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(en) Venezuela, EL LIBERTARIO* - NEITHER DICTATORSHIP NOR REVOLUTION - by Domingo Alberto Rangel

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 15 Aug 2004 09:48:48 +0200 (CEST)

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If you hear to people of the party Primero Justicia, they will get to
think that Venezuela lives under a cruel dictatorship. The same
sensation will feel if it stops to listen the merchants of the party
Proyecto Venezuela. More discreet, the copeyanos speak of the
abuses of the Government. And still more discreet, the adecos
reproach to the government of Chávez their Advantage or its
excesses. In front of this picture of reactions so varied between the
opponents, anyone it would have right to ask itself if the
government of Chávez is or it is not a dictatorship, or if bullshit is
hardly arbitrary to the way of those that take advantage of their
advantages to perpetrate some abuse.

This government of Hugo Chávez is loafer or funny, but he is not
dictatorial. It has the barracks abuses that are characteristic in the
Latin American military. But it is not and it will be never a
dictatorship. The leaders of Primero Justicia, most similar to those
gentlemen that call the French "vert gallant", would have to ask to
him Pompeyo Marquez, now near them, what thing is a
dictatorship. Then Pompeyo Marquez would say to them that a
dictatorship is a regime without habeas corpus, without shelter
resources, without Parliament for the investigations nor presses for
the denunciations and where the political prisoners spend years
whole, in interminable succession, without nobody can visit them
at least to alleviate to them to the average nights of solitude or the
half days of sadness. That is a small dictatorship. Who says that in
the Venezuela of today the dictatorship reigns or is mentally ill a
mental one or does not know to catalogue the political regimes.

They want to know the dictatorship?
In order to illustrate to the dandies of the Coordinadora
Democratica I will say to them that in a dictatorship, like which I
fought and suffered now and speak in first person because moral
authority exceeds to me, the jails count me per years. I fell
imprisoned in April of 1950, one night thick illuminated only by the
lightning of the Catatumbo, and left in January of 1954.
Throughout the year of 1951 I was undergoing a regime of solitary
confinement in a bend of the Prison of San Juan de los Morros, that
the common prisoners called the "Sing-Sing". Then I was put
under in military opinion, but never I saw the judge of the process
nor had defender or prosecutor. All that happened under the
government of two I illustrate the military: Thin Carlos Chalbaud
and Marcos Perez Jiménez.

Years later, between 1963 and 1966, I returned to the jail and I did
not have judgment either, I never saw the judge of the cause, if it is
that this one existed, and I had patience to support that republican
farce. I must say that in my two long prisons, altogether near eight
years, I did not receive the solidarity of a single newspaper, was no
journalist that goes to visit to me or sent a slip of paper of
consolation or breath to me and what he is more serious, between
great existing newspapers at those times, no demonstrated to the
smaller affection or charity towards those who we could in the jails.

It is that when there is a dictatorship, all, except a handful, know to
put their horse armor in soaking. Chávez and his is idiot, but not
mercenary. Here mask of disguised clowns, merchants of the

The chavista revolution
The Bolivarian revolution is a complete swindle. We could say that
in the Venezuela of today there is no a dictatorship, but less, much
less, there is a revolution. A revolution does not take the name of
no leader because a revolution is something innovating like
anything. And less of leader as preservative as it was Simón
Bolivar. Bolivarian revolution is a contradiction in its own terms, is
like speaking of the hot ice or the frozen fire. The revolutions take
control of highest doses of violence because they are ruptures of the
social order, insurgencies of the dark mass that, armed and solved,
devastates yet. A revolution is violent or it is not revolution.

To speak of pacific revolution is already to confess one funny, to
surround a contraband bad lucking with an honorable pavilion. It is
to be a dork. I am not making Gallic of dogmatism or sectarianism.
Hardly elementary concepts of political science. From Hugo
Grocio, in the dawn of the Modern Age, a process of social
rebellion, of armed insurgency is understood by revolution in which
the mass demotes to the dominant classes, it snatches his
properties, it dissolves the military apparatus to them and it restores
a new social ordering. These concepts are not exclusive of Marx,
Lenin, Mao or Fidel Castro. You consult the thought of Oliverio
Cromwell or Maximiliano Robespierre, bourgeois personages both,
creators of insurgencies that they looked for to establish the
capitalist regime and they will see that in anything they differ of
whatever I am maintaining. To speak of pacific revolution since
Chávez and its acolytes do, is a tacit confession of fiendish trick
and is something worse, to take to the others by stupid idiot.

Not even anti-imperialist
This regime not even is anti-imperialist. The newspaper El
Libertario, the only thing that survives in the UCV with brave and
the horizontal of other times because the others are all rotten one,
publishes the list of Yankee, English, French, Spanish and Brazilian
the companies oil that have received here concessions able to be
shine al very same Juan Vicente Gomez.

Nobody, from the death of the meritorious one, has been so
conditional and generous, so prodigal and so friendly with oil
imperialism like Hugo Chávez. But Chávez is so vivacious that,
after pleasing to trust North American until astonishing to the same
father of George W. Bush, it releases an anti-imperialist speech.
Chávez is a devout one that pronounces an atheistic speech in the
doors of a cathedral, a alien that speech of human rights, a
smuggler with a decorated affluent flag.

Here there is not dictatorship, as they maintain the stupidity of the
Primero Justicia party, but is no revolution either. We have a
regime demagogue and means nasty, are everything.
* EL LIBERTARIO newspaper from the Anarchist Relationships
Commision from Venezuela

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