, the Federal Treasurer, must be kicking himself black and
blue at the minute. As John Howard goes through the motions of being the
man in control of the nation's destiny, it's becoming apparent that the
corporate owned media's attraction to the 'man of steel' is becoming very
distant indeed. Not that the Opposition Leader Simon Latham has much to
offer the Australian electorate, but in terms of photogenic opportunities
and inane one liners, Latham seems to be doing somersaults over Howard, a
man who looks like Lazarus with a failed triple bypass.

Not that it's my nature to offer the Liberals unsolicited advice, but it's
time that Peter Costello bumped, the much discredited, John Howard into a
nursing home. Not since Billy McMahon was trounced by Whitlam in 1972, has
a Prime Minister looked so inept and pedestrian as John Howard looks at
present. If a week is a long time in politics, the last week has been an
eternity in the life of Howard, a person who prides himself on being the man
who knows what the next B.B.Q. stopper will be.

Costello's unwillingness to challenge Howard for the leadership last year
could be the biggest mistake of his mundane lacklustre political career.
Senior sources within the Liberal Party are already canvassing the numbers.
If the polls show a dramatic decline in Howard's popularity and his ability
to retain government, Costello will be issuing a leadership challenge within
the next few months. Not that the forthcoming political shenanigans will
change the political destiny of this country.

Irrespective of who leads the Liberal or Labor Party, the policy agenda has
been driven so far to the Right by the corporate dominated media and the
government gelded ABC, that Latham, Costello and Howard are only arguing
about the colours of the deckchairs on the Titanic.

You've got to hand it to the Prime Minister, just like Mussolini before him,
our great leader, although a very late starter in the colonial race, is very
keen for Australia to bring the South Pacific Island States back into the
colonial fold. Not content with Australia's economic domination of the
region, he now wants to impose Australia's legal, cultural, administrative
and military mark on the independent Island Nations of the South Pacific.

Keen to formalise Australia's recent incursion into the region he is going
to create a special force of 500 Federal Police that will be able to move
into the South Pacific whenever John Howard believes that Australia's
interests in the region are threatened. It's important to remember that the
Australian taxpayer is being asked to foot the bill for this rush of blood
to the Prime Minister's Head. Using the excuse that the Solomon Islands was
a failed State, he was able to successfully organise a military, economic,
legal and administrative putsch in the Solomons. Basking in the reflected
glory of a mission accomplished with minimal loss of life, he is now
embarking on a much more ambitious campaign.

What Howard has seem to have forgotten is that the South Pacific Island
Nations are independent Nations that have thrown off the colonial yoke and
have gained the right to manage their own affairs. The quasi-military
Australian incursion in the region is something that has neither been asked
for nor welcomed. Using it's dominant economic position in the region it
has been able to force its way into the South Pacific, stripping sovereign
Nations of their ability to manage their own affairs.

The Howard government has temporarily achieved its military goals in the
region by successfully convincing Australians that the people of the South
Pacific are incapable of managing their own affairs and need and have asked
for Australia's help. It's highly likely that people who are sick and tired
of being ruled by self-serving governments will initially tolerate the
Howard government's ham-fisted attempts at neo-colonial expansionism in the
South Pacific. What he has failed to grasp is that initial reaction will
quickly be replaced by anger when the people of the region realise that
Australia intervened to impose its will on the people of the South Pacific,
not help them set up strong independent governments that reflect the will of
the people not the interests of the Howard government's neo-colonial

Q. Would people continue to work in environmental and socially destructive
industries in an anarchist society?
A. The paradox of working in a capitalist society is the number of workers
who work in destructive industries and who are forced to use dubious work
practices who are willing to fight tooth and nail to retain their jobs.
It's important those anarchists and activists who jump up and down about how
destructive these jobs are and who accuse the workers involved in these
industries of immoral and unethical behaviour, realise that the differences
between working people meeting their day to day financial commitments and
poverty in a capitalist society, is six weeks pay.
Workers sell their labour in a capitalist society. They work for the
communities they live in, in an anarchist community. Workers in a
capitalist society work to generate a profit, irrespective of the human and
social costs. Workers in an anarchist society work to satisfy human needs,
not needs that are manufactured to generate a profit. An individual's
ability to survive in an anarchist society is related to the health of the
community they live in.
Individual workers livelihoods are not related to profits generated. They
are related to the social, cultural and economic health of the community
they live in. There would be no financial imperative in an anarchist
society for workers to continue to work in industries that are environmental
and socially destructive. Individual workers would be free to move to more
socially productive areas of work within the community, without having to
worry about losing their jobs and having to sell what they have acquired
through a lifetime of work, in order to survive. The individual's
relationship with the community encourages the individual to work in an
ethical and moral manner in an anarchist society. Socially destructive
forms of production would disappear overnight and workers could transfer to
more productive industries. They would be able to decrease the amount of
time they need to work because work is oriented towards satisfying human
need, not generate a profit for the sake of generating a profit.
The hundreds of millions of people in capitalist societies that are involved
in socially and environmental destructive work, would be able to abandon
their destructive work practices overnight and refocus their attention
towards satisfying the human needs of the communities they lived in, if they
lived in an anarchist society.

22nd ­ 28th FEBRUARY 1855
The 22nd February 1855 is an important date in the history of Australia.
It's a date that has long ceased to have any significance for people in this
country. The 22nd February marks the 149th anniversary of the beginning of
the trial of John Joseph, a black man from New York, who was the first of
the 13 men who were charged with High Treason for their participation in the
Eureka rebellion to appear in the Victorian Supreme Court.
The American Consul stationed in Melbourne had been able to arrange to have
the other Americans that had been arrested at Eureka to be released. No
such arrangements were made for Joseph and he found himself facing execution
in February 1855. The first of the Treason trials was considered to be such
an important trial, that the Attorney General William Stawell represented
the Crown and Chief Justice a' Beckett sat on the bench. Two of the
barristers that had acted for the prisoners tried for the burning of
Bentley's pub, Butler Cole Aspinall and Henry Chapman, volunteered to act
for Joseph. The whole of Melbourne eagerly awaited the outcome of the
The first test of the legal process came with the selection of the jury.
The Crown challenged the inclusion of Irish jurors, publicans and other
questionable persons. Joseph brought the court to a standstill when he
called out that he objected to the inclusion of gentlemen and merchants in
the jury. It took some time for the laughter in the courtroom to subside
and for the jury selection process to continue. No Irishmen found their way
into the ranks of the jury, although a number of 'gentlemen' were selected
to be on Joseph's jury.
The charge against him stated 'He had made war against our Lady the Queen in
order to subvert authority, he had tried to injure her and force her to
change her measures and counsels, he had attempted to deprive her of
authority in this colony and, finally he had killed and wounded her soldiers
and other loyal subjects'. The trial was over in a few days, the jury made
up their minds in record time and acquitted John Joseph.
The scenes that occurred next have seldom been witnessed in Melbourne. The
courtroom erupted, the cheering at the verdict so affronted Chief Justice a'
Beckett , he singled out two members of the audience and jailed them for a
week for affronting the dignity of the court. Joseph was placed on a chair
and lifted above the crowd, thousands, possibly up to 50,000 people over a
quarter of Melbourne's population in 1855 chaired him through the streets of
the city.
The Anarchist Media Institute has organised a gathering outside the Supreme
Court of Victoria for midday Wednesday the 25th February to give people the
opportunity to celebrate the 149th anniversary of this tumultuous week. We
encourage our readers to research the history of the countryside, villages,
towns and cities they live in and reclaim their radical history. As
activists we need to reclaim our history to understand the present and use
the lessons of those events to change the future.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion. The
Anarchist Media Institute is once again organising activities on the 3rd
December 1854 to reclaim the radical spirit of the Eureka rebellion. If we
don't reclaim the radical spirit, the 150th anniversary celebrations could
degenerate into a soulless exercise that marks the event but doesn't
acknowledge the radical spirit behind the rebellion.
Readers of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review will receive or be able to
download a poster with details of the events that we have organised to mark
the 150th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion. We encourage our readers to
distribute these as far and wide as possible. We also encourage you to join
us at the Eureka stockade site at 4.00am on Friday the 3rd December and
Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion.
If you're interested in carrying out your own research into the Eureka
rebellion, some of the material I have used to write the Eureka stockade
series in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review over the past 2 years includes (in
alphabetical order);
EUREKA by John Molony, Melbourne Uni Press 1984, republished 2001, ISBN 0
522849 628
EUREKA AND ITS FLAGS by Len Fox, A Mullaya Book 1973, ISBN 0 85914 004 0
EUREKA REMINISCINES edited by Ballarat Heritage Services 1998, ISBN 0 646
352 385
EUREKA Victorian Parliamentary Papers Votes & Proceedings 1854-'67,
collected by Hugh Anderson, Hill of Content Publish '69, Registry
GILBURNIA by Rafaello Carboni, Translated & Annotated by Tony Pagliareo,
Jim Crow Press, Daylesford 1993, ISBN 0 909874 19 0
MASSACRE AT EUREKA ­The Untold Story by Bob O'Brien, Aust Scholarly
Publishing '92, ISBN 0909874190
WOMEN OF EUREKA, Laurel Johnson 1995 Historical Montrose Cottage & Eureka
Museum, ISBN 0646248677
There are many other accounts published about Eureka including Rafaello
Carboni's original account that was published in 1855 that was reprinted in
the 1960's. If you have any other books and papers on Eureka that you're
willing to send me to review, post them to Joseph Toscano, P.O. Box 20,
Parkville 3052, Melbourne, Australia. If the material is too valuable to
send via Australia Post, contact me via the Anarchist Media Institute (03)
9828 2856.

>From 50,000 BC to 2500 AD'
by Robert Desowitz, Flamingo Press 1998
ISBN 0 00 654794 X
Fascinating, exciting, exhilarating are not terms that normally associated
with a quasi-medical book. Robert Desowitz has managed in this 255page epic
to intertwine history with the microscopic world of disease. The author
examines how new viruses and bacteria appear seemingly from nowhere changing
the historical destinies of civilisations. Acquire Immune Deficiency
Syndrome (AIDS), Sudden Acquired Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Asian
Poultry flu are a few of the new viruses that seem to have appeared from
The microscopic world of disease whether tropical or temperate is not
static, microbes mutate to suit the environment they find themselves in.
Changes in the world's environment produce new microscopic mass murderers.
Human being's interaction with their environment plays a pivotal role in the
emergence of new diseases. AIDS, SARS and the Asian Poultry flu epidemic
are ultimately by-products of human existence and the interaction of human
populations with the natural environment. Viruses and bacterial do not
respect national boundaries, they do not need passports or visas.
Desowitz traces the history of yellow fever, malaria, syphilis, hookworm and
many other microscopic mass murderers in this engrossing account about the
history of disease. As humans alter the environment, change the climate and
brutalise and enslave the animal kingdom, they write their own epitaph.
'Tropical Diseases' gives the individual a glimpse of the precarious battle
for existence that the human race faces.
Try you local bookshop or library to get a hold of this interesting and
timely piece of writing.

Germaine Greer is wrong. There is a spirituality underlying Australia's
self-replicating, ever-expanding, never changing Ramsey Street experience.
The spirituality emanating from this urban oasis transcends the need to read
books, know anything about what's happening outside Ramsey Street or be
culturally or politically active. If Germaine had not fled to her
self-imposed exile in the English countryside, she could, like the rest of
us, experience the intellectual, moral, physical and erotic delights of
Ramsey Street's sacred site ­ The ubiquitous Australia lawn.
Once the sole prerogative of the French Royal family, today it's the
property of Howard's and Latham's aspirational voters. Any man, woman or
child who has experienced the heavenly delights of Ramsey Street's scared
site, knows that sex, drugs and rock & roll come a distant second. Hundreds
of millions of hours are spent tending the sacred sites. Men traditionally
mow the lawns and trim the edges, as their backs stiffen and their legs and
arms weaken, they teach their first born male child the secret business
surrounding the weekly ritual of tending their very own piece of God's own
country. Initially the young adolescent is given a $10 note to do the deed.
As they begin to understand the mythical and spiritual significance of the
task they have been entrusted, they do it for love.
Worshipping at Ramsey Street's sacred site is not just secret men's
business. It's not unusual to see older Australian women, a small knife in
their hand slowly crisscrossing the lawn on their hands and knees, viscously
eradicating any evidence of foreign penetration. The secret women's
business surrounding the sacred site is so special, a woman cannot pass on
her secrets to her eldest daughters until her daughter reaches menopause.
The special relationships that over generations has developed between
families living in Ramsey Street and their lawn, is in danger of
disappearing. This time, poor and asset rich inhabitants of this urban
paradise are abandoning their responsibilities and are hiring an army of
professionals to tend their sacred sites. The need to maximise profits for
their global masters has eaten away at the time Ramsey Street residents can
spare to tend to their sacred rituals. Children are not being inducted into
the old ways, government water restrictions are causing the whitening and
yellowing of normally pristine green lawns. Life in Ramsey Street is
grinding slowly to a halt. Its life force pooled on the altar of mammon.
The simple secret pleasures of the joys of a pristine purified green lawns,
joys never experienced by the Germaine's of this world, are being sacrificed
to maximise the profits of the globalisation juggernaut.

What can I say? Poor old Johnny must be feeling the heat when the best he
can come up with is that Latham the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition
is 'sloppy with the truth'. 'Sloppy with the truth', I never knew that John
Howard was a comedian. The man, who has added the core and non-core promise
to the Australian lexicon, is now accusing his ideological mate Simon Latham
of being 'sloppy with the truth'.
Children overboard, weapons of mass destruction, core and non-core promises,
never never a GST 'sloppy with the truth' ­ who does he think he is
Howard knows that truth is a construct that has no place in parliamentary
politics. If it did, politicians would keep their promises to the people
who voted them into office. You know, I know, they know that truth has
never been an important part of the political equation. It's normally a
hindrance to what is laughingly described as a professional political
Obviously John Howard is rattled. It seems that the corporate media is
happy with the likes of Simon Latham in office. The ALP's, steady as she
goes economic policies, don't pose a threat to the corporate world. What
poses a threat to corporate Australia, is the Government's divisive social
policies and its support for the Bush administration. Transnational capital
is predominantly interested in maximising its profits, although arms sales
and wars may give a much needed lift to a stagnant economy, they limit a
country's trading opportunities.
Diverting too much revenue into a country's military forces, decreases
profits and the number of trading partners a country has. Corporate
Australia has decided Howard is bad for business and the Latham is no threat
to them. The dream run that Howard has enjoyed in the media has come to an
end. His political days are numbered because the corporate world has
decided now is the time for a change.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA-AIT No.317 Sept 2003, Organo de la Conferedacion
Nacinnal del Trabajo(CNT), C/Jocquin Costa 34, entresueto, 08001 Barcelona
SPAIN, Tel/Fax:933188834, email:cnt@soliobrera.org

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A woman who started a 6-month job contract with the Aust Tax Office was
fired 4 hours into her 1st day through no fault of her own & was then given
3 different reasons why. Celeste Pridmore got a job with the ATO through the
private employment agency Skilled Engineering. She was first told she had
filled out the wrong police background check & that her employment would
start again in 2 weeks. 2 days later she was told she didn't meet the
training requirements for the role & her contract would be terminated. When
she asked what the requirements were, a rep of Skilled Engineering said he
was "not at liberty to discuss that info". Later that afternoon, an ATO rep
told her, her contract would be terminated b/c of 'budget restraints'. Ms
Pridmore gave up 2 other jobs to take up the ATO position & says "now I'm
left basically destitute, I don't have a job & I'm looking for work again".
Skilled Engineering secretary Ken Bieg refused to discuss the case, but said
casual workers can legally be sacked with an hour's notice. (Source: Hobart
Approximately 34 members of VicPol are facing criminal charges, including
rape, assaults & attempting to pervert the course of justice, but will
suffer no cuts to their superannuation if found guilty. At most, one third
of the money will have been contributed by the officers themselves, with the
remainder being public money paid from the police's budget. (Source: Herald
NAB head Frank Cicutto will receive a lump sum of approx $7.3 million upon
his resignation. Mr Cicutto also has $2 million in superannuation that he'll
be able to access next year. He also has share options, presently worth a
further $4.5 million. Mr Cicutto resigned over the recent 'rogue trading'
scandal. Bank chairman Charles Allen suggested the final straw for Mr
Cicutto departure was publication of photos of his new home, which will be
worth an estimated $8 million when it is complete. Mr Allen said the photos
were "very upsetting" to Mr Cicutto. (Source: Herald Sun)
A woman who exposed the US & UK govts' email surveillance & tapping of home
& office phones has lost her job & faces a jail sentence as a result.
Katharine Gun was working in UK's Govt Communications Headquarters last year
when she learned of a plan by the US govt to spy on at least half a dozen UN
delegations as part of the US's failed efforts to win Security Council
support for the invasion of Iraq. Ms Gun leaked the memo from the US
National Security Agency to the London Observer, in the mistaken belief that
UK & the US might not invade Iraq if they couldn't get UN approval. As well
as losing her job, she faces up to 2 years jail for violating the Official
Secrets Act. (Source: The Guardian [UK])
Successful business people have similar psychological problems to juvenile
delinquents, according to a new report. Abraham Zaleznik is a psychoanalyst
& professor at Harvard Business School. He says entrepreneurs typically
don't feel risk or weigh up consequences in the same way as normal people.
He says they lack 'signal anxiety' the normal internal signal that tells
people to not always act on their impulses, b/c of possible bad
consequences. Professor Zaleznik also talks about "delinquent communities"
forming in business circles & causing scandals such as the false accounting
in Enron. He says "if individuals who are invited to become part of the
delinquent community have a fully functioning conscience, they'll not
engage" however people who lack signal anxiety can allow a leader to "take
over the functions of conscience" & "in effect give people permission to
join in the illicit activity". (Source: The Age)
ALP leader Mark Latham has said in a speech that Aussies should work harder.
Mr. Latham told the ALP national conference "when I was young, Mum used to
tell me there were 2 types of people in our street the slackers & the hard
workers". The original draft of Mr. Latham's speech used the term
"no-hopers". (Herald Sun)
Vics with long-term illness are often forced to wait more than a year for a
public hospital bed, according to a new report. The report by the
Productivity Commission found that more than 40% of Vics who needed hospital
admissions within 90 days of falling ill, actually had to wait 12 months or
more for a bed. The report also said that 18% of patients who needed
emergency treatment also had to wait 'longer than acceptable' times.
(Source: Herald Sun)
Emergency relief agencies are struggling to cope with demand from parents
who are unable to cope with rising public school costs. A new report, A
Study in Back To School Costs, shows that Melb's relief & aid agencies
aren't coping with the increased demand. Gavin Dufty from St Vincent de Paul
said "this survey is identifying people who've had to come & beg to afford a
below-basic education for their children". Mr Dufty said key factors were
'voluntary fees' of up to $1000 a year that are increasingly becoming
compulsory & problems with the Education Maintenance Allowance. The
Allowance is paid partly to schools rather than parents a practice
defended partly on the grounds that 'some parents' wouldn't spend it
responsibly. (Source: Melbourne Times)
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Has been awarded to John Winston Howard, our beloved and much respected
Prime Minister, for stating that the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal
Opposition Simon Latham 'is sloppy with the truth'.

Corner Swanston & Latrobe Streets, Melbourne.
Access to health care a right, not a charity or a luxury.

Celebrate the 149th anniversary of the acquittal of John Joseph, the first
of the 13 Eureka miners to be acquitted of the crime of High Treason.
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