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(en) US, The FINAL version of The UnAmerican LP is now available for download in mp3 format.

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(www.circlealpha.com)
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:25:57 +0200 (CEST)

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It include 2 new songs that were not on the May 1 release, and has been
completely re-mixed and remastered to improve the sound quality. The order
of tracks has also been altered. This is the final version as it will appear on the
store-version of the album, which is due to appear in stores this september.
Check out the new songs and download the new versions of the older ones.
> About the Artist:
My name is Lynx. It’s one of several, but it's the one I prefer
in my personal life and the one I refer to myself as in my music.
For the folks who care about such things, I'm 23 and my
background is Scottish, Scotch-Irish, Irish, Anglo-Irish, and
German; in that order. So basically, I'm a Celt.
I've been a hip-hop head since i can remember and the first time
I performed in public was in the sixth grade.

Why I talk about "political" shit in my music:
The neighborhood I grew up in is mostly Chicano/Latino, and
several of my closest neighbors growing up came here fleeing the
US-sponsored fascist takeover of El Salvador which killed
thousands of innocent people, so I guess that gave me an early
start into understanding why and how US foreign policy affects
our lives.
When I was about 10 my grandmother died of breast cancer,
years later I learned that Astra Zenaca, the Corporation that
founded National "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" is the
nations third largest producer of chemical pollutants that cause
breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness month actively spreads
misinformation telling women that there are no known
environmental causes of breast cancer - an outright lie - and it
promotes regular mammograms as the only way to detect breast
cancer. Astra Zeneca makes the machines used to perform
mammograms, and those machines give you other kinds of
cancer. Astra Zeneca also makes the most commonly prescribed
drugs to combat breast cancer. So they kill millions of women
every year with their pollution, make millions off of the
treatments people are forced to buy, and get a massive positive
PR spin out of the whole thing. Welcome to capitalism....
My sister has Asthma, which almost killed her as a child, and my
younger brother had a brain tumor that almost killed him at the
age of 8. Both the Asthma and the Tumor were caused by
industrial pollution. In the Bay Area where I grew up there are
several large corporations, including an oil refinery, that regularly
dump toxic chemicals into the bay and the air, and pay the
slap-on-the-wrist fees that the government charges them
because it's cheaper to dump and pay the fees than to stop
producing the toxins or dispose of them safely. Those pollutants
almost killed my sister and brother and do kill uncounted
numbers of children who aren't lucky enough to have parents
with medical insurance.
My father has been shitting blood for over thirty years thanks to
Agent Orange he was exposed to in Vietnam. The U.S. govt.
interceded in Vietnam after the Imperialist French withdrew in
an attempt to protect the wealth of corporations like Michelin
Rubber, which had massive plantations in Vietnam; and
American oil Corporations that were after the Natural Gas
deposits off the coast of Vietnam. Dow Chemical, the company
that made Agent Orange, made millions of dollars selling
chemical weapons to the US government during the war and
gave hundreds of thousands of those dollars to the campaigns of
politicians who prolonged the war and made sure that the orders
for weapons kept rolling in. 50,000 US soldiers - almost all of
whom were from working class families- were murdered by the
government they trusted during that war, along with uncounted
millions of Vietnamese people. All in the name of Truth, Justice,
and the All-Mighty Dollar.
During the war in Vietnam, Clinton was busy smoking pot, Bush
was snorting Cocaine, and Cheyney had "other priorities," but all
three of them have been more then happy to start wars all over
the globe and put more kids through the hell they never

For these and a hundred other reasons, there is no way that I can
look at the world I grew up in and not be a Revolutionary.

Politically Speaking my affiliations are as follows:
I believe that people have the right to control their own
communities and workplaces democratically, so I am an
One of the most basic rights that goes along with a belief in
localized self-governance is the right for indigenous/native people
(be they Celts, Africans, Aborigines, Basque, Chechens,
Tibetans, Palestinians, or Indigenous Americans) to retain and
re-assert control of their homelands and to realize political,
religious, and economic self-determination. So I am an
I believe that it is essential for people in different communities to
stand up for each other and set up networks of mutual aid and
solidarity, so I am a Syndicalist.
I believe that the only way to make sure these networks and
localized governing systems work for the people is to make them
non-hierarchal and fully accountable to the people, so I am an
I know that the Race system is one of the most powerful tools
that the upper classes have to separate working people from each
other, and - to put it bluntly - I'm sick of seeing my friends and
neighbors get abused; so I am Anti-Racist.
My mother and my sisters are women (as I'm sure yours are
too), and it would be stupid of me to ignore the bullshit they have
to deal with in this sexist society, so I do my best to be a
Feminist (or at least a strong ally, depending on your definitions).
I am aware of the incredible environmental devastation and loss
of biodiversity that results from capitalism and I work to stop that
devastation by every means available to me so I am an
Environmentalist. I also recognize the fact that the
"environment" is not just some nebulous thing that exists
outside the cities, but is all around us all the time and that the
issues of environmental racism that plague working-class
communities are very very real, so I am a Social Ecologist.
I recognize the value of all life, not just human life, and am
working for dignity and freedom for all life, so I am Biocentric.
I hate violence and want to make human society as nonviolent as
possible; however I also recognize that the people in power will
never be persuaded to give up their power through purely
nonviolent means, so I embrace a philosophy of a Diversity of
Tactics, and support action by "every means effective." Simply
put this means that if nonviolence will work then I support
nonviolence. If it will not work then I support whatever actions
WILL work to achieve freedom.

I decided to name this site "circlealpha " for a couple of reasons:

1. The obvious one - an A with a circle or an "O" around it is
the symbol for Anarchism, It literaly means "Anarchy is Order."
2. A circle continues forever, it is infinite without beginning or
end. A sane economic system must also be circular, putting back
everything that it takes out and never taking more than it can
replace. In a living organism this state of being is referred to as
homeostasis. Life cannot exist for any prolonged period outside
of homeostasis, the reason cancer kills is because - by increasing
the demand on the bodies’ resources without putting
anything back - it throws that balance off. Capitalism and the
profit motive are literally cancers in what some people refer to as
the "social organism." We need to shift our systems of
production and consumption on a global scale into a circular
mode that is capable of achieving homeostasis. Our failure to do
so is directly responsible for the widespread environmental
destruction around us and rising global extinction rates - along
with the current upsurge in cancer, asthma, and other
pollution-caused diseases.
3. Alpha is the beginning. This moment. Now. As you are
reading this, is the beginning and the end of eternity. There is no
other time but NOW. So act on it. Move. Change things. Dream
the impossible. Create the undreamable. Build a better world.
There is now one else that can do it for you, but there are
millions of people all over the world who will do it with you.

The Revolution is coming. Every nation ever built, every empire
ever forged, has been destroyed. The American Empire will fall
too; the only question now is "what do you want to replace it
Download link: http://www.circlealpha.com/mp3.htm

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