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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 608 23rd to 29th August 2004

From Anarchist Media Institute <anarchistage@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:34:00 +0200 (CEST)

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The nationalist hysteria surrounding the success of Australia's
Olympic team in Athens demeans both the achievements of the
athletes and the country as a whole. The media's fixation with
the medal tally and Australia's ranking in the medal count,
highlights the ugly face of the modern Olympic movement.
Equating individual and team performances at the Athens
Olympics, with our worth as a people and a nation, is both wrong
and counter productive.

An Olympic movement based on national identity, highlights the
inequalities that exist between Nation States. The Australian
team's performance needs to be measured in terms of their
access to facilities, ancillary, medical and coaching staff and the
State and private support that promising athletes enjoy in this
country, in comparison to the facilities and support somebody
swimming for Sierra Leone would enjoy.

The triumph of individual and team success in the Olympics is
first and foremost a triumph of the individuals involved in the
competition. Their national identity should be of no
consequence. Whether an American, an Australian, a Tongan, a
North Korean, or an Indian wins an Olympic medal is not
important. What's important is that individual or team at that
moment in time is the best at what they are doing in the world.
The idea that national identity has a part to play in the Olympic
movement is an idea that has far outlived any usefulness it may
have enjoyed in the 20th century.

A new millennium demands a new focus for the Olympic
movement. A focus that allows individuals around the world with
specific sporting talents to have access to the facilities coaching
and State support Australia's elite sportsman and women
currently enjoy. This could be done by breaking up the world into
specific regions. Each region would pool what resources they are
able to allocate to the Olympic movement and hold talent
identification clinics across that region. They would choose
candidates who show the greatest promise and would train them
at regional facilities. The best individual athletes from all the
regions would compete in the Olympics as individuals, not
members of a Nation State or a particular region. Sporting teams
could be selected from each region to compete in the Olympics
as representatives of that regional grouping.

This would ensure that the best athletes from around the world
would be able to train and compete on a level playing field. While
the Olympic games remain the showcase of Nation States, they
will continue to be the preserve of the richest Nation's on the
planet and the world will be denied the chance of ever seeing the
world's best athletes compete against each other.


Not content with increasing the health care costs of
non-concession cardholders and providing a second rate service
to concession cardholders through the much vaunted but failed
Medicare Plus package, the Howard government has increased
the amount of taxpayers funds it is diverting from the public
hospital sector into the private health insurance industry, in order
to secure the votes of people over 65 who currently take out
private health insurance.

Increasing the taxpayer subsidy to the private health insurance
industry from $3-billion to $3.5-billion will increase the pressures
on an already under funded and under-resourced public health
sector. It will not address any of the health care needs of the 70%
of Australians over 65 who cannot afford private health insurance
and rely on the public health sector.

If the Howard government had any real concerns about the
health care needs of elderly Australians, not just the votes of the
30% who already take out private health insurance, they would
means test the private health insurance rebate so the subsidy
would be restricted to those who have genuine problems finding
costs the funds to take out private health insurance. They should
limit the rebate to hospital costs only. Currently the rebate helps
many of the 43% of Australians who take private health
insurance to access health services that the rest of the
community can only dream about.

The Howard government could transfer any savings made back
into the public hospital sector or if they were really interested in
the health care needs of elderly Australians they, like they have
done with veterans, could provide Australians over 70 with a gold
Medicare card that would allow them to automatically access
both public and private hospitals - a fitting reward for people who
have made a lifetimes contribution to the welfare of this country.


The Prime Minister, John Howard is right. The community
shouldn't dwell on the children overboard fiasco, as he is about to
become the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australian
history. It's time that the media and the community concentrated
on the historical legacy of the man of steel. Long after the hurt,
disappointment, agony, betrayal and divisiveness of his 10 years
in office are expunged from the national psyche, his courageous
struggle to create a new Australian identity will be reflected in the
dynamic ever-changing English language.

Honest John's contribution to the development of a specific
Australian idiom will outlast the trite and pathetic examples of
his Prime Ministerial predecessors. While Holt's 'All the way
with LBJ', Whitlam's 'Kerr's cur', Fraser's 'reds under the beds',
Hawke's 'bastard bosses' and Keating's 'banana republic' will live
on in esoteric doctoral thesis, gathering dust in some forgotten
university library, John Howard's contribution will live on for
eternity in the popular vernacular.

Parents will be admonishing their children in public places for
telling 'Johnnies', police will be telling the local lads and lasses to
stop telling 'Johnnies' and senior counsels will be vigorously
cross examining defendants in an attempt to expose their
'Johnnies'. The furphy, porky, white lie and raw prawn will soon
be replaced in the pages of the Macquarie and Australian Oxford
dictionary with the 'Johnny'.

Howard's legacy will live on long after the man, his policies and
the damage his ideological jihad have caused, have been
forgotten. John Howard has done what few men and women are
able to achieve. He has achieved linguistic immortality.


A report form the National Youth Affairs Research Scheme has
highlighted that only 55% of young Australians believe they live
in democracy and even more believe that Australia is not a fair
society. Faced with this stinging rebuke, the media and the
government have universally pointed the finger at education
standards for these poor figures. Not one commentator has
broached the idea that what young Australians are saying reflects
the reality they are confronted with.

It's heartening to know that the criticisms anarchists have raised
over the past few decades are now shared by so many young
people. It's customary to think that young Australians are
materialistic and apolitical. The National Youth Affairs Research
Scheme has shown that young people's day to day experiences
have led many of them to formulate opinions that do not reflect
the manufactured consensus that Australia's opinion makers like
us to believe. They understand that democracy is a much more
complex exercise than casting a ballot every 3 to 4 years to elect
a government that makes decisions for them.

They also understand that the rhetoric that this is the 'promised
land' and that all Australians enjoy equality of opportunity, is just
another one of those myths that this country is based on. The
Government and all those media gurus who have been wringing
their hands at these results, have good reason to be worried. If
young people's experiences with life in this country are creating
such profound levels of dissatisfaction amongst so many of them,
the chance of profound radical social change in the near future
becomes a viable political option.


Democracy in this country has been reduced to the exercise of
gaining the attention of a 100,000 swinging voters in 13 marginal
electorates. Whoever can capture the attention of these
"aspirational" voters will win the next Federal election. The
convergence of political views and options expressed by the
major political parties reflects the political reality they are faced

Do they express policies that benefit the country as a whole or do
they concentrate on policies that may win the hearts and minds
of outer suburban and regional swinging voters? The number
crunchers in the Liberal / National and Labor Party know that the
only way to win political office in Australia is to tailor their
policies to suit the electoral reality they are faced with. The
outrageous pork barreling and reverse welfare options that have
been raised and promoted by the major political parties, does
nothing for the future of Australia as a whole. It reinforces
people's opinions that the political process in this country is both
unfair and corrupt.

The major political parties are not interested and have no
incentive to formulate and promote policies that benefit both the
country and electors. The hopes, aspirations and desires of those
Australians who find themselves in safe Labor, Liberal or
National Party seats are irrelevant to the political process. The
only way Australians can force the political agenda to reflect the
hopes, aspirations and needs of all Australians is for them to stop
voting for the major political parties, or to vote informal, or stop
voting of all.

Until the nation as a whole cries out enough is enough and
demands that radical political reforms are made that empowers
those millions of electors who have been disenfranchised by the
current political process, only the hopes, aspirations and needs of
a 100,000 marginal voters in 13 marginal electorates will count.


A. I'm afraid it has nothing to do with God, King and country.
So, if you've already sold your soul to one of the above, further
reading may cause personal anguish. Anarchism is a philosophy
that uses reason and argument to promote social relationships
and interactions that give people the opportunity to create
structures and institutions that allow them to successfully live in
a community that does not have rulers.

Anarchists have no faith in rulers because they understand the
limitations of individual human beings. They're not willing to
have the course of their lives determined by the vagaries of
human nature. Yes, I know I still haven't answered the question
'why anarchism'? Anarchists, like all other human beings,
pursue an agenda where the interests of the 'self' are paramount
in their lives.

People with a religious or spiritual viewpoint follow the dictates
of their religious gurus or rulers because it will give them
enlightenment, eternal life or maybe just a good feeling about
their place in the universe. Mammon followers pull out all stops
to make a quid so they can enjoy the material comforts, power
and illusionary security that money brings. So where does that
leave anarchists? Anarchists want to create a society without
rulers so they can enjoy material and personal comfort in a
secure environment in this life not a nebulous next life. They
want to be able to take care of their need for food and shelter as
well as develop the inherent potential they have as human
beings. To do this, they need to live in a society where the
interests of the individual reflect the interests of the community
they live in. A society where people are involved in the decision
making processes and wealth is held in common. An anarchist
society is the best way of ensuring individual access to the
necessities of life, personal security and individual development.


If there is one group in the community who understands what
the term 'linguistic immortality' means, it is anarchists. For
decades the term anarchism has in the English speaking world
been synonymous with violence. The automatic association of
anarchism with violence still plays an important role in the
linguistic thinking of the English speaking world.

The association occurred as a result of the propaganda by the
deed strategy that a small section of the anarchist movement
followed in the 1980's. The strategy of using violence to deal with
institutionalised violence occurred as a result of the fate what
awaited the Paris communards when the Paris commune was
put down in a sea of blood in 1871. Over 50,000 participants were
summarily executed by the State and tens of thousands were
deported to French penal colonies. While the reasons why a
small number of anarchists attacked Heads of States has been
ignored and forgotten, anarchists over 100 years later, still face
the stigma of linguistic immortality.

Australian anarchists now have the chance to even the score.
The Prime Minister of Australia John Howard is a liar. Radicals,
conservatives, the political and the apolitical all agree he is a liar.
One way to ensure that whatever historical legacy he lays claim
to is destroyed, is by linking his name to lying. We already have a
historical precedent in this country of a word that has become
synonymous with lying. He's telling a 'furphy' comes from the
practise of Australian soldiers gathering around portable water
tanks during WWI made by an Australian company based in
Victoria called Furphy. The water tanks had the name Furphy
cut into the metal. It didn't take long for the tall stories that the
soldiers told each other to keep themselves amused when having
a drink, became synonymous with the word furphy.

We can do the same thing by using the word 'Johnny' in our
conversations to denote a lie. Stop telling 'johnnies'. That's a
'johnny'. I didn't know you could tell 'johnnies'. All politicians
tell 'johnnies'. We need to strike while the iron is hot and people
have the idea that John Howard is a liar uppermost in their
minds. One good way of doing this is by peppering our
conversation with the word 'johnny' or 'johnnies' when speaking
on talkback radio or when sending an emails or talking to people
on the street. If we put the boot in now, the most divisive
Australian Prime Minister since Billy Hughes may acquire the
legacy he so richly deserves ­ LINGUISTIC IMMORTALITY.


The miners involved in the Ballarat Reform League were divided
into 2 camps, those that were willing to take up arms to defend
their rights and liberties and those who advocated a non-violent
(moral force) path. John Humffray was born in Wales in 1824.
He was involved in the Chartist movement in Northern Wales
and when he arrived in Ballarat in 1853, he was disgusted to see
those who wielded power acted in the same high-handed way on
the Ballarat goldfields as they did in Wales. The Ballarat Reform
League was officially launched on Saturday 11th November 1854
at a mass meeting attended by well over 10,000 miners.
Humffray was elected as the 1st president of the Ballarat Reform

Faced with increasing levels of police violence, Humffray's
'moral force' position soon lost favour with a significant number
of the miners. Less than 3 weeks after he was elected as
president, he was forced to resign and he and his followers left
those who were willing to use arms to defend themselves to their
own devises. Humffray's non-participation in the Eureka
rebellion didn't seem to effect his standing among the miners.
After the rebellion was crushed, he formed the Victorian Reform
League and was at the forefront of the struggle to see that the 13
miners who had been charged with High Treason were acquitted.

The rapid implementation of the recommendations of the
Goldfield's Commission of Inquiry led to both Peter Lalor and
John Humffray being elected unopposed to the Victorian
Legislative Council as representatives for the seat of Ballarat, one
year after the revolt had been crushed. John Humffray became
Victoria's first Minister of Mines during his time in the
Legislative Council.

Troubled by the fact that his pacifism did not allow him to be
with the miners during the Eureka Stockade battle, he asked that
when he died, he'd be buried as close as possible to those that
had died at the Stockade in 1854. After a distinguished
parliamentary career, he died in 1891, 37 years after the Eureka
Stockade had been destroyed in a sea of blood. He was buried in
the Old Ballarat cemetery, close to those he had not been able to
support during the battle for Eureka.

Get the full Eureka story online at
www.takver.com/history/eureka.htm Download the Reclaim the
Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion poster from

email it around to your friends, photocopy it and pass it around.


This week I'd like to contrast the fate of 2 books. One that won
the 1997 Pulitzer Prize and achieved celluloid immortality, the
other has disappeared from sight. Angela's Ashes has been read
by 100,000's of people, Bridge of Triangles would have been read
by fewer than 1,000 people.

Angela's Ashes is Frank McCourt's tale of suffering, poverty,
extreme hardship and alcoholism in New York in the '30's and
Ireland in the '40's. Angela's Ashes the author's memoirs, is
written (according to the blurb on the back page) 'with the vitality
and resonance of a work of fiction, and a remarkable absence of
sentimentality, Angela's Ashes is imbued on every page with
Frank McCourt's distinctive humour and compassion. Out of
terrible circumstances he has created a glorious book in the
tradition of Ireland's literary masters, which bares all the marks
of a great classic'. ­ Great praise indeed, even if it appears on
the back page of the book.

Bridge of Triangles, written by John Muk Muk Burke was
published in 1994, 2 years before Angela's Ashes appeared on
the scene. John Muk Muk Burke was born in 1946 of a Wiradjuri
mother and an Irish father at Narrandera in New South Wales.
The book, a thinly disguised autobiography, follows the early life
of the central character Chris Leeton. According to the blurb on
the back page 'Chris Leeton is tormented but also sustained by
his growing need to cross over into the landscape of his
Aboriginal ancestors. After the night of the flood, his Wiradjuri
mother resolves to take her 4 children away from their riverbank
home and her unhappy life with Chris' white father. In the
struggle to keep the family together in Sydney's grim
commission housing, school boy Chris is tender witness to
poverty and despair'.

Two different authors, two different books, one set in the 1930's
and 1940's in New York and Ireland, the other set in Sydney in
the 1950's and 1960's. Same story, one wins the Pulitzer Prize
and becomes an instant best seller, the other wins the 1993
David Unaipon Award and disappears from sight. Is one a great
classic and the other a pedestrian failure? Is John Muk Muk
Burke's story too close to the bone? Are there too many familiar
images for it to become a celluloid masterpiece? You decide, get
a hold of both books, immerse yourself in them and let me know
what you think.

BRIDGE OF TRIANGLES ­ John Muk Muk Burke University
of Queensland Press 1994, ISBN 0 7022 26394 P.O. BOX 42,
St.Lucia 4067, QLD, AUSTRALIA.

ANGELA'S ASHES ­ A Memoir of a Childhood, By Frank
McCourt, Harper Collins '96 ISBN 00 02558 122 77­85
Fulham Place Road, Hammersmith, London, W68JB,

Try your local library or a 2nd hand bookshop to get a copy of
Angela's Ashes. To get a copy of Bridge of Triangles try the
University of Queensland Press if you can't find it at your local


Glimpses, words, nothing. Cans of diced tomatoes, Spanish
seasoning, chicken noodle soup with lots of noodles. 'She got
away with it' ­ disembodied sentence floated over packets of
flour, stone ground, plain, raising, corn, rice, white, brown, blue
lined plain wrap. 'She got away with murder'. Turned the corner,
next aisle, shopping trolley half filled. Mother, 10-year old
daughter, 6-year old son, must be coming from another aisle.
Basmati, jasmine, arboati, plain, brown, Riverana, Pakistan,
Italian, brown, white, wild. 'She killed him', the mother
grimaces, 'It's not fair', 'They let her go', 'It's not fair'. Television
land. Who done it? Miami's CSIC or is it CSIS, Law and Order,
Special Victims Unit, NCIS. The pornography of death filmed in
the autopsy room shared with the world. Death as entertainment.
Which program? I waited and waited and waited. Next aisle, tuna
in olive oil, canola oil with chilli, pacific tuna, John West, Sirena,
tuna with spring water. 'She got away with murder ­ five years
probation for taking a life'. 'I don't agree, I don't agree' she
shouted at her startled 10-year old. 'Mummy he was autistic'. 'I
don't agree, I strongly disagree, he was only five'.

The penny dropped, this wasn't television land. This was a real
high profile case. Mother in Sydney, maybe it was Perth or was it
Adelaide, smothers 5-year old autistic son, gets probation. Real
case, not Logie musings. Why would a 10-year old be discussing
a real murder scenario with her distressed mother?

'It's not right, I strongly disagree, it was a 5-yeare old child'.
What's happened to conversations about Barbie dolls, school
sport, the boy down the road, computer games. 'It's not fair'.
Next aisle health foods, organic this and that packaged in plastic,
pencils, paper, biros, black, red, green, pencil sharpeners,
rubbers, envelopes, they turned right, 'It's not fair'.

I turned left, cat food, cans of processed dead meat. New family,
no autistic dead kids, 3 kids wanting Coco-Pops, mother wants
Special K. Trite, pedestrian, normality. Did it happen, did I
dream it. 'It's not fair'. Next aisle.


Paul Robinson's article about the infighting in the AMWU over
the past 5 years (Sunday Age 22/8), fails to examine the
consequences of the virtual paralysis of one of Australia's most
energetic and effective unions. While various union incarnations
of Nero have been playing their fiddle, employers have embarked
on a radical plan to destroy any power the union is still able to

With a little bit of help from their friends in the Howard
government, some significant employers are legally importing
guest workers, mainly from China, on 3-year contracts to
perform skilled and semi-skilled jobs that Australians are quite
capable of doing. Faced with the problem of establishing trading
partnerships with Chinese companies, if they decide to move
offshore to China, an increasing number of firms are employing
bonded guest workers to do the jobs that their workforce was
performing. While Dr. Brendon Nelson, the Federal Education
Minister, is crying crocodile tears about the lack of apprentices in
the country, the Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, has
given the 'Department blessing' to the importation of
semi-skilled manufacturing workers into Australia. This, even
though the Immigration Department continues to keep asylum
seekers behind barbed wire and refuses to extend many asylum
seekers temporary protection visas.

The time Paul Robinson spent rehashing the AMWU's ancient
history in the Sunday Age could have been better spent looking
at the new phenomenon of bonded guest workers. Whether it's
Health, Education or Manufacturing, the problem is the same.
The Federal government is secretly increasing its immigration
quotas by bringing in guest workers on temporary 3-year visas.
It's time the government gelded ABC and the corporate owned
media stopped repeating the ancient history of the trade union
movement and begin to let Australians know how they are being
legally stripped of their jobs by a Federal government that gives
lip service to immigration quotas while flooding the country with
bonded guest workers who are doing work that underemployed
and unemployed Australians could easily perform.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed


CIRA No.60, Spring '04, Centre Int'l de Recherches sur l'
Anarchisme, Bibliotheque du CIRA, Avenue de Beaumont 24,
CH-1012, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND, Tel/Fax:

LIBRE PENSAMIENTO NO.43, WINTER 2004, Conferedacion
General del Trabajo (CGT), Colle Sagunto 15, 28010, Madrid,
SPAIN, Tel:915931628, Fax:914453132, email:spac.cgt@cgt.es

C/-Compania9, 10 1zda, 31001 Pamploma/Iruna SPAIN,
Tel:948224766, Fax:948212399,

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The Fed Govt was warned repeatedly by intelligence analysts
before the Iraq war that the conflict would harm the war on
terrorism by fanning Islamic extremism & spurring terrorist
recruiting. "They were very, very aware of our views," one former
intelligence analyst said. "We believed it would inflame
extremism & increase terrorist recruitment." The source said
these views were relayed in written reports & in verbal briefings
to Mr Howard & his ministers in the months & weeks leading up
to the conflict. Another intelligence analyst said "we were sure,
in the longer term, there'd be a lot of anger towards the
West...we would see there's a risk here that this is going to
provoke more support for terrorism & violent responses." "A lot
of our terrorism reporting predicted what is going on at the
moment," one of the sources said, referring to increased
anti-Western sentiment & terrorist recruitment in the Arab
world. The sources also said the Govt was told there was no
operational link between al-Qaeda & Saddam Hussein & the Iraq
war couldn't be seen as part of the broader global war on
terrorism. It was revealed last year Britain's joint intelligence
committee said 1 month before the war that "al-Qaeda &
associated groups continued to represent by far the greatest
terrorist threat to Western interests & that threat would he
heightened by military action against Iraq". In a TV address to
the nation on the eve of the war, Mr Howard said "far from our
action in Iraq increasing the terrorist threat, it will, by stopping
the spread of chemical & biological weapons, make it less likely
that a terrorist attack will be carried out against Aust." Mr
Howard attacked the Fed Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty,
when he observed in March the war had made participants, incl
Aust, bigger terrorist targets. An inquiry into the intelligence
services commissioned by the Govt never mentioned the
warnings about an increased terrorist threat. (Source: Sydney
Morning Herald)

At least 40 Iraqis were killed on Sat in fighting near the southern
city of Najaf, where Shiite militias are involved in a stand-off with
US-led forces. An official of the new 'independent' Iraqi govt said
US troops had fought battles in the nearby town of Kufa, 1 of a
number of cities where Shiite militias have risen up this month.
The official said the dead incl civilians. North of Baghdad, a
suicide car bomb blew up near a convoy carrying Iraqi officials
near the town of Baquba, killing 2 people & wounding 8.
(Source: The Age)

A ex Fed official has backed Mike Scrafton's story he told John
Howard 3 days before the'01 election the 'children overboard'
story was wrong. Jenny McKenry, then head of the Defence
Dept's public affairs section, said Mr Scrafton had told her on
Nov 8 (2 days before the election), he had informed Mr Howard
"there's no evidence to support the children overboard story". Mr
Scrafton passed a lie detector test on his allegations. Mr Howard,
who denies Mr Scrafton's version of events, has ruled out taking
a similar test. (Source: The Age)

The AFL has pressured the Western Bulldogs into dropping a
symbolic gesture against sexual assault. Bulldogs players asked if
they could wear purple armbands in their home game against
Port Adelaide, after being contacted by Football Fans Against
Sexual Assault. However the AFL denied the request. Marg
D'arcy from Melb's Centre Against Sexual Assault said she was
surprised that the AFL would intervene in this way, but didn't
respond to Sam Newman's comments about women lying about
sexual assault. (Source: The Age)

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: "[US anarchist] Noam Chomsky
talks about Manufactured Consent. In a few words here's how it
goes; Noam reckons the US democratic system is a farce, the
choice is no choice, power stays with the powerful, the plebs are
placated by the illusion that they've had a say. Years ago, before I
saw the light, I was a money-grubbing corporate type. We called
it 'team building', but it was pure MC. The workers got to decide
the cover of their overalls, then when some corporate
ridiculousness came tumbling down from above we would tell
those downtrodden souls they'd been part of the decision
making". (Paula Hunt in the Melbourne Times)

"The fact remains that if state goves wanted to fix pay equity in a
single stroke by paying teachers & nurses more - all govt
employees - they would fix half of that gap...it would be
substantially improved overnight if the public sector pulled its
weight." (Fed Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward,
commenting on the fact that on the 20th anniversary of the Sex
Discrimination Act, average ordinary time earnings for females
are still only 84.7 cents in the $1 compared to men)

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else. We've got the ideas and energy but we need your financial
assistance to keep going. Go on, become one of the Magnificent
Thirty that saved the Anarchist Media Institute.



Join them on the steps of VICTORIA'S PARLIAMENT


We now have a Trivial Pursuit Master to organise the questions
and festivities.

HALL IN MELBOURNE ­ Can anyone help? (We are looking
for a hall that has tables and chairs for at least 150) We need
YOU to organise a table of 10. Cost for a table of 10 = $100. If
you can't organise a table, don't worry, cost per person $15 ­
(wage earners) - $10 ­ (non wage earners)

We are taking advance bookings from now. Make out cheques or
money orders to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS and send to PO
BOX 20, PARKVILLE 3052, VICTORIA I f you can help with
the venue / hall call us ASAP ON 03 8508 9856 OR Email us at


Heard across Australia. 10am ­ 11am every Wednesday. An
anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune
into your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist
World This Week. If they don't broadcast it, ask them why not! If
they're one of the 150 community radio stations around Australia
that are affiliated to the National Community Radio Satellite, they
are able to broadcast the Anarchist World This Week.


(Cnr Stawell & Eureka St) BALLARAT To celebrate the 150th
and time it occurred. Community breakfast after dawn gathering.
9.00am ­ Walk to the Old Ballarat Cemetery to pay our respect
to the dead, then we walk through Ballarat to Bakery Hill to
reaffirm the Eureka oath, then we will walk back to Eureka Park
for a community lunch and conversation.

Email: anarchistage@yahoo.com

Write: P.O. BOX 20, Parkville, Victoria, AUSTRALIA For a
poster, pass it on to your friends. Join us on the day. Reclaim
your history, change the future. Join us at Ballarat at 4.00am on

If You Like What You Have Read, Photocopy This Publication
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Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Libraries and Restaurants Etc.

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