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(en) US, IAS News :: 006 - August 2004 - Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies

From ias-news@anarchist-studies.org
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 19:58:51 +0200 (CEST)

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In this Issue:
1 Welcome
2 Summer 2004 Grants Awarded
3 Support Radical, Anti-Authoritarian Scholarship: The 2004 Fundraising Campaign
4 Perspectives on Anarchist Theory/The New Formulation Merger
5 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition: A Scholarly Conference
1) Welcome
As the summer draws to a close, anti-authoritarians from across North
America are beginning to converge on New York City to join the
demonstrations against the Republican National Convention. At the same
time, animated debates are being had about how to best advance radical,
anti-authoritarian visions for systemic social and political change in a
sea of "Anybody but Bush" placards.

In the months since our last e-newsletter, the IAS has gone about the
work of supporting writers committed to contributing to the creation of
such a vision. To this end, we are happy to announce that we awarded
$4,875 in our summer round of granting. Congratulations to Melissa
Forbis and Cale Layton, who were awarded a grant for their project
Anarchist Trade Unions in Bolivia: 1920-1950; to Trevor Paglen, who was
awarded a grant for Recoding Carceral Landscapes; and to Stevphen
Shukaitis who received an IAS grant for his project, Between Sisyphus
and Self-Management. You can find out more about all these projects

Of course the IAS is only able to support radical writers because of
the generosity of our donors. Another fundraising season is about to
begin, and below you will find more information about how to make a
donation to the IAS or to receive a fundraising package by post if you
are not already on our mailing list.

In other IAS news, I joined Michael Caplan as co-director of the
organization in July. I am very happy to be working with Michael and
the rest of the Board to support the IAS, its granting program, and the
various projects that now fall under its auspices. Updates on those
projects are included below.

Particularly timely is an update from the organizers of the Renewing
the Anarchist Tradition conference, which will take place this year
from September 24-26 in Plainfield, Vermont. Cindy Milstein and John
Petrovato, co-organizers of the conference and IAS board members, have
stretched registration to allow 200 people to participate, and are
scheduling two and a half days full of panels and presentations. The
deadline for proposed panels and presentations has been extended until
September 1st, and more details, as well as important and time-limited
registration information, are included in this newsletter.

Finally, for those of you who are headed to NYC over the next weeks,
the IAS will be present at the Life After Capitalism conference, taking
place August 19-22 (http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org). IAS board
member Brooke Lehman is among the organizers of the conference, Cindy
Milstein will be speaking, and an IAS literature table will be set up,
so please stop by and say hello.

In solidarity,
Andréa Schmidt

Summer 2004 Grants Awarded

Twice a year, the Institute for Anarchist Studies awards 4125 $US in
grant-money to radical writers from around the world who are in need of
financial support. In fact, in the summer 2004 granting round, we had
4,875 $US to award. We are very pleased to announce the recipients of
the summer 2004 IAS grants:

* $2,275 to Melissa Forbis and Cale Layton for Anarchist Trade Unions
in Bolivia: 1920-1950, a translation of Los artesanos libertarios y la
ética del trabajo by Zulema Lehm A. and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui
(1988). The book presents the history of anarchism in Bolivia and
includes numerous interviews with trade union participants from the
period of 1920-1950. Because the trade unions organized sectors of the
working class neglected by traditional industrial unions, and brought
together mestizos and indigenous peoples, men and women, along
libertarian lines, they were perceived as a significant social threat
by the state. The translation will include a new introduction that
links this history of anarchist organizing to the recent uprising and
continued resistance in Bolivia, and will be the first English
translation of a book on Bolivian anarchism and libertarian trade

* $1,600 to Trevor Paglen for Recoding Carceral Landscapes. The
completed book will offer a collection of images and texts that make
visible the social, political, and economic relationships that
constitute California's massive prison system. In showing how prisons
are connected to the foundational structures of society itself,
Carceral Landscapes will suggest that prison abolition isn't simply
about closing prisons, but about fundamentally transforming the
relations that order contemporary American society. In addition to
serving as a companion book for an art show by the same name (projected
to open at San Francisco's "The Lab" in February 2005), it will be used
by the prison-abolition organization Critical Resistance for outreach
and education.

* $1,000 to Stevphen Shukaitis for Between Sisyphus and
Self-Management: The Relevance of Autonomous Organization in a
Globalized World. This book-length project is an effort to reflect, in
the domain of economics, on the question: "What structures and
practices could sustain the creation of a new social order?" The author
will examine the historical legacies and practices of worker
self-management to assess the usefulness of the concept under the
current conditions of economic globalization. He will draw on examples
of self-management in 1930s Spain, 1960s Yugoslavia and Argentina in
2001, as well as current organizing efforts, to elaborate a
contemporary theory of self-management.

Support Radical, Anti-Authoritarian Scholarship: The 2004 Fundraising Campaign

Since the IAS's inception in the spring of 1996, we have worked hard to
support radical, anti-authoritarian scholarship on contemporary social
contradictions and the possibilities of meaningful social
transformation. Although the anti-authoritarian left has become an
increasingly important presence on the streets, radical theoretical
work is just as important now as it was eight years ago. We need to
clarify the anarchist alternative, deepen our critique of the present
society, and study the victories and dilemmas of our movement if we are
to build upon its accomplishments. The IAS is a means toward this goal.

Although there certainly are many organizations doing much needed and
important work, the IAS makes contributions that are not made by any
other organization on any continent. We really are unique. Our grants
are an invaluable source of support for radical writers around the
world and there is no other organization, anywhere, devoted to
supporting dissident authors.

Since 1997 we have supported over forty projects by writers from
around the world, including authors from South Africa, Nigeria,
Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, Canada, as well as other
countries. We have funded movement research, translations, historical
studies, and even a play. Many of these projects would not have been
completed without our assistance.

The IAS has been able to support this important work for all these
years thanks to the generous support of our comrades and allies around
the world and we need to ask for your support once again. Specifically,
we must raise $23,250 by January 2005 in order to keep awarding grants
to radical writers, continue our publishing efforts, and cover
administrative expenses.

In appreciation for your support of the IAS, we are offering book
gifts care of the good people at Raven Books of Amherst, Massachusetts.
All IAS donors giving $25 or more are entitled to receive at least one
great book (http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/books) from their

It has been a great eight years and we are excited about the future of
our work! Please help make this work possible by making a donation

Donate now!: http://www.anarchist-studies.org/support/donate

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory/The New Formulation Merger

Most of you are familiar with the IAS's bi-annual print newsletter
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. (For those of you who haven't seen
it, recent issues can be found on-line at:

Many of you might also be familiar with The New Formulation: An
Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books, a bi-annual print publication
dedicated to publishing book reviews that examine the relevance of
recent (and less recent) books for the development of a contemporary
anti-authoritarian theory and politics. The IAS adopted the NF as a
project in February of 2004. (You can check out past issues of the NF
on-line at: http://www.newformulation.org.)

Well, the two publications are merging this fall--at least for one
trial issue, and possibly forever!

The joint fall 2004 issue--which will appear with the title
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory--will include an excerpt from IAS
grantee Ramor Ryan's forthcoming book Clandestine Voyages Through the
Global Underground; IAS grant recipient Marina Sitrin's interview with
John Holloway, author of Changing the World Without Taking Power: The
Meaning of Revolution Today; and no less than six book reviews with
titles that range from "The New Imperialism," to "Remembering Frantz
Fanon," to "Days of Crime and Nights of Horror."

The subscription rates to the new, expanded Perspectives are:

* USA and Canada: 10 $US per year.
* All other countries: 15 $US per year.
* Institutions (all countries): 20 $US per year.

To subscribe, please send your name, address and a cheque to:

Institute for Anarchist Studies
73 Canterbury,
D.D.O, Québec,
Canada H9B 2G5

Please make cheques payable to the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

All IAS donors of $25 US will receive a free copy of Perspectives, as
well as free gift books.

Renewing the Anarchist Tradition: A Scholarly Conference

September 24-26, 2004
Plainfield, Vermont


The Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) conference, cosponsored by
the Institute for Anarchist Studies and Institute for Social Ecology,
aims to provide a scholarly space in which to both reexamine and
reinvigorate the social and political tradition of anarchism.

RAT is meant as one contribution to the project of developing a more
rigorous as well as contemporary theoretical framework for anarchism,
and to assist in nurturing new generations of anti-authoritarian public
intellectuals. Thus, as opposed to conferences that attempt to create
anarchist organizations, statements of purpose, or focus on "lifestyle
anarchism" or how-to workshops, RAT brings together anarchist and
libertarian socialist scholars, activists, educators, writers,
organizers, students, and others to explore how we make sense of our
own tradition; how we understand anarchism in the context of our lives,
movements, and present-day social conditions; and how the conceptual
tools that the anarchist tradition provides can and need to be

Anarchism has tended to be a dynamic theory and practice, and its
influence in anti-capitalist struggles around the world has become
keenly apparent of late. We are, as it were, inside history, and if
anarchism is to continue to be relevant to this moment of global
transformations, it must not only understand the present but also
scrutinize its own internal taboos and tensions; it must not only be
able to describe contemporary forms of hierarchy and oppression but
also articulate openings for a radical reshaping of social relations
and material conditions along ethical lines. The work that all of us
attempt to do now, the ideas and values we struggle to put into words
and practice, will have profound implications for how this historical
moment structures the future. RAT is a modest addition to the grand
anarchist project of the present to ensure a freer tomorrow for all.

As in the past, we hope that RAT continues to raise difficult
questions -- questions ranging from the character of social change to
the ongoing relevance of categories such as class, community, and
labor; from the changing shape of the state and capital to emergent
forms of both domination and resistance in a globalizing world; from
anarchism's relation to geopolitical concerns such as terrorism and war
to its ability to grapple with issues of identity such as race, gender,
and sexuality; to a host of other controversial, contested, or even
uncharted subjects.

Alongside a participatory weekend of presentations, panels, and
debates in a supportive atmosphere, the beautiful rural Vermont setting
affords the opportunity to meet other anarchists and radicals, relax
around a campfire, or enjoy the fall foliage. RAT will also include a
mini-bookfair, free literature tables, and possible film screenings.


We are now accepting proposals for individual presentations and
panels/panelists. People of color, women, queer and transgendered
people, those outside academia, and others often excluded from
scholarly life -- due to gender, sexuality, class, and so forth -- are
especially encouraged to send in proposals.

We're looking for individual presentations that attempt to analyze
and/or critique current social relations and dilemmas; share work and
ideas on anarchism's relevance and potential as a political/social
theory as well as a practice; grapple with and constructively
challenge/build on standard anarchist notions in light of a radically
changing world; and cover a wide variety of perspectives and scholarly

While you can also propose a full panel, including all panelists,
please consider simply proposing yourself for a panel topic or two and
we will put the panel together based on a diversity of viewpoints.
Specifically, we would like to see panelist proposals for the following
topics: globalization; the role of anarchists in international
solidarity work; the changing character of statism/anti-statism,
capitalism/anti-capitalism, or class/labor today; movement building and
anarchism's relation to other social movements; anarchism and Marxism;
anarchism and poststructuralism; anarchism and identity (in particular,
race, gender, and sexuality); anarchism and ecology; anarchist responses
to contemporary concerns such as terrorism and the "war on terrorism,"
new legal regimes and policing, war, the rise of fundamentalism and
nationalism, or the U.S. presidential elections; and anarchism and its
relation to its own history. Please feel free to propose other ideas,
of course.

Individual presentation and panel proposals should be no more than one
typed page each; remember, you can also propose yourself as a panelist
and let us set up the panel itself. Please include a presentation or
panel title and brief description, a few sentences about yourself
and/or other proposed panelists, and complete contact information
(address, phone, and e-mail). Indicate if you feel comfortable having
your presentation/panel audiotaped, and if so, if you would be amenable
to post-conference "publication" of such audio on a Web site or CD. Keep
in mind that presenters are asked to limit individual presentations to
about 30 to 40 minutes, and end by framing a question or two for the
participants in order to facilitate another 30 to 40 minutes of
discussion. Panelists should each prepare about 10 to 15 minutes of
material, leaving time for discussion as well. Our intent with the
panels is to stimulate lively, but friendly debate, so again, a variety
of perspectives on each panel is encouraged.

Proposals are due by or before September 1, 2004, and should be
e-mailed to both co-organizers:

John Petrovato at jpetrovato@hotmail.com, and Cindy Milstein at

If you don't have access to e-mail, mail two copies of your typed
proposal(s) to Cindy Milstein, 19 French Street, Barre, Vermont 05641.
We will inform you about your proposal soon after we receive it. Please
note: all presenters must also register and pay for the conference, and
space is limited, so don't delay.

tabling at the MINI-BOOKFAIR, and suggestions for GETTING TO RAT,
please check out the conference website:


You must register and pay in advance, as conference space is limited.

* SLIDING-SCALE REGISTRATION FEE: $20 to $40 (for those who can afford
it, the higher registration fee will go toward our scholarship fund to
assist others; see below).


* MEALS: $48 covers two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners, with
a variety of vegetarian and vegan options prepared by the New England
Culinary Institute. Food or meals can also be purchased separately in
Plainfield; there are three restaurants, a small food cooperative, and
a convenience store.

* HOUSING: $30 per night/per person for a single, and $23 per
night/per person for a shared double (dorms rooms are at Goddard
College, and include towels and linens). Camping, weather permitting,
is also available on the nearby Institute for Social Ecology's campus
for $10 night per one- or two-person tent (bring your own camping
equipment and supplies). There are motels and B&Bs in the area as well.


A limited number of partial scholarships are available to subsidize
RAT conference fees for those with limited resources. Please inquiry
early and we will do our best to offer assistance. These scholarships
are made possible because of the generosity of other RAT participants.
If you can afford to pay the higher end of our sliding-scale
registration fee, or want to donate more beyond that, we will pass
along the extra funds to those needing financial aid to attend RAT.

REGISTER AND PAY IN ADVANCE (by or before September 7)

Space is again limited for RAT -- though this year, RAT is limited to
about 200 people instead of our usual 100 or so. Thus, please register
and pay by or before September 7 to ensure your participation. Send a
check, made out to Cindy Milstein (unofficial RAT treasurer), to: Cindy
Milstein, 19 French Street, Barre, Vermont 05641. Include your name,
address, phone, e-mail, and an itemization of what the check covers
(registration, meals, housing, donation beyond registration toward
scholarships for others, and/or a mini-bookfair table).


Feel free to contact either of the co-organizers, John Petrovato
(jpetrovato@hotmail.com) or Cindy Milstein (cbmilstein@yahoo.com). Or
send us your e-mail address and we'll add you to our very occasional
RAT e-announcement mailing list.

Check out the RAT web site: http://www.homemadejam.org/renew

That's all for this issue of IAS News. If you think any of this information would be of value to a friend or organization, please feel free to forward this newsletter.

Send suggestions and comments to: info@anarchist-studies.org

To switch to the html version of this newsletter, change the email address that you are currently subscribed with, or to unsubscribe: info@anarchist-studies.org

Copyleft 2004 Institute for Anarchist Studies

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