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(en) US, Announcements A fourth release of the Red & Anarchist Action Network's periodic newsletter, the RAAN

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 08:56:09 +0100 (CET)

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RAAN #4, has been completed for Winter 2004. Featured in this issue are
reports from the Republican National Convention, the continuing
activities of the DAAA collective, and our involvement with a
community arts space in Washington, DC.
> ** Prisoner Support Group Creates "Marie Fund" to Ensure Abortion Access **
RAAN members in the DC area were involved this past
September in raising a large sum of money to help the D.C.
Prisoners' Legal Services Project make an abortion available to
an incarcerated woman. The urgency of the cause later led to
the Project's creation of a new "Marie Fund" to help with
future cases. RAAN is publicising this in the hope that it draws
support for the fund in the city and inspires projects like it
elsewhere. What follows is an excerpt from the DC-PLSP's
press release:

"Marie" was a client of D.C. Prisoners' Legal
Services Project. She had been gang-raped a few weeks before
she became incarcerated for a short sentence for a non-violent
crime. At the intake examination, she was told she was
pregnant. A guard told her there were no abortions allowed in
the D.C. Jail. She was put in touch with D.C. Prisoners' Legal
Services Project by another prisoner. Her situation was not kept
confidential, and she suffered taunts by guards both for being a
victim of rape and for choosing abortion. After we took up her
case, she was allowed to have an abortion, but no funds were
made available for the procedure. D.C. Prisoners' Legal
Services Project paid for it out of our limited resources. We
don't know what would have happened if D.C. Prisoners'
Legal Services Project wasn't available to help. In honor
of her strength, The Marie Fund was established.

If you would like to donate to the fund or otherwise get involved
with the project, please contact:

D.C. Prisoners' Legal Services 2639 Connecticut Ave., NE
#225 Washington, DC 20008 (202) 775-0323

** Wild Oats struggle heating up in Cincinnati **

Despite the unfair firing of IWW organizer Tom Kappas, the
union drive and push for better working conditions at the
Norwood Wild Oats is going strong. Management continues to
insist that Tom was fired for discounting 19 cents of fruit, but
nobody is fooled! On September 25th, local Wobblies as well as
RAAN affiliates, friends, and workers in the SEIU held an
informational picket outside Wild Oats. Wobblies throughout
the country organized solidarity pickets. Conditions at Wild
Oats are not getting better and plans are being made for more
action in the future.

You can contact the Local IWW 660 Branch through their
email at cincyiww@iww.org">cincyiww@iww.org or through
the web at http://www.cincyiww.org

** Summer Report from the DAAA **

DAAA Collective of Modesto CA, has had a busy summer.
After the wake of the FBI's "eco-terrorism" scare, the
collective has stayed strong and active by carrying out
numerous actions and events, as well as adding Ceres Food
Not Bombs as a new subcollective.

In August, Collective members put on Reclaim the Parks in
Modesto, in which roughly 100 homeless persons attended.
Participants watched documentaries on organiziations such as
Copwatch aand the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).
Larged quantities of food was provided to attendees, as well as
a "Know Your Rights" training course. Later in the
day 30 anarchists and anti-authoritarians took to the streets and
marched unopposed. Marchers blocked traffic and shouted
anti-police, pro-homeless slogans.

In Ceres in October, activists repeated the same event, but with
heavy police harassment and survalience. Both events were
executed to bring attention to the police harassment of
homeless people, as well as their forced expulsion from public

** RAAN Report From the RNC **

With an estimated 500,000 people from all over the country
descending on New York City to protest the Republican
National Convention (RNC), many were whispering about the
possibility of "another Seattle". However, from our own
observation, it was anything but the conflict escalation as seen
in the streets of Seattle in 1999.

Don't be fooled by the high arrest numbers. There was very
little direct action at the RNC, and the actions that did occur
were short-lived and isolated. During the main march on the
29th, an anonymous anarchist set the large Don't Just Vote
puppet on fire. Following this, there was a small confrontation
with police, as well as another confrontation the following day
at the Still We Rise march in which one police officer was
hospitalized. Aside from these incidents, no other direct
confrontation with the state was seen. The 2000 protestors who
were arrested were almost all arrested on trumped up charges.
Even during these unlawful arrests, there were no acts of civil
disobedience observed, nor any attempts to fight back against
these officers.

While it was nice to be in NYC and occasionally verbally abuse
republican delegates, the protests were plagued with
redundancy and an uncreative atmosphere. Much of the
slogans were dominated by liberal and Stalinist rhetoric.
However, anarchist marching bands and radical cheerleaders
were present to provide a libertarian opposition to the RNC.

** The Global 3 Conference: Reclaiming Community and
Environement **

Plans are coming together for the Global3 Conference,
happening at the University of Cincinnati April 8th-10th 2005.
Speaking among others will be Derrick Jensen, and there will
be workshops on everything from self-publishing to DIY
women's health. The conference will also host the 2005
national Crimethinc. convergence, among other caucuses.
Global3 will be free to attend, housing will be available for all
who need it. Every evening is going to be loaded with live
music and film screenings. For more information about the
conference, visit http://www.geocities.com/cincyglobal.

** Helping Build Community in DC **

Following the organizational decentralization of DC's Kazm
Collective, former members have been exploring varied ways of
making the network's activity more effective and immediately
relevant to the community. One of the more interesting ways
that this has come about has been through the participation of
former collective members in the maintenence of a
collectively-run storefront/venue in Takoma Park, MD - The
Electric Maid.

While varying numbers of RAAN activists have been involved
on and off with the space for over a year now, until the recent
reopening of the venue this was usually as volunteer labor for
the construction projects needed to get the space up to code.
Now that events are once again being held at The Maid, our
concentration has shifted to reliably providing the collective
with services such as security at shows and a cleanup/lockup
crew. While the majority of bands that play the space are punk,
RAAN has stayed away from the booking process except to
introduce DJ and Jazz groups to the mix. Coupled with
emerging electronic, folk, hip-hop and indie acts, The Maid
has recently become a very interesting place for music.

RAAN's involvement with the space is in keeping with a new
set of goals set out by its local affiliates, namely to temper
"actually-effective" direct action with tangible participation in
neighborhood projects. To us, the most important thing about
The Maid is not the music that comes through, but the people -
specifically the young adults - who use it as a safe space for
social interaction and the exchange of ideas in a time when
all-ages gatherings are becoming more and more uncommon.
That the space officially charges nothing for entry, (though $5
donations are recommended due to rent considerations) is even
more important.


a printable version is available for download at:

Source: http://www.redanarchist.org

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