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(en) US, NYC, Radical Cheerbloc CALL TO ACTION during the RNC

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 08:29:12 +0200 (CEST)

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Radical Cheerleaders, Anti-Authoritarians, and all others who
are bothered by the state of our supposed democracy: Join us on
Sunday August 29th in New York City to tell The republicans,
President Bush and Mayor Bloomberg WE SAY TO To the RNC!
What: We are calling for a large red and black presence of radical
activists to participate in a mobile cheer bloc as part of the larger
United for Peace and Justice March. Like for the March for
Womenís Lives, we want everyone to learn the cheers before
they come to the march so we can have a huge, unified voice.
Bring noise-makers, uniforms, pom-poms and whatever else you
may want. Please send in all your cheers to media (at)
nycradicalcheerleaders.org for us to post them on the website.
We will be posting cheers in lyrical, audio, and/or video form if
you send it to us that way. We will be having a cheerleader feeder
march to the UFPJ march with location and TBA.

Why: As President Bush and the Republican Party come to New
York for the Convention we will tell them that we have had
enough. The issues that have inspired us to make this call

1) Iraq: The US government is systemically recruiting urban,
low-income, people of color to go overseas to kill other
low-income people of color. We will not tolerate the bloodshed of
innocent Iraqis or of misled American GIs. We call for the
immediate withdrawal of American troops from the sovereign
state of Iraq and for the world to respect the autonomy of the
people in the region. We demand that the money that is being
spent to kill, be spent on things that will save lives. This includes
ending homelessness and feeding the hungry, fighting the AIDS
epidemic abroad, creating jobs, and protecting the Earth and our
non-human animal friends from destruction so that we all may
live for generations to come. 2) 9/11: The Bush administration is
using the fear created by the horrific attacks on September 11th,
to rally blind patriotism and support for unjustified war. 3)
Human rights and dignity for all: a. LGBT Rights: The right to
express your love for another through marriage if you choose to
do so. In addition, the right not to be defined by the societal
constraints of gender or sexuality. b. Womenís Rights: The
right to do with oneís body as one pleases and not to have
government intervention in the womb. Also, we demand equal
pay for equal work. c. Rights for People of Color: Here at home
we recognize continued racism through our targeted military
recruiting, our racist criminal justice, and the attacks on the
affirmative action system. At home and abroad, we see our
government aiding in the systematic destruction of indigenous
autonomous cultures for financial gains.

For all these reasons, we feel the need to stand up. We believe
that radical cheerleaders are unique in our ability to convey a
message, because we do not accept that just voting will make a
difference in this world. It is our duty to let the Bush
Administration know that we are fed up and we wonít stop
until our demands are met. Join us on August 29th and
THROUGHOUT THE RNC as we take the streets and rise up!

If you wish to endorse our call to action, to send us cheers, or for
any information, please e-mail us at media (at)


The New York City Radical Cheerleader

Download our calendar of events and cheers on our website

Link: The Buffalo RADIKATZ:

Calendar of events:

Prior to the RNC: Every Tues or Wed - Cheerleading in
Midtown/Financial district - to get folks to come out for the
Protests! (email media (at) nycradicalcheerleaders.org )

RNC TIME! Sat. August 28 - 11am-4pm: March for
Womenís Lives across Brooklyn Bridge We will be marching
across the Brooklyn Bridge to remind visitors for the Republican
National Convention that New York is Pro-Health, Pro-Access,
Pro-Justice and Pro-Choice! WEAR RED AND BLACK! POT
AFTER! Details to come!

Sun. August 29- United for Peace and Justice March (RNC
BEGINS)Cheerleader feeder march location from the S.East
Corner of Union Square (14th Street & University Place) WEAR
RED AND BLACK! *** Also Mouse Bloc takes Broadway
(cheering as delegates attend broadway shows)

Mon. August 30- 4pm: Poor Peopleís Campaignís
March for Our Lives United Nations, Meet at at 42nd street and
6th Avenue (Bryant Park) for cheerleader feeder march.

Tues. August 31- All day: One No, a Million Yesses. A call for
direct action at the RNC

Wed. September 1- 1pm: Rally against the Corporate Media!!
Protest Tour of Media Moguls - tell the FCC to kiss the back of
your butt! 4pm: Working for Working Families Labor Rally Ė
Meet at 8th Ave. and 30th St.


Please let us know what your squad plans to do and we'll add it
onto the calendar. Send any information that you would like to
post on this webpage to: media (at) nycradicalcheerleaders.org If
you can help organize this convergence by passing along the call
to action - WE NEED YOU! We're a small squad of mostly new
cheerleaders.. so let's come together and CHEER UP! See also:

Who are the Radical Cheerleaders? what is radical cheerleading?
radical cheerleading is a global movement which has been
spreading fast since beginning in 1997. founded by two activist
sisters in florida radical cheerleading squads can be found across
the united states and as far as poland. radical cheerleading
squads are traditionally feminist, anarchist and anti-capitalist
with each diverse cheerleader bringing their own politics,
creativity and dance moves to the movement (but we always love
defying tradition.)

radical cheerleading squads across the globe connect with each
other primarily through a network of websites, cheer zines,
protests, cheer-offs, conferences and cheer-shares. cheers are
written by an individual and passed along through this
established network and are interpreted, modified,
choreographed, improvised upon and performed by other squads
in other parts of the world.

Who are the NYC Radical Cheerleaders? we are a collectively
run radical cheerleading squad comprised of queer, straight and
transgendered women and men, youth and adults living in the
boroughs of new york city. the new york city squad has existed
for over 5 years, but is fluid in itís membership. in January
2004 a new batch of cheerleaders replied to a call for new
members to attend a cheerleader sleepover and have been
practicing together weekly ever since. our squad like all radical
cheerleading squads are open to anyone who expresses interest
and unlike other cheerleaders that you may be more familiar with
-there are no tryouts involved.

the group of 12-15 members associated to the nyc squad are
between the ages of 15 and 35 and come from a variety of
backgrounds in respect to race, class, gender and sexual
orientation. members of our squad are both seasoned and
fledgling activists from across a diverse spectrum of issues and
our collective defies heirarchal structure. we are students, artists,
corporate employees, sex workers, labor organizers, librarians,
teachers, lawyers, mothers, childcare providers, restaurant
workers, videomakers, performers and unemployed.

cheerleaders in our current squad are active in a range of local
social justice struggles and are currently focusing on educating
and mobilizing the public to get george w. bush and his
adminstration out of power, against sexism and street
harassment, for positive body image and sex-positive education,
against globalization, against racism and homophobia, for
choice, against forced c-sections, against the patriot act, against
the consolidation of corporate media, for grassroots community
media resources, against the police state, the prison industrial
complex, against the patriot act and the recruitment of low
income youth and people of color in schools, against sweatshops,
for workers rights, against the war in iraq, the occupation of
foreign nations, against the occupation of palestine, for
immigrantís rights, for human rights, against illegal
detentions, and against the criminalization of dissent amongst
myriad other issues critical to our communities.

Link: http://www.nycradicalcheerleaders.org
Source: http://www.nycradicalcheerleaders.org
Copied from infoshop.org

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