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(en) Britain, Dissent*, reaching out work towards the G8 in Scotland 2005

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 09:56:24 +0100 (CET)

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In terms of international networking a reasonable amount has been done
considering the size of the International Networking Working Group.
Some of the ways we've been trying to outreach include, *Organising workshops
at the European Peoples' Global Action conference in Belgrade in July. About
4 separate workshops took place here - one of which was perhaps the largest
meeting which took place at the conference, resulting in the final plenary
putting out the call for the global day of action.
*Also at the PGA: A leaflet explaining who Dissent! was, that the Summit
was happening and how to get involved was translated into 9 different
languages and sent off with people in bundles around Europe. 2,000
stickers and 1,500 A2 colour posters were also distributed here.
*People from the international networking group have been meeting with
groups from around Europe, speaking at Gatherings (such as the
European Anti-Repression Gathering in Geneva in June 2004 and
Queeruption in Amsterdam), distributing materials and trying to get people

*At the Beyond ESF event an international networking meeting with
alomst 100 people was held. The networking group produced 10,000 flyers
which were distributed at the Forum and on the demo, along with another
1,500 posters (other working groups, such as Publicity, the Roadshow, the
Day of Dissent working group also produced materials which were
distributed here).

*People from the International Networking Group have booked workshops
at the International Youth Camp taking place alongside the World Social
Forum in Brasil and are going to be travelling there to try and promote the
idea for the Global Day of Action on the opening day of the Summit.
*An international networking and co-ordination email list involving people
from accross the world has been set up.

*A multi-lingual email was sent to 1,500 different groups around the world
in September, telling them about the Summit, Dissent! and how to get
involved. This was also posted onto the newswires of most Indymedias.
*The PGA Call Out is being translated into various different languages
*At the gathering in Newcastle people took responsibility for translating
documents into the following languages (I'm sure I've forgotten some):
French, German, Spansih, Portugese, Basque, Catalan, Slovenian,
Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Italian.

*People from the Networking group have been leasing wtih people from
the Tech working group to work out an easy to use and aesthetically
pleasing way of including large numbers of translations on the website.
*The International Networking group are also organising an International
Networking and Co-ordination Meeting to take place in Tuebingen in
February. Accommodation, food and meeting spaces have been sorted out
and an agenda is currently being drafted on the networking list.
*The call for funding has been translated into a number of languages and
is currently being distributed around the world.

And to be fair, only about 5-6 emails have been posted to the list asking
questions about convergence centres etc... so it'd be a bit unfair to infer
from that that there is no information available to people.

One problem has been that the original email address being used for
international networking was shut down - the reason for which is
unknown. This is the address which was advertised on the posters and
flyers distributed at the Beyond ESF and PGA and on the early flyers. This
has been a set-back, but there is now information on the front of the web
page telling people how they can get in touch if they are based outside of
the UK. The new address for contacting the international networking
group is info-g82005@riseup.net please help to distribute this new email

People from the International Networking group have also taken on
responding to enquiries posted to the list.

There is obviously a lot more which can be done. Subscribe to the email
list of people in the UK taking responsibility for international networking
by emailing dissent_int_network-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk and
come along to the next Dissent! gathering and get involved with the group.

We need eveyone we can get. But let's not be too down on ourselves. A
fair bit has been achieved over the last year.ions prescribed in the work
contracts, better health and safety conditions (separate toilettes, showers,
dry lockers), payment of the extra hours, if they can not be avoided in the
first place, election of delegates in all four branches of the chain in Paris,
paid holiday, payment of the travel costs, extra pay for working after
midnight, 100 per cent extra pay for nightshifts, an extra months wage at
the end of the year, improved work organisation (no divided shifts, e.g. two
hours in the morning, four hours in the evening; no end of shift after
closing time of the subway), freedom of union activities. The boss refused
any negotiations and told them that they could stand in front of the
restaurant as long as they want, that he wouldn't give a damn. Obviously
he couldn't imagine that a strike of these immigrants - who
haven't got a clue about anything - could have an impact on his
business. Convinced that he had the law on his side he immediately went
to court. There he obtained a legal order declaring that the strikers and the
CNT were not allowed to enter or to block the restaurant. The striking
kitchen staff were replaced by British service workers, now on duty in the
kitchen. Soon the strikers realised that mere picketing and leafleting
wouldn't be enough, but facing the legal order the CNT didn't want to
enter the restaurant. First there were some doubts raised about the actual
power of the unions. Now the striking Frog workers contacted the
collective who previously had been supporting the strike at McDonalds.

The cooperation started with a joint participation of Frog and McDonalds
workers at the Mayday demonstration and with the rather chaotic
occupation of the pub in Bercy by sixty people after the demo. On the 3rd
of May, Frog and McDonalds workers, together with a large number of
supporters, entered the pub of the Rue Saint Denis, where they clashed
with the boss and some of the service workers. Afterwards they occupied
the McDonalds restaurant at des Halles. The strikers were in good shape
and wanted to continue the action, but the CNT tried to hold them back.

On May the 7th, the pub in Rue Saint Denis was occupied again. The very
aggressive boss locked in clients, strikers and supporters until the cops
arrived. The cops ordered that the doors be opened, negotiated a smooth
retreat of the strikers and pressured the boss to enter the negotiation
process. The boss promised to do so, but the very next day he refused to
negotiate again. The workers continued pressuring the boss by occupying
the restaurant the following day. At this point the internal quarrels within
the CNT became ever more obvious. It also became clear that not the
workers and their struggle, but the advertising effect of these actions for
their union were most important to them and they tried to increase this
with banners, stickers and badges. In contrast, the solidarity collective only
had the aim of helping the workers win.

It also became clear that only the
"tough actions" - as the strikers called them - would be able to
force the boss to negotiate: without the occupation the restaurant ran as
normal, with the help of scab work by the service staff. At this stage the
strikers enforced joint meetings of workers, the solidarity collective and the
unions. The CNT had always refused to have this kind of meeting. The
CNT was focussing on a legal arbitration and announced that the legal
process would require the suspension of any actions in front of the
restaurant. At this point the strikers planned an occupation that was
supposed to last for at least three days. The union secretary brought an end
to the occupation on the first evening, and all the CNT members joined
him. For the strikers and the supporters there was nothing else left to do
but to follow them.
* [Ed. Note: Dissent! is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist
direct action social struggle initiative against the G8.]

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