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(en) US, FIREBRAND* #2 - Circle A Radio-Five Fabulous Friends

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 08:55:00 +0100 (CET)

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A Firebrand correspondent met in the back room of
"Reflections" coffee shop in NE Portland with
Trillium, Honnah, Kaylene, Josie, and Aaron.
>>>> You're not going to hear about successful people's movements in mainstream media. <<<<
Circle A radio was formed four years ago. The seed was planted
within Alan Graf's KBOO radio show, "Voices from the Edge".
When Trillium called him for counsel concerning her arrest for forest activism,
Alan promptly declared her guilty, but commended her work, and asked if she
would do "the radio thing"?

Trillium and her friend Kaylene jumped on board in
what Kaylene referred to as "trial by fire on the radio".
Her first interview with Alan was live with then Police
Chief Marc Kroeker.
>>>> I think people would really be
surprised by the amount of com
monality they have with their
neighbors. We had a block part
on my block recently and every
body was so excited to shut the
street down.<<<<<
That summer, Alan left Kaylene and Trillium in
charge for a few months, and they interviewed their
friends and acquaintances.
When Alan returned everyone felt they had done a decent
job and wanted to continue to hear the voices of young
women on air, so "boom" they got their own slot.
Jodi was next on board the circle A pirate ship. They
brought her on because she is, as Trillium explained
"such an amazing dynamic woman we met up at Eagle
Creek." Aaron and Honnah joined this year.
There is a criteria to be a woman to join, but they've
never been approached by a "fellow". Other criteria to
join aren't that spelled out either. When Aaron joined
she had been working at KBOO and looking for some-
thing to grow into, so she approached the group. It all
happened in Aaron's words "super, naturally".
Now, they do very few live interviews because
they're intent on putting forth quality, cohesive
shows-layering music with the content. They put
in from 20 to 50 hours pre-production time
for each show. Trillium stated, "We decided
that we wanted to take seriously that we've been given
an hour of air time. When you do the shows live,
maybe it goes well, but you don't really know." This
also leads to a broader, more diverse perspective
because you can travel or network with people around
the world- Not just have the same people sitting in the
They do keep a local connection. Aaron said, "I think
we try to go out into the world and then come back, so
that it's not purely international or local. We bring the
issues home and talk about how they're being applied
here. You have a stronger effect."

>>>>>>> Kaylene: I think I derive a lot of inspi-
ration from what's going on in other
places, Nicaragua and Peru. They deal
with it in a way that is really address-
ing why it happened in the first <<<<<<<<<<

Circle A also want to expose issues that are normally
not given coverage. They're on the outlook for good shows,
ideas or contacts.
Jodi stated that they are open to doing training for
people who do not have access to KBOO, but need an hour.
They see themselves as a conduit for those voices that may be
Circle A is not interested in topics that could just as eas-
ily get a slot on other shows, or coverage by Willamette
Shows do not end without empowering people to take
action. Trillium stated they never take the approach,
"this is going on and isn't it horrible." Their shows also
go deeper than what you hear on other KBOO news shows because
they take the time provide a historical analysis.
In an election year there are many events and ideas
that are overlooked, according to Trillium. Honnah
explained that they "work from the antiauthoritarian
angle of people's movements, instead of what governments
are doing around the world. For example, the piece on the
referendum in VenezuelA." Kaylene explained, "You're not
going to hear about successful people's movements in
mainstream media." The topics they cover come down to
fighting US imperialism.

They sometimes cover topics that they don't total-
ly agree with, but feel should be heard for discus-
sion purposes. For example, Craig Rosebraugh's
show on the legitimacy of political violence. Trillium
stated. "We're not necessarily fans of this way of
thinking, but that point of view was being squashed.
Sometimes it's more about that no one else wants to
touch this, let's get it out there and see what kind of dis-
cussion takes place."
Circle A is trying to reach as many people as possible
and according to Jodi that includes: soccer moms, gun
toting NRA members, bumper sticker politics people,
liberals, and disgruntled anarchists. Honnah pointed
out that the show is at dinner time, the 1st and 3rd
Wednesdays and is a little hard for people to remem-
ber. She said, "Maybe people will listen while
they are chopping vegetables in their suburban homes".
The collective were asked about their vision of
anarchism and the following converstation ensued:
Honnah: We almost never talk about anarchy. I hope to see more
diversity. and along with the creativity, working on the
world we want to live in instead of always being oppo-
sitional. A lot of time we're fighting against what is ter-
rible, instead of building what we want.
Trillium: We could effectively build autonomous com-
munities where we don't need the police to come in,
community control. I would like to see myself and
more people committed to making that happen. It's
hard work and it will take a long, long time to build
that. I think a lot of us North Americans think that
things will change quickly.
Kaylene: I think I derive a lot of inspiration from
what's going on in other places, Nicaragua and
Peru. They deal with it in a way that is really
addressing why it happened in the first place.
Trillium: I think people would really be surprised by
the amount of commonality they have with their neigh-
bors. We had a block party on my block recently and
every body was so excited to shut the street down.
The barricades went up and the people were streaming
out. We started to make these connections and it was a
just a little glimpse of how there is a lot of potential of
opening up to each other.
Circle A's hopes for election year?
Tune in on Oct. 20. The "funniest show". A "radio
drama" that is very different.
Honnah: The message is that people will do more than
just voting and that the two party system is not ade-
quate, and regardless of who is elected, people will not
just put their feet up.
Trillium: I'd like to see the community ask some ques-
tions. This is wishful thinking. In terms of voting for
anybody; know this persons record and what they stand
for. Know the history of the U.S. Imperialism is not a
new thing.
You heard it hear folks.
Circle A recommended reading:
Rebel Radio\ People challenging
the hierarchical structures through
radio. RR broadcasting form
underground bunkers in El Salvador.
Media Benjamin Avia Alvarado\
Women educated in liberation the-
ology, but asking not only address-
ing the problem of childhood
hunger, but asking "Why are the
children hungry?"
The Biography of Malcolm X
Prison Letter of George Jackson
* The Firebrand Collective identifies itself as anarchist-communist.

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