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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.606 9th August ­ 15th August 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(Philip McCrory <philmcc-A-melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 20:30:15 +0200 (CEST)

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Australia's seven High Court judges faced with the unenviable and impossible
task of deciding whether the executive arm of government has the
constitutional powers to detain asylum seekers indefinitely has, after
listening to all the arguments and examining the current constitution,
decided that the Australian parliament has the power to legally deny human
beings the most basic human rights. The problem they faced was not one of
interpreting the constitution, but one of finding implied rights within a
constitution whose primary purpose is to regulate the relationship that
exists between State and Federal governments. The human misery that will
occur as a result of the implementation of this decision highlights how
common law and outdated constitution is unable to protect the individual
from the arbitrary exercise of State power.


Faced with the spectre of terrorist attack, the Howard government eagerly
supported by her Majesty's Loyal opposition, the A.L.P. has, over the past
few years passed a raft of legislation through parliament that has stripped
Australians of common law rights they have enjoyed for centuries.

The unbridled use of State power to curtail the freedom of the individual is
a far greater problem than any real or perceived terrorist threat. The
history of the 20th century is littered with examples of millions of people
who have suffered and died when the checks and balances existing in a
society that protect the individual from the excesses of the State have been
stripped away. The challenge posed by the High Court's inability to protect
Australians from the executive arm of government and the ability of the
government of the day to strip away common law rights that have been won
through centuries of struggle is a very real one.

Sadly changing the government of the day through the electoral process does
not address the constitutional and legal conundrum facing Australian
society. Questions need to be raised about the suitability of a 19th
Century constitution for 21st century society. Radical constitutional
changes that put the individual at the centre, not the periphery of
Australia's constitution, needs to be raised and vigorously discussed and
debated. The creation of a new political and social movement that demands
that successive Australian governments hold a series of referendums that
give citizens the opportunity to decide whether they want to see their
rights whittled away of whether they want a new constitution that reflects
the challenges posed by a new millennium is rapidly becoming a national

Ever wondered why those heads of departments that put their imprint on the
call for 'truth in government' document, weren't so fussed about the truth
when they held high office? Ever wondered why the current batch of senior
bureaucrats continue to ply their ministers with what they want to hear?
Ever wondered why those gutless wonders who knew the original 'children
overboard' photos were fakes, continued to support their ministers long
after their duplicitous conduct had been exposed? Ah, its very simple ­ a
heady mix of tenure and bonuses for a job well done.

Senior Federal bureaucrats are not accountable to the public or parliament.
They are not public servants. They are first and foremost servants of the
Minister who appoints them and who decides their performance bonuses at the
end of the year. If they tell the Minister what they don't want to hear
before you can say 'Jack Robinson', they'll be scanning the employment pages
of the major dailies looking for a new job.

On the other hand if they suspend their belief in reality, wear the
Minister's blinkers and tell the Minister what they want to hear ­ hey
presto, they keep their job and also get a big fat bonus. Nice work if you
can get it (apologies to Sting), that is if they're willing to suspend their
belief in the rule of law, and moral and ethical codes they have followed
since they were at school. If they can do that, they have a great future in
Howard's politicised public service.

Although the Howard government has made a fuss about 'political
correctness', they have been the champions of 'political correctness',
stacking the Federal bureaucracy, the courts and every government quango
they have been able to get their hands on, with their ideological soul
mates. The way to get ahead in Howard's world is to call black white, white
black and intellectually and morally prostrate yourself before the Kim il
Sung of the south, John Winston Howard. That's why the Howard government
has been able to get away with so many whoppers and porkies for so long.

Butler this, Butler that, Butler arrogant, Butler self-important. So what?
Good Governor-Generals, bad Governor-Generals, so what? They're all
parasites feeding off the public carcass. Why should anybody give a toss
about the Queen's representatives in Australia? They are all full of their
own self-importance. What have they ever done for the country, except
dismiss a legally elected government? Protocol this, protocol that, so
what? The Murdoch press is doing somersaults trying to see that Butler is
replaced by a more suitable appointment.

Their pin-up boy has almost overnight become their bete noir. When he was
in Iraq chasing illusory weapons of mass destruction, the man could do no
wrong. A brave, solid citizen, doing a difficult job, no quips about
lingerie, boorish manners or arrogant behaviour while he was there. Nothing
was too good for their boy, a few years ago. Now that he's Queen Lizzie's
representative in Van Diemen's Land, the very characteristics that made him
such a hero in Iraq, are described as an abnormality.

No wonder the poor Tasmanian Governor-General and his missus have become
public enemy No.1 in the eyes of the tired scribblers of the Murdoch Press.
A Republican as a Governor-General? Disgusting. People, who are more than
happy to have a congenital liar as Prime Minister, are disgusted by Butler's
antics. Who's kidding who? If just some of the time, effort and energy
that's gone into attempts to unseat Butler, had gone into exposing the
'darling of the port swilling, born to rule brigade' ­ John Howard, maybe
Australians wouldn't have to be ashamed of saying where they come from when
travelling overseas.

Instead of launching into a campaign to abolish the Queen's representatives
in Australia, Murdoch's conservative cabernet sniffing contingent in his
mouthpiece The Australian, have launched a campaign to protect the
non-existent honour and virtue of Queen Lizzie's most southern antipodean

The Butler fiasco highlights how easy it is to set the political, social and
cultural agenda if you own 75% of the newspaper outlets in the country.
Lets accept that the stuff that appeared in the Murdoch press is gospel
truth Butler as the Governor-General of Van Diemen's Land was arrogant
aloof and a pain in the butt. Maybe the bloke was a boar and full of his
own self-importance, so what? When you compare his behaviour with the
behaviour of the congenital liar in the Federal parliament, who has
squandered millions of dollars of tax payers money, keeping both the Lodge
and Kirribili House open so his kiddies could enjoy the best education that
money could buy, Butler's sins are venial not mortal.

Irrespective of what you think about Butler's performance, his sojourn as
Tasmania's Governor-General has rubbed some people up the wrong way, but it
hasn't caused any lasting damage. When you look at the Prime Minister's
performance, whether it is 'core or non-core promises', 'never-never a
G.S.T.', 'children overboard', 'weapons of mass destruction' or the war
against 'terrorism', the damage caused to both individuals and this
country's institutions has been enormous. There has been no coordinated
campaign to evict our little mate from Kirribili House. No front page
articles about his inability to tell the truth, no rumours, or for that
matter, any real discussion about the damage that these policies have caused
in this country, just a stream of praise for the man, his government and
their policies.

The Prime Minister, the darling of the cabernet conservatives, is lauded as
a man of substance, editorial after editorial highlights his dubious
achievements. Howard is their man. He has almost single handedly created a
climate that has allowed those who wield real power in this country to
expand their empires at the expense of the rest of us. No wonder Murdoch's
myth making machine has gone into overdrive, singing the praises of their
man in Canberra the Kim il Sung of the Southern Hemisphere ­ John Howard.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, faces a crucial referendum on his rule on
Sunday. Hundreds of thousands rallied in the capital Caracas this week to
help bolster the 'no' vote for Chavez. Venezuela, the world's fifth largest
exporter of oil, is pivotal to the United States, maintaining its economic
supremacy. Chavez, first elected in 1998, has faced a continuing campaign
to have him removed from office. Those elements in Venezuelan society, who
have traditionally wielded power, have been able to frustrate his efforts to
redistribute wealth in Venezuela. Faced with a military coup a little over
a year ago, Venezuelans took to the streets in the hundreds of thousands and
forced the coup plotters to abandon their attempts of overthrowing Chavez.

The US has a very long history of meddling in the affairs of Latin American
countries. On many occasions they have successfully funded campaigns that
have resulted in the overthrown of popular governments. Concerned that
openly intervening in Venezuela would cause more problems than the Bush
administration could handle, the US government has supported and bankrolled
both civilian and military attempts to overthrow Chavez during his
presidency. The Bush administration and former and future American
administrations are always concerned when their hegemony in Latin America is
challenged. They have traditionally gone out of their way to crush any
potential threat to their rule in the region, supporting a string of brutal
military dictators in Latin America.

Faced with the spectre of a number of popularly elected governments that
oppose US policy in Latin America, a great deal of effort has been directed
into overthrowing governments whose policies do not fit into the US plans
for the region. Whether it's Aristide in Haiti, Chavez in Venezuela or any
other popularly elected leader or government in Central and South America,
the primary arm of the US administration has always been and continues to
be, to use any and every means at their disposal to crush any governments
that do not support their economic and social agendas.

A. Garbage. Not everybody living in an anarchist society will be an
anarchist. Many people living in an anarchist community may hold radically
different points of view. Although they hold different points of view, they
will be able to fully participate in the life of the community they live and
share in the wealth produced by that society. What they won't be able to do
is impose their will on other people unless the principles of association
that determine what is and isn't acceptable behaviour in an anarchist
community are rejected by a significant proportion of that community. If
that happens, that community ceases to function as an anarchist society.
The difference between an anarchist society and a non anarchist society is
that structures exist in a non anarchist society that allow a minority to
impose their will on the majority. It's no accident that the two principles
of association an anarchist society is based on equal access to power and
wealth results in the replacements of hierarchical structures by non
hierarchical structures. Anarchist attempts to replace both the State and
the corporate sector with a federation of workplace and community councils
is based on the idea that hierarchical structures provide mechanisms by
which a minority can impose their will on the majority. The greater the
concentration of power and wealth, the easier it is for fewer and fewer
people to impose their will on thousands if not millions of people.
Anarchism isn't about changing human nature or hammering square blocks into
round holes, it's about replacing hierarchical structures that concentrate
power and wealth with non hierarchical structures that decentralises the
focus of power and give everybody the opportunity to share in the wealth
produced by the society they live in. Whether people call themselves
anarchists or believe in anarchist ideas while living in an anarchist
society is irrelevant. What's relevant is whether they accept and work
within the structures that have been established that guarantee that
everybody in an anarchist society has the same rights and responsibilities
as everybody else.

Talkback radio provides an opportunity for people to put forward a point of
view that many listeners may never have thought about. It's important to
remember that it takes time and effort to successfully put an opinion across
on talkback radio. What you may think is an important observation or
comment may sound incomprehensible to listeners if you haven't put some
thought into what you are going to say and how you're going to say it.
Using talkback radio is a little bit like writing a letter to the editor,
although many people call, few get on air on the more popular programs. If
you decide to use talkback, there are a few points you need to consider.
TIME ­ Make sure you've got plenty of time up your sleeve. In many cases,
you may have to wait up to half an hour at the end of the phone. Whether
you ever get to go on air depends entirely on the producer. It pays for you
to be courteous and it pays to answer any questions as honestly as possible
when you talk to the producer of the program. That doesn't mean you have to
tell them exactly what you are going to say, just say you want to talk about
this or that subject. Try to keep to the talkback topic that particular
segment is about. If you get through to the presenter, it's important you
remember a few things. Have your thoughts ready, you may have jotted down a
few notes to help you get through what you want to say. Just get the
message out. Don't pause until you've said what you want to say. Pausing
gives the presenter the opportunity to ask questions or cut you off.
It's important to remember that you are talking to the listeners not the
presenter. The host is just a conduit to the listeners. Try to be logical
and not get angry. What you may think is an important issue, may be little
of no interest to the host. To them, talkback radio is a way they can raise
the number of listeners to their program, improve their ratings and sell
more advertising space. It's always important to remember that to them
talkback is a commodity that can be used to generate a profit for the owners
of the radio station. It's also crucial that callers realise that the
interaction with the host is an unequal one. They can dump you at any time
and they can talk about you or what you've said after they cut you off.
Talkback radio is not for the faint hearted, it takes a little bit of
attitude and character to successfully use it. If you've got the time and
the energy, pull out your local radio guide, note the programs that have
talkback and see if you can utilise these segments to put forward ideas to
people you would never come across during your normal day to day
interactions with the community. The ball is in your court, start off with
some of those late night programs, they're relatively easy to get onto.
Once you've cut your baby teeth on a few evening hosts, come out of the
closet and try some peak hour programs. You'd be surprised at how many
people you can influence through the use of this medium.

THE EUREKA SERIES 2004 ­ No.17 CAPTAIN ROSS ­ 'The Bridegroom'
Captain Ross a young Canadian was known on the goldfields as the
'bridegroom' of the miners flag, the Southern Cross. Although it's unclear
who designed the flag, Ross took the design to the 3 women who sewed it,
asking them to have it ready to be flown at the monster mass meeting that
was held at Bakery Hill at 2.00pm on Wednesday the 29th November 1854.
At 10am on Thursday the 30th November, the 'does' (police) conducted a
rather brutal licence hunt on the gravel pits, arresting a number of miners
at bayonet point. Incensed, about 1,000 diggers met at Bakery Hill. A
decision was taken to leave Bakery Hill and move to what was believed to be
an area that was easier to defend ­ the diggings at Eureka. Captain Ross
unfurled the Southern Cross, the flag that had first been flown the previous
day at the same spot and led the march from Bakery Hill to Eureka, behind
him followed about 1,000 diggers, some armed with rifles, many only armed
with picks and shovels. Captain Ross was given the command of a division of
miners by a meeting of the 7 captains of the rebellion who met at Eureka
that afternoon to organise the defence of Eureka.
About 500 diggers marched back to Bakery Hill that same afternoon. Captain
Ross raised the flag on the temporary flagpole that had been erected at the
site the previous day. Sword in hand, his division gathered at the foot of
the flagstaff, the sun going down behind them. Lalor, rifle in his left
hand, jumped onto a stump and asked those around him to take an oath to the
Southern Cross. He knelt. Bare headed, he pointed with his right hand
towards the Southern Cross and delivered the diggers oath. 'We swear by the
Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights
and liberties'. The miners shouted 'Amen' and then marched back to Eureka
and hoisted the Southern Cross on a makeshift flagpole at the centre of
their camp.
When the first shots rang out at daybreak on Sunday the 3rd December,
Captain Ross took up his position at the foot of the flagpole. He was
mortally wounded during the early phase of the battle and lay dying at the
foot of the Southern Cross when trooper King scaled the flagpole and tore
the flag down.
Captain Ross the young Canadian 'bridegroom' of the Southern Cross, lies at
the bottom of a mass grave at the Old Ballarat cemetery, while his beloved
Southern Cross is displayed for all to see at the Ballarat Art Gallery that
stands on the site of the soldiers encampment. In a different era in a
different Australia, the Southern Cross will be displayed at Eureka, not at
the site it's currently displayed its enemy's encampment.

The Last Fight Of Severino de Giovanni & Paulo Scarfo', Publisher Kate
Sharpley Library 2004, Translated by Paul Sharpley,
ISBN 1 873605 58 7
This slim 34-page pamphlet put out by the Kate Sharpley Library contains
some of the material that's available about this tempestuous era in
Argentinian politics. Severino de Giovanni and Paulo Scarfo were 2
anarchist militants who, with a small group of other Italian speaking
anarchists, waged a one-sided war against the Argentinian State in the late
1920's and early 1930 & '31.
Faced with an increasingly repressive State apparatus, they abandoned
propaganda work and launched a series of armed attacks on both capitalist
enterprises and the State. What role their campaign played in the military
coup in 1930 by General Uriburu that saw the popularly elected Irigoyen
government thrown out of office is hard to say. The inescapable conclusion
that can be drawn by the readers of this pamphlet is that just a few months
after the coup, both Severino and Paulo had been arrested and executed and
the anarchist militants involved in their group had been killed or had been
forced to flee Argentina.
The Kate Sharpley Library pamphlet consists of a special commemorative
edition of L'Adunata dei Refrattari that was published on the 28th March
1931 as a response to their execution and a letter from America Scarfo,
Paulo's sister and Severino's lover that was published in May Vol.1 No.3 in
March 1933.
Severino and Paulo's campaign was not welcomed by most of the Argentinian
Left and the anarchist movement. Their activities put the anarchist
movement under the State's spotlight and made it difficult, if not
impossible, for anarchists to openly recruit, carry out political campaigns
and create a mass movement that was capable of openly challenging State
power. The situation became so tense that anarchists were fighting other
anarchists. Uriburu's military coup on the 6th September 1930, unlike the
military coup in Spain on the 19th July 1936, was not met with any
widespread popular resistance. Groups like Serevino's and Paulo's who had
attempted to create a revolution, through taking up the armed struggle, were
destroyed within a few months of the military taking power.
'The Buenos Aires Tragedy' although albeit a commemorative piece, highlights
the pitfalls of small groups of anarchists trying to destroy the State by
using the means employed by the State. Irrespective of how you look at the
sentiments expressed in this pamphlet, revolution especially radical
egalitarian revolution, aren't made by small groups or vanguards.
Revolutions are made by mass movements.
Individual acts of armed insurrection, no matter how courageous, are doomed
to fail and in many cases feed into the hands of the State's spin,
alienating the very people militants are trying to influence. Such acts are
bound to be counter productive unless they are carried out as part of a
widespread insurrection that springs from the needs and desires of a mass
movement that wants and demands radical egalitarian social change.
'The Buenos Aires Tragedy' is available from Kate Sharpley Library, BM
Hurricane, London, WCIN 3XX, UK. In Australia it's available from KSL
Publications, P.O. Box 145, Moreland, Victoria 3058, AUSTRALIA.

Airport terminals have an aura all of their own. Once you've had your
luggage checked in and you've made your way through security, it's just a
matter of hanging around until your flight is ready to be boarded. In the
interim, I normally fill in time by drinking a cup of what can only be
described as the world's worst coffee and then head for what is normally an
oasis of tranquillity the men's loo. I don't have any experience of what
goes on in ladies loo, but a visit to the men's loo is a perfunctory solemn
Bag in hand, you find an empty spot at the urinal, put down you bag
somewhere near you, take out your best friend from its dark and damp
lodgings, do what you have to do, put your friend back, pick up your bag,
put it down again, wash your hands, wipe them on your pants or put them
under one of those ridiculous blow-dryers, pick up your bag and wander back
to the departure lounge. Simple! Not this time. Nothing seemed different,
normal sterile environment, lots of space to evacuate the bladder. I found
a spot not too close to the chap down the other end. Pulled down my zip,
took out my best friend. RING, RING, RING!! Hello, broad mid western
American accent boomed out behind me. Lucky I haven't a prostate problem,
if I had I would have stopped in mid stream. He just went on and on, the
weather, his latest squeeze, his mother's home cooked apple pie. I turned
round, nothing. The voice (apologies to Johnny Farnham), bounced throughout
the enclosed space. Two doors down, pants wrapped round his ankles, door
closed, our 'buddy' was entertaining the world with his inner most thoughts,
sitting on the loo doing a number 'two'.
Hey mate, I felt like shouting, this is Australia not the US of A, I don't
know what you do for kicks in the land of hope and glory but the men's loo
is a sacred site in this country. Just then a batch of pickled ockers
sauntered in, just what the doctor ordered. They looked around trying to
locate the source of defilement of their sacred site. Things were about to
get ugly. I left as a few well aimed barbs were hurled at the ockers
American 'buddy' sitting in the loo, pants round his ankles making love to
his mobile phone.

Many Australians would be surprised that it's taken this country's military
and diplomatic elites so long to launch a scathing attack on Howard's
foreign policy initiatives (Sunday Age 8/8). They're concerned that their
current call for 'truth in government' from whichever party wins the Federal
election should have been made years ago. The Howard government's nine
years in office have been marked by a litany of lies. Howard's 'core and
non core promise' gaffe has, like Fraser's 'reds under the beds' and
Keating's 'banana republic' utterances, become synonymous with the
Australian idiom.
The difference between Fraser's and Keating's memorable one-liners and
Howard's contribution to the country's political vernacular is that Howard's
statement strikes at the credibility of both the Prime Minister and his
government. Australians have over the years learnt to take politicians
promises with a grain of salt. It's big news when a newly elected
government actually begins to implement its political promises, because most
electors expect them to tell as many, if not more lies than the mob they
just voted out of office.
An increasing number of Australians are becoming incensed when the Prime
Minister lies, not because he has lied, they expect him to lie, but because
he refuses to accept any responsibility for the bare faced lies he had told.
Assisted by a fourth estate that long ago forgot its important role in
society, the Prime Minister has been able to claim that children were thrown
overboard, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Australia's
participation in the Iraq war has decreased the terrorist threat faced by
the country. Howard has been able to lead and continue to lead a charmed
political life, although he promised he would 'never never' introduce a
G.S.T., because an exceptional number of media outlets have pedaled the same
Time and time again, when the media spotlight should have been trained on
Howard's blatantly outrageous statements, responsibility has been shafted
home to bureaucrats who are unable to defend themselves. The responsibility
for this continuous transparent tissue of lies does not lie solely at the
Prime Minister's feet. The responsibility must be shared by his political
colleagues, the lacklustre political opposition he has faced during his nine
years in office, a fourth estate that takes more notice of government media
briefings that the reality it is faced with and a public who has become so
cynical about the political process they have ceased to demand that their
representatives tell them the truth.
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

London WCIN 3XX, ENGLAND, www.katesharpleylibrary.net
FREEDOM Vol.65 No.9, 15th May 2004, Anarchist News & Views Freedom Press,
84b Whitechapel High St, London E17QX, ENGLAND Tel/Fax 02072479249

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The Vic govt has refused to issue a report on the decision to appoint
someone with ALP connections to a lucrative position, after she resigned
from her previous position due to conflict of interest problems. Ex senior
public servant Kerrie Cross has been made Vic's Advocate for Responsible
Gambling. She resigned from her $198,000 role as chair of the Women's &
Children's Health Network Board after allegations of a conflict of interest
involving her husband, the ex chief of staff to Deputy Premier John Thwaite.
The report on Ms Cross' appointment was prepared by a recruitment firm that
donates to the ALP. The govt refused a Freedom of Information request by the
Age newspaper, on the grounds that it wasn't in the public interest & would
cause "unnecessary debate". Ms Cross will be paid $100,000 a year for the
4-day a week position. (Source: The Age)
A Liberal Party candidate has reportedly told a meeting the decision to
invade Iraq was an "unadulterated error." Malcolm Turnbull reportedly made
the remark to a meeting in the wealthy Sydney suburb of Bondi. He issued a
clarifying statement, claiming he'd been misheard. He added "it may well be
that history will judge George Bush's decision to invade Iraq as an error.
Only time will tell." Mr Turnbull said the govt's decision to support Mr
Bush was correct, but added the correctness of that determination "doesn't
depend on the wisdom of Bush's decision". 43 former Aust diplomats & senior
military figures recently issued a joint statement saying Mr Howard had
joined the Iraq war on the basis of false assumptions & deceptions about
WMD. (Source: The Australian, The Age)
The Labor Party has announced it will support John Howard's Bill to ban gay
marriage. Shadow Attorney General Nicola Roxon told a forum organised by the
National Marriage Coalition, that incl Christian fundamentalist churches as
well as the Aust Family Ass, that Labor would support the Marriage Amend't
Bill if it was reintroduced to the Senate. Other speakers at the forum
described gay couples as "shameful", "vile" & "moral terrorists". Mr Howard
said last week he'll reintroduce the bill. (Source: MCV newspaper, The Age)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "He made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his adopted
state". (Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon describes Richard Butler's decision
to resign as Governor of Tasmania. Mr Lennon offered Mr Butler a $650,000
payout, as well as help with his moving expenses, "even though it's true
that technically he may not be entitled to a termination payment", on top of
the $308,000 he was paid during his 10 months in office).
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Has been awarded to the ALP (Alternative Liberal Party) for their
parliamentary double somersault with pike, tip-toe through the tulips, Free
Trade Agreement performance.

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John, a member of the 'Dollar A Day' club has suggested that the Anarchist
Media Institute hold a Trivial Pursuit Night in Melbourne. If ANYBODY is
able to help by organising a venue and getting some interesting questions
CALL us ASAP on (03) 8508 9856 or
EMAIL u at anarchistage@yahoo.com
We will organise the publicity for the event and take advance bookings.
With a little bit of help we can clear our debt and have a great night out.

192 MEMBERS ­ 358 TO GO
Politically manipulated and scorned? Sick of being a peripheral player
every time a Federal election comes around, then join: VOTE INFORMAL
TODAY, DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW a "political party" that is putting the
boot into the Australian Parliamentary Process. Send a stamp self-addressed
envelope to
PO Box 20, Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia Telephone (03) 9828 2856
(24 hour answering service). We will send information about how to join
this unique 21st century Australian phenomena.
Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano
(National Convenor 205 Nicholson St Footscray 3012 Melbourne Aust.)
Current membership 192. We need 550 members to apply for registration as a
political party, so that members can stand at the Federal election in 2004
and show Australian's that Parliamentary Democracy is nothing more than two
minutes of illusory power.

Heard across Australia. 10am ­ 11am every Wednesday.
An anarchist analysis of local, national & international events. Tune into
your local community radio station to listen to the Anarchist World This
Week. If they don't broadcast it, ask them why not! If they're one of the
150 community radio stations around Australia that are affiliated to the
National Community Radio Satellite, they are able to broadcast the Anarchist
World This Week.

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