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(en) US, August APOC zine Wildfire is online in pdf format

From Ernesto Aguilar <may19x@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 2 Aug 2004 16:37:01 +0200 (CEST)

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The August issue of the Anarchist People of Color publication "Wildfire:
A Chronicle of Oppressed People's Organizing" is up. It features news on
Mexican struggles and Greg Lewis' APOC organizational proposal. You are
encouraged to download and distribute copies in your communities. Link is
http://www.illegalvoices.org/zine/2004/wildfire0408.pdf Following is the text:
> A New APOC Organization Proposal - by Gregory Lewis, Seattle WA
I have condensed some of the original proposal text, revised and
developed some of the concepts based upon the responses I have
received so far, and expanded and reinterpreted some of the ideas
expressed in the first proposal for an APOC network, that was prepared
for the [historic] first national APOC conference held in Detroit, MI in
October of 2003.

This is by no means complete and is subject to change based upon
the needs of the group. This is still just an idea, which I believe
requires an opinion poll, along with a serious, candid discussion, and
criticism/self-criticism of APOC community organizers who are already
involved in local struggles to see if this would be a valuable, viable
way to help them help others to be free.

More on this subject can be f o u n d in the files section of the
APOC yahoo group. It is strongly encouraged that those who are
interested in pursuing this idea sign up on the email list group.
Questions or comments, email me: gregoryclewis@yahoo.com

I. Purpose. We seek to work in ways that are the most strategic and
effective to overcoming our oppression. This particular organization
exists specifically to assist and support APOC organizers in their
day-to-day organizing in the communities in which they live and work.

I I. Mission. One solution: SOCIAL REVOLUTION! We bear witness that
all oppression is political.
We reject dominant and subculture claims that we are to blame for our
own slavery. We understand that white supremacy and capitalism are
at the heart of the problems we face.
We support, encourage, and teach community organizing in an
effective, grassroots, anti-authoritarian way. We educate, organize,
and cultivate organizing skills in our communities to meet the
challenges we face. We believe in power in the hands of the people,
not power in the hands of a few, who lord over the people; regardless
of who they are, where they come from, their charisma, rhetoric, or

I I I. Structure. Our organization should be composed solely of people
of color who are dues paying members in good standing, who are respected
organizers in their particular community, and uphold certain
basic points of unity (to be determined; refer to the APOC Network
proposal). Our organization should use direct democracy and open debate
as a method of making decisions, in an elected administrative
board of APOCs from all parts of the country (and as this grows, all
over the world). At bottom, the administrative board's prime directive
is to do everything possible to help the organizers' on the ground in the
communities by all means at their/our disposal, fundraising
for the entire organization (this does not relieve individuals or
collectives from their responsibility), and providing the whole
organization a collective voice by way o f a board-app o i n t e d
national spokesperson (who must be ratified by membership at the
organizer level). The board will be accountable to the membership, and
subject to immediate recall. Board members will serve for predetermined

IV. Membership and Benefits.
Membership will be tiered, where APOCs can join as individuals or
collectives. Both POC and Caucasians can join as supporters.
Supporter status does not allow voting, decision-making power within
the national organization (within collectives, that is up to the locals),
or official recognition as an organizer from APOC. Supporter commentary
will be noted in meeting minutes and internal publications. The local
organizer, supporter, and/or collective pays into the national
organization, based upon a sliding scale. The national serves the
three tiered membership structure (supporter, organizer, and collective)
in these possible (but limited) ways:

* Supporter. For their dues, they receive: a newsletter, a service
of their choice (prepaid legal, discounted medical or dental,
priority when they are in need of assistance, within the scope of
expertise of their local organizer or collective.

* Organizer. For their dues, they receive: publications of their choice
that they would find helpful to their organizing, pre-paid legal, option
of discounted medical/dental/vision, pre-made PDFs for flyers, posters,
etc on a disk or CD sent at their request on a variety of subjects
(police brutality, anti-war, prison abolition, etc; I'm sure there are
more that I haven't listed). A revolving line of credit so they can borrow
money to do campaigns in their community (based on the amount of money
they have paid into the national at the time they apply).

* Collective. For their dues, they receive: publications of their choice
that they would find helpful to their organizing, pre-paid legal, option of
discounted medical/dental/vision for each member, pre-made PDFs for
flyers, posters, etc on a disk or CD sent at their request on a variety of
subjects (police brutality, anti-war, prison abolition, etc). A revolving line
of credit so they can borrow money to do campaigns in their community
(based on the amount of money they have paid into the national at the
time they apply). They also have the option of writing grants to the na-
tional organization for funding of projects. They can only be awarded
one per year; so local fundraising is a l s o encouraged. Or maybe a
matching fund for those who raise a certain amount in a year.

Mexican liberation struggle

"The indigenous communities
who have been holding a vigil out-
s i d e the governor's palace in
Oaxaca since April 20 and who have
begun to increase their protest since
mid-July, peacefully occupied the
Plaza de la Danza. About one hour
later we were surrounded by the
State police together with special
forces, and so, at approximately
9pm, they initiated the evacuation.
Nevertheless, women, children and
other people who were there joined
hands and we made circles, thereby
peacefully resisting the first attempt
to clear us away using electric ba-
tons, tear gas and shock grenades.
"The evacuation was directed
by Lt. José M. Vera Salinas, Secre-
tary of Civil Protection and Cpt.
Moreno Rivas, Director of Public Se-
curity in the state.
"It should be mentioned both
officials have acted previously as
bodyguards to José Murat and Cpt.
Moreno Rivas was famously injured
in the questionable attack on Gov-
ernor Murat.
"We have informed them that
we have come looking for Justice
and we will not leave without an
answer, that we are firm in our deci-
sion not to leave until Governor José
Murat decides to engage in dialogue
with us and decides to arrest To
s t o p Cesar Toimil and Jacobo
Chávez, heads of the paramilitary
o r g a n i z a t i o n "Consejo Regional
Obrero Campesino y Urbano de
Tuxtepec" [Regional Council of Ag-
r i c u l t u r a l and Town Workers of
Tuxtepec - CROCUT], and take care
o f agrarian conflicts, make a
committment not to continue de-
stroying the forest, give municipal
participation to the agencies and
punish all those that have hurt us.
"This repression clearly shows
how the government is protecting its
paramilitaries and has no interest in
looking after the communities.
"Please do not leave us alone.
We need you to ask for the inter-
vention of the CNDH, international
organizations, academic organiza-
tions, the progressive elements of
the church, the mass mesia, and all
those who can help spread news of
this repression and stop the injus-
tice against us.
From Consejo Indigena Popular de
Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magon"

New music
from dred-I!
"Secrets to Walking on Water"
"Way of Life"
"Temple to Fear (Flies in the But-
termilk)" feat. Mumia Abu-Jamal
and Omowali Imani
"Did You Beat Up Any Niggahs
Lately?" feat. Malcolm X and Fred
Hampton Sr.

About the zine
Wildfire: A Chronicle
of Oppressed
People's Organizing
is a monthly
publication in support
of and solidarity with
the anarchist/
autonomous people of
color movement. Your
writings, feedback,
art and participation
are welcome and
appreciated. Send
email to
APOC Website:

August 2004
August 1
Gandhi launches the
anti-colonial non-
movement in India.
August 5
23 conscientious
objectors deliver
collective letter of
resistance to the
apartheid policing by
the South African
Defense Forces in
Cape Town. (1987)
August 8
Emiliano Zapata is
born. (1879)
August 10
The first Japanese
American inmates
arrive at a
concentration camp
in Minidoka, Idaho.
August 15
Race riots erupt in
New York City after a
white policeman is
killed in a fight with
an African-American
man. (1900)
August 17
An armed standoff in
Gaspe, Canada,
between Micmac
Indians and the
Quebec government
over timber rights
ends with a
compromise. (1998)
August 20
The Chinese
anarchist journal,
Hui-ming-lu ("The
Voice of the Cock
Crowing in the
Dark"), begins
publication. (1913)
August 22
Black Panther Party
co-founder Huey P.
Newton murdered at
the age of 47.
August 25
FBI circulates memo
detailing plans to
"disrupt" Black
Liberation groups, a
program that would
come to be known as
August 29
Student Nonviolent
Committee begins its
voter registration
drive. (1961)
Charlie Parker born.
August 31
Mexican Americans
in Beeville, Texas
desegregate local
high school. (1939)
Additions? Correx?

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