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(en) US, NYC, Life After Capitalism conference - Update...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 3 Aug 2004 09:33:45 +0200 (CEST)

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1. Request for early registration!
2. Updated Outreach email (please circulate)
3. Updated Speakers list (partial)
4. Updated List of Organizations participating
5. List of topics covered in the conference
6. Tabling information
7. Plea for financial support!
8. Final Program available online by August 5th
We have heard from hundreds of people around the country who
are planning on attending but registration has been slow. We
realize that many of you are planning on registering when you
arrive but we ask that if you can you please take 5 minutes and
register online ( You can pay by calling the CUNY Grad Center
during business hours). The website has just been updated and it
really easy to follow the registration steps. Early registration is
especially important to us because ALL of our money (for flying
out speakers, printing materials, getting food for all of you,
paying for huge space costs etc) comes from registration and our
opening Friday night event on August 20th (see downloadable
flyer on the website) The website continues to be updated
regularly and if you have not been to it yet please check it out at:

--------------------------------------------------------- 2. Updated
outreach email:

*Life After Capitalism Conference 2004 NYC August 20-22nd*


-- register now !--

The protests around the Republican National Convention taking
place in New York City later this summer are shaping up to be
perhaps the largest this country has ever seen. As folks from all
over the United States have started booking their flights,
organizing their local communities into busses and vans, and
collecting that last bit of gas money from in between the pillows
of their couches- organizers are quietly discussing the possibility
of having over 1 million people converging in the streets of New
York City during the week of Aug 28th-September 2nd....

While these protests will give us the chance to collectively raise
our voices in opposition to the direction that this government is
taking us - many of us realize that the problems that we face run
much deeper then simply the Bush administration, the
Democrats, or this upcoming current election cycle. What we
face are institutional problems, problems which will only be
challenged and ultimately overcome by imaginative and broad
based social movements- not ballot boxes. Life After Capitalism
2004 aims at contributing to this process by providing a space for
activists- in the run up to the intense mobilization period- to
reflect on the importance of long term vision, strategy, and face
to face relationship building.

This is an invitation, asking activists from around the country to
come into New York City a week prior to the major
demonstrations and participate in what should be an exciting and
energizing weekend – a weekend that seeks to bring together
and give voice to the (non-sectarian) anti-capitalist left in the
United States. Below you will find a list of both speakers as well
as topics of discussion which should hopefully give you an idea
of what this conference is trying to accomplish.

Check out the website (http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org) - also
linked at the top of zmag.org. The site will be updated every week
in terms of speakers, sessions and a full schedule of the
conference should be posted by August 1st.

The site briefly outlines the basic areas of focus within the
conference but more importantly allows you to register online,
something we encourage folks to do as soon as possible due to
space restrictions of approx. 800 participants. We have worked
very hard to keep all costs to a minimum ($15-25 sliding scale) -
all registration fees go directly into making this weekend happen
as our only funding comes through the opening Friday evening
event and conference fees. We also have a number of free
registration slots which will be extended specifically to activist
communities who have been traditionally marginalized from
these kinds of gatherings and debates. For information regarding
a waiving of trhe conference fees and any other questions, please

info@lifeaftercapitalism.org or call (212) 591-0083.


3. updated list of participants (this is a VERY partial list)

* Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez
* Robin D.G. Kelley
* Naomi Klein
* Michael Albert
* Ruthie Gilmore
* Vijay Prashad
* Chris Crass
* Starhawk
* Cindy Milstein
* Adolph Reed
* Steve Shalom
* Andrej Grubacic
* Jaggi Singh
* Helen Luu
* Clare Bayard
* Graciela Monteagudo
* David Solnit
* Tiokasin Ghosthorse
* Michael Hardt
* Monami Maulik
* Eddie Yuen
* Kazembe Balagoon
* Lisa Fithian
* Bilal El-Amine
* Kai Barrow
* Valery Alzaga
* Jose Schiffino
* Lynne Stewart
* Janine Jackson
* Grace Chang
* Arthur Manuel
* Antonia Juhasz
* Ted Glick
* Ana Nogueira
* Jason West

4. Updated list of participating organizations or networks*

* Anti-Racism for Global Justice
* Argentinian Social Movements
Neighborhood Assembly of Colegiales
Unemployed Workers Movement of La Matanza
Unemployed Workers Movement of Solano
* Argentina Autonomista Project
* Bring The Ruckus!
* California Prison Moratorium Project
* Catalyst Project
* Central California Environmental Justice Network
* Colours of Resistance
* Critical Resistance
* Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
* Direct Action to Stop the War
* Domestic Workers United
* Estación Libre
* Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
* Green Party USA
* Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade
* International Forum on Globalization
* Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS)
* Institute for MultiRacial Justice
* Institute for Social Ecology
* Jews Against the Occupation (JATO)
* League of Pissed off Voters
* Left Turn
* No one is Illegal (Canada)
* NYC Indymedia
* National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC)
* Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
* Peoples Global Action (PGA)
* Project South
* Racial Justice 911
* RANT Collective
* Sista II Sista
* SmartMeme Strategy & Training Project
* Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM)
* Taxi Workers Alliance

* For identification purposes only

5. Topics covered in the conference.

Life After Capitalism 2004 is made up of four main sections:

1. Contours of Capitalism (including such discussions as The
changing face of capitalism, Capitalism & Democracy, Hip hop
& Capitalism, Class struggle in the 21st century, Is
Neoliberalism unraveling, What is Capitalism?)

2. Perspectives on Power (The role of the State, Migration, the
state & capitalism, Possibilities & Limitations of electoralism,
Alternative Media, Popular Education, Zapatismo in your
community, Post-Party politics, Art & Revolution)

3. Visions for a Post Capitalist Society
(Envisioning Direct Democracy, Participatory Economics, Life
beyond the prison economy, Gift Economies, Perma-culture, the
Barter system in Argentina, Indigenous perspectives)

4. Organizing Strategies (A look at the anti-capitalist movement,
Networks & Coalitions, Multi-Racial Coalition building, Towards
new politics of solidarity, Radical queer politics, Anti-capitalist
summit protests, Peoples Global Action (PGA), The revolution
will not be funded, Alternative media strategy, The role of social

****** We hope to have a full schedule posted w/ speakers by
AUGUST 5th, please keep checking the website for updates


6. Tabling at the conference

We have a strict tabling policy at Life After Capitalism for three
main reasons:

1. There is very little space for tabling
2. The space that is available we want to make sure to extend to
the participants and organizers of the conference. 3. Life After
Capitalism will try to remain a space free of sectarian left
groupings (you know who you are). Tables will NOT be offered
to these groups and those who try to sell papers or other forms of
literature without the consensus of the organizing body will be
asked to leave.

Please respect these guidelines, most of the tabling space has
already been reserved but for those who are still interested please
contact: info@lifeaftercapitalism.org


7. We need financial support !

This conference has been a huge undertaking for the small group
of us who have been working on it since last September.
Although it has been an amazing organizing experience and the
energy around the conference has taken off in a big way, we still
need your support heading into the last few weeks of craziness.

Some things you can do:

1. Please register early and if possible pay the full amount of the
conference fee. This helps us out as any money that comes in
early we can use for outreach materials, transportation costs of
participants etc.

2. Donate online to the organizing efforts - all donations will go
directly to conference costs (food, literature etc). On the front
page of our website (www.lifeaftercapitalism.org) there is a
donation icon.

3. Raise funds for and travel to New York together with other
organizers from your area who would like to attend the
conference but are unable to because of transportation costs.

4. Find housing early - we are currently unable to organize
housing for everyone coming to New York City. For more info on
free housing, check out the housing board at
www.counterconvention.org or in an emergency you can always
email us at: info@lifeaftercapitalism.org



We hope to see you all in New York for what should be an
amazing weekend!

Source: http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org
Related at Infoshop: http://www.infoshop.org/octo/index.html
Link: http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/
From the web site http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org

Our Vision
Those of us who have been collaborating over the months to
make this gathering a reality share the vision below, one
that we imagine is also shared by many who have agreed to
participate, facilitate, present, translate, or involve
themselves in some active way.

We envision a space in which all voices are heard, and see
the concept of "horizontalism" as a goal and a tool. It
implies directly democratic discussions, seeing and hearing
one another in our full humanity, and confronting the power
hierarchies that we observe amongst ourselves. Given that
we all still live under the shadow of capitalism and its
affects our behavior and psyches, we know that it is
necessary for us to put great amounts of energy and thought
into structuring egalitarian and provocative conversations,
ones in which all of our voices and ideas can thrive.
Copied from infoshop.org

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